Pinoy gay group sex movie Jungle ravage fest

Pinoy gay group sex movie Jungle ravage fest
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William and Ann Chapter 12 It was Sunday morning when William decided to go out for an hour-long bike ride. He took off down the street and felt full of joy knowing he was in love with Ann, his dad wasn't going to be able to control his actions, and his sister's friend, Natalie, had secretly participated with him while he was with Ann. For Will, life couldn't possibly be better. As he got a few blocks down, he noticed a group of young girls mulling around on the sidewalk. One of the girls was Natalie!

He quickly came to a halt and waited for her to take notice of him as he stood with his bike about 40 feet away. "William!" Natalie had seen him and was anxious to talk to him. She ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. She dared not mention to him what she did with his dad fearing that he would reject her, but she wanted to also let him know that she was gaining experience. As she had her arms around him, she whispered in his ear, so none of her friends would hear, "William, I loved what we did last night, and I want to do more.

I want to try to be a mom. Would you help me do that?" She moved her head around and stared him in the eyes looking and waiting for an answer. "I'm not sure I'm really ready, Nat," he replied. She felt hurt. The most precious thing she had to offer, her body and the opportunity to seed it with life-giving sperm, was being put on hold by a boy she cared about.

She was not going to let him keep her goals subdued, though. Natalie had a Plan B that she discussed with Susan earlier that morning when they were all primping in front of the bathroom mirror. While Belinda and Kelly were busy in the other room, Natalie mentioned that she wanted Larry to give her a baby. Susan nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Natalie say that.


What was this girl thinking? She wasn't even out of grade school and already wanted to be a mother! The mere thought of her wish made Susan give a scolding look at Nat who just smiled and said, "I'm just joking!" When William had put the brakes on her desire to breed with him, she knew she had to move on to a more reliable source of semen.

With a peck on the cheek and a seductive wink to the older teen, she returned to her friends and allowed William to continue on his bike ride.

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Arriving back to Ann after a nice workout on his jaunt around the neighborhood, Will was anxious to see his sister to tell her what Natalie had said. He knew that Ann, being competitive, would want to know about the plan Nat conceived. Ann was in the kitchen making pancakes for her dad and herself.

Larry was sitting in the living room watching some political talk show as William entered the kitchen, walking up behind Ann and putting his hands on her waist and thrusting his flaccid crotch against the beautiful gown-covered ass of his sister.

She turned her head to see him and planted a sweet kiss on his neck. "Annie, I saw Natalie this morning. She told me she wanted me to give her a baby." "That little bitch!" she replied just slightly louder than a whisper. "What did you say?" "I told her I wouldn't do it.

I don't want to make her pregnant. She's cute and all, but I don't think she's ready for a baby," William answered. "If I know her, she'll find a way to get what she wants; she always does. I am so proud of you, Will.

I know it's hard to say no to her, but I'll make sure you won't regret your decision.

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Let me eat breakfast with Dad, then I'll get with you." He reached around and grabbed a nice handful of his sister's tit through her nightgown before kissing her on the forehead, found a granola bar in the pantry to munch on, and heading to his room to change.

Larry and Ann ate their pancakes and discussed their plans for the day. Larry said he needed to change oil on the vehicles and cut the grass before it got too hot. Ann mentioned that she needed to run to Natalie's house to give her some clothes she forgot to take with her from last night.

Thinking about Natalie and her clothes (or lack thereof) caused a slight stir in Larry's loins. He tried hard to keep a smile from spreading over his face when Ann mentioned her name. Larry was like a boy who had a crush on a girl in grade school. As promised, Ann headed into William's room after eating. Her brother was changed out of his sweaty clothes and looking fit in a muscle shirt and sweat pants. She flopped on his bed and smiled thinking of his handsome body, that he was probably flogging his cock on that very bed just a few minutes earlier as he was changing.


"So, tell me about Natalie," she began. "Well, there's not much more to tell, Ann. It's just odd that she was so bold with me about it, and especially since she hardly knows me. She's so young, too. I don't think she understands what she's getting herself into with that." As he talked, Ann sat up and grabbed the sides of William's sweat pants. "You telling me that you wouldn't want to spill a load of your juice inside that little pussy?

Come on. Who are you trying to kid, Will?

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She's hot. Every guy wants to put his seed inside a girl, especially a girl who is willing to spread her legs and allow you shove your baby into her. I think about it when we're together. Why should she be any different?

Haven't you been wanting to knock me up?" "Well, I guess I have thought about it. It'd be neat in a way.

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I'm just not sure you're ready, either." "Will, if I am old enough to allow you and Dad to fuck me, I am old enough to know what I'm ready for. I know what I want right now, too." With that, she pulled down his sweats and lifted his hardening prick into her mouth. His mind lost all control as he felt his little sister engulf his penis and the tip of it touch the back of her throat. He realized she had a point.

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She appeared to be in total control of the situations in which she put herself. Ann wasn't dumb, nor was her friends. He looked down and saw the top of her head bobbing on his shaft. She left her gown on, which was somewhat erotic. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her mouth and felt the stickiness from the pancake syrup on the edges her lips which gave tiny tugs on his dick as it stuck now and then.

Unable to hold out for too long, he held Ann back and told her to get on her knees. She did as instructed on his bed. He took hold her hips and gently entered her pink moist pussy from behind. Her gown covered her top, but her bare bottom was exposed to William's hands as he pounded his sister's unprotected cunt. "Don't hurt me, Willy. I don't want Daddy to hear us. Put it in slowly. Fuck me nice and easy. Oh, that's it. Mmmmm. Yeah, just like that. Keep going. Oh, Willy, give me that meat." She knew he liked when she talked dirty to him.

He tightened his grip on her waist and pushed a little harder as she continued to beg him to be quiet and fuck her little womb.

"Are you trying to get me pregnant, Brother? Is that what you want? You want me to carry your baby in my little belly? What will Daddy say? Natalie will be sooooo jealous! Oh! Give it to me, Willy. Give me your baby. I want your baby." That did it.

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William gave one final thrust and blasted his white cream full of wiggling sperm into the depths of his barely-teen sister in the hopes of impregnating her. At that moment, his primitive instincts to breed took over any other thought. She was a willing mate and he had the opportunity, so he took advantage of the situation. The mixture of their sex juices flowed and churned as his cock throbbed and pulsed as he emptied the contents of his scrotum into the back walls of her developing uterus.


Ann looked back over her shoulder and grinned. "I'm going to go see Natalie now. Should I put on panties or wear only a skirt and just let your sperm drip down my thighs while I talk to her? Wouldn't it be awesome if I really do get pregnant from this and I beat Natalie to the punch and she doesn't even know it? Ha!" "Don't say anything to her about what she told me, Ann. I don't want her to think I'm a snitch. Besides, if you did get pregnant first, she'll know when your belly starts to show and tits swell with milk." He was pulling his pants up from around his ankles as his wilting cock gave one last dribble leaving a dark spot on the front of his sweat pants.

"That's so hot, Will. I won't say anything to her about it, but I'm going to put my panties on so your semen seeps into the fabric and I can feel it in my crotch this morning as it drains out." She rolled off the bed and kissed Will like a lover, full mouthed and sincere. When she walked out of the room, she noticed her dad was in the garage changing the oil in his truck.

She walked over to him as he lay on the ground below the engine. He peered up at her and up her gown. He saw her uncovered pussy which was just beginning to seep out William's seed. He was unaware of what it was, but his eyes moved further up the gown where the undersides of her breasts were holding the gown away from her tight stomach. It gave him a rise in his pants as he gazed at his daughter's beautiful body.

She was such a tease to Larry, but he enjoyed it, even if he still thought she and William were fucking with a condom. She had promised that they would so he could be the one who would give her a baby, but after his experience with Natalie, he was anxious to try getting them both knocked up.

"Baby, when you go see Natalie, see if she would like to come over to play with you this afternoon. She's a really nice girl. I'd like see her again." It didn't take a genius to know what he wanted, but Ann figured it was an easy and harmless request for her Dad, so she said she would.

She turned away and noticed the lump that had grown in his crotch. "He's so easy," she thought. She got dressed and headed down to see Natalie. When she arrived in her yellow halter top and light green short skirt, Natalie got a little worried that Ann was going to continue her verbal assault from the night before, but Ann came with a different purpose. "Nat, I want to apologize for last night. I know you were just curious, and I can't say that I blame you.

So, I hope you and I can start fresh." "Uh&hellip.okay. What else do you want? I know you could have called to tell me that, so why did you walk down here to see me?" Natalie knew it was strange, especially since Ann wasn't notorious for making trips down to visit.

Kelly, Belinda, and Susan were still hanging out at Natalie's house and overheard the entire conversation from the front window. They were dead quiet as they waited for Ann to give the other reason for her visit. "Look, Nat, you're a good friend, you're cute, and I know there are some people who would like to get to know you better." Ann was very vague in her reply, but it was for good reason.

She didn't want to come out and say that her dad had a crush on her friend, but she needed to lure her back to her house in order to appease him. "Follow me back home and hang with me for the day." "I'll be there a little later. I need to change and get some stuff done around here first. Should take me just a couple hours at the most." Natalie wanted to get the girls out of her house and freshen herself in case she ran into William or Larry again.

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"Fine. I'll be home all day. Just come on over as soon as you can." "Okay, Ann. See you in a bit." Natalie about beat the world record for the 50-yard dash as she flew from the sidewalk into her house.

She told Kelly, Belinda, and Susan she had to leave and they did, too. Unsatisfied with that comment, the girls pressed Natalie for details, but all she said that she would fill them in later. They reluctantly left out the backdoor and headed over to Susan's house which was just a half mile away from Natalie's home. Quick as a whip, Nat went into the shower, shaved her legs and every pubic hair she could reach or see, put her hair into pigtails, and put on her favorite crop top and Daisy Duke shorts.

She chose to not wear a training bra or any panties, just in case. After a sprits of perfume and a slight dab of makeup, she sped out of her house and up the street to Ann's house. TO BE CONTINUED.