Sleeping girl gets her pussy licked

Sleeping girl gets her pussy licked
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Adventures of Corey School Days, Forced by Punks The next week was not a normal time for me. I was still sucking off my two brothers, Carl and Ray, but since they had exposed me to their two best friends, Jake and Larry, I was sucking them off too.

One day Jake saw me in the boy's toilet. Motioned for me to go into one of the booths and set on the stool. He came into the booth, unbuttoned his jeans, pulled out his hard cock, and told me to suck him off. I was surprised at first at his insistence, but did as I was told. Jake was one of the most popular boys in school and could have any girl he wanted, but now he had been introduced to my cock sucking mouth, and he knew I would service him without question. He was wearing his Letterman's Jacket, tight form fitting body shirt and tight blue jeans.

It was exciting that this hot macho football player liked fucking my mouth.

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Needless to say, it didn't take him long to cum and let out a deep groan that echoed in the toilet. He gasps a few times then shot about 6 big squirts into my mouth. Some of his cum ran from my mouth and down my wrist.

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After he got his nuts off, he patted my head, like a good boy, put his semi-hard cock back in his jeans, and rushed out of the toilet to his next class. This would be one of many times I would service my brother's friends. It became a regular thing to meet either Jake or Larry between classes at one of the quiet toilets so we could get it on. My brothers didn't know about the meetings until one day they followed me during one of my break periods. Jake told me to meet him at one of our regular places.

We were right in the middle of a good blowjob when Carl and Ray caught us. They were not too happy with Jake and thought he might be abusing and forcing me to service him. It was kind of nice to have two brothers that watched over me, but after I explained that I enjoyed meeting with Jake and Larry for quick sex. After a heated discussion it was decided we should find a safer place so all of the boys could have some action. Jake said the gym toilet and locker room was the safest and best place.

I had a free hour each day but the four boys had various times during the week so it was scheduled I would be there every day and the boys would take alternate days. I was pleased because now I knew 5 days a week I could suck off one of the boys during school hours as well as home. Then Carl said on Fridays, they would find a new boy for me to suck off.

I was looking forward to next Friday to see who the new boy would be. I was a devoted cocksucker. I was late leaving school one day and stopped by one of the toilets to take a pee. When I stepped in the door four of the senior guys were having a smoke of marijuana.

I wasn't too comfortable with their presents so quickly came up to the urinal to do my business and get out of there. "Well what do we have here? If it isn't one of the Thompson brothers, Corey, I believe.

Where are your two macho brothers to protect you? I've often wondered what you have that they require. Perhaps it's that sweet little mouth of yours, or that hot bowling ball butt. Huh?" I thought I would just take my piss and get out of there.

It was probably the grass that made Adam so aggressive. I've seen him working out in the gym and had fantasies about sucking his cock. He was a hot dude, but he was always hanging around with his two other looser buddies Bo and JB. and I never had an excuse or chance to talk with him alone. I know he'd seen me watching him from a distance and even make eye contact a few times.

I figured I'd just smile and take off, but before I could zip up, Adam grabbed my arm and blew smoke in my face. "What's your hurry?

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You gonna go tell someone we're smoking a joint? The only one around is the janitors, and they're on the other side of the building. Why don't you stick around and give us a blowjob. I know you've wanted this big prick of mine." Adam said as he groped his cock thru his tight jeans. Bo and JB came up behind me standing at the urinal to make sure I didn't try to make a run for it.

I feared I was going to be in trouble here. "I won't tell about you guys smoking here." Then I tried to get away, but Adam held my arm tightly. "While you're here, why don't ya drop to your knees and give us some head? "Yeah, that'll be a good idea." One of the guys said as Adam pushed me to my knees and shoved my face into his crotch. I could feel his cock getting hard. The thought of sucking Adam turned me on, but I wasn't ready to be forced in front of his loser buddies.

Bo was a small thin guy with dark slicked down hair.

He was wearing a cut off sweatshirt and black jeans. He always wore a large silver chain around his neck and black work boots.

He looked like something out of the late 50's. JB was always dressed in worn tight jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather vest.

He had medium length blond curly hair and a hint of a mustache. I noticed a small "A" tattooed on his upper arm just like the one on Bo and Adams arms. It must have a special meaning like a gang emblem. All of the guys had trim firm bodies and under any other circumstance, I would be glad to service them, but right now Adam was going to be in charge of this gangbang.

"Open my jeans, cocksucker. You're going to make me cum. I've got a big load for you, bitch." "Yeah, Adam, Make him suck your cock. I want to be next. I could use some good head too." I realize they were serious.

I un- buttoned Adam's 501 Jeans slowly. His cock was beginning to harden. He wore no shorts and his cock was hanging down the right side of his jeans.

I had to pull his jeans down over his trim hips to get to his cock. The scent of his musky body was arousing. I knew he had a large cock by the impression he always exhibited, but it was even larger than I had expected. He must have a good 8 inches of uncut cock. His balls hung down the inside of his legs. I pulled his cock to my mouth and cupped his large hairy balls with the other hand. He was oozing pre-cum juices from the covered cock head, but as it got hard, it slipped slowly from his silky foreskin.

I took a taste of his salty juices, stuck my tongue into the opening, and gathered more moist juices. He looked down at me while I serviced and enjoying his cock. "Look at Corey. He's fallen in love with your big prick.

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Suck his cock slut." Bo and JP had pulled their pants down to their knees and were jacking on their dicks while watching me suck their buddy. His dick grew very fast as I continued to lick under his sensitive foreskin.

"Oh yeah. This cocksucker knows how to get you going. You're going to suck my cock until I cum&hellip. then you're gonna swallow. That's so fuckin good. Un huh. That's good. Oh my god, he's taking it all the way. Suck it. Suck it. Yeah." "Come on Adam. Fuck face the cocksucker. He likes it." One of he boys said. "Why don't we fuck his bubble butt ass? I've never fucked a dude before. They say it's better than most pussies." "I ain't queer but I must say his ass does look fine.

Can we shove some dick up his ass, Adam?" "Shut the fuck up you two horny bastards. I'm trying to unload some spunk in this cocksucker and you fuckers are making it hard for me to concentrate with your shooting your mouths off.

Go over there and watch out for the Janitor. This blowjob is too good to lose. Keep sucking Corey. Didn't know you were this talented. Oh Yeah. Just like that. God you can deep throat me? Fuck! Do that again. I'm about to cum.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Damn. I'm cumming cocksucker. Take me. Take me. Unnnn Damn, Damn. Shit! That's so fuckin good. Um huh." I was swallowing as fast as I could. His dick was shooting out cum like a garden hose.

Adam could sure come a lot. Wow. That was awesome. I hope I'll be able to suck him off again without his two losers hanging around.

I continued to savor his warm tangy cum and milk the remainder from his shaft. Just as we were finishing one of the boys gave out a warning that the Janitor was in the hall and they had better leave.


Adam quickly pulled up his pant and headed to the urinal to act like he was taking a piss. The other guys left the toilet. Adam looked at me as I was getting up from the floor.

He gave me a stern look, brushed his hair with his hand and slapped me on the butt and quietly said to me. "I'm gonna fuck your ass next time I find you alone." The he left the room. About a week later I made an effort to use the same toilet hoping I would run across Adam again, but without his 2 loser buddies hanging around.

It was still about an hour before the school would close its doors. When I entered the toilet it was empty but I had to pee and went to the urinal. I heard someone enter the toiled and when I turn I saw Adam…and he was alone. I looked away and tried to finish peeing before he came up to the urinal. He stood at the mirror and started combing his hair. He acted as though I wasn't there. I buttoned up my jeans and started to leave when he suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going, Corey? I promised you next time I saw you I was gonna fuck your hot ass. You'd like that, wouldn't you punk?" I was frightened of him but he had a sort of animal magnetism that made me tremble. I tried to pull away but he was too forceful. I did want him to take me, but I was not gonna to let him think I was a push over. Besides I liked being forced to service men as long as they didn't get too unruly. I tried to pull away again then he surprisingly slapped me.

"You're not gonna leave until I fuck you. I'm gonna make you my bitch. Get down on your knees, cocksucker, and take get my dick out of my jeans and get it hard before I fuck your punk ass. I know how you liked taking my load last time we were here. You're just a cocksucking slut and you crave my big 8 inch cock. Now get to work, slut." I had no choice but remembered how much I enjoyed his cock cum the last time we met.

I opened his pants and pulled them down over his hips. His cock was already hard and dripping juices from his uncut cock.

When I pulled down his pants his cock shot out like a spring board and struck me on my cheek. He rested against one of the sinks as I sucked him. The scent of his leather jacket was a turn on.

My cock was already hard and my mouth was salivating for more of his cock and cum. He was a hot dude and I liked his actions.

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I started sucking his cock for all it's worth. I loved the musky smell of his low hanging balls. I caressed his balls with one hand as I licked into the opening of his lacy uncut cock and cleaned out the remaining smegma from his last jack off session.

It hardened quickly and was generously giving me sweet pre-cum juices. I deep throated his 8 inches several times and thought he was about to cum but he put his hand on my head and stopped me from making him cum.

"Wait, cocksucker. Drop your pants. I want to view that round bowling ball butt of yours. Stand up. Now bend over the sink and give me a good view of your sweet punk ass. Oh Yeah. That's gonna be some good boy pussy.

What a sweet thing you are." Adam was rubbing my ass and making descriptive comments on how he was gonna fuck my ass. He wet his finger and put it to my pucker brown hole. I'd been fucked many times by two older step brothers and step dad so I knew what to expect, but I'd learn to get fucked and loved it hard and rough.

I was hoping Adam was going to give me a good fucking. Adam placed two then three finger up my ass then aimed his big thick cock to my wet hole. He spit on it one more time then started to slide it into the opening of my anus.

He paused then shoved it all the way in.

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I moaned as he entered but it felt so good I almost came. He held on to my ass cheeks and started moving in and out. I looked into the mirror to watch his face as he used me. He watched his cock sliding in and out of my ass then looked into the mirror to observe the expression on my face.

"Damn punk. You like a cock up your tight little ass, don't you. You're just as I suspected: a cocksucking punk ass slut,but you're a damn good piece of ass. Better than any cunt I've fucked lately. You're so warm and tight. Fuck I'm gonna enjoy fucking you after school. You like my cock, don't you punk? You like Adam to shove his cock up your boy pussy, Man. You feel so good. Real good. So good I'd like to fuck you for the next hour but I gotta shoot and get home to my 'ole man' or he'll punch me out.

Oh Cory. You're got a good pussy. Oh man. I'm gonna cum real soon. I'm gonna shove my dick in so deep you'll be able to taste my cum. Oh shit. Fuck. Gonna cum up your pussy, gonna cum. Unna, fuck, fuck, fuck. Take it bitch, take it deep. Oh yeah. Awe damn. Uugg." Adam continued to talk to me all the time he fucked me. He was rough but gentle at the same time. After he came he leaned over me to catch his breath. His cool leather jacked felt good against my hot sweaty back.

He slowly pulled out of my asshole. His extra juices ran down the inside of my leg. I straightened up to get my composure. I dropped to my knees and cleaned his cock with my mouth.


I could still taste the remaining juices of his cum. He placed his hand on the back of my head. When I finished cleaning him I dried his balls and cock with my shirt and stood before him. He looked into my eyes and smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. "You're a good piece of ass dude. I'd like to get you in bed and fuck you all night. I can cum 4 or 5 time in a night, so perhaps we can get together sometime when my 'ole mans' passed out drunk.

You've got a good boy pussy." Then he paused and said. "I'm sorry I slapped you, but I won't promise I won't do it again. Got to go. See ya…Next week…here?" then he left. Story by Richard Barber Word Count 2,764. 9/30/2008