All free full length porn black gay movie Josh Bensan has that

All free full length porn black gay movie Josh Bensan has that
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Ann's Forbidden Love part 2. After my brother John and I had been having sex for over a month, we began having more risky encounters. One night, before my mother had fallen asleep, I snuck into my brother's room and woke him up by rubbing his hard shaft through the blanket. He immediately reached for me and kissed me like any two normal lovers, it didn't matter that we were brother and sister. Our sex had become more and more rough, and not as romantic.

I was already getting wet from the way he kissed me and I could feel it pooling between my legs. I ripped the covers off his body, and mounted him. This was one of my favorite positions, before, he would be on top. I liked the control and I can control the pace. I quickly lowered myself on his hard dick. I moaned as he filled me. He held back a groan and thrust up into me as I bounced on his cock. We quickened our paces, both of us making a lot of noise. We no longer cared if our mother heard us, Julie probably wouldn't notice anyway.

I started talking dirty to him, now on of my favorite things, my brother got me addicted to sex.

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" Fuck me harder Johnny!.Uhh,,HARDER! FASTER! I want your load deep inside me," I said moaning. I came and my pussy contracted around his hard shaft pumping in and out of me.

It was gripping him like a vice and sucking him more in me. He came soon after and grunted, thrusting upward. I felt his hot sticky cum shoot up me and I almost came a second time, so I rotated my hips and my clit touched his pelvis bone.

That drove me over the edge and I had my second orgasm. His dick slowly deflated and I got up off of him. I ran back to my room naked as the day I was born. My brother's cum running down my legs.

I made it to my room, and went to bed completely satisfied. I woke up with Johnny's cum dried all over my pussy and legs. I quickly hopped into the shower to erase all evidence of our encounter.

I got my body wash and scrubbed all over my body. I took my scrungie brush and scrubbed my pussy. The scratchy soft material hitting my clit ever so slightly. I was getting so worked up and I had to get ready for school. This wasn't a good thing, I didn't want to be horny all day for school. I didn't have time to bring myself to an orgasm when I only had about 20 minutes left until school started.

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I shampooed and conditioned my hair then got out and dried off. I hollered downstairs for the time. I had 10 minutes left. I brushed my teeth and got dressed in the skimpiest outfit I could find.

A black spandex mini skirt, with no panties, a low-cut tight top, without a bra. I felt sexy, and I sure as hell know I looked it. My brother drove me to school, and I could see the bulge in his jeans the whole way. I knew many guys would have hard-ons looking at me today.

I was totally becoming a cock whore, and I loved every bit of it. I looked over and smiled at him. I reached over and stroked his dick through his pants. "Don't think you can hide that monster from me!" I said giggling and still stroking his manhood. "I wasn't hiding it." He said keeping his eyes on the road "Tell you what? I'll give you a blowjob while your driving, if you promise not to drive us into a ditch." I said teasing his dick through his pants.

"That sounds do able." he said grinning at me. I unbuttoned his jeans and lifted his pants and boxers to his knees at the next stop light. I licked the head of his super sensitive dick. I sucked inch by inch of him into my mouth. Swirling my tongue all around him. He swerved on the road and I stopped. "I told you that if you were going to kill me, that I wasn't going to continue." I waited until he was driving normally and took his cock head back in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the sensitive shaft.

I sucked him into my mouth inch by inch until all of him was in my mouth. I sucked hard and quick on his penis. He started thrusting his hips up to my face, I could tell by the way his dick was pulsating he was close to cumming.

He was doing a fairly good job of not swerving on the road while getting head. It only took one more minute before his cum was hitting the back of my throat. I felt 5 or 6 jets of cum and swallowed the sticky substance. I smiled and kissed him. "See, I told you if you didn't kill me I would." I said grinning at him. We were only 5 minutes away from the school. I was so fucking horny, I didn't know how I could possibly wait until school was over to have sex. My first class was history, all I could think about was getting some cock, and fast!

I am pretty sure my teacher had a woody from my skimpy little outfit. I imagined that a lot of guys in the school had erections just by the site of me. I was hoping to take advantage of that! I really was a whore, but you know what? I love every second of it.

It was time for second block. I couldn't wait until the end of second block, everybody went to lunch. We had a fairly small school. Soon with all my day dreaming, I was completely soaked. I think I might have left a puddle on the seat because I didn't wear any panties today.

I didn't really care even if I did soak the chair with pussy juices. Second bell rang and everyone was off to lunch. I saw Johnny and grabbed him. I quickly ran him into the girls locker room. "What are we doing in the girls locker room?" He asked me curiously.

"I think you'll get the point in about 2 minutes." I said taking my top off and throwing it at him. "There's no one here right?" He said, while you could see him getting harder through his jeans. "You gunna take your clothes off or just stand there?" I said impatiently, I needed his cock in me or I would probably die from being too horny.

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He didn't hesitate and within seconds he was completely naked. I dropped my skirt and ran to him, I jumped on him and he was holding me in the air. We were kissing with so much passion and lust we lost our breath really fast. He pinned me up against a cement wall, I gasped as the cold wall contacted with my back.

In one fluid motion he pinned me up higher as he slid his hot dick into me. I moaned really loud now. I have been craving this all day. He was furiously pumping in and out of me.

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We heard a door open and I screamed as I had an orgasm. It was one of our classmates. Kristi, she was about the same height as me, with really long blonde hair. She had a 36D and an extremely hot body. Well, here's something no one knew about me. Yes I am bi. I like guys and girls!

She turned the corner and saw us. "Oh My GOD! What on earth are you guys doing? Your brother.and sister?" "Well, we're having sex, obviously. And Kristi, you're so hot, you wanna join us?" I said still being fucked by John.

"Yeah, just watching you guys is making me really horny." She said walking over to us. "I've been horny all day long!" I said moaning.

"C'mon and strip baby," John said trusting up into me real hard. I moaned again. The idea of a threesome must have really turned him on, Kristi began a sexy little strip tease. Slowly taking her clothes off, one by one pieces dropped. John brought me to the floor so we could all get involved.

"Hey, Kristi, come here and kiss John," I said. She did and damn was it hot watching her kiss my brother like that. John had to hold off from moving inside me, I could feel him pulsing and knew that he was extremely close. He stood up and I motioned for Kristi to come here. We started making out and feeling each others tits. I had never done anything with a girl before. This definitely wouldn't be the last time either. We could tell the John was getting super turned on by this girl on girl action.

I flipped Kristi over and started kissing my way down her neck. I kissed my way down her collarbone to her boobs. I flicked my tongue over her already hard nipples. She gasped and held me head to her breast. I sucked the pert tip into my mouth and obeyed her silent command. Meanwhile, John was jacking off slowly.

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"Hey John, I really need your cock back in me." I said as I moved lower down Kristi's body. I kissed her clit lightly, teasing her. John positioned himself behind me and thrust up do fast I slammed forward into Kristi's crotch.

I pulled back and started licking all around her clit, teasing her again. She begged me to make her cum, and I could no longer keep teasing her. I plunged 2 fingers deep in her wet pussy.

I bent my head down and sucked on her clit, lashing at it with my tongue. She cried and her cunt squeezed my fingers further into her, keeping them there like a hostage. John was fucking me harder than ever before, and I was pushing back just as hard. My juices were flowing all the way down his dick and was making quite the puddle on the floor. We had 5 minutes left before the end of lunch. John thrusted inside me even faster now, in eratic movements.

He gave one final thrust and released his seed inside me. Again I could feel the warmness flow through my pussy and I came.

I screamed out, and Kristi came again while I was still finger fucking her. We got up and got dressed then exchanged phone numbers. I quickly got to my next class and payed attention to the math. You could clearly see my still aroused nipples through the skimpy material of my shirt. It was a Friday night and John's friend Tyler was sleeping over.

This should be interesting I thought. It was about 2 in the morning and my mom was fast asleep. I had a tank top and shorts on. I knocked lightly on the door and entered. "I was wondering if I could hand out with you guys, I have nothing to do." I complained.

They both shrugged and nodded, I went over and sat between them on the bed. "So what were you guys doing?" I asked curiously. Tyler glanced at John and I saw a smile on my brothers face. "Well, actually, Tyler was just about to tell me something." He said with an evil grin on his face. "Uh." He stuttered. "C'mon, spit it out." I urged him on.

"Well, I was beginning to tell John that I think you're really hot!" He said looking down and fidgeting with his hands. "Awe. That is so sweet, I think your hot too!" I said smiling in his direction. He looked at me like he was shocked or something. I tackled him, pinning him to the bed. I was straddling his hips. I wiggled my bottom a little on his crotch and good feel him starting to get hard.

"So, what do you think of me now?" I asked playfully. "The same," he replied after clearing his throat. "Do you guys wanna do something?" I asked hoping they would say yes. I was probably the horniest teenager alive, I just couldn't get enough of it. "Sure, what did you have in mind?" John asked curiously. That just prooved my theory that he had no clue what I had in mind. "How about we watch a movie, I bet I can find one I want to watch in here somewhere!" I said grinning.

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I knew exactly where Johnny kept his porn stash, in the right corner of his closet, underneath a bunch of shit. It wasn't a suspicious place to hide anything.

I went straight to the closet, and saw the look on his face. Priceless! I pulled out one of my favorites, this one was all about Bondage and Domination. It was called Yes Master. I popped the DVD in and sat back to enjoy. "So what did you pick Ann?" Tyler asked me. "You'll find out soon enough." I told him as the movie started. His jaw practically dropped to the floor when the menu screen came up.

There was a naked chick in handcuffs and the play was on her pussy. She was super hot, I thought to myself. I played the DVD and they gave the background info, like who the master was, ect.

The girl in the film was the guys slave. It started with her blindfolded and tied up. He was dragging ice cubes all over her body.

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He ran them over her hard nipples and shoved 2 up her pussy. I noticed that both Tyler and John were hard now.


Sweet! I was shouting in my head. The master shoved his cock in the girls soaked cunt and fucked her senseless.

Both Tyler and John were rubbing their hard ons through their shorts. The girl was screeching in pleasure. The guy was grunting and just kept on fucking her with his long pole. They switched scenes and now there was a blonde chick surrounded by 2 guys, she was handcuffed together. She was naked and on her knees.


They were jacking off rapidly and soon squirted jism all over her face, it dripped all the way down her tits and landed on her pussy. John and Ty had taken their shorts off and were jacking off. My hand was down the front of my shorts. Ty was staring at me, and I was staring at his dick. It was almost an inch longer than John's and a little thicker. I so wanted to fuck him, and soon I would get my wish. I turned the movie off, even though it was getting to my favorite scene. I stripped naked for the boys and got back on the bed.

I layed back and started rubbing 2 fingers up and down my labia. I sat in a way so they had a really good view. I flicked my clit teasingly and my hips thrust upward. I all os a sudden shoved 2 fingers up my twat and cried out in ecstasy. They came over standing above me and jacked off on me.

I was covered in cum from head to toe. I got some ion my mouth, and damn was it yummy!


"Hey Tyler, do you think you can still fuck me. I need your cock in me now." I said still fingering myself. I was getting close, and I wanted to cum all over his dick. "I think I can manage that for you." He said as his semi - limp dick was getting hard again.

I reached out and stroked it, getting it completely hard. I lined him up with my wet, tight, pussy. I could feel him slowly entering me, stretching me out a little more. "John, come over here so I can suck your dick while Tyler fucks me." I said panting.

He came over and put his semi - hard dick in my mouth. I could feel it getting thicker and harder as I licked and sucked his shaft. Tyler must have really like the naughty situation he was in because his movements became faster and I just as eagerly moved my hips to match his new pace. "Ugh.Tyll.Fuck me.Harder!" I mumbled around John's prick. Tyler somehow understood what I said and began fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I came as his long hard cock hit my cervix/ It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had.

My cum squirted all over Tyler's dick and balls, and even left a puddle on John's bed. At seeing this Johns balls jerked up and let stream after stream of cum down into my mouth and throat.

Ty came at the same time, squirting his man- juice deep inside me. Tomorrow was Saturday, and no one knew what was gunna happen?? Tell me what you think??