Flight attendant with big fake tits takes cock in the cockpit

Flight attendant with big fake tits takes cock in the cockpit
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My name is Steff, at the time of these events I am 21 years old. I am 5ft5" and have long brunette hair. I'm not overweight but I'm not a skinny bitch either. I wear a size 10 (UK) and my best feature, except for my outgoing personality are my tits. They are a full 36D and don't sag at all (yet). My sensitive nipples are surrounded by dark areole the size of milk bottle tops. It is 1991 and raving and ecstasy are hugely popular for kids of my age, I love it!

It is Saturday night / Sunday morning at about 4am. My girlfriend Lizzy and her boyfriend Dan and I have all come back to my place after the club. We have all been taking ecstasy and are buzzing. Liz is my age, she IS a skinny bitch. She is slightly taller than me with long legs and a cute bum.

She has small boobs that match her slender frame, her hair is cut short it is dark but with blonde highlights. Dan is a couple of years younger than us; he is well built and about 6ft, he boyish good looks and is a cheeky bugger. He doesn't even look as if he shaves yet but Lizzy seems to love him and I am about to find out why! When we get home I put on the gas fire in the living room and go to get changed, leaving Liz and Dan to make a cup of Tea and roll some joints.

In my bedroom I wriggle out of my sweaty club dress and marvel at how great it feels to take off my knee high boots. I take off my underwear and pull on some grey sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt.

Feeling cosy and comfortable I grab a similar outfit for Lizzy and make my way down the stairs. Dan and Liz are sat in an armchair Liz on his lap, barefoot she is wearing some hot pants and a tiny top. She jumps up guiltily when I walk in the room.

They have found my only porn video that a previous boyfriend had left behind. The screen was filled with images of a woman being fucked by two guys.

They had the sound turned down with a dance music tape playing, a cup of tea steamed on the table and a joint burned in the ashtray. "Sorry Steph, I hope you don't mind?" Lizzy giggled as she bounded towards me. "I really fancied watching some porn." She continued. I glance at Dan who was grinning, a large bulge visible in Dan's jeans. "No, it's fine." I smiled. "But don't leave me on my own." I added. I was still flying, and didn't want to be alone until the ecstasy wore off, in a couple of hours.

"Don't worry", Liz said, "We 'ain't going anywhere." "I handed Lizzy the clean clothes and she took them, spinning and wiggling to the music. "Thanks babe." She said. I joined her dancing and felt a rush course through me.

My whole body shook and I bent over, placing my hands on my knees until the rush subsided. When I rose, Lizzy grabbed me and hugged me tightly, kissing me quickly on the cheek.

I hugged her back and felt her body shake as she too felt the effects of the drug. Ecstasy heightens your feelings and when any kind of human contact feels wonderful. When we broke apart we danced, holding hands, singing too loudly and grinning, my un-holstered tits bouncing in my loose top.

Dan alternately watched us and the porn smiling to himself. Lizzy pulled her top over her head revealing her braless tits and picked up the top I'd brought down for her. Changing her mind she threw it back onto the couch. "Fuck it, I don't need that, you've both seen me naked." She did her sexiest club dance, her hands moving over her naked torso, squeezing her petite tits, eyes closed.

I pretended not to watch but I couldn't help looking at her as her hands roamed over her body and I felt my pussy moisten. Just as I was staring at her nipples which were erect and sticking out like bullets, I felt eyes on me. Dan had caught me red handed, staring at his girls tits. I blushed red but Dan just raised his eyebrows at me and grinned. I shook my head as I regained my senses and suddenly felt very hot.

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Suddenly Lizzy opened her eyes and she bounced over to Dan. "Ooh Dan, get your cock out, I want to show Steff." "Lizzy!" I exclaimed. I sounded shocked but I wasn't really, nothing surprised me about Lizzy, she was such an extrovert and we'd been friends for years. We had shared a kiss before, both of us drunk, but nothing more and that was my only experimenting with a woman. Dan didn't bat an eye and started to unbutton his jeans. Lizzy looked at me and smiled.

"Wait 'til you see this Steff." Girls talk. That's a fact. Liz had told me that Dan was well hung and was open minded in the bedroom and she was very satisfied with that side of the relationship. "I don't want to see his dick Liz!" I laughed turning away.

I did really. I'd never seen a big cock in the flesh before. All my lovers had been of average size, slightly above at best, and I was interested to see what was fucking my friend's pussy on a regular basis. When I turned back around, Dan had stood and he dropped his jeans and boxers to the floor, stepping out of them.

Now he was big! Not just long, which he was, but thick too, a proper porn star phallus. His cock was semi hard and curved up and over like a banana, it was thick and uncut and his heavy balls hung underneath his tufty bush of blond hair. Now I didn't have tape measure so I can only guess that it was already 9" long and still growing. I couldn't help gasping a little and both Liz and Dan laughed at me. "Big innit?" Lizzy laughed as she reached out and grasped his cock, pulled back the skin, revealing his glistening bell end.

I could only nod. Liz's hand couldn't encircle his girth and after pumping it a few times she released him and he collapsed into his chair again, dick sticking up. Liz pulled down her hot pants and kicked them off, now dancing in just a tiny little thong that left nothing to the imagination.

"Ooh I'm proper horny now." She sighed, hands all over herself again. She danced over to me and threw herself at me, nearly nocking us over. My hands grabbed her ass, as I fought to keep us upright. "I love you babe." She whispered and planted a full kiss on my lips. Liz's hands reached around me and squeezed my ass, her tongue forcing its way between my lips and into my mouth, wiggling around. I kissed her back hard, breathing heavily, not daring to move my hands on her ass as our tongues intertwined.

Suddenly she pulled free and I looked at Dan who was openly watching us as he touched himself.

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"Fairs fair Steff. Show Dan your titties." I wasn't a prude by any means and I was proud of my breasts so I whipped off my top and squeezed my boobs. My nipples hardened and another rush swept through me, Liz grabbed a tit and sucked my sensitive nipple into her mouth, nibbling. "Oh Jesus." I cried, my knees buckling. When I recovered and my vision cleared, I looked up again and Dan was staring at my tits, open mouthed.

"See Dan?"Lizzy squealed. "Fucking massive aren't they?" Dan nodded pulling on his cock hard, eyes glazing over. "They're fucking amazing. He agreed.

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Liz stood behind me reached around and cupped my breasts, I reached back and grabbed her naked ass and pulled her into me. We danced, grinding down to the music. I watched a girl taking a large cock in her ass on the screen as Dan stroked an equally large dick in my armchair.

Lizzy's hands were all over my body and they slipped down my front into my sweatpants. I wasn't wearing panties and her fingers soon probed at wet cunt. My head was spinning as my sweatpants were inched down by her busy hands.

"I want to fuck you." She whispered in my ear as she kissed my neck. I managed a low moan feeling oh so horny now. "Look at Dan's lovely cock. Isn't it gorgeous?" I nodded, her finger sliding between my dripping pussy lips. Dan stared at me and I stared back seductively licking my lips. "I want to watch Dan fuck you with his big dick. You'd like that wouldn't you bitch." Liz's had one hand on my pussy and her other hand squeezed my tits roughly.

When I didn't answer her she rolled a nipple between her thumb and finger and squeezed making me yelp. "Yes.

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Yes, fuck me." I groaned, panting. Liz pulled me to the ground and lay me on my back, pulling my sweatpants off she positioned herself on top of me and kissed my boobs, sucking my stiff nipples. I lay back rushing and shuddering as she worked on my breasts until she kissed her way over my smooth stomach and down to my pussy.

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I held the sides of her head as I felt her breath as she breathed deeply on cunt. Her tongue slid up my slit and sucked my clitty out its hood. "Oh my god." I sighed quietly as her tongue went to work on my clit, flicking and rubbing. I pulled up my legs, spread, knees bent with feet flat on the floor. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched her munch on my pussy, her ass sticking up in the air. Our eyes met and we shared a lust filled look, I reached up and massaged my tits and then I saw Dan get up.

Obviously the site of his girlfriends as wiggling in the air and her pussy winking at him was too much for the poor lad. He rose and stood by the side of Liz his erection bobbing in front of him invitingly. He reached down and placed his hand on her privates. I don't know what he did to her but she moaned loudly into my cunt. With a resounding slap on her buttocks he moved over to me and held my head in his hands and positioned his cock at my mouth.

I leaned onto one arm and reached up and gripped his massive dick at the base. It had definitely grown another inch and was now rock hard under the silky skin. "Suck his cock slut." Liz lifted her head from my cunt long enough to say these words before tonguing me hard, slipping a finger into my twat, sliding it in to the knuckle.

"Ooooh." I sighed. Stretching my mouth wide I pulled Dan's dick towards it. Now I think I give a pretty good blow job and I really went to town this time.

I'd sucked a few dicks before, but nothing as beautiful and big as Dan's. I felt so filthy and horny and I teased him, flicking the tip with my tongue and lightly running my tongue up and down the shaft before pausing, mouth open breathing heavily on the end of his prick.

He pushed his crotch forwards and I resisted pushing back smiling up at him and licking my lips, making him push harder. As soon as felt him push forward I pulled him in, clamping my lips onto his solid rod and fucking him with mouth, taking him right in until it made me gag.

I alternated my method and rested my aching jaw occasionally, pumping him hard. Liz couldn't take anymore and rose from the floor. "That looks so fucking horny. My turn." I slowly pulled Dan's dick from mouth, saliva dripping onto the carpet. He moved away and stood in front of Liz who was on her knees now. I sat watching them, playing myself as Liz sucked Dan's cock like it there was no tomorrow.

Slurping loudly as his dick slipped in and out of her mouth. Gradually, Dan sank to his knees and Liz followed him down getting onto all fours and pushing her ass up towards me. I crawled over and placed my hands on her smooth buttocks and gently pushed her cheeks apart revealing her moist cunt. I paused with my mouth an inch from her and breathed in her musky scent. I could see goose bumps appear on her ass cheeks before I stuck out my tongue and buried my head in her pussy licking her hard.

Liz pushed back, moving her hips in a small circular motion and I could hear her muffled moans of pleasure, I slipped a finger in and pushed it deeply into her warmth before squeezing another beside it. "Oh fuck yeah, harder." Liz panted, giving her jaw a well-earned rest. I fucked her hard with two fingers, rubbing her clit with the thumb of my other hand as she bucked and moaned. "Fuck me baby, I need your cock." She gasped at her boyfriend.

Dan joined me behind Liz and he hugged me, squeezing my ass and kissing French kissing me, licking his girl's pussy juice from around my mouth. I moved aside and watched; eyes wide as he positioned the end of his angry looking penis at Liz's entrance.

Dan placed his hands on her hips and I moved so I could watch. He gently eased the tip into her but stopped short though and spoke for the first time since I took my top off.

"What do you want you horny bitch?" "Fuck me baby; stick your lovely big cock in me." Liz panted. "What do you say?" "Please. Please fuck me!" Liz pleaded with Dan, pushing back, trying to force him into her. Dan slowly pushed forwards and I watched intently as the shaft slid into her.

"Oof." Liz gasped. I licked and kissed her ass cheeks and before I knew it I was tonguing her asshole, forcing the tip between her ass lips.


Dan fucked her in long hard deep strokes and she was making so much noise I was worried that the neighbours would complain. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! OH, Yeeeeeeeeees, Cuuuuuuuuuuming!" Liz came hard, her back arched and I could see her cunt contract and relax as her orgasm hit her.

Her whole body shook as the drugs caused her to rush uncontrollably. Dan continued to slowly slide his dick and out of her, each time he pushed forwards Liz whimpered and shuddered. I lay beside her and gave her a long wet kiss. Once Liz collapsed down onto her front and Dan's slimy cock slipped from her He pulled me to my feet and led me to the couch. "Your turn honey." Liz murmured as she lay, collapsed on the carpet.

I lay on my back on the edge of the couch. Pulling my legs up, I hugged them to my chest. Dan knelt between my legs and entered me. "Oh fuck, your soooooo big." I squealed as he pushed into me. "Slowly." I had to reach up and push his chest as he went to fast and hurt me.

His hands were all over my tits, squeezing and kneading as he pulled back before easing forwards again, inching more of his length into me.


"Oh yes, fuck me baby." I cooed at him. Liz crawled over to us and nibbled my nipple and rubbed my clit. "Oh yes babe, fuck her with your big hard dick. Does that feel good Steff?" I felt the familiar tingle as my orgasm began and then it exploded through me.

"Yes, yes, Yeeeeeeeeees." I wailed, thrashing as he rammed his dick into me, the drugs amplifying the intensity of my orgasm. My muscles clamped onto his cock and I felt him swell and then twitch. "Fuck, I'm cumming too." He exclaimed. He pulled out his dick, juice running down the crack of my ass.

My legs flopped down and he stood and pumped his cock hard several times. I sat up just as the first rope of cum erupted from his dick and splashed onto my tits. I caught the next wad half in my mouth and half on my chin and closed my lips around him sucking his cock dry as Liz licked the cum from my tits. Part 2 We all lay on one another on the couch in a sweaty, sticky mess.

We smoked a few joints and stroked each other, kissing and cuddling. Eventually I dragged myself up. "I'm going for a bath, help yourselves to anything." I said. Lying back in the warm water I lathered myself up and shivered as I thought about what had happened Squeezing my soapy tits, my nipples stiffened. "Alright babe?" Liz stood naked in the doorway, smiling warmly.

"Room for a small one?" Without waiting for a reply, Liz stepped into the bath, I raised my legs and she sat between my legs and leant back nestling her head into my breasts. She stroked my thighs idly as I reached around and ran my hands over her body cleaning her with the soapy water.

I rubbed gently at her pussy and kissed her head making her sigh. "Thank you for sharing Dan with me." I said. "No problem, we both loved it." Liz replied. "You're a lucky bitch?" "I know." Liz giggled. "I love you babe" "Yeah, will you do that for me?" "I love you too, I got so turned on watching you and Dan, it was fucking amazing." As the water cooled Liz and I got out and dried ourselves.

"Do you want us to go now? " Lizzy asked. "Not really." I replied. "You can crash downstairs or we can squeeze into my bed if you like." I only lived in a 1 bedroom place so had no spare bed for my friends.

Lizzy didn't need to be asked twice. "Okay, I'll get Dan." Liz said and disappeared. I was lying in bed drifting in and out of consciousness when I felt hands on my body.

Dan was lying next to me and I could smell that he'd jumped through the bath too. He kissed me and I opened my mouth, accepting his tongue as his hands cupped my boobs.

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"He loves your tits Steff." I was suddenly aware that Liz was sat up in bed watching us intently, her hands lightly running over her naked skin. Dan's head slid down and he sucked hard on my titties.

My cunt moistened and I grabbed his dick which was semi hard and pulled back his fore-skin. I felt him stiffen in my hand and I wanted him in my mouth again.

Pushing him off me I got him to lie on his back as crouched between his legs and held his phallus in my hands. "Fuck." Was all I could say, admiring him again. I'd never seen a real cock like it and I'm disappointed to say, not since. Mind you, I only had a couple of sexual partners after these events before I met my husband who I'm still with. I glanced at Liz whose lust filled eyes were wide. I could hear her breathing was heavy as I used both hands to wank Dan's dick. "Suck his cock." She panted.

Taking my time I licked the tip, rolling my tongue over the end before stretching my mouth and pushing my head down. I sucked him slowly, savouring him, licking him like a child with their first ice cream. Liz ran her hands over Dan's chest and kissed him passionately. "Does that feel good you lucky bastard?" She whispered. I didn't hear Dan's reply but he was moaning, so I guessed I was doing a good job.

Stretching a wide as I could I pushed my head right down, his cock brushed the back of my throat and I pulled back gagging. Saliva spilled from my mouth but as soon As I'd recovered I tried again.

I'd never deep throated anyone before and perhaps trying for the first time with such a big cock was not very sensible but I was so horny I wanted it all. I tried to relax my throat as much as possible and this time I fought my gag reflex. Once I had control over it I could force his dick deep into my throat. "Oh my god, take it baby." Squealed Lizzy. Dan held my head as I breathed heavily through my nose before he released me, wanking him hard as I caught my breath. I loved how his cock felt sliding down my throat and now I'd mastered the process I repeated it several times.

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Finally I couldn't wait any longer, my cunt was awash and I needed him in me. Straddling him, with knees either side of his waist I raised myself over his stiff prick. Taking hold of his dick in one hand I positioned it at the entrance to my hot wet cunt. Sinking down gently, the end of his knob slipped between my pussy lips, wriggling and lowering myself the tip suddenly sunk in and I placed my hands on his chest.

Inch by glorious inch I slowly sank down. Liz moved to Dan's feet for a better view and placed her hands on my butt cheeks. "Oh jeez." I murmured, lifting up until the tip almost popped out before sinking back down, easing more of his gorgeous dick into me. Dan reached up and massaged my boobs, I could tell he loved them and although Lizzy had a great body, she didn't have my titties. I could feel her hand touching my pussy lips when I sank right down and guessed she was playing his balls.

"Fucking hell, you two look great, so bloody horny. Go on Steff, fuck him, ride that big hard cock." I didn't need any encouragement and bobbed up and down, his long dick sliding in and out of me as my tits bounced around.

I have never felt so filled up with cock before, when I sank right down and ground him into me it felt like it was in my belly. "Ooh, ooh, ooh." I groaned. I always find it easiest to cum in this position and with Dan's cock inside me this was not going to be an exception.

I rocked backwards and forwards fast and felt my orgasm grow until it burst and I shuddered and shook. The drug was still very present and a gentle rush made my jaw rattle again. After a while Dan held me still and still inside me, rolled me onto my side. He withdrew his dick and pulled me onto all fours. Moving my knees apart I push my head into the bed and my bottom up and grip the bed sheet and braced myself, waiting.

Dan's cock found my hole and he gripped my hips and pushed. "Ooooooooh!" I groaned as he slid his length into me. "Oh god yes, give it to me, fuck me." I pleaded, completely lost in the sex. My hands balled up the sheet and I felt Liz's small hands on my ass cheeks. She slapped me playfully making me squeal. "Yeah baby, fuck her, fuck that horny bitch." Dan began to piston his cock in and out of me, pulling me back and engorging me on his hard meat. Liz was moaning as much as me, obviously thoroughly enjoying the spectacle of her boyfriend shagging her best friend.

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Suddenly Liz disappeared and when she returned she had a bottle of my moisturizer in her hand. I was too far gone to wonder or even care what she had in mind. She drizzled the lotion onto my ass, most of it landing on my asshole and then her finger was there, pushing.

Her small finger easily slipped in and she worked the lotion and her slippery finger in and out. I'd never had anything in my ass before, but I was willing to do anything right now. I was super horny, impaled on a magnificent cock. Liz's hands massaged my buttocks and then pushed two fingers into my asshole and fucked me with them. "Steff has never been fucked in the ass before." She informed Dan. "Let's change that." Dan pushed me down so I was lying on my belly and the pulled up my hips making me push up my butt.

Liz removed her fingers and with my legs almost together she pulled apart my ass cheeks. Dan placed a hand on the bed by my shoulder and he knelt with his knees outside my thighs. He guided his cock to the entrance to my lubricated ass and began to gently push. "No, no, stop. Too big" The pain was intense as his wide knob prised apart my ass lips and pushed at my sphincter. "Just relax baby, you can do it." Liz purred. Dan didn't let up and continued gently pushing.

"Aghhhhh!" I cried.


Suddenly with an almost audible 'pop', my sphincter muscle let in his knob and my ass lips clamped around his shaft as he slid a couple of inches into me and stopped. "Ooooh." I sighed. He remained still for a moment, giving me time to get used to it and for my current rush to subside before pulling back. He popped out of me but this time when he pushed back in it felt good and he slipped in without too much pain.

Again he eased his cock into my ass then pulled back before forcing a bit more into me. "Oh my god." I moaned into the bed. I turned my head to the side and saw Liz sat on the bed with her legs spread, watching Dan's dick disappear into my ass and rubbing her clitty.

"Oh my, Steffi. Take that cock in your ass." I felt like he was going to split me in half as he forced his dick into me, plunging in and out as I thrashed on the bed beneath him. It hurt, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. Dan fucked me good and battered my virgin ass. I could feel his heavy breathing on the back of my neck and hear his soft moans. I watched as Liz threw back her head and clamped her legs onto her hand as she came.

I could see the flush of colour in her face and her chest. Once her orgasm subsided she came and lay beside me, a hand caressing my buttocks. She gave me a long wet kiss, her tongue flicking in my mouth. Dan suddenly groaned and thrust into me hard and fast until I suddenly felt his cock swell and then hot cum filled my ass. He collapsed onto me, kissing my neck and his girlfriend as his dick softened. After we lay for a while his dick slipped out of my ass and I felt cum trickle down the inside of my thighs.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and when I returned Dan was already asleep on one side of the bed. Liz opened the covers and I slipped into bed next to her with her in the middle. We cuddled as we fell asleep, not another word spoken. It was about 8am.

As soon as Liz and I awoke at around lunchtime our hands were all over each other again as we remembered the mornings sex session. It wasn't long before we enjoyed a nice, loving, passionate sweaty fuck. Tonguing each other to orgasm as Dan watched, stroking us and his cock. Nineteen years old, hung like a pony, had sex with two hot girls at the same time and just enjoyed watching his girlfriend and her best mate fuck in front of him. Dan must have been the luckiest teenager on earth.

That was the last time we had sex that day but it wasn't the last time I got to enjoy Dan's cock or Lizzy's pussy. We made it a regular event after a night on ecstasy right up until I got a boyfriend myself.

Unfortunately, he wasn't willing to share me, which was a shame. Needless to say, that relationship didn't last! By the time I was free again Lizzy and Dan had gone their separate ways although Liz is still my best friend to this day and is still a wicked, naughty girl. My very broad minded (and bi) husband and I have enjoyed Liz and some of her boyfriends on various occasions but none have measured up to Dan, much to my husband's annoyance! The rest of the day was spent coming down on the couch, watching TV, smoking and trying to eat.

Eventually Dan and Liz left that evening leaving me a little sore but extremely satisfied.