Boys Just Wanna Have Bareback Fun

Boys Just Wanna Have Bareback Fun
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Author's note: This story is meant to sexually excite without any claim to literary merit. I warn readers that in part it has cruel and sadistic content, so if that is not your thing, then don't go reading it and then giving a negative vote because of the sadism. ____________ Word about the "Peeping Tom" had rapidly gone around the street. People were warned to make sure that their curtains were well drawn and the windows were closed.

Rob expressed concern to his wife Eve, that he was working a night shift and that she would be at home alone. "Don't worry," Eve had assured him, "I'll keep everything well locked up. Evening came, and with Rob away at work, Eve began to feel lonely for him. Flicking through the TV channels, she found nothing worth watching, and so she logged onto the internet.

Soon she was looking at the wonderful photos of men's cocks on her favourite sex site. She knew that her husband would be shocked if he knew what she got up to each time he worked nights. Eve's hand slipped up beneath her skirt and began to softly rub around the mound of her pussy. She spread her legs slightly and, sliding her hand under her pants, her fingers began to softly glide through her wet slipperiness. A finger either side of her clitoris soon had her breathing hard and slowly pumping her hips in a fucking manner.

Her mind dreamt of fucking and sucking all of the lovely, gorgeous cocks that appeared on her computer screen. She so much wanted to be fucked that she went and got her favourite bottle for masturbating. Laying back, with her knees up and her legs apart, she began to fuck herself while continuing, with her other hand, to tease herself so that she became more and more aroused and sexy.

She was lustfully driving herself wild with feeling and fucking herself when she realised that she was thinking of the Peeping Tom that had been talked of.

"What a sight he would have if he looked through my windows," Eve mused to herself. Now, with this sexy thought in her mind, Eve began to imagine what it would be like to be watched as she fucked and mauled her pussy. She found herself being more and more aroused by the thought of some pervert looking through her window at her performing.

Wicked demons in her mind began to tell her that she should open her curtains in the hope that the pervert might come. No sooner had these thoughts come to her mind that she banished them. Moments later though, she was once more fantasising about being watched. Eve considered that, with the warning having gone around, there would certainly be no open windows or imperfectly drawn curtains to attract the pervert. That latter thought now seemed to take hold in her mind. With all of the neighbourhood windows carefully shrouded, any one window with a light shining forth into the night, would surely attract the pervert's attention.

Her common sense, along with her moral values, began to do battle with the same wicked demons which now urged her on to open the curtains just a little. Eve panted and began to moan softly as her lust rose and she fucked and played with herself more and more urgently.

Her mind was imagining the Peeping Tom watching her, and these thoughts made her wilder and sexier. "Come on," the demons in her mind urged. "Just open the curtains a little bit - imagine how sexy and sluttish you'll feel with the possibility of being seen." Eve was panting with lust as she rose to her feet and moved to the side of the window to tug on the operating cord. She pulled on the cord. The curtains opened some few inches. Her lust told her to open them more. Again she tugged so that the curtain opened quite enough for anyone outside to be able to get a good look inside.

Eve quickly moved to the door and flicked the light switch off. Back to the window she peered out into the darkness of the night. There was no moon and being slightly overcast, it was quite dark outside.

Back to the door, Eve switched the light back on and once more took up her position on the sofa. Her lustful excitement new no bounds now that she had provided that opportunity to be seen and spied on.

She mauled and fucked herself, getting more and more frantic and worked up until she was out of control and going mad as her lust surged to greater and greater heights, overwhelming her with the gorgeous, wonderful, unbearable sensations. Meanwhile, across on the other side of town, a guy stood gazing out of his window at the night. He knew that it might be risky as he he too had heard the rumours of the Peeping Tom. Behind him on the sofa, his two room mates were looking through porno magazines and, every now and then, rubbing at the huge bulges in their pants.

Finally, after much consideration, the first guy pulled on his jacket and announced that he was going out. His two friends warned him that he would need to be extra careful, given that people were aware of what had been going on. Tom, for that was indeed his name, decided that it would be best to take the car and go right across to the other side of town.

For some time he cruised slowly up and down all of the quieter, more secluded streets. He was pleased that the weather was quite overcast so that the night was dark and much less risky that if it had been moonlit. He slowed the car and considered a lit window in one house.

Too risky he decided. He would have needed to go down the narrow driveway and there would be no escape if anyone came. He was specifically searching for lit windows which looked as if they might be bedrooms or bathrooms. A couple of other possibilities presented themselves and twice he even parked the car and quietly slipped up to the windows to check them out but each time found them not to be what he needed. Tom, being aware that people had talked of the Peeping Tom having been seen in the area, was a little nervous and began to consider that it was indeed too risky and that he should head home.

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He made up his mind to check on just a couple of other streets and then give up for the night. Cruising down one street at no more than idling speed, he spied a window with the light on and the curtains open just a small amount.


He considered that it could be a living room or it could be a bedroom. Tom let the car come to standstill as he glanced up and down the street. Nice and quiet. Plenty of trees and bushes casting shadows and giving plenty of scope for hiding is anyone should come along.

He decided that he'd check out this window. Letting the car slowly move on, Tom idled along the street before parking some way along from where he had seen the lit window.

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He clicked the car door closed, making sure not to make any noise which might attract attention, then quietly and swiftly walked back to where he had seen the partly opened curtains of the window.

Nervously glancing about, he didn't hesitate in disappearing from the street and making his way to the window which was at a convenient height from the ground so that his head and shoulders reached to just above the sill.

"Fuck!" he muttered under his breath as he thrilled at the sight that presented itself within the room. Of course you, the reader, will have realised that it was Eve inside the room that this pervert had been lucky enough to find. Imagine the sight which greeted him. He had thought to perhaps see some girl or woman undressing, but here was a slut with knees up and apart, fucking and mauling herself.

He could hardly believe his eyes, but his rapidly hardening cock certainly told him that the sight was real. The pervert unzipped his pants, and, taking out his now rock hard cock, he began to slowly masturbate as he watched the woman through the window.

She was a little thing, not very tall and with a small, trim body. She had a sweet face and certainly didn't look like the slut that she appeared to be. Her actions though, showed that she was filled with lust as she frantically pumped her hips onto the bottle with which she was fucking herself.

The pervert, Tom, gloated at the sight of this woman writhing and heaving and driving herself towards orgasm. Eve had indeed reached a climax. She fell limp on the sofa, panting as if she'd just run a mile. The lull in her masturbation lasted only moments though, and as soon as she began to calm a little, her fingers were once more exploring and teasing her pussy in order to once more drive herself crazy with lustful delight.

For some half an hour or more she kept driving herself to wonderful delights of orgasmic delight. Her mind had been constantly fantasising that she was being closely observed the whole time, but now as she calmed down a little, she knew that this was all in her mind.

She glanced at the curtains open just that little bit. She noticed the slight change of shadow just above the window sill but knew that it was just the shadow of the bushes outside moving in the breeze. Eve stretched luxuriously, moving her arms back above her head and arching her body as she stretched. Her skirt was still up around her waist and her pants down around her thighs. She moved her head around in a circular motion to stretch her neck muscles as well.

As she did so her gaze momentarily swept over the mirror on the wall opposite the window. Eve froze. Her eyes immediately went back to the mirror. She could see the window reflected in the glass. She could see the dark shape at the bottom of the window. She could see the vaguely changing light caused by the leaves moving in the breeze, but the whole time the darker shape, the shape of a head and shoulders, remained completely stationary.

Eve was filled with conflicting sensations of panic and lust, and so she remained stationary on the sofa. The wicked demons again began their work. "This is what you want," they told her, "you want to be a whore and a slut - show him more, show him more." Eve let one leg slip over the edge of the sofa while she lifted the other so that her legs were wide apart.

Her hands went to her pussy. Her heart was pounding and her breath was coming in shallow gasps. Her lustful excitement knew no bounds. She began to fuck herself with the bottle, now heaving her hips vigorously as she fucked herself. This was crazy, she told herself, and yet she pulled her top up and exposed her small breasts, fondling them and displaying them for the pervert. Eve's mind began racing along dangerous tracks with an idea in her mind that was sheer madness but in her extreme lust was taking hold of her.

She was telling herself that it was lunacy to do the thing that she envisaged, but even as she thought this, her lust drove her to get up off the sofa and go to the front door of the house.

She stood trembling with nervous excitement, her hand on the latch. "Yes, yes, do it," her evil demons urged her. She turned the key and opened the door. The pervert outside, had watched as Eve had left the room.

In the quiet still of the night he had heard the turn of the key in the door which was close to his position at the window. He had prepared to flee, not knowing whether it might be the slut's husband, or even the slut herself with a gun.

But then he had seen Eve step forward, her top still up under her armpits so that her small, white breasts were beautifully exposed and her hand still holding her skirt up.

Momentarily they faced one another, each with a frightened look. The pervert rapidly realised the true situation that here was a slut ready for fucking. "Are you alone," the pervert asked quietly. "Yes, my husband's at work," Eve heard herself replying, not consciously having formed the words.

The pervert moved forward, his huge cock still sticking out in front of him, and which Eve's eyes had constantly been attracted to. The man roughly pulled Eve into the house. She sunk to her knees and took the wonderful, gorgeous cock into her mouth, sucking it softly and deeply right to the back of her mouth.

The man grasped her head in his large, powerful hands and dragged her head onto his rampant cock, forcing it into her throat and making her gag and choke. Eve had been caught off guard. She was choking and she struggled to get off his cock so that she could get a breath of air.

The man pulled her head off his cock and gave her a heavy slap across her cheek. "Shut up and suck it, you fucking whore," he roughly growled. Eve, even though her face stung from the man's slap, thrilled to this treatment.

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She had read of this sort of thing in the stories, and now she was being treated in that same way. She took a deep breath and began sucking skillfully on the gorgeous cock.

The man intermittently took hold of Eve's head and vigorously and roughly fucked it with rapid, driving plunges right to the back of her throat. He would then slap her cheeks with several hard blows, and calling her a "dirty fucking slut" would let her continue sucking.

Eve's soft hands lightly caressed the man's huge, heavy testicles as she sucked softly and skillfully. The guy then slid his cock out of her mouth and told her to lick his balls. Eve eagerly moved her mouth down to the hairy pouch and licked them with the flat of her tongue dragging over them and lifting them so that they then swung slightly. With slightly opened mouth, along with her lapping tongue, she gently slurped and sucked the man's hairy balls. After a short time the man pulled away.

"Lift your face up," he told Eve as she knelt at his feet. She tipped her head back obediently and looked up at him. Slap! A sharp smack with the flat of his hand struck her across the cheek.

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Eve gave a little gasp and a whimper as the blow hurt her. "You're a dirty fucking whore, aren't you bitch," the guy sneered as he looked down at her. Eve looked happily up at the man, but then another sharp slap made her dizzy and she wobbled slightly.

"Don't fucking ignore me you stupid fucking cunt," the man snapped at her.


"Tell me what a whore you are." Eve, still reeling from the blow, but eager to play the game, looked up submissively and repeated the words, "yes, I really am a dirty whore for you." The words thrilled her and she could feel her pussy so wet that she was sure that she was dribbling down her thighs. "Stand up bitch," the man ordered, and Eve quickly rose to her feet.

Standing at over six feet, the man towered over Eve who barely measured five, two. He roughly dragged off what clothing Eve still wore, and then turned her around and around as he admired her trim figure with her small breasts and tight little ass.

"Get me something to tie you up with - anything will do," the man commanded. Eve knew that this was sheer madness on her part, but she nevertheless hurried to fetch a number of pairs of pantyhose to be used for her restraint.

Minutes later, Eve was standing submissively watching as the man tightly bound her breasts with one of the stockings. He pulled the bindings as tight as he could so that Eve's small breasts were soon displayed as two firm, hard, rough globes which were rapidly changing from red to a purplish colour.

"Hold out your hands," the man ordered. Eve did as she was told and watched passively as the man tightly bound her wrists together. Having achieved what he wanted, the man began slapping Eve's tightly bound breasts, causing her to cringe away and cry out in pain. "How will you explain your black and blue tits to your husband," the man teased her as he continued hitting and slapping in spite of Eve constantly backing and turning and trying to get away.

Eve felt as if her breasts were on fire as they became more and more tender and each sharp slap hurt more and more. Eventually, with Eve constantly backing away and trying to protect herself, she fell backwards onto the bed. The man decided that it was time to fuck, and so he climbed between Eve's naked thighs and began mauling her very slippery pussy. Eve trembled with excitement as she felt the big, lust swollen cock probing and entering her vagina.

In it slid until their bodies pressed lovingly, lustfully, ravenously together. Eve was soon in a delirium of lustful delight as the man fucked and fucked and fucked her, all the time kissing, biting, mauling, pinching, slapping her body and calling her the filthiest, most demeaning names. Ah! this was heaven! On and on the man fucked her. Shoving, pumping, pile driving his wonderful, gorgeous cock into her pussy which was literally swimming with her juices.

Eve bucked and heaved, moaning and panting with uncontrollable desire. "Where's your phone," the man suddenly asked. Eve's brain took a moment or two to register as to what he was saying, but then muttered that it was in the bedside drawers.

The man rummaged through the drawer, then, finding the phone, he dialled. After just a moment's wait, Eve heard the man telling some friends about her and suggesting that they come and fuck her. "What's your address?" the guy interrupted his conversation to ask Eve for directions "Thirteen, Mountain View Street," Eve unhesitatingly responded, then even added further directions to make sure .

"turn off Hansen Street." The man transmitted the directions to his friends and then resumed fucking. "You're going to be fucked like you've never been fucked," the man laughed as his cock plunged once more into her waiting pussy.

Eve was soon lost in a frenzy of all consuming orgasmic passion. She gave herself entirely to her lust and desire, and would never have even heard the knocking on the door. The man got off her and went to let his friends in, leaving Eve laying there with legs spread and her wet, pussy gaping and dribbling juice onto the sheets.

The man brought his two friends into the bedroom and they marvelled at the sight of Eve as she lay there oblivious to everything other than her desire to be fucked and used as a sex object.

They released the bonds on her wrists and soon Eve was being heaved about like a sex doll and fucked in her mouth and her pussy, with the three men taking turns on her. After a minute or two, one of the men went to the kitchen and found a two litre soft drink bottle. Emptying the contents down the sink, he then filled it to the brim with water and took it back to where his two pals were pumping their cocks into Eve's body.

"Enema time," the man with the bottle laughed as he went up to Eve and gave her a sharp slap across the face and, grabbing a handful of her hair, wrenched her to her feet. Eve was dragged to the bathroom and bent over. Her ass was greased with a bit of lubricant, and the neck of the two litre bottle was pushed up her anus.

Eve felt the water filling her intestines as the men squeezed the bottle. More and more of the water was forced up her ass into her body until she felt her intestines bulging and her anal muscles working as they tried to evacuate it all. When almost the entire contents of the bottle had been forced up into her, Eve was made to hold the bottle in while the men stood well back.

She then pulled the neck of the bottle from her ass, and a huge gushing rush of water poured from her anus. The men mockingly groaned and feigned disgust at the putrid mess. Eve turned on the hot shower and quickly cleaned herself so that she was soon ready for the next lot of fucking which this time included being fucked right up her ass.

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The men took turns at fucking her pussy, ass and mouth, regularly swapping about so that cocks went from pussy to ass, ass to mouth, or mouth to pussy and back again to her mouth, with Eve the whole time, totally submissive and letting herself go to her lust and love of this treatment.

"Let's make the slut cry," one of the men suggested. They agreed that it would be fun and so they told Eve to kneel on the bed. "Tip you head back a bit," she was told. Eve did as she was told and the men, each taking turns, began slapping her firmly across her face. "You stupid, fucking cunt." "You dirty little whore." "You cock loving fucking bitch," the abuse flowed as she was slapped.

Eve felt the tears coming to her eyes as the slaps across her face hurt her more and more. She felt happy though, that she was being treated in that way. The men laughed and joked amongst themselves as Eve's tears developed and she began to sob and cry more until the tears streamed down her face. Having satisfied themselves with that bit of amusement, the men next decided to hang Eve upside down by her ankles, while they amused themselves with her body.

She was a little apprehensive but Eve nevertheless took part passively as the men took her to the garage and found ropes which they tied firmly about her ankles.


Soon she was hoisted into the air and was hanging upside down by her ankles, with her legs well apart so that her pussy was obscenely displayed. The men amused themselves by fucking her pussy with various bottles that they found stacked on a shelf, then one of the men found her husband's golfing equipment and they, one after the other, began pushing the golf balls up into her ass. Twelve golf balls they inserted up Eve's ass, so that they formed a flexible dildo which penetrated some twenty inches up into her intestines.

Having performed that task, and finding some pieces of cane standing in a corner, they began flogging the insides of Eve's thighs until she was screaming in pain.

"Best shut the fucking slut up or the neighbours will hear her," one of the men said in alarm, and he crammed four of his fingers into Eve's mouth and pulled her head right back so that she was effectively silenced and was reduced to making choking, gagging noises. They thrashed the tender flesh of her thighs viciously until the white skin was striped with fiery red welts. Eve's eyes were staring and the tears were pouring forth as the pain raced through her body.

The men, getting more and more excited by Eve's suffering, began also belting the canes down across the soft flesh of her bottom. She jerked about as she hung there upside down and suspended by her ankles, so that she was swinging and lurching around on the end of the rope. "Fucking fantastic!" the man with his fingers jammed in Eve's mouth marvelled in sadistic delight. "Look at the poor fucking bitch, she's almost going fucking crazy." The other two men stopped their flogging to look at Eve's face which was indeed contorted with pain, tear stained, and panic stricken.

"It must be almost unbearable for her," one of the guys marvelled with enthusiasm. "Let's beat her cunt, that will give her fucking excruciating pain," the other suggested. They took up the canes once more and began thrashing them down right across Eve's gaping pussy which glistened with a mixture of cum and her own juices.

The man jamming her mouth with his fingers, began slapping Eve's still tightly bound, purple breasts, and occasionally gave her a good hard slap across her tear stained face as she twisted and shook about on the end of the rope.

The extreme sadism only ceased when Eve appeared to lose consciousness, no longer able to bear the horrendous and ghastly pain to which she was being subjected. She was lowered down off the rope and taken back into the house and placed on the bed.

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Once she began to come to, the men, relieved to see that she was reviving alright, began to once more fuck her every opening until they each pumped their adulterous cum deep into her pussy, and standing back, looked at her laying there, panting lustfully with cum slowly oozing from her pussy.

Having satisfied their lust and beginning to think of the possible consequences of what they had done, the men began to get ready to leave. Their nervousness about the possibility of Eve telling her husband, with the subsequent involvement of the police, was quickly put to rest when Eve, battered and dishevelled, struggled to her feet and gave each of them a kiss full on the mouth, telling them that her husband would again be on night shift in two weeks time.