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Masturbation german teen on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg
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Ok here i go, Its Been like 3 or 4 years since i seen my aunt Christine. Last Time i seen her was when i was 15 Now im 18 and preety Much grew by Now. So yeah, One day i get home from Football Practice and i hear my mom Talking on the phone with somebody and i hear her say "ohhh hes home already " then she passes the phone to me and i said hello? a lady said do you who your talking to and said "no its your Tia christine i just paused for a moment cuase i havent talked to her in forever and i just saidd " ohh hi tia christine" the she said" you sound like a man already i just started laught.

then she started saying shes going to have a party for my baby cusin he was turining 5 then we said yeah me and my mom will go She was happy. Then at the end she said ill see you very soon.


at that moment i was remebering about the time we had sex i was shocked.then my mom told me to wake up early tommrow cuase were going tommrow. i could wait to see my baby cusin and espically my aunt.

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The Next Morning, Saturday Me and my mom woke up early. i took a shower shaved and then got dressed put some of my perfume on then we left to La.

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then were out the freeway my aunts house was only like 5 streets down from the freeway then we arrived to her house .Then i remebered the times i use to spent the summer here with my aunt christine. Then i hear her house door open. then i see my aunt my jaw literally dropped she got kind of skinny but still thick. She was wearing a long white dress with black stipes it was tight on her that you could see her nice sexy curves and her butt omg it was still big. she came running and hugged me so tight i felt her boobs on my chest i literally almost got a hard on but i was controlling my self.

the she said omg you go so strong and look at them muscles do you work out? i was like yeah cuase i play football now she said wow thatts cool then she went to hi to my mom her sister. then we all went inside.

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Nobody was there yet it was just me and my mom and my aunt and cusinso we started talking then i went to my cusins room and said happy birthday and i had got him black ops for birthday and then my cusin and his friend were both happy cuase it was black ops and then i was teaching them how to play for like 1hour till they bearly got it .So then ,i heard my mom call out my name i was like yes she said can you help your tia bring down some stuff from the garage i was like sure.

but my mom said ohh i have to go buy Nacho chips for the nachos and then it was just me and my aunt. i was lowkey kind of scared cuase what happend bewteen with me and my aunt . Then She said come on lets go then we gotta get a ladder and she didnt say nothing she said the ladder up there mijo i was like i got up on a wobbly chaiir. i could reach up there cuase i was 5"11 tall cuase the garage was small,Then as i reached up a litltle i felt like if i was going to tip the chair .then my ass grabbed my but and said dont dort worry i wont let you fall i laughed and said ok the i felt her gripping my ass and she said ohh your ass is so firm and said ohh i mean your butt .after that i we got the ladder hanged the stuff up and by that time my came already.

After, 2 or 3 hours passed by our family and friends came my family wasnt that big.then i got a big bowl with nachos and went to my cusins room and i saw some other cusins of mine i said whats up and just preeety much hang out with them. thenn i seen a girl that was really cute and she just kept looking at me .so i told older cusin that was like 13.

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who was she and he said ohh thats my sisters friend then i was like fershure then bro. then my girl cusin and her friend came in the room were we were at then .my girl cusin natalie said ayee this is claudia she was really shy and i said hey we started talking and stuff she said she was 17 so i was like cool.

then i asked her lets go walk out side for a little bit then we started asking each other questions if she had a boyfriend and she said noo in a sad voice i was like?! inna shocked way then she said well cuase im shy i dont think i look preety enough .in my mind i was like wtf your bomb she was kind of tall her head was like to my chest and she had a little thick ass and kind of boobs lol back to what i was saying then i said well ithink your really preety then she blushed and i reached in for a kisss and we both kissed her lips were so smooth i could feel the tinglinng of her lips touching mine.

Then all if sudden my aunt christine came and saidd ayeee come here i need your help.


i was like fucck wtf does she want but we both had to go in cuase were going tomsee happpy birthday to my cusin.

after that claudia left and she gave me her number and hugged me and i said by. Laterr that night my mom was so tired to drive home and plus she was drinking that she couldnt drive i was like dont worry ill drive mom but then my aunt said No No you guys are going to staybi dont mind my mom went along with it.

Then later that night my mom had went to go sleep in the other room and my cusins and aunt were in the living room i sat next to my aunt cuase my cusin and his friend were there on the other couch.

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then my aunt put her head on my shoulder then i started bugging my cusins and my Aunt too the all of sudden she grabs my cock the whole bulge i jumped i was like woahh and she laughed and then when my cusins friend left he went to sleep i went on the couch took off my shirt and i had some shorts under my pants and then inneeded a blanket so i walked in my aunts room and i seen her shoving that dildo from last time up her pussy i was ohh damm im sorry and left then she came out and said im sorry what you saw and i said its okshe then said you know what it is okay its not like you havent seen me befor i was ilike ohh then said ohh come on member last time i gulped and said yeahh.

then she said well it has been a long time now that you seen me let see you i was no and she pulled me by the hand and took me to her room and threww me on her bed i was like tia this is bad then she started getting naked she took off that dress she had on.then i could see her bra and panties she had a black bra and a thong with a little bow on it as soon as i seen her like that i instantly got hard then she slid off my shorts and boxers and said Wow you did really big this time my cock was like 8 inches this time.then she grabbed a hold of it and started jerking me and then i could feeel her warm mouth in my mouth it felt like excasty like way better then last time then it didnt take long before i shooted a big load in her she then said "ohh that tasty" i was like ohh then she said my turnn she quickly sat on my face with her wet pussy and ass i couldnt even brieth but i got air i licked her pussy untill it got super wet then i moved to her ass and started licking it and she started moaning "Ohh Yeahh Lick Your Tias Butthole " so i did she moaned loud then she pushed my back to her pussy then a couple minutes later she started moaning "oahh yeah baby ima going to cum!


then i felt her pussy just squirt in my face her juice were really good then we both catched our breaths then my dick was rock hard again the she said get a condom outta that cabinet so i got it and put it on my head then my aunt rolled it down with her mouth gettingnthe condom wet.

then she slowly got on my dick i started moaning cuase she was so tight everytime she got back up my cock went in a little deeper until i felt my whole dick in there she started moving back and fourth and then outta no where she said im going to cum again i felt her pussy get tight on my penis then came again.

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she said baby dont worry i want you fuck md in the ass she then said take that condom off and fuck me baby so i did and omg her butthole was to tight it felt so good when she was slamming her bigg ass on my cock my whole 8 inch cock went in there like nothing the i said Omg im going to Ciumm!! then she said Cum in my ass baby i did it felt so good i was so tired that we both fell asleep together.