Curly pussy slut in underware lingerie japanese

Curly pussy slut in underware lingerie japanese
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[Part 3] His daughter calling to him waked Oscar up early that morning. She couldn't exactly shake him, as she normally would wake him up. He opened his eyes and looked around realizing this was about the time she usually woke up. (All children wake up early in the morning, Its amazing.) So he got up and looked at her she asked "Daddy will you untie me I have to go to the bathroom." He shook his head from side to side indicating no. He then explained to her.

"You wanted me to tie you up so you're going to stay tied up." he then got out of bed and picked her up. He carried her out of her room and into the bathroom. When she realized she was in the bathroom she began to struggle. She did want to be tied up and taken care of but not like this. He helped her stand up but held onto her he didn't know if she would be able to do it on her own. He then pulled her panties down to her ankles where her pajamas were tied there; they stopped him from pulling them off.

He lifted her up again and placed her on the toilet and she began to pee.


When she finished he again picked her up and was about to pull her panties back up. But she reminded him. "Daddy will you wipe me." He realized his mistake and grabbed a piece of toilet paper and wiped her dry. He then pulled up her panties and picked her up. When she was back in her fathers arm!

She told him "thank you daddy, I like being tied up." He carried her downstairs and they began to watch TV. (Cartoons of course) It wasn't long before he heard movement upstairs and knew that his wife was up and she would be untying Elincia and they would both be down shortly. He wondered what his wife would think when she saw Titania sitting in his arms half naked and bound with her pajamas.

He wondered how he would answer Titania's questions when she asked them again. He wondered if Elincia might also like being tied up. He had so many questions running through his head at that moment. He then heard movement toward the stairs and knew his wife was coming down. He began to panic as he again realized he had an erection.

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How would she react kept running through his mind as he heard the third step from the top creak, he knew all the steps that creaked. He heard another step creak and realized she was midway down the stairs. With in seconds she would be able to see everything.

Donna woke up when she heard the toilet flush. She realized her husband wasn't in bed with her so she thought he probable had gone and slept in one of the girl's beds because they had a bad dream. She realized they were probable up since she heard the toilet flush so she went to join them downstairs. When she arrived downstairs a sight she thought shed never greeted her.

Her daughter was lying on the floor half naked with only a pair of panties on and she was tied with her pajamas. Of course she knew a little bit of Funiculaireville from her husband and she heard what went on there but she never expected those things to happen in her house. There was total trust in there relationship so she didn't think he would do anything to Titania unless one of the girls asked him to. The trust lasted until the time Oscar stood up and she saw the bulge in his pants.

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Donna ran to her daughter side and inspected the bonds. She was shocked that they were only square knots. She was too shocked to hear Titania say "hi mommy" and Titania had to repeat this a second time before her mother took notice.

Donna was furious "Did daddy hurt you are you ok why didn't you scream and call for help when he did this?" she demanded. Titania was scared at her mothers screaming but answered her "Because I asked daddy to do this I wanted to be tied up." her mothers face changed as she answered her and Donna leaned over and hugged her daughter.

She was still confused about why Titania was nearly naked. So she asked "Could you tell me the full story." She was about ready to kill her husband she never wanted him to hurt the girls. But then again her first thought was right Titania asked him to tie her up but she was sure he probable convinced her to strip.

"I couldn't sleep last night so I thought if I were tied up I might be able to so I asked daddy to tie me up, but he couldn't find anything to tie me up with so I took my pajamas off and told him to tie me with them. Then we went to sleep." She giggled at the 'Then we went to sleep' part so Donna asked "Did anything else happen." She giggled again and said "no" but Donna wasn't convinced so she tickled her daughter's waist.

Finally she got the "OK. OK. Daddy rubbed my chest to help put me to sleep." Titania said through giggles. She was shocked she didn't know how to react now she thought just great now there's touching involved. "Daddy did what," she screamed. This scared Titania who stopped giggling "Daddy rubbed my chest and my… my… nipples to put me to sleep." She said again.

Finally Oscar felt he had to talk before things got out of hand and he was thrown out. "She asked me to," he said. Donna couldn't believe her ears, was she hearing all this right. She stood up from beside her daughter and walked over to her husband and grabbed his arm and dragged him into the kitchen away from Titania so she couldn't here their conversation.

When in the kitchen she asked in a soft voice Tell me exactly what happened last night do leave out a single detail." He didn't know how to go about explaining all of last night to his wife but then again he did want her to know so she could talk to her daughter about certain things.

He took a deep breath before explaining.

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"She woke me up in the middle of the night and told me she couldn't sleep. I helped her back into her room where I tried helping her back in bed, but she then asked me to tie her up so I did. It was her idea to be tied with her pajamas. When I started on her wrist I found myself turned on but I continued to tie her. I decided to tie her like that because I didn't want to scare her off. Eventually I will move on to tying her tighter and in different ways but for now I wanted to start easy." His wife stopped him and added, "oh… you know your not going to be the only person tying her up.

But do continue." He was know relaxed completely as he realized his wife wanted to tie their daughters also. He continued, "When I finished tying her ankles she asked me to sleep with her, so I agreed to sleep with her but first I told her that I had to go to the bathroom.

As I was saying this turned me on, so I went to the bathroom to relieve myself." His wife stopped him again and said, "Why didn't you wake me up I would have taken care of that for you." She then pointed to his crotch where he still had a bulge in his pants. He really liked this now it seemed he wasn't in any trouble. So he continued, "when I finished I went back into sleep with her like I promised, but when I got into bed with her I began to cuddle her and I felt her smooth soft skin in my hands.

Needless to say it turned me on again. I rolled away from her but I was to late because she had already noticed a lump in my pants and she asked me about it. I told her that happens when I get happy. She asked me some more questions about being happy then she asked me if she could see it. I told her no and that she should go to sleep. She stopped questioning me about my hard on and we lay there for a little while but then she asked me why we were going to hit Elincia on her peepee." Donna then realized the mistake they had made last night.

Titania didn't yet know about that kind of punishment. Oscar continued but paused for a second when he saw his wife deep in thought.

"We need to probable add spanking her pussy to her punishments." He said and Donna nodded in agreement. He then continued with his story. "I told her again that we needed to go to sleep but she then asked me if I could cuddle her. I knew that wasn't a good idea since I had a hard on but I did anyways. She then asked me to rub her chest till she fell asleep, so I did.

You now her nipples actually got hard and I think she was close to having an orgasm." Donna was turned on by the thought of her daughter almost having an orgasm.

"Wow, are you serious she was turned on by having her nipples rubbed." Donna asked to confirm.

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Oscar knew she just asked to confirm things because she was so surprised so he nodded in agreement. "We will have to rub her pussy and actually give her an orgasm but for now we need to go untie Elincia." Donna said she was beginning to worry about Elincia being tied up so long.

They both walked up the stairs toward Elincia's room. Donna had a glass of water in her hand for Elincia. When they arrived at the door they slowly opened it.

Elincia had a hard time sleeping last night her bed didn't seem like the bed she knew for so many years it was so hard being tied up she wished she could have had one of her parents sleep with her last night she would have felt a lot better even if they weren't going to untie.

She saw her door opening she was glad they were finally here she decided not to struggle and just take what they were about to do.


"Elincia will you ok after last night sweetie." Donna asked still a bit worried at leaving her daughter tied up all night. She didn't respond to either of them she wasn't sure how to respond she was very angry with them for doing this to her but she kind a liked it. Her glistening thighs said she liked it, she hoped they didn't notice but it was so obvious. "Would you like a glass of water?" Her mother asked which brought her back from deep within thought.

She still wasn't sure how to respond but she nodded her head. They bought the cup with a bendy straw in it to her mouth and she began to drink the water. She finished the water and said "thank you. Now can you untie me?" Both Oscar and Donna had agreed on untying her downstairs but know he didn't want to untie her, after he saw her thighs and the slit between her legs.

He quickly said "NO." before his wife could respond then. He told them both why "Were not going to untie you because it appears you liked being tied up last night." He patted Elincia 's small mound as he said that. Elincia jumped when he patted her pussy. She thought 'oh know they noticed.' She couldn't help herself she was scared now so she started to cry. They both attended to her by wiping her eyes with tissue.

Finally she stopped crying and looked down toward her father who was between her legs. "You obviously liked being tied up so why don't you let us help you, we wont hurt you we promise?" Her father said as she looked down at him. Before she had a chance to say anything in response her mother's hand was on her pussy and she was saying, "Yes let us help you." She knew that it felt good when she rubbed herself between her legs but she wasn't sure about her parents doing that to her.

After all she wasn't suppose to let anyone touch her there. Her mommy's hands felt so good and warm on her sex.

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She was like an expert she knew the exact spot where it felt great, the little button on top. She didn't want her to stop now.

She thought her mother only knew about the little button because she was a woman too. But why would her mom allow her daddy to be in the room. He couldn't know about the little button on her peepee, could he? "Oh mommy I'm sorry for tying up Titania.


No don't stop please." She was arching her hips so she had more pressure she never knew being touched felt that good. Her father's hands had joined in with her mothers and his felt even better. He was even more of an expert.

Titania wanted to go upstairs and see what they were doing to her sister she was screaming but asking them not to stop at the same time. What were they doing to her? She struggled at her bonds but she couldn't get free she thought since her father tied her so easy she might be able to untie herself but it was useless. She liked being tied up it made her get a tingly feeling in her tummy but she didn't like it when no one was around.

Finally she arched her hips and started to shake all over.

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What was happening to her it felt so good and it seemed to originate from between her legs? "Oh my" she screamed then went limp on the bed. She breathed heavy for a few minutes. Then looked down at her parents her were just watching her, her father was still gently stroking her peepee and it felt nice but not as nice as it just felt. "Oh mommy what was that?" Donna looked on in awe as she realized her daughter had her first ever orgasm.

"You had an orgasm baby. Didn't it feel good?" "Oh yes mommy it felt great but why are people not suppose to touch me down there if it feels so good?" Elincia asked. Oscar decided to field this one. "Because baby that's a part of sex. Do you know anything about sex sweetie?" He hoped she didn't already know too much he really liked the idea of his wife, and hopefully him, teaching both their girls about sex.

"I heard it's a grown up thing." That's all she remembered her best friend telling her was its what grown up like to do. But she never said that kids could have it and it felt that good. Oscar sighed a sigh of relief. He and his wife were going to teach them oh what fun that would be he thought. He didn't want to wasn't time in tying them up again so he quickly untied Elincia. He carried her downstairs to reduce cramping. He placed her in a chair at the kitchen table while his wife started breakfast.

He then went to go retrieve their other daughter Titania. Titania was glad they were finally back downstairs for her but still she wondered why Elincia was screaming. Were they hurting her? Did they spank her bottom again so she couldn't walk and daddy had to carry her? So many questions she wanted answered she had so many running though her mind. She thought back to last night and remembered more questions.

Why was daddy's thing hard? What was she feeling when daddy rubbed her nipples? When will they tie her up differently? So many questions, She then saw her daddy coming. She hoped he would untie her now. "Time for breakfast young lady." Is all he said? Then he picked her up and brought her to the table. Her ankles were still tied and her wrists were still tied in front also. How was she going to eat?

"Wow Titania look at you! Why are you tied up, did you do something bad?" Elincia asked her sister quite amazed that she was tied up. "I… I… asked daddy to tie me up," Titania hesitantly said. She was embarrassed that she was tied up now. It was fun when only mommy and daddy knew but now her sister knew she liked it. Just as she began to turn bright red Elincia spoke up. "Daddy will you tie me up again?" she half wined. 'Wow!' both Oscar and Donna thought. Now both their daughters liked being tied up.

Thus a day of bondage began.