Teen male large penis porn Cristian is nearly swinging packaged up

Teen male large penis porn Cristian is nearly swinging  packaged up
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I don't believe I have chosen to share this with anyone especially here on the internet!

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This took place about a week ago and finally I decided I needed to tell someone though. Last Friday afternoon, I got a call from my husband. "Get a shower before I get home so I can hop in real quick." This was pretty much the scope of that particular conversation as he wouldn't tell me anything else although I asked what were we doing?

As I was in our bedroom finishing up I heard the garage door going up signaling that he was home finally. I noticed that he was about 45 minutes later than normal and I never gave it any mind. When he came into the bedroom and saw I wasn't dressed yet he commented on how I should go ahead and just put a babydoll nightie on and his fav was the white, see thru.


When I asked him "What specifically are you thinking", he looked at me with an evil sort of look and laughed. "Just relax and you'll see" was all he replied. Soon I was in the sheer babydoll he liked and he had me put on perfume which I thought was just to add to our special evening.

Before I get to far I almost forgot. Our garage is attached to the lower room and never do we lock the door.

In the lower level is a bedroom that we save for guests but had not used as yet. He had showered in a few minutes and was getting the laptop and webcam out when I knew he wanted to do whatever we were going to do on a website that we had used before where he had me masturbate with big-cock dildos on the webcam before. "Hon, are we going to do this on the internetagain, where I have to hump the dildo as you hold it or worse yet do myself and watch the camera "?

"Why are you so worried? You enjoy that sort of thing anyway, right"? I couldn't look at him when he asked as I know I was blushing but I did say, "well, at the first time it was pretty humiliating and almost scary for me and I felt more like it was a rape than anything.

And I never knew you ordered those huge cock-like dildos but like you have reminded me many times I squirted for the first time in my life"! "Ok then, go on downstairs and I'll be there in a sec." As I went downstairs I told him to hurry then and as I went into the back bedroom I was shocked to see there were three men waiting! I saw the look in their eyes before I had a chance to cover up any or even turn to run.

The door was shut and I heard my hubby yell for me to relax, he was almost to the bedroom.

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By now I didn't know what was going on and then when he got to the door I heard him knock. As I went to open the door two of the men grabbed my wrists and the third said, "what you need"? My hubby replied," I have the laptop and the webcam and would like to come in to see how everyone is".

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The man doing the talking said everyone was just fine ."Except for your wife, who has some extremely hard nipples. Looks like she enjoys being in the company of three strange men Tom".

"Well, can I come in and see? I'll set the webcam up first though." Now I knew this was all planned and here I was going to be at the mercy of three, make that four men counting Tommy hubby. He came in and didn't look at me but went to work setting up the camera having already logged onto a free adult website where he has gone many times before to show my body, have me bang myself with dildos while sucking him but never in the company of strangers and at that nealy naked!

"hon, why do you want this" I asked. He wouldn't look at me or say anything. I knew what was going to happen. Sex, sex, and rape basically.

Except here the internet was going to watch and I couldn't fend off four men, no way. I felt somewhat betrayed but yet I have to admityes, my nipples where harder than hell.

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The man nearest the door told me to get on the bed and helped position me on my back just right as he motioned for the other two men to get undressed and soon I saw their cocks which were huge especially compared to my hubby's! Finally my hubby did speak, "you show these boys a real good time like any slut whore would and if you do they'll only be here this once. If not, they may be here all weekend and I am sure they have others that they could call. Look at you, you are having fun, right"?

He knew I was curious from having made a comment some time back about the possiblility of a gang-bang since he always enjoyed me fucking the huge dildos on the webcam until he was finished and had cum in my mouth. "I only want to make sure Tom that this is how it has to be, and I'll do whatever you or these men want".

He knew he had me now and I felt a cock start hardening in my mouth and everybody said that oh there was going to be a damn good time tonite for all.


The camera lite was lit and I watched since I wanted to try to see if the third man was as hung as the first two were. I wasn't disappointed and stopped long enough to tell my husband Tom to enjoy himself and I'll do my best to satisfy all in the room.

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Then I felt someone licking on my clit and telling one of the men "watch this, I'll split here open with this cock"! As he entered it felt as big as my dildos I have had to use. During one of our times before I remember asking Tom if he would enjoy watching me fuck a stranger. I never meant three strangers damn it!

After a few minutes these two traded places and the third man was brandishing a hand gun.

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He looked at my hubby and ordered him onto his knees. "Why, I thought you wanted to screw my wife"? The man with the gun responded, "We will, and you get to suck my cock as those two have their way or else Tom! You better do as I say sucker!"

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