Bobbi Dylans Freedom Is in Question

Bobbi Dylans Freedom Is in Question
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My twin sister and I lived in a small town in West Virginia we rented an old log cabin up in the hills and have been there for two years. We were twenty three her name is Sara and mine Sammy both of us had blonde hair hers very long mine kind of shaggy. even though we were good looking neather of us dated we had each other and loved our life together. We raised horses and sold them.

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My sister had been a very perverted girl since we were kids she was also obsessed with me and needed to do very kinky things to me I could never say no to her.

But loately she started to become mentally deranged. and started doing things I could not beleve I was thinging of getting her help but when I mentioned it she would become violent and hit me. I thing the fact that our parents were brother and sister might have damaged her brain.

All I could do was what obay her wishes and make her happy. Tonight she was having another one of her spells. I feared the worse.

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I was sittiing on the sofa Sara came in the room naked her bare pussy dripping juice down her legs she had a crazed look in her eyes and one of our horse whips in her hand. All she said was pull down you shorts and bend over Sammy I diden't argue I did as she said.

Sara started wipping my ass and laughing at me she begain saying over and over your mine, your mine I own you I own you, do you undestand?.

I said yes, she said say yes sister dearest! and I yelled yes sister dearest! Sara continued whipping my ass making me cry then all of a sudden she stopped and ramed her finger up my ass hole and yelled I love you Sammy I love you Sammy! Then her face changed and became hard she pulled her finger out of my ass and said on your knees brother I turned knelling before her she put her hot hole on my mouth and started pissing all over my face.

I loved it. Her piss tasted so good to me I wanted more and had the feeling I would get my wish.


Sara was just getting started with me, she grouned her bare cunt on my mouth and face and started cumming like a wild animal making my face raw. She yelled eat my cunt eat my cunt brother! and I sucked harder then ever before. Sara came screeching Sammy your mine your mine I own you!. When she was finished she said now I want you to slap my tits hard and they better hurt under stand brother? yes sister dearest. I begian slaping her big tits with all my might she yelled more more harder harder.

Her tits were red, and then she ordred me to yank her nipples I did and she came agian my sister had gone mad. She grabed my balls with one hand and squeezed with the other she took my cock and yanked it so hard I yellped. Sara got up in my face and said now your going to fuck sister dearest as hard as I you can I want brother cum in my cunt and you will give it to me now!.

Yes sister dearest. Sara laid down on the floor and spread her legs as wide as she could I was now feeling almost as crazy as she had become. I got on top of her hot body and ramed my cock into her soaking wet hole and pumped like never before we both came hard and when I rolled off her she said yes I do own you brother your mine If you were ever to look at another women I will kill you, do you understand?

yes sister dearest. Now I was scared.We went to the bedroom and fell asleep but before my eyes closed I wonderd just how bad things were about to get what I didn't know was that next morning I would find out.

In the morning I awoke to Sara knelling over my face on the bed taking her morning piss, wakeie wakeie she said and then went down to my cock and bite it hard making me scream then started sucking so hard I was in pain I shot my load in my sisters mouth and she started making smaking sounds with her lips and let some of my cum drip from her lips, at least she was happy for the moulment.

Sara said she had a fun day planned for us and that made we worrie. She said thers no point in cleaning up were going to get very dirty today. Iasked what she had in mind, she said it's time to go and play with the horses sily. OMG I didn't want to know what came next.

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Sara made us stay naked and walked me to the stables she then walked up to a big stallion and grabed it's cock and started jerking him off, in no time he was hard and my sister had her mouth on it and started sucking that huge cock she was enraged and went to to sucking as hard and deep as she she could when she had that cock ready to cum she pulled her mouth off it and told me to eat my breakfast and then the horse spued it's cum all over my face in my mouth and all over my body I was soaked in horse cum Sara laughed at my shame.

Then she went to another stallion and got him hard as well but this time she went to the fence and putting her arms on the top rails and sticking out her ass she let the horse smell her wet cunt knowing what to do the horse hoped up with it's legs also on the top rails and started poaking at my sisters hole. The big horse found it quickly and ramed it in her so hard I had to grimace at the pain she must have felt, but I was wrong she screemed yes,yes.yes.

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my sister had twelve inches of fat horse cock in her cunt and was as happy as she could be, the big horse blew it's load in her and it was so much that it squrited right back out of her little hole. the horse jumped down and my sister walked over to me and said eat horse cum from my cunt now!

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my brother bitch, (that was new). I sucked all the horse cum from her cunt while she moaned and grinded on my moulth.

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Then Sara Laid down on her stomch on the ground in the horse shit and told me to fuck her ass hole and I did. After seeing her fucking a horse I was hard and wanting to fuck my sister anywhere I could I just jamed it in her ass in went ot work, her ass was so hot I loved it and banged it as hard as I could, Maybe I was becoming my sisters bitch, we've fucked since we we're little kids but nothing like this I didn't know if I could trust her any more her mind was lost and I had no control any more.


After I came Sara grabbed my hair and pulled me to the cabin. she said now it' promise and tell time. I was standing before her naked she said I had to say how much I wanted to love her and fuck her only and if she didn't beleve me I would be hit with the belt she was now holding.

Say you love me ,I do you know that, YOU LIE! and she whipped my cock hard and laughed. who are you going to fuck for the rest of your life?, only you YOU LIE! another sharp whip to my cock I was in deep pain. finely I had enough I took my fist and hit her face and knocked her out.

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I grabed her cunt and one of her big tits and draged her to the bed tied her hands to the head borad spread her legs and tied them on each side of the bed my sister was still out cold but that didn't stop me I took the belt she used on me and begain beating the shit out of her cunt.

If this was the way she wanted to play now I'm in the game.


By the time I was done her cunt was welted and bleeding I couldn't wait to her cry in the morning. Now sisters my bitch.