He finds her riding his dads cock

He finds her riding his dads cock
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INN and OUT A Young Boy's Fantasy Brought To A Darker Light When I was a young boy around the age of seven, I worked with my father run a small Inn just outside of the city.

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My father had inherited the old building from his father who built it along with his own father when he was a boy. Naturally, one day I would be taking over. The place was always busy. Businessmen and vactioners would always be coming and going.

I usually helped the maids clean up the rooms and sometimes my father would let me sit at the front desk. I was very young, yet very mature for my age. People found it amusing to see a cute little boy like myself sitting behind the big desk.

It was fun alot of the time. I liked my father. It was just me and him since my mother left town and I never had any brothers or sister, but that was fine with me. We had a whole apartment on the second floor of the Inn all to ourselves. Of all my childhood, one night stands out above all others, and is largely responsible for the kind of man I turned into. It was almost four o'clock in the morning and I was fast asleep. I awoke suddently with my father's hand gripping my shoulder and shaking frantically.

"Norman," His voice was shaky, "Norman, wake up." I got up quickly, I was now wide awake and very worried. "I have an emergency to tend to," he explained, "I have to do something and the phone lines are down, I need you to man the front desk for me.

I won't be more than half an hour." I crawled out of bed and asked him what had happened. He told me not worry about it and reminded me again that he wouldn't be long. But of course I knew that if he was planning on driving anywhere on this night it would take him a very long time.

The phone lines had went down in the snow storm that we were having. It was the worst storm I've ever seen and I knew that it must have been a huge emergency if my father was risking driving it in the middle of the night.

I came downstair with him and sat down at the desk. He bundled up in warm clothing and reminded me for the third time that he'd be back as soon as he could. I watched his headlights disappear outside into the heavy snowfall.

I sat there for a minute longer before deciding that nobody would be arriving in the middle of the night during a snowstorm, and even if they did, they could ring the bell and I would hear it. So I left my post. I didn't really have anything to do. All the guests were fast asleep and none of the other employee's would be arriving yet, so I decided that I would just wander the halls for a while.

It was on the second floor that I found a door that was open just a crack, with a yellow glow of light from the lamp escaping into the hall. As I passed by I saw a woman alone and asleep on the bed. The Inn had strict rules about leaving the lights on all night long like that, it would ruin our electric bill!

So I felt it my duty to wake her up and inform her of this. "Ma'am," I called to her, "Ma'am, you'll have to turn out your light." She didn't move.

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She was sleeping like a log. So I pushed the door open and walked further into her room. "Ma'am, your light." She continued to sleep peacefully and I decided that I would have to turn out the light myself.

I crossed the room and knelt down by the bedside table to switch off the light. As I was about to flick it off, I stopped and looked at the sleeping woman who's face was a few inches from mine. She was beautiful. A young woman with thick red lips and long black hair.

She'd gone to sleep with her make-up on, it must have been exhausted. I turned my attension back to the light and finally understood why she wouldn't wake up.

There was a bottle of sleeping pills sitting next to the light. She was out like a light (even though she left the light on). Now, this is the part where you may start to judge me. I plead with you not to do so too harshly, I was a young boy and I was very curious about woman, especially since I didn't grow up with a mother. I leaned over and kissed the woman on the lips. It was the first time I'd ever kissed anyone and she wasn't even awake. I was pleased to see that she still didn't wake up.

I looked around to make sure that I wasn't being watched and I went to the door and closed it. I pulled back her bed sheet slowly and carefully. She was fully dressed and a black work suit. A white blouse beneath a black blazer, a long matching skirt, nylon stockings and high heel shoes. It looked as though she just crawled into bed and took her pills to sleep.

There was a bulky swelling beneath her shirt. I was old enough of course to know what breasts were, even though I'd never seen them naked (unless you considered the cleavage of the women my father called 'escorts' who sometimes came in with wealthy looking men).

I poked at them threw the thick clothing with my index finger. They felt as though they were soft, although I couldn't really tell too much with the blazer on. At this point my heart was racing. I also had a small erection. I hadn't hit puberty yet, but I still had erections sometimes when I thought about girls, I had no idea why yet.

I gently pulled the buttons open on the blazer and slipped it off. If she was not going to wake up at this point, I thought, then she would never wake up, no matter what I did. Her blouse was white and silky and it was now quite clear that she had a fairly large bust. I poked again. It was soft and squishy and it made my knees weak to think about how bad I was being.

I unbuttoned the blouse, this time much quicker than the blazer. I pulled it off of her and tossed it to the side. Heer skin was pale and her cleavage was made very apparent by her red push-up bra. I ran my fingers across her stomache and put my palm on top of one of her breasts.

The touch of skin felt good. I wanted to see more, yet I had no idea how to take off the bra. I looked around for some kind of button or zipper but found nothing. I climbed onto the bed right next to her and turned her over slightly onto her back. There was a hook. I unhooked it and the bra slid off. I rolled her other again and there they were.

Beautiful and perfect. It was the first pair of breasts that I had ever seen. They were large, perfectly round and with large light brown nipples.

I grabbed the nipple between my fingers and pulled on it slightly, the rest of the boob was pulled outward a little. I let go of the nipple and it bounced back and moved around a bit. It was soft and sexy and a bounced the two against eachother by slapping them between my hands.

Then, I leaned up against one and rubbed my face against it. It felt good so I stuck my tongue out and licked it, then I licked the nipple. Then I stuck the nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. I didn't know why at the time that I wanted to do these things, but I did. Then I turned my attension to the lower half of her body. I had started all ready, so I thought that I might as well finishing undressing the poor woman.

I moved the end of the bed and pulled off her shoes. They slid off easily enough. The black nylon stockings clung to her feet in sexy way. A ran my finger along the sole of her foot and then started to the pull on her stockings. They came off relatively easily revealing gorgeous shapely legs and dainty feet. Now I licked the sole of the foot. I can't really tell you why I found that so erotic.

Who really knows how they aquire their fetishes? All that I know is that this is when I descovered one of mine. I stuck her big toe into my mouth and started sucking on it like I did with her nipples. And then I stuck my tongue between each toe and moved on to the next foot.

After a while of foot worshipping my mind drifted the one area of unexplored land remaining. It was the area that I was most curious about. My father had once attempted to expain the 'birds and the bees' to me (at least so far as the difference between boys and girls), but he was never really able to answer my questions about the cryptic 'vagina'.

I unfassened the belt on her skirt and pulled it down her legs and over her feet. I threw it into a pile with her other clothing. She wore delicate red panties that were slightly transparent around the top. I crawled over her and sat on her legs, leaning over her crotch. There were small bits of hair showing through the transparent area. At the time I found it very strange that there would be hair down there.

Afterall, I wouldn't get any for myself for a few years. I brushed my hand across the fabric and then grabbed it by the band at the top. I slipped them down and left them around her knees. And there it was. As exciting and magical as the holy grail, it was the first pussy I'd ever seen. It was not what I expected at all, but it still made my heart beat so loud I could hear it and my small penis get stiff as a board. If I was old enough, I probably would have had an orgasm in my pants right then.

Her pussy had fat lips and a shaved stip of black hair running just above it. I pulled it open with my fingers and say pink. I looked moist and inviting. I stuck my index finger inside. It was warm and wet, needless to say, I liked it very much. I rubbed my thumb across what I would later find out to be her clit. Then I pulled my finger out and stuck it in my mouth and sucked the liquids off of it. It tasted suprisingly good.

I grabbed her by the hips and I stuck my mouth on her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue into her and I licked at her clit.

I tasted really good. I leaned in further so that my nose was brushing across her pubic hair. The pussy smelled almost as good as it tasted. I sucked and licked and put my fingers in. She slept through it all. Finally I got tired of that and sat up.

My father still wasn't back and wouldn't be for a long while still.

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So, I knew that I could do anything I wanted to her. This was my chance to be as bad as I wanted. So I decided that I myself would get undressed as well. I pulled my shirt over my head and my pants off, and finally took off my tight briefs with a picture of my favourite cartoon charactor on them.

I touched my penis and it stood attension. I crawled over top of body and stood up overtop of her face with my penis hanging down towards her. I knelt down, hovering just above her face, my small testicles touching her lips. I grabbed my penis and pushed her mouth open, and began pushing it in.

It felt good. I pushed it in again and again. Then I stood up and walked across the bed to her pussy. The idea just dawned on me that it would feel really good to stick myself in to her. I did, I thrust in and out and in out and out. I moaned a little. I felt so good. Better than I expected. I pulled it out and sat down next to her feet. I grabbed my penis and rubbed my hand on it and then stuck my fingers into my mouth sucking off all the pussy juices that tasted so good.


It was a this point that I realised I had to pee really bad. For some reason it made me hard thinking about doing it right there on that poor woman. I grabbed my penis and stood over her. At first nothing happened, I was too hard, I waited awhile and finally a jet of yellow liquid splashed all over her breasts, and then I aimed at her face and her open mouth.

The room was filled with a musty smell. I couldn't have done anything more to her then, I felt dirty and guilty and most of all I didn't want to touch her now that she smelled like pee.

So I began getting dressed. I had all my clothes on and was just about to leave when I heard the door open in the downstairs lobby and my father's voice.

I got frightened and quickly hid under the bed, not knowing what else to do. I have very good hearing, and could hear what my father was saying. "Dammit, I told Norman to wait here. He must have gone back to bed." His father said to somebody. "Just show us where she is, sir." A man asked in a deep voice.

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"Up here." Footsteps began to come up the stairs. There were several men with my father. I wondered what they were talking about. "How did you find her?" Asked one of the men from down the far end of the hall.

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"Some of the people staying hear said they'd heard a woman crying in the night," my father told them, "They wanted to make sure that everything was okay. So I went to check in. When I knocked nobody answered." They were right in front of the door now, "I decided to open the door and I found her lying there. It looked like she overdosed on some sleeping pills." He tried to open the door, but I had locked it, "I don't remember locking this.

I've got the key, don't worry. Anyway," He continued with his story, "Her body was still warm. I pulled the blankets over her and I didn't know if she could be resesitated, so I went to get you." I couldn't even hear the sound of the door swinging open, my mind was spinning.


The woman was dead. The whole time dead. She'd commit suicide, my father had gone for help and I'd done horrible things to that.

that corpse. I could feel myself going insane. I'd spend the rest of my life in an asylum.