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Raunchy rucca is a curvy babe that loves to fuck
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Think for a moment, of the most important moment that has ever happend to you. Pretty great memory right? Well, it was in the greatest moment of my life, that changed everthing that I had expected and wanted in my life.

My name is Kain, Kain Brenner. I was your average high school kid, got average A-B grade average, had friends, a divorced family, and played sports.

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But, I am far from your average Joe. I was the football star. You might be thinking ok, so what? Well, I was the best in the nation, as a freshman, I had scholarships lined up. Yea, now you get it, I had a life of amazing talent, luxery for both me and my Mother, a life filled with fun. So, what happend you ask? Well, kick back, grab a box of tissues and let me tell you my friend.

Let my story unfold before you, as my life once was for me. It was the 4th quarter for the state game, 5 seconds left on the clock, 4th down. Both teams where at a dead lock score of 6, the life long rivealry didn't help the agression much.

A drop of sweat trickled slowly down my face, and dripped onto the grass, time slowed, deep breath filled my lungs. I pushed my hand down into the grass right on the line of scrimadge, hunkering down, ready to explode forward toward the goal line.

The rest of the team got ready to cover Johnson as he would run with the ball to our victory. "Down!" I took a deep breath. "Set!" I heard my mother scream "You can do it Kain!!!!" I released my breath. "Hike!" The ball snaped back, time still seemed in slow motion. I exploded and dodged Eric Cals, number 23, then Steven Olet, number 37. I turned my head just in time to see Donnie Johnson trip over his shoelace.

But where was the ball? Olet was right in front of me, I spun on my heel, Cals was angled back at me, ready to sandwich me inbetween them. Then I saw it an amber brown object was hurling towards me at a perfect spiral. I planted my right foot, digging my cletes into the soft earth, my left still in the air.

I raised my hands as my left foot fineally made contact. I felt the falmiliar roughness of the ball against my gloves. Pulling it down into my elbow, I spun, dodging Olet, time resumed to normal, dizzying my vision. I sped past him as Cals smacked into him.

I jumped over Bruient, number 17, who had fallen backwards blocking. I stepped into the endzone, the crowd erupted. I rolled, letting my momentum slow, and stood after the perfect roll. I brought one up one hand, placing it palm down, pointer finger and thumb against my forehead making a salute. The crowd erupted even more enjoying my signature celebration. Then all the sudden someone screamed and everything froze.

I saw Stark, my best friend and the best quarter back ever, turn and sprint toward the stands. What was going on? Did someone pass out? Throw up? Where they ok? Then I saw the paramedics running as fast as they could towards the stands where the crowds parted like the red sea.

There lay a woman, about the age of 41, wearing a shirt that was bright white, with the bright red print of the name, KAIN. My heart stopped, I sprinted so fast my legs felt like they where flying. I threw my helmet down, spat out my mouth guard and hopped over the fence and climbed up the railing to the stands. I picked her up delicately, and with Starks help, carried her down to the stretcher the paramedics had. No less had we put her on then they took off, the ambiulence was backed up less than 10 feet from them.

They put her in on a gournie, hoisted the gournie up, and slammed the doors. The only reason I wasn't in there when they left was because of Stark soon joined by the rest of the team.

"Kain calm down! We can follow it in the car! The faster they get to the hospital the better!" It was Stark and he shook me to snap me out of my daze. "Come on lets go!" He had to shout over the crowds screaming and cheering. We sprinted to my 2004 Sanata, jumped in, and slammed the doors. I jammed the key into the egnition and threw it into drive. The engine roared and the tires screeched, then we took off.

I sped at 50 mph, dodging cars, passing through lights and stop signs trying to catch up with the ambiulence. Then I saw a dark circle rolling past us, and then a gleam of silver. My front tire had popped off and was now speeding down the road. The car screeched and screamed in shock of the strain.

I pulled it over to the side of the road, slowed it to about 5 and left the car along with Stark. I was less than 3 blocks from the hospital, so I sprinted as fast as I could. My cletes scrapped on the pavement, sweat running down my face, my head throbbing with the echo of my heart beats. I saw the hospital to the right, my heart sped up as i saw the ambulence driving away, the doors closing and the gournie with my mother on it being raced to the emergency room.

The moon wasn't out and the street lights were dark as I crossed through a yard and tripped a sprinkler someone had left out.


I faceplanted into the soft ground, hearing a snaping noise deep in my ears. I drug myself up and kept running. I came to the automatic doors and as they opened i pushed them apart faster, every second counted to me. I can past the girl at the front desk, past uncountable doors and hallways. I chased the doctors that had my mother in the gournie. I caught up to them, just as they went through a set of authorized personel only doors. Two cops where standing there as I tryed to push past to get to my mother.

They pushed me back. "No!" I slamed one into the wall and the other into the door using my shoulder pads. I pushed the doors open but suddenly I froze, unable to move. I fell on my back, slamming onto the cold hard seramic tile floor, staring up at a blurring and darkening cieling. Then, my world faded into nothing. I awoke to a slight beeping noise and the stench of dried blood, burned cloth, and disinfectant. I opened my eyes and pushed myself into a sitting possition, my back resting against some pillows.

I was in the hospital, it didn't take a geniouse to figure that out. My head erupted in pain, followed by my knee, my back, and both my arms. I slowly raised my hand to my head and rubbed the source of the pulsating pain. A huge gash was covered in gause that wraped about my forehead. I looked at my hand, and without thinking I pulled out the iv and the pulse checker.

Slowly I worked my way to the edge of the hospital bed. "What the hell do you think you're doing Kain?" It was Stark, still wearing his jersey, shoulder pads, and cletes. "Hey man, did I pass out after we scored?" I managed to say through the sudden nausia. Stark stopped cold in his tracks. His face darkened and I could tell that something had gone seriousely wrong. Stark took a deep breath and rubbed his hand on the back of his neck, "Kain, I-" a doctor came into the room with a big smile on his face.

"Why hello there sleepy head! You've been out cold for nearly 3 hours, those tazers must have hit you pretty hard huh?" the smile only grew when he saw the look of shock on my face. He obviously likes making people sad, could this day get any better? I thought to myself. "Uhm, excuse me." A sharply dressed young man walked into the room. The doctor poked the well dressed man's shoulder, "Excuse ME, good sir, but, you are interupting us." "Yes, both of you are," Stark grabbed both of their shirt collars and drug them out of the room just outside the door.

I took the oportunity to put my cletes on, then I overheard Stark, "Will both of you get your heads out of your ass and realize that he has no clue of anything that happend after he won us the game. He doesn't know his mothers dead!" My heart stopped and a sudden wave of light headedness and nausia took its toll on me. I clumsily leaned against the wall, staring at the ground and gasping for air.

I put one gloved hand aganist the wall and slowly walked over to the door. I leaned against the door way as Stark met my gaze, and he knew he'd screwed up. "Kain, I, I was going to tell you before," he cleared his thoat and glared at the two men, "before these two idiots came in." I looked deep into his eyes, and found my worst fear.

Stark was an amazing liar, but only I knew how to tell if he was lieing, he and I had developed a sixth sense for eachothers honesty. "I believe you." I took a breath and wanted to say more but nothing came out. "If you don't mind me sayi-" the doctor was savagly interupted by Stark. "Shut your mouth doctor, you and the ten pennies man better get outa here, the kid just lost his Mother!" I starred down at the ground, still leaning against the doorway.

Then I heard the faint clicking of cletes against seramic. Someone took my left arm and put their head under it, supporting me with their shoulderpadded shoulders and someone else did the same with my right arm. I heard the familiar voices of Aron Reed, number 12, and Gage Turner, number 20, followed by the deep, lumbering thunderlike voice of number 85, Dex Sparten.

Dex was even closer to me then Stark. Stark was my best friend from childhood sure, but Dex, he had saved my life. Not metaphoricly, literaly.

It was two years ago, Dex had just moved to Overwood and no one really wanted to talk to him, even if he would be prime for the football team.

I had seen him driving around just before I left my porch to go on a two hour run to keep in shape. I waved, finished tieing my shoe, and took off in the other direction. I went along my normal routs, then I saw five guys in mustard yellow hoodies walking along the street. I imediatly turned, and went across the railroad tracks, to the bad side of town. The only thing that could make me do that was five rival football players, from Ineder. Overwood and Ineder had a rivalry ever since two brothers started each town, but I wont get into that now.

I kept running and the street lights got less frequent and the graffiti got more and more common. I looked behind me and didn't see the Ineder football players anymore, so I started to slow my pace down. I heard a click from my right in an ally, and before I could react a man standing 6'2 in a black hoodie, sweats, and gloves blind sidded me, forcing me to the ground with the sudden force of his tackle.

My right shoulder was slamed into the pavement as my head was whipped around.

Pain shot through my whole body as I breathed in the smell of pot and alcohol on the mans breath. I cranned my neck to get a good look at his face as he got off me and felt in my pockets. The man was white, stalky, and had a joint hanging from his sweatshirt pocket. I tryed to prop myself up on my right arm but the pain was to much.

My neck spasemed from the pain and unconfortable position I was in, and my head fell, slamming into the pavement. I closed my eyes and grinded my teeth in vain attempts to release some of the pain. I suddenly felt a metal ring on my temple, and heard the click of a pistol being loaded. Why the hell are they doing this? I thought to myself. Then all the sudden it dissapeared, and I heard a crack of bone on bone, the thump of feet running, and then silence. I opened my eyes and saw a hand extended down to me.

I reached up with my left arm, and grasped his hand firmly. As this mystery man helped me to my feet, I saw a group of three men running, one limping, the other two leaving him in the dust. I looked up at the man and saw Dex, with his sandy colored hair and dark eyes.

I opened my mouth to speak but he shook his head, "don't strain yourself, lean on me." Dex put his head under my right arm and took about three fourths of my body weight off my feet, helping me to walk. "What are you doing on this side of town Kain. You could have been killed." Dex said in a concerned yet stern tone.

"I, I saw some players from.from Ineder. I turned so that," I paused out of breath, "that I wouldn't get into a fight." Dex smiled and chuckled silently.

"Well, didn't do a good job of that did you?" He said through his half smile. He led me around a corner to a black Ford truck. He had me lean on the side of the bed while he put down the tail gate. I walked over to the gate and got on it as pain free as possible. Dex had gone to the cab of the truck and had gotten a roll of goss, disinfectant ointment, and ducktape.

"What happened to you?" Dex asked as he ripped some goss with his teeth. I told him how I had heard a click of a twig snapping and I turned and fell for their trap. He shook his head and felt my shoulder tenderly. "Sorry man, I wish I had been there sooner, any later and they would have shot your head off." I winsed with pain when he touched my bone.

I looked down at where he had touched and it was black, wet, and hot. He was wearing a tight black shirt, which showed every muscle in his upper bodie, and a pair of dark blue levis. "I'm going to need you to take your shirt off." Dex instructed kindly.

"Hm? Why?" I said suddenly snapped back to reality. "Cause if you don't, your shoulder will get infected, or you will bleed till you pass out and I'll have to do it for you." He said with an 'are you blind?' tone. I tenderly took my white T off of my right arm, my shoulder screamed as the shirt was pulled away from it. Before I had even finished taking it off my left arm, Dex had already applied the ointment to a layer of goss and was tightly wrapping it around my shoulder, minimizing the blood lost.

"This might hurt a bit." He said in a tender, relaxed, and sympithetic tone. "Grah, a bit?!" I grunted in pain as the ointment and goss touched my shoulder. Dex had finished wrapping my shoulder and pulled a water bottle from the bed of the truck. "Here, you first." He held it out to me. "Thanks." I took it with my left hand and took a huge drink, gasping for air afterward. "Easy Kain." He had walked over and jumped up on the tail gate while I was gulping down the ice cold water.

"I'm not done patching you up yet, you have a cut on the side of your head." I put the waterbottle's lid on and set it down and turned to face him. He smiled, "quit moving," and took a cloth out of his pocket. He put some ointment on the cloth and pressed it gently on my cut that he had noticed on the right side of my forehead. He then rubbed gently, making the ointment seep into my cut. "There, all done." He took the cloth away and gently rubbed the around the cut with his fingers.

I looked him in the eyes and he met my gaze. I realized how close he was to me, and how muscular he actually was. I leaned in and placed a kiss against his cheek, then looked him in the eyes again. Before he could do anything I placed another kiss, this time on his lips. He tasted so sweet and his lips where so soft.

I pulled away and looked down at the ground. Dex cleared his throat. "What was that for." he asked, he was looking at the ground as well. "Dex, you saved my life." He hopped off the tail gate and looked up at the sky.

"How did you know." he asked sternly. "I saw you check me out when I took my shirt off. Don't worry," I hopped off the tail gate. "I wont tell anyone." He let out a sigh and looked at me. "Thanks," He came closer to me and put his left hand right above my hip, and his right on the right side of my neck.

I enjoyed every second that I felt his warmth against my side and neck. He pulled me closer, sliding his hand around to my lower back. "Dex.I-" I tryed to talk but my voice froze in my thoat. He smiled slightly and his eyes filled with understanding and saftey.

He stood about an inch taller than me and had much broader shoulders and chest. Dex leaned in and tried to kiss me on my lips. I looked to my left and he ended up only getting my cheek.

He pulled back a bit and smiled at me. I winked at him and gave him a devilish grin as i pulled away from his grasp. "Dex, no one can ever now of what happend here, other than you saving my ass back there, understood?" I turned and leaned against the tail gate and looked up at the stars in the night sky.

"Yes.I, I understand." He barely paused before he could collect himself, but it was long enough that I could tell he was sad about it. "So, what do you thing about joining the football team? You would be great on defence, we could use someone like you to get Starks back while he looks for the pass." I said, I made my tone like nothing had happened between him wrapping the goss on my arm to now. He cleared his throat, "I was considering, but, no one seemes to like me, so I figured the players wouldn't give me a shot." he had a rough ping of pain in his voice.

"Dex, don't worry about it. I basicly run the team, not to brag or anything. The coaches let me pick who makes the team and who doesn't." I looked at him and smiled. "So, practice is tomorrow. Meet at my place around three." Dex nodded, "thank you. I wont let you down. But I better get you home." He grabbed the water bottle and closed the tail gate and started walking to the cab.

He opened his door, reached over and opened mine for me. "Alright," I said as I used the door to pull myself into the truck, "You know where I live right?" "I think so, I saw you sitting out side of it before this happened, right?" Dex said in a tone so unreadable it was amazing.

"Yea." I managed to get my shirt back on as he drove to my house. When he pulled up to my house, he put the truck in park. "You want some help getting out?" He asked in a nothing happened between us tone. 'He's doing alot better than I thought he would' I thought to myself. "Nah," I leaned over and before he could react pressed my lips directly onto his. I continued the kiss and had no intention of stopping soon.

He pulled away, "Kain," he had an eyebrow raised, "was that for my sake or yours?" I licked my lips of his taste, enjoying every bit of it. "Mine probably, you look so good and taste even better, how could I resist a final little session?" I leaned in for more but he put his hand on my chest. "Kain, your moms probably worried about you, and the longer you stay the harder it will be to leave." Dex said in a careing tone.

'Damn he's good at this.' I thought to myself. "Your right. Thanks for, everthing." I opened the door with my left arm and jumped down and shut the door of the Ford. My mother wasn't home, she was off on a buisiness trip for the next 3 months, more than long enough for my shoulder and head to heal. But why tell him that? Nothing had happened so why should I stay?

I walked to my house and opened the door. Paused, bit my lip, and turned around. But he wasn't there. "I swear to God his truck is the quietist thing on wheels." I whispered to the night. I walked into the dark house and locked the door behind me. I walked along the wall and found the light switch. There was a person standing to my right.

I jumped out of my skin and then chuckled nervously. "Fox, you scared the crap outa me." Fox was number 92, top play stratagist, and amazing with defence, but his main skill was his speed and how well he could fake his direction. Thats how he got his nickname, he was a trickster and fast, similar to a fox.

He stood 5'11, one inch below me. He had jet black hair and green yellow eyes that practicly glowed they where so bright. His eyes went to my shoulder and head. "Who the hell touched you Kain!" He jumped over the couch and rushed to my side to examine it. "Rmmm. I told you to quiet down till he got home Fox." It was Joshua, number 98. He was the best defencive man we had, and not so hard on the eyes either, niether of them where, but Josh had a look to him that made him look like he was beaten every day.

No one could ever stay mad at him, Josh always had someone behind him ready to beat anyone who put a hand on him. He stood about 5'10, had eyes so dark they looked black and smile that could make a mule move. I smiled and greeted them both warmly. "Hey you guys! How are you?" Niether of them answered, their eyes filled with concern and where focused on my wounds. "Hey, its nothing, I got stuck on the wrong side of town. Dex he was there and he-" I was begining to tell them but then Fox broke in.

"Dex did this to you? I'll kill that bastard! Not to mention what Stark will do to him! Come on Josh lets go!" Fox was also an extreemly loyal friend. "Wow, wow guys, Dex didn't do this. He stopped them from killing me. He came in when they put a gun to my head and beat the hell outa them. He saved my life, and he was an amazing tackler and blocker in the process. He even patched me up." I smiled remembering what happened afterward.

Josh was now standing beside Fox and they both looked at eachother. "So he's on the team?" Joshes eyes searched mine for truth. "Yea, he saved my life guys, I owe the guy something.

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Uhg." I put my hand to my shoulder. Being with Dex, the pain had been there but, I was enjoying myself too much to notice it. "Hold on guys I need some Asprin or something." I started to walk to the kitchen but then Fox walked past me and was in the kitchen before I could tell him I could get it. Josh grabbed my left arm and helped me walk to the couch. He sat me down in the middle and he sat to the left of me. Both Fox and Josh had been in Canada on a trip to see what it was like up there.

They had been up there for a month, and me being their closest friend besides eachother, had surprised me by waiting for me. I was extreemly happy to see them but, the pain and overwhelming of all that had happened that was finally hitting me made it hard to show it. "So?" Josh said, he was faceing me, his eyes looking like a puppy begging for food. I gave a half mouth smile and put my good arm around him, pulling him close.

He leaned his head on my chest and his left arm on my chest. "Oh come on, wheres my greeting?" Fox was back with a bottle of water and two Asprin. "Open up Mr." he put the pills in my mouth and held the water bottle perfectly so I could drink from it. After I swallowed the pain pills, I nodded and he put the bottle down with the lid on it.

Fox sat to the right of me and since I couldn't hold him and he couldnt lean on me because of my shoulder, I beconned him closer with a slight nod only he and Josh knew. Fox scooted closer and rotated his head so that our noses wouldn't hit. I leaned the inch that was between us and kissed him lightly. I stroked Joshes hair with my left hand but he wasn't content with only getting that, he wanted to let me know he cared.

I already knew both of them cared, but I knew Josh must have felt cheated with only getting a small petting while Fox got my lips and eyes to himself. Both of them where crazy about my eyes, how my lips tasted, how strong I was, how protective and loyal I was, both of them had pretty much fallen for me.

But they had agreed that they would share me before I ever found out they even remotely had a thing for me. So, by default they made me their master. Did I like that title, a little bit, but I didn't do bondage or beat them or show them in public. No. That stuff discusted me. I just wanted them to be happy, and they wanted the same for me. But that didn't stop them from competeing for my affection.

Josh liked to please me, Fox liked romantic. So those sides of me got pleased. Josh slid up from my chest and began to kiss my neck. I let out a small sigh of approval and he continued. Fox, since we had been looking at eachothers eyes romanticly and Josh starrted to take my attention, slid his hand up my tight white T and started to rub my chest and abbs. Then it got interesting. Josh began to french kiss my neck, really turning me on. I let out a small sigh and stiffled my lust for both of them.

I leaned in and started to kiss Fox again. I began to make out with him, becomeing more and more addicted to his taste and smell. He pushed closer so that I didn't have to strain to far to get more. Josh was slowly working his way to my jaw line. He was enjoying feeling every muscle his mouth and tounge came upon. I stopped my embrase with Fox slowly, so as not to rush things. I pulled Josh's head up from his treat. I looked each of them in the eyes.

"It's so great to see you guy's again, I missed you so much." Josh looked at me with his dark eyes, "We missed you alot too, we even tryed to get along without you but, every time we tryed to do what you do to us." he looked down.

I looked to Fox and his beautiful eyes met mine, "It only made us miss you more." I could tell he wanted to put his head on my shoulder but he didn't want to hurt me. I smiled at them, "what did you guys try? Could you show me?" They both looked at eachother then me.

Josh got up and was followed by Fox. Josh sat on the floor just at my feet and Fox sat across from him. Fox leaned against the recliner right behind him and sat almost exactly like I do. His legs where apart, one hand on his knee relaxed, and the other was bent at the elbow and was leaned in towards the spread of my legs. Josh went inbetween his legs and put his back to Fox, leaning into his body. Fox put his arms over Josh's shoulders and gently rubbed his chest.

Josh looked up at Fox and put his left hand up and rubbed the back of Fox's neck and began to kiss him. There was a certain sadness as they did this, like they didn't know what to do, almost like they where dependent on me to satisfy both of them. I realized how much they had missed me, and how I had missed them.

"Stop" I said suddenly. They both halted thinking they had made me mad. I got up from the couch, leaning on my left hand as much as possible. "You two never have to do that again. I'm sorry, I didn't realize how much you two really missed me.I will be in my bedroom, just give me a few minutes." I limped to my bedroom which was at the end of the hall way. Fox and Josh whispered back and forth, I didn't have the energy to focus on what they where saying.

I opened my door and shut it behind me. The good thing about my door, it was solid wood, and let barely any sound in. The bad thing about my doors, I couldn't hear if someone was comming, that someone being my mom mainly.

I looked at the wall clock and read it to be 1:03. I sat on my bed and put my left arm on my knee, and my head on my hand. The pain had grown so much since I had left Dex even with the Asprin that I was close to blacking out. I thought I heard the door open and close, but I figured that I was hearing things because Fox and Josh wouldn't leave. On their first night back they would more than likely spend the night here.

I still didn't move, the pain was almost too much and my vision started to fade. My heart was pounding in my ears as I heard the door open. I tried to look up but my head didn't budge. "Kain, I came as soon as I could, Josh shot me a text telling me what happened and how Dex came to your rescue. Fox, can you go get me some goss, a wet rag, a bowl and some hydrogen peroxide? Thanks." I recognized the sound of my best friend anywhere. It was Stark. I heard footsteps comming back.

"Hey, how you holding up bud? You've lost alot of blood, so you probably arn't feeling too hot right now huh?" Stark always knew exactly what I was feeling. It was physically impossible for me to hide anything from him.

"Kain, I need you to stay awake ok? Look into my eyes Kain." He lifted my head and I looked into his dark blue eyes with slashes of white spread through them. "S-Stark, I." "Shush, you don't need to talk right now. You can tell me when I replace this bandage." He looked up at me after briefly looking down at my shoulder.

Concern and careing filled his eyes. "Kain. Promise me you wont ever stop fighting to stay awake in the next 10 minutes. Nod your head if you understand." I nodded the best I could.

"Good. Gosh damnet where the hell is Fox." He reached down and pulled up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. "Josh! Get in here!" He sounded worried. Josh came in, and immediatly his eyes shifted to me. "Yea what is it?" Josh had taken his shirt off and was looking like he was half asleep when Stark had come in the front door.

"I need you to distract him. This craps going to hurt, so he needs to be distracted as much as possible." I didn't want Josh, I wanted Dex. Dex had made the pain unimportant when I was with him.

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But now that Stark was here, the pain should be going away soon. Stark could always make things better. Josh pulled my now half red half white tight T and sat on the left side of me. He put his right hand on my neck and slowly came in for a kiss. I felt a his warm hand on my neck and immediatly remembered Dex and how he had done the same, only, It wasn't the same. Dex was, different he.

Pain shot through my whole bodie, breaking me from my memory of bliss.

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I opened my eyes and saw Josh standing, flinching at my shoulder. I looked down and saw shreaded skin and flesh and a little tip of white. "Josh, if you can't distract him then I will have to and youll have to do the cleaning." Fox walked back in the room with a bowl, cloth, goss, ointment, and a warm wet washcloth.

"I-I can do that.You're the only one who can make him forget all his worries." Josh switched places with Stark. "Now, don't pour until I say." He came to the bed and sat down beside me to the left. "Kain, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you." He blamed himself, he always did whenever it had anything to do with me.

Stark grasped my left hand in his right and intwined our fingers together. He mouthed the word 'Now' to Josh, or I thought he did, later I found he had actually said it. Stark pressed his lips against mine. His taste was so intoxicating and I hadn't tasted it for so long that I had forgotten how amazing it was.

Stark had gone to visit his grandma in Florida, he had been there for one month more than he had planned. Stark had been deprived of me and me of him for more than two months. I felt a slight sting on my right shoulder while we pressed our lips together. Stark put both his hands on my neck, pulling him towards me.

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I allowed him to come closer, making our first kiss in months deeper. "Done," I heard Josh say. But Stark didn't let go. He simply opened his eyes just after I did. He then pointed to what needed to go where, the ointment on the goss, the hot rag to put on my shoulder after the goss to help keep the bloor from clotting and risk and amputation.

Stark continued to press his sweet lips into mine. He never risked french kissing or going any farther than a simple embrassing kiss for he feared he would cause me more pain if he moved to much. What felt like moments passes, and when I opened my eyes again Josh was taking the rag off my shoulder and Fox took the rag, bowl, hydrogen peroxide, and the rest of the goss to go return the to their rightful place. Josh looked exausted and he soon followed Fox out of my room, shutting the door, leaving Stark and I alone at last.

I pulled away and looked him deep in his eyes. "Stark." I managed to breath out at last. "I, I missed you so much." Stark smiled, "I missed you too.

Not a day went by that I didn't think of you and miss having you close. You have no idea how much I wanted to be held by you." Stark got off my bed and helped me lay down. I was laying on the side up against the wall so I couldn't fall off in the night and hurt my arm more. "Please stay." I flashed my eyes down to the space left on my king sized bed.

"Kain, I." Stark had begun to worry about hurting me again. "Stark, get your Florida ass down here. I haven't seen you in two months and just because of a little cut you wont let me hold you or even be close to you? No, thats not happening." He sighed knowing I was right and laid down facing me. We starred into eachothers eyes for what seemed like hours.

Stark scooted closer to me and put his head under my chin. I used my left arm to hold him as much as possible but, when your laying on it, its not that easy to use. He put both his hands on my bare chest, feeling my heart beat as he gently rubbed my chest. "You have gotten so much more muscular since I was last here, and your skin is so smooth." He whispered softly and i felt his breath on my chest.

"Stark, whats wrong?" I was concenerned about him. Something was bugging him, he seemed scared almost. "I," he let out a sigh and drew in a shakey breath. "I'm so attracted to you, its scary. I couldn't stand being away from you. There where nights where I wondered if you where looking up at the same sky or if i would ever see you again." I had been gently rubbing his back before he finished talking, and when he said the last part I froze.

"I'm sorry Kain, I tryed not to get attached to you. I know how you hate clingy or possesive relationships.I'm really sorry." I felt something cold and wet touch my chest. I looked down and saw a single tear sliding down my chest. "Stark. Don't worry. I don't like those types of relationships, correct but, I feel the same way about you. So, you can calm down." I told him in such a sympathetic and careing tone he thought I was messing with him.

"Kain, don't tease about that.Especially now." He seemed like something else was buggining him. "I'm not, didn't even cross my mind. But something else is bugging you, what is it?" He loooked up at me with his piercing eyes.

"It's Dex, I don't trust him." He had a faint tint of jealousy in his voice. "Stark.I," "I already know Kain. You think I wouldn't be able to tell? You told me that it would only be with people that we both knew and trusted.

Dex, the frist time you meet him and already you have him wrapped around your fingers?" He was trying to protect me, I realized that. His tone was one of sadness, betrayal, and longing. "Stark, don't worry. The guy saved my life. How was I supposed to thank him? I knew he was into me because he checked me out when I took my shirt off." My voice seemed cold to me, but I had to get through to Stark, I had to make him understand.

"I just don't want to loose you Kain." His voice broke. It was now 4 in the morning, and we were both tired. "Stark, go to sleep. We both need it." He tucked his head back under my chin. "I missed you Kain, and now I came so close to loosing you. I should have been there for you." He still blamed himself and I felt a ping in my heart. I pulled his head up with my left hand and kissed him on his perfect lips. I breathed in his smell as it swirled around me.

He at first tried to pull away, but then he realized that I wasn't falling for his whole 'I'm mad at you' stunt. I pulled away after ten seconds but kept my forehead against his. "Stark, its not your fault. Don't blame yourself, you can't do anything about it." I whispered to him. He licked his lips and noded slightly. I leaned in again and placed several more kisses on him, loveing the taste of him so much that I couldn't stop.

Had I been able to move I would have held him, ran my fingers down his neck, I would have given him the greeting he deserved. At last I pulled away from him and we both licked our lips. "Stark, I can't stay awake any longer. I'm so exausted and you've calmed me down enough that I am drifting to sleep." I was already half asleep when he replied.

"Ok, I'll be here when you wake up," he smiled and tucked his head back under my chin and he french kissed my neck for five seconds or so, then he relaxed, his breathing settled down and smoothing out.

I woke to the sound of a bird chirping outside my window. Stark was still asleep under me. Stark almost never moved whenever he was sleeping, it made it easier to hold him.

I checked the wall clock and it read to be 11:21. That explains why I'm not tired, I tought to myself. Stark stirred a bit and looked up at me with his adorable blue eyes. He smiled and kissed my chin. I smiled back down at him. Stark had black and blonde hair. He stood about 6'0, level with me.


He had an amazing throwing arm, and an amazing body. A nock came at the door and Fox came in. "Hey you two sleepy heads, wakey wakey. Kain, uhm, Dex is here, he wanted to make sure you where alright." I imediatly raised an eyebrow and looked down at Stark. "I need to talk with him too," Stark said in a voice that had no incling of kindness in it at all. "Stark, I'm not leaving you two in a room alone." I wasn't worried about what Dex's muscles could do to Stark, I was worried about what Starks martial arts skills would do to Dex.

I continuted, "Fox, tell him I'll be right out, and welcome to the team." Stark imediatly looked at me in shock. Fox shut the door behind him as he left. "He saved my ass Stark, and he was pretty good at tackleing the men as they ran." I told him in a tone that was a bit more harsh than I meant it. When I realized how harsh it was, I added, "and whithout him, I wouldn't be here with you right now." He got up, and sat on the edge of the bed.

I proped myself up with my left arm and drug myself up and over to the edge of the bed as much as I could. Stark didn't even look up at me, he just stood up and went to my dresser.

"Stark, just give him a chance at today's practice, hes good, don't worry." He opened my dresser drawer and rumedged through. He pulled out a black beater that showed off my muscles pretty well. "Wear this, it wont bug your shoulder as much." He pulled out a pair of athletic shorts that ended just above my knees.

"These too, that way you don't have to change for practice, cause you arn't in the shape you are in." He walked back over to me and helped me stand up. He pulled the beater over my shoulder almost pain free. Then I took my shorts off and pulled the new ones on. I looked in the mirror on my closet door and saw how damn good I looked. I hadn't worn a beater in a long time, and I couldn't remember why. He then strapped a sling to my arm which stung a bit just by having to move my arm.

Stark then added "You still turn me on every time I see you Kain," Stark whispered and then bit the corner of his bottom lip. I put my left hand on his hip and pulled him closer. "That could easily be turned back at you." I kissed him so deeply that he sighed with pleasure. My left hand held him tightly, making sure he realized that I would never let him go.

He pulled away, "we probably should go and talk to Dex. Are you going to greet Fox and Josh? Or are you going to play around with Dex's mind a bit before we talk to him?" Stark was fineally back to himself again, and he wasn't beating himself up about my shoulder anymore.

"I think I'll play with his mind. I never thought of it before." I still held him close to me, "would you like to be part of it?" Stark nodded very willingly. I smilled and kissed him again. "Alright, lets go," I was ready to put Starks idea to use.

Stark opened the door for me and I walked almost limp free down the hallway. Josh was walking past the hallway and saw me. He stopped mid stride and looked me up and down. "Damn Kain, even with that shoulder you still look sexy." I smiled at Josh's comment. I reached Josh at the end of the hall and Fox walked up beside him. I hugged them both the best I could and whispered in their ear as I did so. "I'm going to have a little fun with Dex's mind, don't hold back." I told them both.

They both nodded slightly. I walked into the living room to see Dex, in a navy blue T that showed off his chest and tight jeans. "Good afternoon Dex." He had stood up and was looking at my shoulder, making sure that I was alright.

"Good afternoon Kain. How's the shoulder?" Dex asked in a seemingly concerned voice. Josh and Fox had gone to the kitchen to 'get lunch.' Just then Josh walked in and slid my left hand under his right arm just above his hip and kissed me. The kiss lasted for a good three seconds then he walked off down the hall way.

I looked back to Dex and saw the confused look on his face. "It's doing pretty well, not much pain today just stiffness and sore muscles. Thanks for asking." Fox then came in, "what does everyone want for lunch? Dex would you like to stay and eat?" Fox had made his way over to me and was standing leaning against my left side as I put my arm around him and slipped it down his back left pocket.

Dex had cleared his thoat, "sure but, where's your mother Kain?" Fox had nodded acknologing his reply. He then looked up at me and I placed a kiss that was deeper than the one with Josh. I had this kiss last around 5 seconds, as Fox put his left hand on my chest and up to my neck. Fox looked down at Dex, "do you like peperoni pizza?

I think I'll just call in to Pizza Hut and get some." "Uhm.y-yea." Dex was beyond confused at this point. "Sounds great Fox. Why don't you go ask Josh if he likes it?" I said in a teasing voice.

"Ok, I'll be right back." Fox placed another kiss on me then walked down the hall. "My mother, oh yea. Shes-" I had begun to tell Dex when Stark had walked up with his tight black T on and dark jeans. He walked into the room a few steps and then turned to Dex and I.

"So, this is the gloriouse Dex who saved your life huh?" Stark was using a friendly tone. "Yep." I had walked over and sat on a mini couch right across from Dex. Stark sat to the left of me and leaned over as I wrapped my left arm around him. I turned my head as he looked up at me. I kissed him more passionately than I ever would have Josh or Fox. He used his right hand for support on the couch and rubbed his left hand up my chest and to my neck, following the curves of my muscles.

I continued to kiss him, breathing him in, momentairily forgetting that Dex was right there. Dex cleared his thoat and had sat back down and had a look of utter confusion. I stopped kissing Stark, being snappd back to reality, and stared into his eyes. Then I looked up at Dex. "Dex, this is Stark. He's the quarterback of our team." Fox came out with Josh and stood behind me. Josh sat on the right arm of the mini couch as Fox was behind me and put his arms down my chest and to my abbs, then looking over my right shoulder at Dex.

"This," I nodded towards Fox, "is Fox. He is part of the team as well as Josh. Both are defensive players, Josh is the best we got. Fox, he doubles as our running back. He can fake a direction so well that you would fall for it everytime, not to mention his speed. Josh, he's the smallest brick wall you will ever see." Josh smiled up at Dex. Fox looked up and did the same.

I turned my head and looked deep into Starks eyes to let him know I meant everything I was about to say. "Stark is the best quarter back you will ever see.

He will never miss a throw, unless it will be an interception. He has a knack for knowing stuff like that. Everybody, meet Dex." "Nice to meet you all. Kain, can I, uh, talk to you for a moment? Alone?" He was confused beyond belief.

"Sure, you guys mind?" I asked the three of them. They all shook their heads. I got up from the couch and walked towards my room. "Follow me Dex." As we made it to my room, he shut the door behind him. "What the hell is going on Kain?" He was confused, horney, and looking extreemly sexy. "Nothing, just thought I would mess with your mind a bit. No one at school knows about me and those guys. But-" "How many more are there?" He had interupted me to keep me from changing the subject.

But his voice was deep and concerned. "A few, but Stark is my main one. Everyone else falls in behind him." "Why didn't you tell me?" His voice was so damn sexy. "Because, I wanted to have some fun with your mind." He leaned against the wall next to the door.

"You fell for it so easily." I smiled and walked closer to him and put my left hand beside his head. "Kain, what are you doi-" I pressed my lips against his, stiffleing his words. I felt his warm hands on my waist. I stopped momentarily and smiles at him staring into his dark eyes. "What a-" I leaned in again, him making no effort to stop me. This time I pressed on him and licked his lips with my tounge, feeling his smoothness and tasting him directly. I pulled back again and saw how sexy he looked again.

He leaned his head down and started to kiss my neck, turning me on even more. A bulge was growing through the thick cloth of his jeans. I sighed gently and one of his hands went down to right below my hip.

He pulled me closer as I rubbed the bulge with my leg. I pulled away after a few seconds. "Stark wants to talk to you, about joining the team and about you and I." I pulled my groin away from his leg and kissed him gently. I pulled away from him completely and called out for Stark after opening the door. Stark soon came in and shut the door behind him.

"Nice to meet you Dex." He said after he shook Dex's hand. "Please, have a seat." Stark motioned at my bed. Dex walked over to it and sat down on the edge. I walked behind Stark and sat down on the futon that was to the left of the dresser. "My name is Stark, and I wanted to thank you personaly for saving Kain. I don't know what I would do without him." He looked over to me as I sat there with my legs spread a distance apart and my left arm resting on my leg.

"Kain has told me he wants you on the team. I disagree. I don't trust you, and you haven't even tried out yet." He came over and leaned against the dresser clearly letting me oggle his ass. "I understand you and Kain had a little run in after you checked his chest out when he took his shirt off. If you don't mind, look but don't touch." Stark was starting to get a little jelous and a little out of control now.

He had began to walk around and was standing in front of me as he was pacing. I pulled him back with my left hand on his belt loop and he landed inbetween my legs but still on the futon. Dex raised an eyebrow at us as Stark looked at me questioningly. I held his chin as I leaned in and kissed him. He put his right hand on the back of my head pressing my lips on his even more.

I became completely oblivious to the man sitting on the bed. I used my left hand and felt Starks leg up to his upper thigh. Stark wanted to just attack me, he wanted to taste me so much deeper and just rip me apart he had missed me so much. But he was careful and hid his lust, or so he thought, from my mind so as not to make me feel bad and try to push myself.

But of course he knew I could read him like a book. I pulled away and stared into his beautiful eyes. I jumped as I saw a dark figure to my right, then remembered where I was and who was with me. Dex was just sorta sitting there starring at the wall. I opened my mouth to say something but there came a knock at the door and Gage Turner came in.

He was about 5'10, fairly muscular in the upper body with bulky shoulders and arms as well as chest. He had chessnut brown hair and green eyes that shone like emeralds.

Also, his hair was cut short and it always shone like it was always being hit by sunlight. "Kain, you allright buddy? The goof offs out there didn't think I'd like to know you got hurt." He said as he drew himself into the room.

"Hey Gage, I'm holding up just fine." His eyes flashed to Dex and immediatly up-downed him with his eyes. "Who's this?" He said pointing to Dex. "Thats Dex, he's the one who kept the damages minimal lastnight." I said getting into the habbit of introducing him. "Well, with your arm like that, do you think you would still me up to go clubbing next week?" Gage was a club going guy who was pretty laid back.

Stark didn't like some of the habbits Gage tought me when he and I went out because I usually came back with another guy or horney as hell. He himself wasn't into that club scene, but he never had tried it, much to my dismay. "Probably, it shouldn't be too bad by then." I smiled. Stark and Gage never got along well because Gage had been the first one to kiss me and convince me I was gay.

Stark walked in on Gage and I during a hardcore makeout session about a year ago, which was right around the time Stark started liking me. Gage looked at Stark and didn't say anything and barly acknowledged his existance. "Well, nice to meet you Dex, you much for clubbin'?" Gage was still checking Dex out out of the corner of his eye. Dex, probably still feeling like the elephant in the room, shrugged, "never really tried it." Gage took his chance and basically drug Dex up on his feet by his hands and looked him in the eye a foot or so from Dex's face.

"Well then, your coming with Kain and I next week. Hows Monday sound?" I nodded and Stark fidgetted on the futon between my legs. Now he had his ass touching my groin but was leaned forward with his elbows resting on his knees so he wouldn't rub against my arm. He liked doing that, teasing my hormones. I lifted up my hips, which looked like I was just getting settled when I was actually rubbing my crotch against Starks ass. "Pizzas here!" Fox called out. "Food!" Gage ran out dragging Dex behind him and shutting the door, leaving Stark and I alone.

"So, clubbing huh.?" Stark seemed a little disaprooving as usual. "Yup, I could use a night out." I was trying to change the subject or at least brighten up the mood. Stark stood up and turned to me after walking forward a few steps. I stood up and walked over to my door. Stark was on my heels and as I turned to open the door I leaned against the wall to my right.

Stark pressed his hand on my left shoulder and pushed it to the wall. He put his left leg beside my right and his right leg inbetween mine put his left hand above my head on the wall to keep him from falling on me. I was completely surprised by him doing this and was shocked at the change in his eyes.

I felt his right hand suddenly cupping my groin.

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"Stark! What do you think your doing." He smiled wickedly and started rubbing and grabbing my piece which was easy to pick out in the smooth, shiney, and thin fabric of the sport shorts.

I tried to catch my breath as he pressed his groin against my right leg. He stopped messaging my crotch and had lifted his hand and now was searching for the elastic wasteband. I used my left hand and caught his hand just as it found what it was looking for. "Stark, please.


Not now." I said pleading with his eyes. "Alright." He said after a few seconds. He backed off and opened the door and walked out. I leaned against the wall and didn't move.

"Stark." He worried me sometimes. He used to get beat by his step dad all the time, till he faught back and broke his step dads nose. Then he was sent to Florida to visit his Grandma. He was a bit different then i remembered, probably because his step dad had abused him again.