Marvelous babe strips for sex

Marvelous babe strips for sex
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"Well look at you!" she giggled sitting down on the deck chair next to me. Adjusting my sun glasses, there was this woman perhaps 35 in a bathing suit holding a glass of tomato juice with something else in the glass.

"Naked as the day you were born and just as hairless" now laughing hard. I smiled as this was not a cutting remark but the yellow caution flaf went up, she had one to many "This is really some place, isn't it? This your first time here?" taking a sip of her drink. "No, I've been here twice before and yes, it is beautiful" smiling when I said that "Knoiw what? For the life of me, I can't remember seeing you last night. Anyone as pretty as you, I would remember. Who are you with?" "Lewis, our host hired me to get things going.

I guess you arrived late" The wheels were turning as she shook her head yes. "Get things going?" She was smiling but had no idea what I was talking about. "At these kind of parties, someone has to go first so Lewis and I got up to dance and in a New Yotk minute, I was on my knees sucking his cock" Laughing as she had her mouth open.

"Your a prostitute?" Caution again Rhonda, you never know how a woman will react. "Yes I am and your not!" keep smiling. "I don't understand anything any more! Your young, your beautifu;l, a delightful figure, wonerful skin, you could have any man you wanted!

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You like girls too?" putting her drink down. "No but I've had a few pleasure me. And what about you? Your a fine looking woman and I can tell your not use to this kinf of life" Again she had that far away look on her face. "No, your right! I've been on a tare from almost a year and going back home next week" Having said that, she settled back in her chair reflacting.

Only a few minutes passed when we heard, "Ladies, how are you this beautiful morning, catching some rays?" "Good morning Lewis darling" giving him my best smile. "You both look good enough to eat" as we all laughed. "Rhonda my darling, your going to hear me say something I very seldom say.put some clothes on, the staff will be arriving shoortly" Again we all laughed with Lewis leaving and I put my bathing suit on.

"So your a postitute? How many men did you have last night?" "None! I was in bed at 11 and had a good nights sleep" smlimg at her. "Look!

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This is the way it works. With a fuck fest like this, there may be someone who for wahatever reason wants to stray! I'm here to fill that void! Saves a lot of problems. Did you have a good time last night?" "Oh my God yes! Actually, it was quite funny, there were six of us on the floor" A woman rolled a cart out to us with coffee and sweet rolls so we went to a table with an umbrella.

She was smiling all the while but something was bothering her. Right now, we were to be on our best behavior as the staff was here and others were coming out to the patio. Her friend Chris wanted her to play tennis but she said no so away he went with three others. "He openmed my eyes, I can tell you that much" Talking about Chris. "Oh ya? How did you meet him?" That was all she needed me to say, she went through her life!

"There I was, almost 35 years old, two kids, Alex 14 and Sandra 12, a husband so dull that standing beside a 100 watt buld, he hardly throws a shadow, now that's dull!" "What does he do and what do you mean, dull?" "He's an accountant, a good one!

He goes to bed at 11.17! Not 11.16 or 11.18, 11.17! What ever I want I can have, we never argue about anything! Every Saturday night at 11.21, we make love in the missionary position. He makes his deposit, rolls over and is aleep in seconds Same routine, every day, every year, it never changes! Bye dear, a kiss on the forhead, the kids come down for breakfast, bye Mom and have a coffee when they leave. Up stairs I go, pick up all the clothes, make the beds, vacum, same shit all the time and about once a month I feel dorry for myself!

Know what I eanm?" She's not looking for an answer. "I wish my Prince charming would come along and take me away from all this, you know, he would grab me and screw me till my eyes were crossed!" Did we ever laugh.

"So I go shopping, it's Monday and the thought is still in my head, I'm a bit horny. Excuse me this mans voice says and when I turn, there's Chris as we know him to-day. He's saying something but I can't hear him, I swear to God his teeth were sparkling!

Hello I hear him say, are you alright? The fact of the matter is, I was not alright! I had never had sex with anyone but Fred nor did I ever consider having an affair! There I was, standing in a supermarket looking at this man, my panties now soaked!


asking, have you ever tried this pre cooled bacon? They say it's ready in ten seconds! The best I can do Rhonda is shake my head no, can you believe it? I'm dripping and the best I can do is shake my head!

OK he says and away he goes up the isle. Are you crazy this voice inside me screams! There goes your Prince charming, go get him! Up the next isle I go and meet him at the top. Were going to have to stop meeting like this he says laughing. Oh Rhonda, a warm feeling I never had before swept over me. Ding dong, blah blah blah, there's a pizza place in the plaza, how about we grab lunch? A date? Lunch? Whew!

So anyway, we have lumch, he tells me he works nights gathering info on stock from all over the world for presintation in the morning. He hands me his phone number saying, most of the night I read, nothing to do. Call me if you want, I'd be happy to talk to you.

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Talk I thought. I don't want to talk, I want to rip your clothes off and give you a heart attack!" Holy Geez! Lewis has this thing going with this cute young blonde server!

How about that? No one was suppose to see that nod but I did. Oh well, no problem for me! The music started so we went for a walk down the friveway. "I guess you figured out that I called him, in fact, I called him every night for three nights finally going there to see the operation as he put it. Over here he says standing behind me is Austrailia, his hands on my shoulders which slowly came down and moved around cupping a breast in each hand!!

I felt light headed as he pulled me to him, his manhood pressing against my bum. My knee's felt weak, I couldn't stand any longer as he let me slide to the floor very easy. My eyes were filled with tears but when he took his pants off, there it was, the biggest dick I ever seen! Fred had maybe 5" but this, this was a monster! Can I take all of that?" as we both laighed hard.

"What is it they say, it won't break? So there I was on the floor terrified when he gets on top of me! Relax he says, let me do the work and with that, I feel the head go on. There now he says, that didn't hurt and your going to like this, I know what I'm doing. I'm not crying but tears are in my eyes as he talks to me.; there, a little more in.feel good.and a little more.oh ya you'll like this.

I can feel him pushing each time and ypu know what Rhonda? I wanted more! There he says and with one giant slap against me that made me crazy he said, it's all the way in! Son of a bitch! I exploded when he buried that in me and fainted dead away. Over the next few weeks, I was over there every night for an hour or so with Chris showing me things I never thought possible.

This new sexual freedom caused me to investigate my Son and Daughters underwear and you know what? They were both stained! I was really out of touch sexually. How old were you when you discovered yourself" "I just turned 13" "I was almost 18 before I touched myself" with that far away look in her eye. "I then got the worst news I could possibly get. My Brother-in-law who was in the Army lost his leg in an accident and she was going to Tokyo to bring him home.

Would I come and take care of Ricky for two weeks? Damn!

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I was getting mine, oral, anal and every other way, I just could get enough! Give this up for two weeks? Damn, I don't want to do this but what could I do? So off I go to Chicago, we meet up in the airport and explains everything. I felt so sorry for Peggy taking a limo to their house. So I'm sitting there, the door opems and Holy Crist, there's my Nephew Jason! He's 15? He shaves for goodness sake! I'm stunned! Aunt Fay, blah blah blah. After an hour or so of chatting, I confess that Im tired and going to bed.

Damn! Right about now, I would have Chris's dick in my mouth! Well he's not here do foeget it!


Doing all the good things one must do im the barhroom before retiring, Pegs bedroom was right across the hall from the bathroom so with just my nighty on, I went into Pegs badrrom. Why does anyone need a king size bed? I pull the covers down on one side and kneel on the bed to pull the covers down on the other side and i hear ohhh! It's Jason standing in the door, my nighty half way up my back and were both embarassed!

Awe geez, I'm sorry Aunty Fay, I just wanted to say good night, he muttered, his face crimson. Mine was too but not for the same reason exactly!

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That buldge in his underwear spoke volumes! I mean.

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I remember Jason as a ten year old with a runny nose but this Jason is a man!" Sitting on a bench at the enterance, she's having a hard time getting out what she wanted to say.

"Awe geez I'm sorry Aunty.I should have.cutting him off. I wanted to make him feel better so I said, It's OK Jason, I know you've been with a lot of girls and were all the same smiling at him. Why is he not smiling back? Why is he moving on one foot to the other? Oh no! You have been wqith a girl haven't you? Holy, he's almost in tears! Come sit down Jason. I felt like reaching out and grabbing that bute of his but resisted.

Tell me about it, maybe I can help! Well I was with this girl this summer and we were going to do it but when she seen me, she said, your not going to put that big thing in me! Thank you God!

I see! Define big for me Jason! He just shrigged his shoulders continuing to look down. Don't wait one more second Fay, go for it!

So I made him get up and even if he did resist a bit, I was going to have my way! Oh ya, he was big! I tried my best to hide my emotions and act like I knew what I was talking about. She was right Jason, you are to big for a young girl, what you need is an oder woman, someone like me who can show you what to do.

Smile Fay! You mean you would show me? Duhh! Smiling back.

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That's what Aunts are for Jason, to help out any way they can. Well that was an adventure, let me tell you! I felt bad at first but Chris opened part of me and i couldn't get enough! Not only was Jason pounding the Hell out of me but i had an affair with three boys about 19 who had a van.not once but twice! One would dribe, the others would take turns! I was fast becoming the skut I knew I was!" We started back to the house with Fay continuing. "It was heart breaking to see Sis, she aged five years in those two weeks.

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I gave Jason one final blow job before I left in the basement and couldn't wait to get back home. Mistake! my house looked like the French Army stayed there! Nothing was were is should be! The kitchen, I can't describe that, I don't know enough ajectives and the bathrooms? Forget it! It was like they would die if they picked anything up! so night feel. I had the house back in some kind of order, Fred fucked me and went to sleep and I was out that door to see Chris hey baby, look what i have for you?

He had his cock out and of course I began to suck it when Lewis walked in. That's how i met Lewis with Chris's cock in my mouth!" with both if us laughing hard. "As you know, Lewis is not shy and comesaround behind me and plugs into me. so they both do me twice and from then on it was jst one guy after another. Finally, I said, enough is enough is enough! That brings us up to this week-end, I'm going home for good" "Well you've had a pretty good run at everyone, maybe it is time you pulled back" The van with the staff was leaving so we both waved at them with Lewis and Chris coming back from playing tennis.

"You two still yaking?" Lewis smiled "When you going to eat her fay, she's delicious!" Poor Fay didn;t know what to say. "Eat her, eat her, eat her!" the rest of them started to chant so i just looked at her whisperiing, "Only if you want, I haven't had anyone for days" Off came my bathing suit with Lewis's help land aid me down on a table.

Fay was breathing hard as Chris forced her head between my legs. Oh ya, a woman has a special touch for this.

I seconds, everyone was naked, everyone was doing something to someone with Chris shoving that big dick of his in my mouth. "That isn't where that goes!" she shouted.

Everyone laughing as Christ went behind her ramming it home. Where was our host? I bet that little blonde is still here!


So I had a heavy climax and Fay knew it satisfing her. I slipped away and sure enough, there was Lewis pounding that sweet young thing. "Well look at you two.keeping all the goodies for yourself Lewis?" laughing.

She was in a panic situation wanting Lewis to get off her but Lewis was a bad boy. "Think she wants some of you my love?" now laughing too. "I'm sure she does" kneeling down over her face. She began to scream and hollar but a slap in the face took care of that and opened my lips so she could have better accees.

She just started to lick me when i heard, "You son of a bitch, you have your own private stock? I want some of that! Get off her Rhonda" Three jumped her with the last one saying, "Welcome to the club blondie!" and everyone laughing. Lewis paid me, we all went our seperate ways and it's been a year now since that week-end. i often think of Fay and would she say like she said she would, stay home, ne a good wife amd Mother? Personally, I don't think you can be that starved for sex, then have that much sex and stop, just like that.

Anyway, some questions are better left un-answered and this is one of them. What do you think, does Fay ever fool around any more?