Amazing gay scene Conner Bradley and Tyler Bolt are in the mood for a

Amazing gay scene Conner Bradley and Tyler Bolt are in the mood for a
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"When I was twelve, I was taken. I was walking home from school, and all of a sudden a man pulled up beside me, asked me directions, and before I knew it, another man stuck something in my neck and everything went black. When I awoke, I was in a dark room with only a small hint of a light coming from the wall behind me.

I tried to get up, but I was tied to a table. All my clothes were gone." "Are you ok miss?" The judge looked at me. Tears were streaming down my face. "Can you go on, or do you need a break?" "I'm fine. I want to tell it." "Ok, go on then." "I looked around as best I could, and all I could make out was a small room with a single cot on the wall, the table I was tied to, and what looked like a toilet with a shower head over it. I was cold.

I remember being very cold." "Hours past. I had no clue how long I had been out, how much time had passed, but finally, the door opened and two figures walked into the room. They both had ski masks on.


The stood on either side of me forever without saying a thing. --You are locked in here and can't leave. You can scream all you want but no one will hear you. We are your mother, your father, your masters from now on, you understand?

Do you understand?—I didn't respond fast enough, and he snapped a leather belt across my stomach. "Yes sir." My tears were flowing. --You have to do what we tell you when we tell you, and I want those tears to go away.

I don't want to see you cry anymore. Accept your fate, and it might be bearable for you.— He snapped the belt across my stomach one more time. The other one spoke up, --I don't think she understand or appreciates her position. Lets give her a day to think about it.— With that they left.

I laid there and cried. I was hungry. I wanted to go home. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Everytime I would get close, I would shiver and wake up from the shaking. Hours after they left, I peed on the table. My muscles cramped, my back ached. I would have done anything to get off the table. When they finally came in, the room stunk, and I was in pain.

I was so tired that everything seemed otherworldly. --God it stinks in here.


Slave, why did you make a mess?— I didn't answer fast enough. He slapped the belt across my stomach. "I'm sorry sir. I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it in. I'm sorry." I started crying again. He hit me again. What did I say about crying?— I stopped right away. --ok I'm going to undo these and let you sit up. Your not going to cause any problems are you?— "No sir." He untied the rope, and I sat up immediately. I rubbed my wrists where the rope had been. I was so disoriented that I nearly fell off the table.

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--Im going to let you get off the table and I want you to shower. When your done, if your good, I will bring you clothes and some food. You will be good won't you?— "Yes sir." He opened the door, and from what I could see it looked like it was a basement. There were no windows. He came back in with a small pile of clothes and a towel with shampoo and soap. --I will be back in twenty minutes. Be done. And clean this mess up. It stinks like hell in here.— He slammed the door.

I looked around the room, and immediately went to the toilet and threw up. The reality of the situation hit me. I panicked. After a few minutes, I realized that I had to do what he said. I used toilet paper to clean my pee up, used some of the shampoo to clean it, and then I turned on the shower and washed.

By the time he opened the door, I had the small gown and socks he brought in on and was sitting on the bed. --Its better in here. You did good. Here is your food. Eat it, I will be back in five minutes.— I rushed to the table and ate the sandwich as fast as I could.

I put my mouth under the sink that was right beside the toilet and felt the water that had not made it into the floor drain from my shower soak through my socks. He came back in the room. --This is your room. You will not leave it. You will do what we say when we say, and you will be happy to have the simple freedoms we allow you to have.

Is that understood?— "Please sir. I just want to go home." I was crying. He punched me in the face as hard as he could. I remember the rush of pain, and then nothing. When I came to, my arms were once again tied to the table, but I was bent over the table, still standing.

He was behind me, his hand on my lower back and ass. My face was throbbing. I looked to the side and could tell he was jacking off. I was lost in the moment. In one movement, he put both hands on my hips and pushed against me. I felt his dick against my opening. In one thrust, he pushed his dick all the way inside me. I had never experienced pain like that in my life. I screamed. I cried. I begged him to stop.

He fucked me hard and didn't pay attention to my pleas. He spanked my ass. His thrusts got harder. My ass hurt from him slamming into me. My vagina went numb, but I could feel him inside me. He fucked and fucked. My crying stopped, and in its place a numbness overtook my body. Eventually I knew he was cumming, and soon after, he stopped. It was relief like you can not imagine. I could feel my heart beat between my legs and the pain was startling.

I heard him walk out of the room. I heard mumbled voices. --The fucking bitch didn't understand her place so I had to teach her a lesson, but I'm sure she doesn't understand fully. Why don't you continue the lesson.— I heard the other man walk into the room. --No I'm going to be nice and use lube. This is how nice we can be if you act the way you should.— There was a pause, and then I understood.

His hand grabbed my ass and I felt his thumb press against my asshole. Then he squirted something cold on my ass hole, and without pause, I felt the head of his dick against my ass.

I screamed no, but there was no way it could have an affect. He pressed into me almost in one motion and the pain shot through my body. I screamed again, but no words came out. I felt myself ripping. His dick felt like a baseball bat being shoved into my ass. The pain was something that I cannot describe. I tried to fight him, but how could I? He grabbed my hips and plowed into me. Eventually I passed out from the pain, but it was no were near fast enough.

I woke up on the bed, naked. My crotch and ass were throbbing. I put my hand between my legs and took it out and saw the blood. I tried to stand and struggled, but found my way to the toilet were I sat down and peed, felt the pressure and took a bowel movement.

I didn't want to, but I looked in the toilet and saw the blood. Days past it seemed. The door opened only long enough for someone to come in and leave a sandwich. I ate it as fast as I could and then took my place back on the bed.

I showered when I felt like it. Slept a lot. I cried little. He came back into the room after seven sandwiches and next to the new meal, he placed two pills. --You will take these everyday. No questions.— Then he left. It must have been weeks before he said anything else. He started coming in twice in a day, bringing in more meals, pills only once a day. --Here. I brought this in so you can have something to do.

Hopefully your beginning to understand your situation. With compliance comes rewards.— He left. On the table were three books. I waited for a few minutes, and then I got up and looked at them. I read and read. Weeks past. I saw him little.

He brought in more books and took what I left on the table. He left new clothes, and the next day he would take the old. Again, weeks seemed to pass. I read books two and three times. Finally, he came in and looked at me. He wasn't wearing a mask. Under any other circumstances, I would have though him attractive, but now I wanted to kill him. --Come over here.— I stood immediately.

I went over to the table and stood in front of him. --Sit on the table— I sat on the table. He came towards me and he unzipped his pants, unbuttoned them, and then dropped them to the floor.

His dick seemed only half hard, but I realized then why I hurt so much the first time. He was huge. He pushed me back a little onto the table so my legs were off the ground, and lifting the nighty, he put his semi hard cock against my opening. He pushed in softly, and after making his way all the way inside me, he began moving in and out of me, growing harder as he did. I didn't want to do it, but I knew I had no say in the matter. I didn't want to like the feel of him, but after some time, I felt myself get wetter, and absent the pain, it actually felt good.

He put his hand just above my opening and as he moved in and out of me, he rubbed me. He fucked me slow but with purpose, and for the first time, he ran his hands up my chest and onto my small breasts.

He pinched my nipples. After a little while he stopped rubbing me, grabbed my legs and started fucking. The feeling of him inside me was overwhelming, but eventually I felt him tense, and then release inside me. Eventually he pulled out of me. Keep being a good girl and you'll see how nice we can be.— He left.

Every day was much of the same. He would come in and fuck me, and then leave. Sometimes he would fuck me and then the other guy, but he always wore a mask. After what had to be a month, he rolled in a television and gave me a remote. I got use to the sex, and eventually, to my horror, I actually liked it a little. I kept up with the days by the television news and after a few months, he finally came in one morning, and told me things would be different.

--I want you to get on your knees in front of me.— I did just what he said, and then I understood. He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. He put it right against my lips. I took his soft dick into my mouth and sucked.

It was difficult at first, but then I got a rhythm. Eventually he came. The other guy came in right after I finished. I sucked him too. Eventually I came to want to suck them because that didn't mean I had to have them fuck me, but after months and then years past, it all seemed the same.

It was like going to the bathroom. My period came with no one to explain what I was to do. I began to develop, but I never learned how to put on a bra. I would later learn that the pills were birth control and hormones that were meant to make me to grow faster and bigger. It worked. As the months past, I developed quickly.

My chest grew much bigger than I remember my mothers. My hips widened and my ass grew, and though I didn't want to have sex with them, I constantly felt the urge. The act always made me want to stop, but before and after, I always felt the need. They took me outside every once and a while. I watched tv mostly, read some, and when they came in bent over or did whatever they wanted. Years past. I had long ago accepted my fate. I would die in this little room.

Years past. One day they both came in and brought a cake. They lit the candles, and told me today I was 18 years old.

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--Tonight we are going to have a party. You will be the center of attention. If there are any problems, everything will be taken from you and you will feel the wrath of our anger.

Do you understand?— "Yes sir." We never talked about anything. This was the most either one had spoken to me in months. That night they came in and brought me special clothes. The top pushed my boobs up but didn't cover my nipples.

At the bottom of it, there were long strings that hooked to hose that they also gave me. There was no underwear.

We left the room and went upstairs. When we arrived in the living room, the first time I had ever been upstairs, there must have been ten men standing. My master whispered in my ear, "don't complain about anything or you will understand what pain really is." And then it started. I fucked whoever wanted it. I had more dicks in my mouth and in my hands than can be imagined. Some men wanted my ass, something I had learned to accept. Others wanted my pussy or mouth. I took more cum than I ever had before.

Towards the end of the night, a man put his face to my crotch. I was not just leaking cum, it was like a steady flow out of me, but that didn't stop him. He sucked on my clit, and for the first time ever, I had an orgasm. Once I came, he came towards my face and I felt him enter me. He fucked me slowly at first. The others were passed out or drunk out of their minds. "Please help me." I whispered into his ear.

"They have held me here for years. I need to escape." He continued to fuck me. He finally came. "Please take me home with you. I need to get out of here." He took himself out of me and found his clothes. I thought he was simply leaving. I looked around the room for my master or someone else that needed to cum, but no one was there. He looked at me and extended his hand. I stood, naked and dripping cum out of my ass and pussy, took his hand and followed him to his car.

He wrapped his coat around me, and once he went around to his driver's side door, I took off running through the streets. I looked back but no one was following me, and through my screams and nakedness, eventually, a police car stopped and picked me up. I learned that my mother had committed suicide and my father had died in a car accident. I have no one your honor. I don't have a place to go. I have the money my family left me, but what am I to do with it?

Eventually the state rested its case. The Jury took an hour to return the verdict. I went back to my hotel room and slept for the first time in a long time. Guilty. I was woken by a police officer telling me that one of the men had escaped and the other shot and killed on the way to the prison. Panic overcame me. I had the deputy take me to my parent old home, and once inside I went upstairs and locked the bedroom. I took the covers and went to the closet and fell asleep under the cover of the night.

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When I woke, a woman grabbed my arm and pulled me out of bed. She led me to the basement, where I saw before me my tormentor strapped to a table. "We have the ability to change him the way you want to, to make your memories go away." "Who are you?" "Who we are is not important. What we offer you is. You have been pained more than anyone should be in their entire life. This is a correction and a punishment. We never offer this, but do you want to remain in this body or do you want to change it?

We have a suggestion, but it would only serve as a punishment for him, not based upon what you want." "I trust your judgement. I just want this to end." That was it. In a snap, I no longer had a vagina. I felt a huge dick grow from my crotch. In front of me lay my enemy, but as I looked at him, he began to change. When the transformation was complete, he or she I should say, was a buxom blond. Her body was ridiculous. Her chest was so big it pancaked out around her. Her breasts were enormous, but what I wanted at the time was to abuse him.

There was nothing to my thought process about wanting her/him sexually. I looked down at my new body. I was muscular, bigger than I could ever imagine. My cock was well over a foot long, Obscene by any stretch, and so thick I couldn't put my hand around it. I moved my gaze to her. She was crying, looking down at her body the way I was studying mine.

Her chest was a match for my dick, but even more absurd. I didn't see how she could stand, but I don't think that was the point. She reached to touch her chest, and when she did she gasped. She tried to talk, but then she realized that she didn't have any teeth. She kept trying to say what I think was "what," but I didn't care. I looked at the woman standing against the wall. "You can do whatever you want." I looked back at her on the table. She looked at me. I moved toward her and the anger built.

I grabbed my dick and put it on her opening. The whole experience was otherworldly. I didn't want to fuck her, I wanted to hurt her, and I didn't have to wait long.

I pushed into her and she screamed. I didn't hold back or pause. I kept pushing. She tried to fight me, but I grabbed her hips so she couldn't move. Her screams didn't stop. I pushed all the way inside her and felt her clamping down on my cock. It was like she was grabbing it with her hand and squeezing.

I pulled out of her and saw the blood on my dick. I knew I was tearing her open. I couldn't imagine taking a dick like that, but that was the point. I slammed back into her and started fucking her. I fucked her so hard she grunted when I slammed into her. After a while it got easier. She loosened or started to get wet, because I was able to move in and out of her with ease.

At one point I pulled all the way out of her and looked at her wide open. It was amazing. Her facial expressions had changed. She looked drugged. I grabbed her huge tits and lifted them. They were heavy, but soft. I released them and slammed my dick back into her.

I watched her breasts at this point, rather than me entering her, and the image was mindblowing. Her chest swayed and jumped with every thrust. I slapped her chest as I fucked her. She didn't make anymore sounds. "Do you like a dick being forced into you? What do you say slave?" She didn't respond, so I slammed extra hard into her. It seemed to wake her from her numbness.

She looked at me in the eyes. "You like that don't you. Just laying there and being forced to take a fucking. How bout I do this for the next six years? Bring in my friends and let them fuck you to?" I saw a tear roll down her face. "How do you like to be on the receiving end?" I slammed into her as hard as I could everytime now.

"Say? Slave, speak." I punched her in her chest. That got a response. She seemed to come alive then.

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She tried to push me away, but she couldn't reach and her chest prevented her from sitting up. She tried, but with the size of her chest and the pounding I was giving her, she failed. "You just won't listen will you slave? I guess you need to be punished." I pulled out of her, and easily raised her legs and pushed them towards her face, causing her ass to raise and her breasts to move and almost cover her face.

I looked down at her puckered asshole. She looked at me again, then down at herself as best she could, and her eyes got bigger. She started her "no" campaign once again, and that was all I needed to push me to do it. I put the head of my dick against her asshole and tried to push.

It was like pushing against something solid. "Yeah, fight it, that will make it better, remember that?" Her "no"s were replaced by screaming as first my head and then the length of my enormous cock pushed into her. I had no doubts that I was ripping her ass to pieces. My dick hurt because of the tightness, but I didn't care if my dick fell off. I wanted her in pain.

I pushed until I got all the way inside her and then I pulled all the way out. My dick was covered in blood.

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I slammed back into her ass and then withdrew it. I repeated it until she stopped screaming. When she did, I started fucking her ass like I fucked her pussy. I fucked hard and fast, paying extra attention to going all the way in and pounding against her body. Eventually I felt my dick tightening and even though I had never had a dick, I knew what was happening.

I pulled out of her and walked around the table. I pushed her head down. She reached back and tried to push me away, but I grabbed her hands easily and with my other hand pushed her head over the side of the table.

I looked over at the woman against the wall, still watching intently. "Don't worry, she can't move from that table and she can't move her legs." It looked like she was trying to roll to move, but she obviously couldn't. It wasn't the weight of her chest, it was whatever magic she had.

I put my bloody dick against her lips and she tried her best to keep it closed. I pushed her head down more, but with my hands holding hers, it was hard. "Here, let me help you with that." I thought she was going to come over and hold her arms, but with a quick snap of her fingers, I looked and her arms were gone.

Her shoulders just curved down with nothing there. I grabbed her head again and squeezed her mouth. It opened a little, but she still resisted. I punched her chest.

She screamed and started crying. I put my dick against her lips, but still nothing. Then I hit her in her chest three times, slapped her face as hard as I could. When I pushed my dick against her lips again, they opened.

I put it in her mouth and forced it as far back as I could. I could feel her gag. I withdrew it and repeated, each time pushing against the back of her throat. I could tell she tried to bite down a little, but my size kept her mouth open. I watched as tears flowed down her face. Finally after about five minutes of making her gag, I started to cum. It was the most intense feeling of my life.

My legs went numb, and I could tell from her expression that it was more than a little bit of cum that was flowing into her mouth and down her throat.

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When I finally pulled out of her mouth, I looked down and saw cum had run down both her cheeks and she had cum leaking out of her nose. She was crying. I looked down at her, "I don't feel a bit sorry for you you fucking asshole. I hope she leaves you like this for the rest of your life." I spit in her face.


I turned around and looked at the woman. "Whats going to happen to him?

Her?" "He will be restored to a somewhat normal looking woman. Mostly so he can walk around. He, or should I say she, will be given a sex drive like no one has seen, put out on the street and become a slave to the carnal desires he doesn't want to have.

He will know what is going on at all times, but have no say in what his body is doing. He will not age, not die, but walk the streets for all eternity having sex he doesn't want to have and being raped by whoever wants to." "And what about me?" "Well that is up to you.

I can't leave you with that penis, you would never be able to have sex without killing someone, and I plan on erasing your memory of everything so you don't have to live with that pain. Just tell me what you want to look like and it will happen." "I never want to have a man fuck me again. I don't ever want to think about someone doing that again." I woke up and walked to the bathroom.

It was cold and the cold tile on my feet seemed to make my balls retract even further in my body. I looked at my face in the mirror. I had bags under my eyes and my head hurt. God, I couldn't for the life of me think about what had happened last night.