Dicksucking stud banged in mmf threesome

Dicksucking stud banged in mmf threesome
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After the raw Sorority fucking session, Dana woke up feeling great. Dexter her first dick had left out the window and Kathy and Carmen returned to their own room. Dana's family had been so puritanical that they never spoke of sex.

The first time orgasms last night had ignited flames that continued to smolder in the morning. Dana touched her nipples and boobs and then traced around her pussy lips. It felt great and she started to rub the bulging hooded knob that looked like a huge clitoris.

As she now knew it was much more than that. Dana had been born with a special gift and had both a woman's organs and a man's penis where her clit would have been.

She came easily by touching there and if she worked it more her fat penis extended out like any man's and shot sperm from her testicles inside.

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She lay in bed and played with herself and came from the tickle touch and then started stroking cock to bring out that big boner. Downstairs at breakfast the Sorority leaders met at one table and discussed how cool it was to have Dana in their clan. Every pledge had licked her nasty cock off and Kathy rode her dick too.

Carmen the pre med student was fascinated by the technical details of her gift and couldn't wait to take her on again but she wanted to be penetrated. Then Kathy had a true inspiration. Dana was a new student and almost nobody knew her on campus. She was very sexy and hot but, did not have huge breasts either.

Kathy thought that they should try to see if they could pass her as a man too! The whole table murmured with surprise at that idea. Then Carmen said, "We should get Dana to go to a fraternity rush night with the boys!" Kathy agreed saying, "Yes, if she got a hair cut and the right clothes she would easily pass scrutiny at a drunken frat rush party." It was decided that that should be their next project.

Dexter's frat had a big party next week and their Sorority was affiliated as little sisters to add a social mix.

Dana could get an ambiguous hair style and they would practice some scripts to make it all seem natural. Everyone agreed it was the best idea in years. When Dana came downstairs to breakfast nothing was said. They had Saturday off and no classes. The beach was close but, they decided to get Dana a bikini and head down to Imperial Beach where a different crowd gathered at the Mexican Border Park.

Dana modeled her beach wear in the Sorority parlor and they decided, as long as she did not wear a tiny thong, her huge clit/dick would not show too much.


Her small breasts were beautiful and feminine yet, they could also be concealed in a man's clothing. It mad them all hot and crazy just thinking about their hot new Sorority Pledge. The day at the beach was a typical Southern California foggy morning. The haze burned off and the sun broke through.

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Border Patrol and State Park Rangers kept an eye on the water to make sure the international line stayed secure. On both sides surfers studs and bikini babes showed off their sexy physiques. The girls applied sunscreen to protect Dana's fair skin. Her blond bush had been trimmed to keep it inside her bikini. They took her shopping on the way back and bought her a golf shirt and some baggy surf shorts. Then they told her they wanted to treat her to a low maintenance hairstyle makeover.


Dana was excited about all the attention and did not realize the girls had a devious plot in mind. All the next week classes continued at the State University.

Dana sat in back rows and took notes in the general education lectures. The newcomer did not draw much notice in the big lecture halls so Dana remained pretty much unknown. On Thursday the girls told Dana to wear the golf shirt and surf shorts and they would take her to lunch. At the campus cafe they met Dexter and Kathy whispered their idea on the sly.

Dexter agreed to the plan and said he would bring Dana as a frat pledge after the drinking had been underway a while. Friday afternoon classes ended and Dana went back to the Sorority.

The girls told her they were going to the fraternity as little sister's early. Dana could drop in later and Dexter would stop by to pick her up. Cathy snuck into Dana's room and took all her clothes to the laundry room except the golf shirt and shorts outfit. When the time for the party came Dana came up from the study in her jogging suit and found all her outfits gone, except the new one.

She sighed and decided to make the best of it.

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All the other girls had left dressed up and it was too late to try to find something else. Dexter was at the door and the housemother let him in. Dana laughed it off and set off with Dexter.

The frat house had music blaring and could be heard a block away. The kegs were hidden inside. That way, the drinking was kept quiet from the campus, police who looked the other way. The frat pledges had a different initiation. They drank up and went to a dark room upstairs.

Here there were old porno movies on 8mm that had been shown for many years. The Mexican donkey movie was new to most guys that had seen porn online. The cat calls and drunken challenges to equal that fat donkey dick kept the guys entertained and laughing at the spectacle. Next they were led to a room and one group got in line at a glory hole made of plywood.

One by one they got sucked off by anonymous lips. After each guy shot his load he was given some shots of tequila and a lime Popsicle chaser. By this time their heads were reeling from the alcohol and one by one they were led to another room and blindfolded given a shot and told that the chaser Popsicle would be a different.

Their face was taken to the opposite side of the nasty glory hole and another pledges dick got stuffed into their numb and drunken mouth.

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The leader told them to suck is down or be kicked out now. The shock of taking dick in their mouth was new to most of the boys. The shame of it was lost in their drunken brains and they just wanted to be part of the frat. They just sucked and hoped nobody else would find out.

Now they had all done the dirty deed. Dexter and Dana arrived a little late and Dana went directly to the glory hole to get sucked off. Dexter stayed along side and then led Dana to the dark blindfolded chamber. Dana sucked down like the Mexican girl sucked the donkey. Everyone had come and Dana enjoyed slurping sperm too.

After that round was over all the frat pledges met in another room and swore to secrecy once more.


Dana fit right in and nobody looked twice at her clothes or body. Dana had passed the initiation and joined the frat but, would live elsewhere as most of the rooms were taken. The secret plan had suck seeded. Dana was a member of both societies and the Sorority sisters went home. Dana left a few minutes later with Dexter, the only frat member who knew the truth. He went back in through the Sorority window while Dana went in front and upstairs.

They met in her room and she sucked him off with her new cock sucking skills. Dexter had been waiting all night through the initiation balls bulged in anticipation. They lay on the bed in a 69 position. Dexter sucked Dana's cock and fingered her pussy. It was the best 69 he had ever had. Dexter's load made Dana's ears pop from the compression in her head. She slurped and swallowed and he stayed pretty stiff. Dana squirted too and then Dexter switched to pussy licking and fingering. Dana came again without ejaculating and Dexter moved around and began to fuck as a follow up.

He love his new friend in every way. The frat guys had to learn everything and Dexter liked dick and pussy both. His scientific education advanced with his knowledge of hermaphrodites now. It might not be on his mid terms but, it was important information now! They fucked and sucked all night and at sunrise Dexter climbed out the window to avoid the housemother downstairs.

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Dana had come so many times now it was becoming an addiction. She fingered her pussy and played with her dick until the breakfast bell sounded.