Gay fuck Brad was thrilled to be able to get pounded by such a

Gay fuck Brad was thrilled to be able to get pounded by such a
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Isaac was pissed. The rain dripped down his fringe and off his nose. He'd been stood trying to calm down for the past twenty minutes; he didn't want to go back in the house. Everyone would be talking about what happened the night before, about the stupid mistake he'd made outside the club. Scott had been drunk, no one would have said anything if Isaac had used his head. He knew he was attractive; he'd got enough girls numbers in the club to prove that.

He also knew he was completely straight. Or so he'd always thought. ******************************* There were seven of them in the group that had gone out, so they needed two taxis. In the early hours of the morning, they decided it was time to leave.

Tony told Isaac to go sort the taxis out whilst he rounded up the rest of them. Isaac knew what the street outside would be like, full of drunk, horny people that were being evicted from the club before closing, no way could he hold two taxis by himself.

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His eyes scanned the room quickly, looking for someone he recognised. He caught sight of the cropped brown hair and red check shirt. He sighed, as much as he hated Scott, he didn't have much choice. He started walking towards the small group of people; Scott had arrived with Isaac and his friends, though Isaac would hardly call him a friend.

None of them knew Scott properly, they'd been asked to take him with them through a mutual friend. He'd had a rough break up recently and he didn't have much of his own friends, Isaac being the youngest of the group at only eighteen had got lumbered with looking after the new kid.

He finally got to the group and grabbed Scott's arm pulling him back towards the door. 'Hey! I was talking to them!' he slurred. 'Shut the fuck up, faggot' Isaac growled.

Scott's face fell and he nodded. He was so pathetic, never stood up for himself, and he was clearly scared of Isaac. They went out into the street. It was raining, when did it not rain in Blackpool. Isaac let go of Scott and started walking over to the nearest taxi rank.

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'Iss, wait up!' Isaac spun round sharply; Scott staggered straight into his chest and fell to the floor, cracking his head off a rubbish bin. 'Ouch' he groaned, rubbing the back of his head. Isaac grabbed the collar of his shirt and hauled him to his feet. 'What've I told you about calling me that?!' Scott stared into his charcoal grey eyes; they always looked black when he was angry.

He traced his eyes down Isaacs face, over his cheek bones, his gaze lingering on his lips, and down to his prominent, strong jaw line. Scott wanted to brush his hand down his neck and slowly run a finger down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. His eyes carried on wandering, down Isaacs strong, masculine body. He knew it would be dripping with sweat, the club had been hot, and Isaacs's hair and face had been glistening in the lights of the club.

It was then that Scott realised, Isaac still had a firm hold of his shirt, he was pressed up close to him, Isaacs's crotch rubbing against his leg. Scott felt a familiar heat in his own crotch; he bit sharply on his bottom lip, stopping a moan escaping his lips.

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He leant forward before Isaac could stop him, and pressed his lips roughly against his, the beads of sweat on his lips sent waves of pleasure through Scott's body, the smell of cigarettes and Vodka on his breathe just intensified the moment, before Isaac could react, Scott pushed his tongue into Isaacs mouth.

Scott's erection was growing, he'd always had a thing for Isaac, though never dreamed he would ever act on it. He'd watched Isaac getting ready before they'd set off, Scott's butterflies intensified when he realised Isaac was wearing the black military style shirt that showed off his chest and the strong muscles across his back, it folded up at the sleeves, showing off Isaacs biceps and the sheer strength he possessed. Isaac was a boxer; of course his arms were immense.

He had a small cut on his forehead and a healing scab on his lip from his latest fight, a victory of course. Scott had sat on the couch, waiting for him to be finished getting ready before they set off to meet up with the rest, and he struggled to hide his delight when Isaac announced it was time to leave, he hadn't shaved.

The fine stubble across his jaw and top lip was his best feature. Scott had never found facial hair attractive before; then again, Isaac was the furthest thing from his type he could imagine, but his rough and ready appearance was all Scott could think about.


He felt Isaac pull back from the kiss, and his mind flashed back to the present moment. Isaac's eyes flashed darker than Scott thought possible, anger crossed his face as he pushed him backwards, kicking his legs from under him.

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Scott landed back on the pavement where he'd originally fell, but this time Isaac stamping on his chest hurt more than banging his head. Scott couldn't breathe; the sharp kick had winded him and the pain that shot through his jaw as Isaacs shoe grazed down the skin on his face made him scream in agony.

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Isaac lifted his foot to strike again as Scott pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around his head, he'd been beaten and bullied enough to know how to protect himself from most injuries, being gay and on the school rugby team had never been easy.

The next kick never came, but a hand went under his armpit and pulled him up. He smelt the aftershave before he saw who it was. Felix pulled him too his feet and led him towards the taxi.


He liked Felix, all of the lads were uncomfortable around Scott, but Felix was the least so. He saw Tony holding Isaac against the wall whilst he calmed down, he was yelling.

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He couldn't make out what he was saying, except the words faggot and dead. Scott's shoulders slumped as he got in the taxi with Felix, Luke and Mark.


He'd fucked up, big time. But a slight smile crossed his lips.

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He knew he was going to get shit for his actions, Luke had already started the interrogation, but Scott blocked him out, until Felix told him to shut up. Scott had got what he'd wanted; he'd kissed the boy of his dreams, it had resulted in him getting hurt, but it didn't matter, because for the split second before he'd pushed him to the floor, Isaac had kissed him back.