Juicy jada fire loves to get fucked by white dick

Juicy jada fire loves to get fucked by white dick
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Just a quick one I did. I wrote it in about an hour when I was bored the other day. There is a young man down the street that has a huge crush on me and he is what inspired this story.

Sometimes I imagine that this young boy forces me to be his fuck toy. As usual, its all just a twisted fantasy of mine. Its mainly a "rape" story Jon lived just down the street from me.

He was a boy from the neighborhood and he obviously had a young teenage crush on me. It was innocent enough and nothing unnatural about it. He use to hang outside my house after school waiting for me to get home. I didn't let many people in my house, but Jon was different.

His teenage crush was a good thing for me. "Can you help me with my groceries Jon?" "Shoot, I forgot to pick up such and such from the store, would you mind Jon?" "Hi Jon, nice to see you again. I bet a handsome stud like you could wash a ladies car for her? If you do, you can stay for dinner." I even let him touch me."I had such a long day at work.

My muscles ache. You look like you have really strong hands, would you mind rubbing my back Jon?" I knew it would get his little teenage cock hard and he would be my willing servant. It was wrong for me to take advantage of him like that, but at the time I didn't care. To me, it felt like we both got something out of the deal. He got to gawk openly at me, sometimes even touch, and in return he was my boy slave.

Saying it now, it doesn't sound like an even trade off, but it was what it was. Jon was obviously pleasuring himself with me in mind.

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Not only did I make him do whatever I needed done around the house, but I teased him mercilessly. It became fun for me to do, and I didn't mind the thought that teenage boys jerking off to me. In fact, it was a turn on to be lusted after. Who wouldn't like that feeling? It began that Thursday night. Jon was 16 years old at the time, he just happened to stop by to see if my back was still sore.

He was tall for his age and well built. Short brown wavy hair, blue eyes and he was going to be a real heart breaker in a couple of years, only he didn't know it yet. I just had my 30th birthday and I was still enjoying the single life, at least that's what I told myself. I am Latina, although I don't speak much Spanish but I have the Latina ass. Round and firm, toned legs and nice firm tits. I use to wear my black hair, long and straight down my back and I always wore gloss to further accentuate my luscious lips.

My only job was being a full time trainer to rich old ladies that lived around the Hollywood area. When I say I was in great shape. I was in great shape. I lay on the couch with my tits trying pushed up against the white T-shirt I had on.

They stretched at the material and my toned stomach was showing. Of course this was done purposely to taunt Jon's little cock. My tiny black workout shorts were rolled up near my ass from laying on the couch for so long. Jon padded back and forth in the living room like he had something on his mind, I thought it was probably sex because the little pervert kept glancing up to check out my body. "What's wrong with you today? You don't feel like cleaning sweetheart? " I asked him. He looked up at me but didn't stop his movements.

His face did little to hide that he was in a bad mood. Jon squinted his eyes at me but said nothing. "What baby, whats wrong?" I asked genuinely concerned this time.

He sighed and began pouring out his thoughts. "Are we friends Cindy?" "Of course we are, why would you ask such a thing?" "Because I have been over here almost every day for three months and all you ever want is for me to clean this, or go get that, fix this, do that. I feel like I'm being taken advantage of." Jon said annoyed. "Its like I'm your personal slave or something. What have you ever done for me?" he asked staring right at me. I knew this wouldn't last forever but I wasn't ready for it to end.

I knew what he was hinting at. He wanted something from me in return, and that something was out of the question. It was time to break it to him softly. I sat up on the couch. "Look Jon. It's nice having you around to help me, and I appreciate it. I know how you feel about me." He looked at me with wide eyes as if it were a secret.

Next he would probably deny it. I didn't give him that chance. "BUT.you are just a boy and I'm much older than you. Its ok for you to have these feelings for me, but they are not mutual. If you want to continue to be my friend and help me then great. But nothing can ever happen between us. Ok?" Jon thought for a moment and nodded.

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"Fine, whatever.I gotta go." He sounded disappointed and slammed the door as he left. I felt terrible but I felt I did the right thing. I couldn't lead a young boy on. The truth was best for both of us. It didn't take more than a few days for Jon to show up again. He followed me into the house as I got out my car and looked sullen. His head was down and he was being very shy. It was what I expected. He would come crawling back to me if only to be around his crush, even if it meant doing whatever I wanted.

"Glad to see you back Jon. Lets forget about last week and pretend like it never happened. After all we are friend right?" I told him. He nodded yes and I rewarded him with a hug. It was the first time I had ever hugged him and it took a moment before he knew it was ok to wrap his arms around my waist and hug me back. I pressed my tits against his chest and nuzzled my head under his chin. I knew I had him wrapped around my finger once again. "So.I'm going to run upstairs and shower because I'm all sweaty from working out.

Why don't you give me a hand." I said teasingly "Taking the shower?" he said hopefully. "No silly. In the kitchen. Can you get dinner started for me.thanks baby. You're sweet." Jon stared at my nipples probably still dreaming about helping me shower off my sweaty body.

I turned around in front of him and bent down to until my shoes. I pretended to be oblivious to the fact that my workout leggings showed every curve of my ass and that it was pointed right at Jon's teenage cock. He didn't move an inch as I took off my shoes. I turned around again and walked right by him without saying a word.

I went upstairs and began to remove my clothes. I'm unsure if Jon was watching me shower. Actually I'm pretty sure he was, because I thought I heard something but no one answered when I called.

I turned off the shower quickly and wrapped a towel around myself. If I remember correctly I shut the door to the shower,but it seemed it was ajar now. Was Jon spying on me? Could I even blame him if he was?

Would I even care if he did? I guess not because I went out of the bedroom to look for him. "Jon?" I called from the edge of the upstairs railing. I looked down on the first floor towards the kitchen. "Jon?" I called louder. I felt something move to my right. "Jon, what are you doing up here?" I said honestly surprised. I hadn't expected him to actually be there. He seemed to think about his answer. Perhaps he didn't have one. I knew whatever he said, it would be a lie. "I.I.I dunno." was all he could mutter out at first.

"I just thought.we could you know." he stammered out. I thought we had already been through this. I was annoyed now. My tone was not the nicest when I spoke to him.

"Thought we could what Jon? I told you this already that can't happen. You don't come up in my bedroom, EVER! You don't spy on women, EVER! What gives you that right, huh?" I said angrily and I grabbed his chin with my hand and shook his head. It must have been too much for him to handle because he snapped "Fuck you!" he said softly looking down at the ground. I shook his head even harder, his chin still in my grip. "What was that!" I asked already knowing the answer.

That's when I felt ringing in my ears. Jon slapped me hard across the face. I saw the little lights that shine behind your eyes after someone hits you really hard. I blinked my eyes hard and tried to figure out what the fuck had just happened.

I was holding myself up against the wall in the hallway and I could faintly hear Jon yelling at me. "I SAID FUCK YOU!" he screamed at me. "FUCK YOU CUNT!" and Jon let his other hand fly into the side of my face that wasn't already red. I was too stunned to do anything. My towel slipped out of my hand and I didn't even notice. I was totally naked leaning against the wall, my fresh cleaned skin glistened with water beads and I must have looked like sweet haven to him. He stood behind me for a moment before talking to me again.

I began crying softly to myself. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that." He did sound sorry and he stroked the back of my head in a comforting manner. "I'm so sorry Cindy, are you ok?" He hugged me from behind and kept saying he was sorry. "I'm sorry please, I'm sorry. " He said again as he hugged me harder. I felt the lump in Jons pants press up against my naked ass as I sobbed softly. "Sorry." This time I felt Jon press his mouth into my shoulder and then felt his lips on my skin.

He kissed me softly on the shoulder and said he was sorry again. I was still in shock. I guess I was too frozen to do anything. I didn't know if he was going to hit me again so I kept my back to him. The kiss on the shoulder moved to my neck. It was one kiss and then more. I finally managed to say, "What are you doing." In a soft tone. He didn't answer.

"I'm sorry, please I'm sorry." I felt the hair on my neck stand up as he breathed down over my back. His right hand moved and stroked my arm and then moved down to my elbow, my hips and then linger before moving slowly over my right ass cheek. "Jon?" I said in a more alarmed tone. "Jon?" I said louder as his hand continued to circle around my ass.

I tried to turn myself around to face him. Anything to get his hands away from my ass. It had to stop now. But I found as I turned, Jon's weight pressed into my firmly pushing me hard up against the wall.

"JON?" I said loudly. "Shhhhh, its ok." He whispered. His hand softly caressed the flesh on my ass up and down and with every stroke moved slightly further and further toward my still shower wet pussy hairs. "Ohhhh" he moaned into my ear as his fingers finally brushed my bush. He seemed to be pushing his waist into the softness of my ass even harder now.

His cock had grown even further I noticed. It still hand't gotten out of hand. I could fix this I told myself. This wasn't going to happen to me.

Jon went to far, but it was nothing I couldn't talk him out of. "Jon? Its ok." I tried to assure him. "We're even now.right? I was wrong and we're both sorry So, just let me go and we'll talk about it ok." He didn't stop running his hands over my side. He stood up as straight as he could on his toes, pushing the crotch of his jeans into my bear ass and flattening me up against the wall.


"Jon! Stop it!" I said worried. "Ohhhhh!" he moaned loudly. "I want it so bad." he gasped. The hand that was molesting my ass finally moved around to my pussy.

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Jon wasted no time rubbing his fingers up and down against my slit. He had never done it before and his fingers were rough against my skin. "Ahhh! Jon. NO!" I screamed against the wall. "Oh my god." he said breathlessly.

His entire hand was between my legs moving up and down quickly. He let his lips run along the back of neck and up to my ear as he breathed heavily and dry humped me against the wall. Jon's wet tongue lashed out against my skin sending tingles down my spine. Jon's left hand must have been bored because it reached underneath my arm and he moaned out loudly when he felt my tits on his fingers.

They were gentle at first, running in circles over my nipples and running all over the flesh of my chest. My mouth was wide open, shocked that this was happening to me or was it the feelings that he was forcing through my body. It felt good to have his hands exploring everywhere over my naked body but I knew I didn't want him to make me feel that way. I begged. "Jon.Please stop." "Ahhhh.I can't" He said almost breathlessly as his hand moved from my tits to feel the flat of my stomach and then greedily groped at my tits once again.

"No Jon, please don't do this." I cried. I finally got up the courage to try to fight my way out. I thrashed my body against his and tried to wrench my wrists away from this boys much bigger arms but it seemed like he didn't even notice. He continued to molest me with his hands and taste the flesh on the back of my neck and back. His soft moans turned into loud ones and then both of his hands reached down between my legs.

"NO!" I screamed loudly as i felt the fingers from both of his hands on my the slit of my pussy. He rubbed both index fingers down the slit as I gasped uncontrollably. His fingers became slick and I realized I was wet. I opened my mouth wide in shock the first time his finger entered me. "UH! No.Ahh! Jon.What the.OH!.fuck.ahhhh! NO!" "I wanna fuck you so bad Cindy." "NO, NO! JON!" I screamed as he lifted me off my feet. He walked with me kicking my legs in the air. It didn't matter. I couldn't get away.

I tried to scramble off the bed as he plopped me down onto the mattress but his hands pulled at both my ankles and I was taken off my hands. I slid on my stomach along the silk cover back towards where he hovered over the edge of the bed. "Fuck you Jon!" I clawed and pulled at the sheets trying to regain my hold.

This young teenage boy was too strong and too far gone for anything to stop him now. I spun over onto my back and kicked my foot right at his head. He casually dodged the kick and grabbed for his belt buckle "STOP IT!" he yelled out angrily. He was getting frustrated with me again, I could see it in his face.

I was scared that he might hurt me. After all, he had his hand around his metal belt buckle and I pictured him hitting me with it. I froze again and just lay on the bed covering myself as best I could. His cock had been hard for months because of me and so he undid his belt as quickly as he could. He violently pushed his jeans and boxers down with one quick stroke.

"Oh my god!" I said in horror finally realizing what this really meant. He wasn't just going to molest me. He was going to rape me!

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His cock was rock hard and sprung out to slap against his stomach after being released from his underwear. Jon had the most serious look that I had ever seen. It was anger, lust, rage, sex, and desire all wrapped into one. All of his teen hormones were on full blast and he was going to fuck the shit out of me.

He had no control over his actions any longer. It didn't matter that he knew he was going to rape me, he couldn't stop himself. I think at that moment I gave up. I knew no one was going to run up the stairs and stop him. No one was coming to my rescue. I also knew that he was too big and too strong for me to fight. If I tried he might hurt me worse than a couple of slaps to the face. I did what any grown woman would do in that situation.

I curled myself up into a ball and closed my eyes. I cried softly to myself and prayed it would be over. I waited for him. I sucked in my breath and held it when I felt the bed sag with his weight.

I didn't resist when he softly grabbed my shoulder to roll me over from my side and onto my back. My eyes were shut tightly. I didn't want to look in the eye of the boy that was raping me. I didn't want to give him anymore pleasure than he might already get out of it. He didn't see it that way. "Look at me Cindy!" He told me. I shook me head from side to side.

"LOOK AT ME!" he said even louder while grabbing my face in his hand. I opened my eyes. "Don't close them." He kissed me on the lips with his eyes open.

I stared back at him. "and don't close your mouth.Open!" I opened and his saliva coated my mouth. His tongue slipped inside and probed around the inside.

He moaned into the opening and breathed heavily out of his nose. Jon's weight shifted as he kissed me. His right hand pushed my left leg open and he dropped his body in between my thighs landing roughly on me. I couldn't help it. I let out a frightened squeal as i felt him on top of me.

I closed my eyes and felt the length of his cock against my stomach. That was going to be inside me soon. Tears began to form once again and as Jon kissed me my tears ran down onto his lips. "Its ok. I promise.open your eyes" he said softly to me. "Jon.please don't." I begged again as I blinked my eyes open.

"Shhhh. You ready?" Jon moved a hand down to grab his cock and help guide the head toward my entrance. I tensed my body when I felt his head push up against my pussy and he opened his eyes widely as he felt my pussy with his cock for the first time.

"Ready.1." he counted "Jon!" I said biting my lip. "2." he kept on. "WAIT. JON!" I grabbed the silk sheets beneath me not knowing what else to do.

"3!" called out and thrust his hips forward. "AHHHHHH!" I felt the head of his cock push open the entrance followed quickly by the rest of his lenghthy young hard cock. "OHHHOOOHHH MY GOD!!!" Jon called loudly. He was no longer a virgin. He had a stupid look on his face as he felt my dripping wet pussy grip his virgin dick tightly around the base of his dick.

"ShiiiiiT! he called out again. "Holy shit!' He seemed stunned as if he couldn't believe it was actually happening. That made two of us. My eyes and mouth were wide open as i stared up at him incredulously. He pulled back his hips and looked down at me before biting his lip and slamming his cock back into me as hard as he could. His mouth opened wide again unintentionally. 'Ohhhhh! Shit!" He said in ecstasy. Jon couldn't believe what he was doing. His cock felt so good.

He was having sex with one of the hottest women he had ever seen, me. She didn't want it, but there he was holding her down as he raped her in her own home. He was loving it. Jon enjoyed the torment on my face of being pinned down beneath him, helpless to do anything about him slamming his cock into me. It turned him on to watch the way my face contorted, my mouth dropping open wide uncontrollably each time his cock was forced into me. He found quickly that he didn't just enjoy having sex with me.

He enjoyed raping me and he was not in control. His emotions were. The third thrust came quickly but he warned me before the fact.

'Uhhhh!! You like that?" "MMMM!!!" He said as he pushed his cock into me a fourth time. "Fucking cunt!" he taunted. "AHHH!" I screamed out as he rammed into me again. "OWWW!! Stop!" the sixth time. It began to hurt.

I unwraveled my fingers from sheet I was gripping and lashed out at him with my fist. Punching him numerous times did nothing but to further spur him on. He grabbed both tiny wrists and held them behind my head against the mattress.

He pushed his weight against me until my head hit the board aganist the wall. "Fuck you!" I called "No Fuck you! UHHHH!" He thrust his cock quickly, roughly again into my soft moist hole He moaned loudly in pleasure at the end of each thrust. His thighs slammed against the back of mine pushing me hard into the head board. Each thrust came just as quick as the last.

I lay there unable to do anything except cry out loud each time he forced himself inside of me, sobbing softly in between each time. It didn't take Jon long. It was hist first time. His long hard thrusts stopped and became shorter and quicker as he felt the burning sensation grow stronger in his manhood. His tongue no longer explored my mouth. His face contorted and his full concentration was dedicated to bringing himself to orgasm.

I too, felt a slight tingling. It ended quickly. It would take me more than 3 minutes of a teenage cock slamming into my pussy to get me off.

Just as my body began to like the feeling Jon was moaning over the top of me loudly. I felt his shaft began to pulsate and then the warm fluid began to gush inside of me.

"Oh My god! Mmmmphhh!" he said with one last thrust before he collapsed on top of me. Jon lay on top of me breathing hard hot bursts of air onto my bare chest. I was in shock and too stunned to move. Jon had just raped me and unleashed his load inside of me. His cock was still burred deep inside of me and I could feel the warm cum begin to dribble down my ass. He still had my hands pinned behind my head when he took his head off my chest to look at me.

He told me softly that he loved me. I was humiliated by the entire experience. I still had tears in my eyes and told him in a defiant tone. "You raped me." "But I love you! I love you so much. I'll do anything for you." he seemed to beg now. He kissed me softly on the forehead and then on the lips. "I love you." he said again. I felt his cock begin to harden again and I closed my eyes not wanting to believe it was going to happen again.

"Get.Off.Me." I said slowly. Jon sat up and moved away from me.


He sat with his knees tucked underneath him as I raised myself up off of my back. It was over just as quick as it had begun. I was beyond emotion. I don't know if i was angry or sad or maybe just disappointed that it had ended so quickly. It didn't matter. Move slowly I told myself. Once I get downstairs.I'll.I don't know, run, scream, call for help, just get away from him!

Thinking about downstairs, I jumped up off the bed and covered my body with my hands as I rushed towards the hallway.

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"Wait!" he called and I felt him grab my wrist before I had taken more than two steps. "Let go!" I yelled at him. "Just wait!" I tried to yank my wrist out of his grip but he held on tightly.

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"Just fucking wait!" He yelled and then stood up. "Jon, let me go.you got what you wanted.now let me go!" I demanded. "No." he said faintly I closed my eyes as he pulled me forward towards him. "Please Jon, not again." He walked slowly behind me and brushed my hair with his hand to one side. "This time, I'll do better. I'll make it last longer, I promise." His left hand wrapped around the small of my waist while his right hand pushed down on my neck. "NO JON!" I cried. "Yes. Bend over Cindy." he told me as his hands pushed at my back even harder.

He pushed his weight up against me until I was forced over to bend over the edge of the bed. I remember Jon pressing down on the side of my face so I couldn't move my head off the mattress before he began.

I looked at the alarm clock on the edge of the night stand and saw the time. He saw me look. "Don't worry, my curfew isn't until midnight. You're all mine for the night.

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