Normal gay love and sex Josh has a man meat that is at attention

Normal gay love and sex Josh has a man meat that is at attention
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***Note: This story does not become "erotic" until around Chapter 3 onwards. If that is all you want from a story then I suggest just watching porn, or wait until Chapter 3 comes out. This is a true story which means that it isn't just going to be gratuitous amounts of sex.*** When I heard the news that Isabelle was coming over seas and staying with my family for the second semester I nearly flipped!

I hadn't seen her since we were both 11 and my family went to visit her in France, but that was only for a week, now Isabelle was coming over for the last semester of our junior year in high school as a foreign exchange student. I'm not exactly sure how, but our families had been friends for quite some time. We use to visit back and forth a lot when we were little, but it's been six years since we had last seen each other. We were best friends as kids and still talked a little over email, but that pretty much stopped once we hit high school and the accident happened.

I was just 14, starting my freshmen year, when my older sister, Mary, got in a car crash with a few of her other friends. She… she um passed away soon after. I remember for months after, my family was grieving, but eventually we learned that life has to move on. That was right around the time Isabelle and I had stopped communicating.

But when my mom told me the news that Isabelle would be coming over and staying in Marry's old room, which was right down the hall from mine, I had some real mixed feelings.

I tried emailing Isabelle about it, to see if she would be comfortable in Mary's old room, but she had since changed her email address. "That's a little weird, don't you think?" I said to my mom as she started washing the dinner dishes.

"Well, that's the only free room in the house, Lucas," she replied, obviously not wanting to talk about it. I wasn't going to push it though. I was just excited that Isabelle was coming in the first place. I excused myself from the table and went to my room to finish the last assignments of the first semester. It was nearly 11:30 when I finished the last one and I quickly dozed off. The next 3 days were finals which were a breeze and passed by quicker than I imagined.

Next thing I knew, it was Friday, our day off. The next day, Isabelle would be flying in and we'd pick her up at the air port. I couldn't wait to catch up with her. The hours slowly blurred together as I passed the time playing video games with Robby, one of my best American friends.

It was nearly 6:00 when his parents picked him up and then I was left alone. When you're excited and anxious and you can't wait for something to happen, minutes become hours and time seems to slow down just to spite you. After numerous hours of movies and TV binge watching, it was 3:00 am.

Isabelle would by coming in around 9:00 am. "Only six hours," I thought to myself as I tried getting to sleep. Having a TV, laptop, and phone all in your room did not help that though. It was nearly 5 in the morning before I actually fell asleep and my dad came in around 7:50 to wake me up.

"Lucas, we have to get going," he said knocking on my door. "Urrghmphhh," I groaned as I woke up. "I'm assuming that means your up," he said, heading back down the stairs to his room. I walked over to the bathroom in my room and took a quick shower, making myself look presentable before heading down the stairs.

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I turned into the foyer as my mom was coming out of my parent's room. "Morning," she said, as we walked into the kitchen. "What's for breakfast?" I asked groggily. "Here, catch," my dad said, throwing a blueberry bagel over the oven and cupboard island, "eat it in the car, we're going to be late already." My parents went out to wait in the car while I quickly tied my shoes and spread a little strawberry cream cheese over the bagel, scarfing it down before I even got into my mom's mini van.

"I'm going to be asleep," I said, still half asleep. "Teenagers," my dad mumbled as he turned his radio podcast down. The hour long car drive felt like a few seconds worth of good sleep and the rest was half listening to NPR or something as I tried to get comfortable. To our surprise, the airport was not as crowded as it normally was, making it was easy to find Isabelle.

She was standing with a few suitcases in a very cute red, white, and blue dress that complimented her gorgeous hair and vibrant green eyes. Of course, then I didn't really notice how ravishing she looked, after all, we were just friends then. She waved to us as we parked the mini van next to her. "Why don't you get out and help her?" My mom said.

I got out and exchanged the awkward 'hello's getting her luggage into the trunk of the car. "It's been so long," she said in her cute accent, "you've changed quite a bit," she said, squeezing my rather muscular arms.

"You've, uh, wow, you've also changed," I said looking at her slim but curvy body. The tightness of her dress accentuated her 'womanly features' which had grown quite a bit since we last talked. We both got into the van and she put her backpack down on the floor. Awkward 'hello's ensued between Isabelle and my parents as my dad started driving. "Are you hungry?" my mom asked, turning to face Isabelle who was sitting awfully close to me in the back of the car.

"Not so much, I had eh breakfast a few hours ago," Isabelle said. As we started driving home, Isabelle and I briefly caught up. I started feeling a little more comfortable around her as we talked more about our lives. Even the mundane things seemed interesting to each other because of the cultural differences. It could have been hours of talking, but it only felt like seconds. "Are you excited to start school here?" I asked trying to make small talk.

"Well, yes and no," she replied. "Why's that?" I asked "Well, one, I'm excited to see America again, but at the same time, it is school," she explained, giggling.

"That's true," I said, laughing with her. "Whew, I'm tired," Isabelle said, yawning. "Me too," I agreed, laying my head back on the seat rest. "It's going to be about an hour drive with all of this traffic so you take a nap if you need to," Isabelle quickly dozed off on my shoulder with a cute smile on her face while I tried getting comfortable without disturbing her.

Her perfume smelled amazingly sweet leaving just enough scent for me to want more. At the time, I didn't know what she was trying to do, I just thought that we were good enough friends for it not to be weird. Eventually I did fall asleep, but only for 20 minutes before we arrived at our house. "Isabelle," I said, nudging her with my shoulder. My parents got out of the car and started bringing her luggage in when she woke up on my shoulder, moaning a bit before looking around. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment and I had no idea why until I caught a glimpse of her taking her hands out of under her skirt.

They were glistening and wet, and I knew then what that moan was about. Hoping not to embarrass her, I pretended I didn't notice and got out of the car, helping to bring in her last suitcase. "Merci!" she said, slinging her backpack over her shoulder as she wiped her fingers off on her skirt. "So, uh, Isabelle, you will be staying in Mary's old room," My mom said, setting her suitcases down in the foyer, next to the stairs.

"Remember, our room is down here if you need anything, but I think Mr. Callahan I were going to go for a quick run around noon if that's alright," my mom said. "Oh, oui, that is fine," she said. "Just make yourself feel at home," my mom said, "Lucas, could you help Isabelle with her luggage again?" "Yeah, sure," I said. Right at the top of the fuzzy, carpeted stairs was Mary's old room, to the right was a bathroom, and to the left was my room.

"Here you are," I said, setting her suitcases down next to the comfortable looking bed which was made, years ago. Almost everything of Mary's was still in the room as it was before she went off to college, which I always thought was a little weird. I just kept the door closed because it felt uncomfortable having it open. "Merci," Isabelle said. "So, you can uh, set everything up and, you know, I'll be in the room next door if you need anything," "Do you want to eh, hang out later, you know, show me around?" she asked.

"Yeah, for sure," I said, "just knock whenever, I'm not really doing much today," "Awesome," she said starting to unpack her heavy suitcases. I walked back to my room and started to play video games for a little while until a light knock came from my door.

"Hello?" called Isabelle. "Coming," I replied, getting up and opening the door, "What's up?" "It is lunch time, is it not?" she said. "Oh, yeah sure, I, uh think my parents are out, but I make a pretty great steak," I said realizing how tall Isabelle actually was compared to me.

She stood to my nose, so about 5'6" without any footwear, aside from her cute, furry, red socks that went up mid way up her shin. When we were littler, she always was a lot shorter than me, usually by a good half a foot, but I was 5'10", so she must've really grown.

"Génial! I love steak!" she exclaimed, walking down the stairs with me. We moved over to the kitchen and my parents were just leaving to go for a run out the garage door. "We'll be back in a few hours," my mom said, "please don't make a mess." "I won't," I reassured her, bringing out the pan from the cupboard.

Isabelle sat down at the kitchen table across the room and I turned the stove on, sending large flames up that licked the bottom of the pan while I poured in a bit of olive oil. As it heated, I turned around to the fridge and grabbed two small steaks, taking the packaging off and placing them down on the sizzling pan.

With the lid over the spattering steaks, I went to sit down with Isabelle who was channel surfing on the plasma we had in the wall.

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked her. "Perhaps go for a walk to the park? Maybe you could call some of your friends to introduce me?" she replied turning her attention from the TV to me. For some reason I could hardly stand to look into her beautiful eyes, something about them just made me feel uncomfortable. I chalked it up to feeling awkward about not seeing her in a while. "That sounds great," I said getting up to check on the steaks. They were just about done on the one side so I sprinkled spices on the uncooked side, flipping them over and sprinkling a little more before placing the pan's lid over them again.

"Should be ready soon," I said looking at the TV. Isabelle had chosen Fox news and was intrigued with what they were saying. "Oh, this channel isn't all that great, or accurate," I said turning the stove down to let the juices get soaked into the steaks.

"I had no idea how biased your news is," she giggled. "It's hard to find good news channels," I replied, turning off the stove and bringing the pan to the table on a hot pad.

I grabbed some plates, forks and knives and set them out for Isabelle and I. "This is exquis!" she said, covering her mouth as she chewed. "Thanks," I said, smiling uncontrollably. We both ate quickly and afterwards Isabelle took out a small package of Hollywood chewing gum from her dress pocket. "Do you want one?" she asked, taking out two sticks and handing me one. "Sure," I said, thanking her. We started chewing the gum awkwardly as we tried to think of something to talk about.

"So, do you want to go for a walk?" she asked cheerfully. "Uh, sure, there's a park not too far away if you want to go there," I said. "Sure, maybe you could, eh, text your friends to come too," she said getting up. I took my phone out and texted a few of my friends to come and meet me in the park.

As I was putting it back into my pocket, Isabelle took it from my hands and quickly entered a number into it. She handed it back to me and took out her phone, waving it and giggling.

I smiled and checked the contact. She put herself down as 'Izzy<3' which I thought was cute. Isabelle and I got up and put our shoes on, exiting through the front door. It was a relatively warm day out, at least for it being January, with a high of 45 degrees fahrenheit so I didn't bother with a coat, just a hoodie and a t-shirt. Isabelle went out in her thin dress that offered seemingly little in terms of warmth. "You sure you'll be ok in just that?" I asked. "Oui, this is what I normally wear in France," she replied as we headed down my driveway.

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We talked about mostly our schools and lives while we walked past the other houses and trees on our way to the park. When we got there, my friend Robby, Kyle, and Kyle's girlfriend Amanda were already there, hanging out with each other on the swing set. "Who's the girl?" asked Robby, who was swinging almost vigorously.

"This is Isabelle." I said as Isabelle awkwardly waved to them with a crooked smile, "She's the friend I told you guys about from France." I could see out of the corner of my eye Isabelle's smile grew wider when I said I had talked about her. "Well, hello there, I'm Robby" Robby said jumping off the swing with his hand out.

Isabelle shook his hand and smiled as Kyle and Amanda came off the swings to greet her. For a good hour or two, we all just hung out around the park, talking, mostly about what France was like. Isabelle really hit it off with them. "So, you hitting that?" Robby whispered jokingly when Kyle and Amanda were showing Isabelle some games.

"Jesus fuck, Robby, she's been my best friend for like years, that'd be like doing your cousin or something," I replied, admittedly over reacting a little. "Jeez, Lucas, take it easy," he said laughing, "no need to get so defensive." Of course Robby would ask me that question. He was, after all, probably my most perverted friend.

At that moment, Isabelle came back with Kyle and Amanda tagging closely behind them. She smiled at me widely, not helping my point to Robby. "I am so cold," she said, coming in for a hug. "Here, take my hoodie," I said trying to get her off politely as Rob nudged my shoulder.

"Merci," she said, as I pulled it over her shoulders. It was a little too big for her, but she wasn't complaining. The sleeves came over her hands entirely and occasionally she would flap them together for entertainment.

"It smells so good," she said, pulling the hood over the side of her head to her mouth and nose. Robby nudged me again. The length of my hoodie and the shortness of her skirt made it look like she wasn't wearing any pants at all, almost accentuating her slim legs. I noticed Robby adjusting his pants around the crotch area and shook my head honestly surprised that I was surprised in the first place. Isabelle yawned, stretching out her arms over her head and my hoodie pulled up her dress a little, exposing her yellow panties that had a small camel toe outline.

Rob's eyes widened as Isabelle stretched. "It's only 1:30," Kyle said, looking at his watch. "Well it is 8:30 in France," Isabelle replied, adjusting her dress. "Do you want to go back home?" I asked, almost ready to take a nap myself.

"No, no, I want to hang out with you guys," Isabelle said with a newfound energy. "And we want to hang out with you," Robby said.

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She rolled her eyes and blushed a little, walking over towards me for protection. Her arms wrapped around my chest as she rested her head against my chest.

"Hey, do you guys want to come with Amanda and I to my house? We can play video games or something," Kyle suggested.

"Sure," Robby said. "Do you?" I asked Isabelle. "Sure," she said bringing her arms back as we started walking. Kyle's house was a little further away than my house, probably because it was in the richer side of town, but the walk was still only like about a quarter mile.


We all talked some more about different American and French customs and phrases. When we got to Kyle's house, Isabelle's eyes widened at the size of it.

To be fair, his place was huge.

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His basement even had a 90 inch plasma TV that was hooked up to his play station. We entered the large hallway and went down to his basement.

I guess his parents weren't home because we stopped first to bring down a few sodas, which normally wasn't allowed. "This place is incroyable," Isabelle whispered, meaning incredible, looking around at the beautiful home. There were only four sofas for everybody so Isabelle graciously took a seat on my lap which, at the time, I thought nothing of. I figured we were close enough that it didn't matter, even though Robby consistently gave me the 'Alright' look with the little head nod.

"We'll have to take turns and, since Isabelle's the guest, do you want play first?" he asked, turning on the playstation Isabelle felt a little awkward at first, having not played that many games, but eventually took the chance.

They were playing some war game, probably one of the Call of Duty's, but I wasn't really paying attention. Robby and I were talking about our classes in the new semester. A few times though, the game must've been really intense because Isabelle moved violently on my lap which nearly crushed my manhood.

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"Merde!" Isabelle shouted as her character died in the game. She violently thrusted her hips back, pushing her butt up against my stomach which, after the pain, felt good. In my mind I was telling myself to stop, I didn't want to pop a hard one while Isabelle was on my lap, especially with her minimal undergarments. She would feel it for sure. "Oh, please can I play again?" she asked Kyle who was passing his controller to Amanda.

"Go for it," he said. "Oh great," I thought to myself.

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As Isabelle got more and more into the game, she started moving her ass along me more, definitely giving me a hard-on. Robby looked at her with lust as she killed tons of simulated soldiers. "Va te faire enculer! Allez vous faire foutre!" she shouted at the TV, shooting like crazy which meant "Fuck you!

Screw you!". No one but me truly understood her, but I think they got the gist of it. When she died again, she passed the controller to Robby and he and Amanda played together. Kyle and I talked about stuff while Isabelle rested her head back on my shoulder, her red hair gently touching my neck. We all took turns playing games and talking to each other for hours, eventually getting hungry enough to order a few pizzas which we all devoured.

It was nearly 10:00 when Isabelle was getting too tired to play anymore. "I'm so tired," she said, yawning on my lap, trapping my head between her upper arm and her own head.

"Yeah, Kyle, I think we ought to get going," I said, "thanks for the pizza man, see you on Monday." Isabelle and I walked out of his house and back to mine.

When Isabelle got tired, she was really cute. Her yawns sounded like a small kitten and she would always rest her head on my shoulder after, letting me smell her wonderfully sweet perfume. "Almost there," I said after about 5 minutes of walking under the chilly night sky. When we walked up my driveway and through my front door, Isabelle was almost asleep already. "Where have you been?" My mom asked. "I texted you. We went to Kyle's to play some video games," I replied as Isabelle headed up the stairs, "Isabelle got tired, so we walked back, I think I'm going to go to bed soon too." "Already?

You don't normally go to sleep this early on a weekend," she said. "Well, I don't normally fall asleep at five in the morning and wake up at seven," I replied walking up the stairs. My mom took the bait and I went up stairs and closed my door, brushing my teeth and getting into pajamas. I couldn't get the image of Isabelle's wet fingers and camel toe out of my head.

I needed to jerk off badly so I waited until I heard my parents go into their room on the lower level and immediately opened up my favorite porn site on my laptop, lowering my pants and underwear, getting out the lotion.

Putting a dab in my hand, I went to town, half jerking it to the porn and half to the memories of Isabelle's beautiful body. It felt so wrong to be thinking of her, but she was so amazingly hot. From her sizable breasts, perfect for my hands to cup, to her tight ass, firm, yet plushy, her body was amazing.


Her eyes were also a beautiful green that complimented her soft, red hair. Soon, I found myself forgetting completely about the porn, fantasizing about Isabelle riding my cock. I could feel myself about to cum when a familiar face opened up my door, almost shrieking.

"Jesus Isabelle, what the hell?" I whispered to not wake up my parents as I frantically pulled up my pants, clumsily dropping my laptop over the side of my bed. "Sorry," she said with her eyes averted. "Shit, just knock next time is all," I said completely embarrassed beyond belief. "Is it ok if I sleep here?" she asked, losing her accent which I thought was odd. "After what you just saw?" I replied. "I saw nothing," she replied, "honest." I knew she was just saying that to diffuse the awkward situation, but it didn't help.

"I guess," I said feeling my burning red cheeks. As Isabelle came more into the light from my window, I could see she was wearing nothing but a tight, black v-neck and her yellow panties, the same ones that gave and continued to give her a camel toe.

She opened up the blanket and slid in right next to me as I closed the porn browser on my laptop, setting it down on my nightstand. "I am sorry," she said.

"Just, drop it," I replied feeling extremely awkward. "It's ok you know, my brother does it sometimes, I heard it once or twice on accident," she said. "Izzy, seriously let's just, let's just go to sleep." "I do it too," she whispered, turning to face my back. "That's uh, that's-" I paused and cleared my throat, "that's nice to know.

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Generally, people just keep that to themselves though." "Ugh, men are so oblivious," Isabelle said, turning me over and kissing me on the lips for a quick second. I turned the lamp on my night stand on and looked at her as if she were crazy.

"I've been giving you hints all day, Lucas! Even your friend's noticed," she whispered. "Well, Robby's just always like that," I said in my defense. "I tried showing you my panties, I used your hoodie, for God's sake, Lucas, I rubbed my ass on your lap," she said, obviously annoyed with me.

"I'm so confused right now," I said. "Don't be," Isabelle said, leaning in for another kiss. I backed myself up, putting my hand on her chest to halt her advancement. "Isabelle, I-I I don't know about this." I said. "It's not that complicated," she said, leaning in further, placing her hand over mine.

Our lips met again, this time for longer. I could begin to faintly taste the sweet cherry taste of her lips on mine as we kissed again. I pulled back, breaking the kiss after a good few seconds and Isabelle looked at me, hurt and disappointed. "I just don't know if I'm ready for another relationship yet." I said, thinking about Kristy, my last ex.

Just a few weeks ago we broke up… and it hurt… badly. We had been dating for a year and a half and she just wanted to cut it off, seemingly out of the blue. "Relationship? I did not say relationship," Isabelle replied, putting her cool hands on my chest. "What do you want?" I asked, confused. "I want this," she said, lowering her hands from my chest down to my underwear. Butterflies started flying around in my stomach as she pulled back my underwear, touching my soft cock with her nimble fingers.

She started kissing me again as she touched my length, making it grow harder. "You have grown," she giggled as my cock reached its full length in her soft, stroking hands. I went back to kissing her sweet lips as I helped her pull down my underwear, leaving my cock out in the cool air underneath my comforter. "I want to suck it," she whispered, lowering her self to my cock's level.

She wrapped her mouth around the head, but it felt strange. Not like any blow job I had had before and then I looked at her again. It was Kristy, my ex girlfriend, sucking on my cock. Her mouth felt dry around my cock, with no teeth unlike usual. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. I could feel myself getting so close to blowing my load deep into her mouth.

Suddenly, I woke up, cumming into my hands as reality became clear again. I looked around my room and noticed my laptop open, displaying the end of the porn video I had fallen asleep watching. I reached over for a tissue and cleaned myself off, checking the time. It was nearly two in the morning. "It's a good thing tomorrow is Sunday," I thought to myself as I closed my laptop, putting it aside as I drifted off to sleep… ***Thank you as always! Comments and ratings are much appreciated, though please constructive criticism only, I'm a new writer and I constantly see other new writers being discouraged from ever writing again because of silly comments.*** ***Side Note: I will try to post a new part every week to every other week***