Redbone laylared fucks monster bbc redzilla

Redbone laylared fucks monster bbc redzilla
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For the next week i was too sore to fuck, but Jamal kept me busy. At the bar he would still have me dress like a litle slut.

I would either be up on the bar dancing for tips or sucking a cock for 20 bucks. Jamal would allways take the first 150 and let me keep the rest. The saturday after the poker run I was on my knees dressed as a belly dancer infront of jamal sucking his cock.

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Looking down at me he said," Tammy I have a special job for you tomorrow night. You are gonan have to tell your dad you are spending the night at a friends house." Looking up I nodded. "Thats a good little babyslut. I know I said you are not to fuck a white boy but I can't pass up a thousand dollars. Tomorrow night is a coming home party for a guy from the war and your the special treat." with that he held my head down and came in my mouth.

I convinced my dad the next day to let me stay at Robin's and when she picked me up all he did was stare down her top. On the ride over to the motel Robin told me there woudl be six to eight guys there to play with me. At the hotel robin showed me which room and helped me dress as a catholic schol girl. when i was dressed she placed a blindfold on me and cuffed my hands in front of me.

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What seemed forever waiting there the guys finailly arrived. "How old is she?" one of the guiys asked. "I am 12" I repiled. "Do you know why you are here slut?" another asked me.


"Yes I am the treat for whoever is home from the war." I told them. When I said that someone started to grope my tit. Letting out a small moan when he did got them to chuckle a bit.

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It was not long after that they were ripping my clothes off of me. I heard someone say since he was the war vet he got first dibbs. without trying to get me wet or having me suck him he just rammed my pussy.

In and out he went hard and fast. His buddies were chanting "FUCK THAT SLUT! FUCK THAT SLUT!"He did not last all that long before he came inside my pussy. The next guy got the same chant from the rest. But he was not alone.

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One of his buddies guided my mouth to his cock. deep throatng him while his buddy fucked me was so much fun.

"don't make me cumm in that mouth slut. I want to fill you whore pussy with my cumm." was what the guy I blowing told me. So I slowed down and mainly kept him hard.


They took turns fucking my face and cumming in my pussy. "I hope she gets knocked up so we can fuck her again when she is six months along. It would be great to use a pregnet 12 year old." the war vet told his buddies. and they all agreed with "HELL YEAH" One of the guys took off my blindfold and for the first time I saw they were all 18 threw 21 year old. "Look at your babies daddies bitch" he told me and then slapped my tit playfully.

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After each had came in me they took me to the bathroom and used the cuffs to hang me fromt he shower nozzel. The rest of the night one or two of them would come in and fuck me.


Before they left in the moring one of them turned on the cold water and left me hanging. Around 8 am Robin came into the hotle room.

Seeing me in the shower as I was she went in and helped me down. "Thank you Robin." was the first thing i said to her. With that she slapped my face. "Who am I and What do you say when you first see me baby tammy?" she asked me.

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"Your Mommy Robin and May I suck your titties Mommy Robin?" I replied>She then opened up her shirt and pulled my head to her tit. Holding my head to her tit she lead me to the bed where she sat down and me on her lap. "Where are your clothes Baby Tammy?" she asked me. I pointed over to the chair at the ripped and torn clothes. Seeing them she then said,"You can't wear tjhem outside glad i Brought you a t-shirt." giving it to me I put it on and it barley covered my ass and pussy and since i was wet it showed my body.

before heading out she cuffed my hands behind me, put a ball gag in my mouth, and a dog collar leash around my neck. Leading me outside to her car we past a couple black men and one said what an ass. Turning around robin made me bend over and pulled up the shirt and asked them "You mean this ass?" "Ohh yess I bet it is tight" The other one said. "You two can find out for 30 bucks each." Robin informed them. With that i was lead to thier room. Bending me over the bed one of them lubed my ass up with some KY jelly and then entered me.

Robin was on the other side of the bed stroking my face and hair telling me to be a big girl and not cry.

In anhd out he reamed my ass. Before he came he puleld out and came all over my face. His buddy told us he was broke and so I did not get to fuck him. Once at the car robin told me I had to ride in the trunk again cause I was dressed so slutty.

Instead of going back to the bbar Arobin drove me home.Thank god my dad was gone.

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before she left she gave me 15 bucks from the black guy I fucked and told me not to tell Jamal it would be our little secert. how do you guys like this one.