Comics boy videos gay sex and teen male gay sex clip He puts it to

Comics boy videos gay sex and teen male gay sex clip He puts it to
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It was the weekend and Carl Johnson and his son Mike were doing their Saturday chores. Carl had not found the time yet to bring up the fact that not only had he found Emelie's bare titties on Mike's computer (a file she had sent to him), but also watched the two young'uns strip naked and observe his son performing cunnilingus on the teen girl.

Secretly, he was trying to see how he could join the fun, and not go to jail. That's when the phone rang, and everything changed after that.

"Hello, Carl here. (pause) Oh hi Mr. Petersson. . how have you been? Oh really. . that's a shame. So how long will you two be in Toledo. . really that late? Ahhh. . I don't think that would be a problem. She might have to help us get our Saturday chores taken care of.

. that would be fine. So you just want me to treat her like my son, and have her do whatever I ask. . that sounds like a fine arrangement." Carl listens more to Emelie's father on the phone. "I will take care of all of her meals. . well if you insist and we can put that towards a pizza or something. I know it's been very hot lately. . your right summer heat in September. . no, I don't have a pool, but I have a great sprinkler and slip and slide that we have not used in years that Mike and Emelie might enjoy horsing around with while beating the heat.

So have her bring along her swimming suit. Ok. . Soooo. . you think in about a half hour. That would be fine. We will see you then." It was time for Carl's 8" shaft to show its full extension in his pants. He adjusted his shaft and went into the kitchen and found his son washing and waxing the floor. "Slight change of plans Mike. . ." he began. Mike put down the mop and listened to his Dad explain the situation. "Emelie's uncle had a heart attack and Mr. Petersson and his wife have to leave for Toledo within the half hour.

He asked if we could have Emelie stay here for the day and then he will pick her up close to midnight." "Kinda sad, but I am happy Emelie is going to be here," said Mike enthusiastically.

. but then he got to thinking. With his Dad here, there would not be much of an opportunity to fool around much with her. Oh well, it would be fun watching her body during the day, he thought selfishly. "This brings up a situation I am a little bit embarrassed about, but I think we can work through it.

Yesterday morning after you left for school, I went upstairs to retrieve the plates and bowls that have collected on your desk because I wanted to put in a load in the dishwasher. When I grabbed a plate, it clicked up against your mouse on your computer. . and let's say I was surprised at what popped up." "Holy shit. . I mean if it was a picture of Emelie. . that was mine Dad." "Meaning you took the picture or she sent you the picture?" asked his Dad.

Mike was silent and knew what they had done together might suddenly become an issue. "Again son. . which was it?" Mike had learned that being honest with his Dad was almost always the best thing to do. "It was just a fun picture that she took on her phone and sent to me." "I see. That's what they call sexting isn't it Michael?" The boy nodded his head, knowing this could get real messy. "And unfortunately, that's not all.

I got out of work early yesterday and I was going to surprise you and Emelie and take you both out to get an ice cream cone, but when I was about to open up the backdoor, I was shocked at what I saw." Mike immediately put his hands over his eyes and shook his head back and forth.

BUSTED!!! "What you were doing to her. . is very normal for a couple quite a bit older, but being your ages. . you could get into a bunch of trouble. Am I right?" "Yes. . I know, but she has been so much fun to be with Dad. I haven't had a real girlfriend yet, and she's. . ." but Mike did not finish.

"Horny as hell. . am I right?" suggested Carl. "You wouldn't believe it! We take turns having the other person tell us what to do, and yesterday was her turn, and she made me strip naked and then you know. . lick her. . ." "Her bare pussy. And I also watched you twist and turn your fingers inside that fuck hole, didn't I?" Mike whispered, "Yes".

"And she loved every second of it. . .didn't she?" Both guys were now getting somewhat aroused by the rather frank discussion. "Absolutely." "Has she sucked your COCK yet?" his father asked. "No. . ." "How far do you think she would like to go?" he asked. Mike was beginning to think maybe his Dad was not only getting excited, but that he might want to join in, which was pretty strange. . but at least it seemed like he was not going to get in trouble.

"Almost the sky is the limit. She texted me last night about having one of her friends come by for some after school math sessions. . AND do the sex stuff with us as well." "Boy or girl?" he asked "Girl. . her name is Taylor and she is super-HOT as well." "That's good to know. Her Dad wants me to keep her busy today working and I want you to let me talk to her when she gets here.

And one more thing, early in the day, all of us are going to share a nice big joint before we go back to our chores. But. . .obviously that experience will be kept to ourselves. . right?" "FAR OUT! You are the coolest dad ever!" said Mike.

"Now get the floor in here clean as possible. Next week you might have two girls on their knees, licking and sucking on your COCK and we don't want them to get their knees all dirty!" Emelie Arrives and the Fun Begins Both Carl Johnson and his son Mike could not believe the outfit Emelie was wearing when she got out of her Daddy's car.

She had on a blue button down blouse and Daisy Duke shorts and a pair of sandals. She also had on a pair of sunglasses and was carrying her school backpack. Carl greeted her and her parents at the garage and after a few minutes he walked her to the house.

Mike was on his hands and knees putting on a coat of wax as they entered the kitchen. "Don't walk on that area over there (as he pointed), because it's still wet!" he barked. "We won't son. Emelie and I are going to go upstairs for a few minutes, but we will be down shortly. When you get done, look over the list of things on our list. Emelie will be helping us finish it and then you guys can study or just have some fun together," and with that he guided the girl up the stairs, watching her tight little ass shake back and forth in those ridiculously tiny and tight shorts.

Also he noticed her long blonde hair all braided into one pony tail that added to her attractiveness. "In here Emelie," he said placing his hand on her shoulder and directing her into Mike's bedroom. "Go ahead and sit down at his desk. I need to show you a couple of things." Emelie was beginning to feel as though things might turn out to be a bit peculiar during this visit.

He opened up the top drawer of the boy's desk and took out a pair of white panties and a matching bra. "Do you recognize these Emelie?" he asked placing them in front of her. . and then opening up the bra so that the small cups were showing and then doing the same thing with her panties. The girl stared at them and turned immediately scarlet. "Well?" he asked "I must have left them here yesterday in the bathroom, by mistake. Thank you for finding them," she said sincerely, trying to turn things around and not focusing on her recent indiscretion.

Then things turned around. . and the way he was looking at her underwear was actually causing her to become rather excited. Also the growing lump in his pants was something she could not help from noticing. "I see. Now, wiggle the mouse on Mike's computer for me." The girl looked up at him and then began to panic as the picture of her bare titties was displayed on the screen, and if she could turn another shade of red.

. she would have. "Now I have already disciplined Mike over this, but he claims he did not take the picture but it was sent to him. . correct?" She nodded her head wondering whether Mike's dad would contact her parents and the trouble she would get into. "What do you know about sexting Emelie?" he asked sitting down on the bed next to the desk. "It's when you send naughty pictures and words and stuff to someone. I am SO sorry you found this Mr. Johnson. I know you could turn me in and certainly tell my parents.

. but I was really just trying to get Mike to like me. . and that is all." 'And I'll bet your getting pretty excited too. . aren't you Mr. Johnson as your cock keeps rising in your pants'. . she thought in her mind. "I was young once too Emelie. . and with the technology that you guys have today I know it is tempting to send pictures like this. . but I do not want you to get in trouble or especially Mike.

So from now on. . if you decide to send pictures like this. . just put them on a flash drive. . ok?" The girl could not believe what she was hearing. She was secretly delighted at the change of events. "What! So I am not going to get into any trouble then?" she asked turning sideways and facing him. "No. .


. but I believe you need to receive some sort of punishment for what you did. . don't you?" he asked, suddenly noticing that she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were beginning to stiffen and poke out the front of her blouse obviously somewhat excited about where the conversation was going. Maybe he wanted to strip her naked or at least see her boobies she thought. "I agree. Daddy already told me to follow whatever instructions and requests you gave me. . so I definitely will," and it was at that point in their conversation that she looked down at the man's pants and saw a full blown erection.

. thrusting out towards her. It certainly was not a medium sized bulge like Mike's. . .More like a Louisville slugger. "Good. I am glad we are on the same page. I think we will have a VERY good day today, but right now. . for just a few minutes, I want you to unbutton your blouse and show me your titties. And look at that. . it looks like someone forgot to wear her underwear. " The combination of looking at the huge bulge in his pants and the surprising request, shocked the young girl.

"Okay, Mr. Johnson. . you are the boss," she said looking at his eyes as she slowly but continuously unbuttoned her blue blouse.

She was aroused by the fire in his eyes as she got to the bottom of the garment. Then Emelie spread open her top and her two lemon-like titties appeared to his gaze.

"Very nice. . Emelie. I want you to leave your top up here in Mike's room today and instead wear just the bra from yesterday. And for now, that will be your work outfit for today. We wouldn't want to get that nice top all sweaty, now would we?" She shook her head at his request, and unbuttoned the sleeves and dropped the blouse to the floor. Emelie watched the horny man closely inspect her bare breasts as she was reaching for her bra. She took the bra off of her boyfriend's desk and was about to hook it back on, but was interrupted.

"One second. . I need to do something so that you will remember what is on the menu for later." He placed his hands on her bare shoulders and then without notice leaned forward and instantly placed his lips over her bare nipples and began to suck and lick them with much voracity.

The girl started to object but after the sensuous tongue lashing that he was applying to her buds, she simply placed his head in her hands and pulled it closer.

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Finally she said: "Oh FUCK. . does that feel GREAT Mr. Johnson. I love how you are sucking my titties SOOOOOO much." Satisfied that he had given her the proper appetizer, he slipped his finger in between her legs and deliberately rubbed the area above her clit, while gently twisting her bare nipples with his other hand. Then he just stopped. "Let's get dressed and later I will continue to provide this type of naughty reprimand," he said with a big smile on his face. "But if I am not mistaken, it is Mike's turn to be the boss today, isn't it?

She nodded her head and said, "Uh huh". "Then I KNOW you will enjoy yourself, because he has become one HORNY guy right now!" A few minutes later, Emelie came downstairs dressed only in her bra and Daisy Duke Shorts. Carl tried to remain calm and asked her to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Mike had just about finished the floor when he turned around and could not believe he was only looking at the back of the young girl's bra.

She must have felt his stare as she turned around and said, "It's gonna be hot today.

Thought I would dress a little bit cooler, especially when we start working out together" and then she turned around and giggled, knowing how she was dressed would more than likely thrill the boy. Meanwhile in Carl's mind he was more anxious about getting his bong lit and then truly buzzing through the morning with the young couple.

. getting them naked and then watching them fuck like rabbits. He knew neither of the kids had probably smoked before so he would have to assist in their journey to another place.

. where everything would be enjoyable. "Mike come into the other room for a few minutes. Emelie will get the load going and then we are going to get high together." The 16-year-old girl turned around: "REALLY? Like the three of us? I've always wanted to experience what it felt like," she mused. Carl got his son in the other room and then told him about the extra toys he had in the basement that would help him get Emelie more excited.

He also said, if the opportunity arose, he would probably show him what to do with the girl to get her even more super aroused. Mike was surprised to hear about the rope and blindfold, but after hearing that she would not be hurt, he was interested. Carl headed downstairs and Mike went into the kitchen to bring her downstairs with him. He made no attempt to keep from looking at her small breasts barely captured by her bra.

"I can't wait to touch these titties in my bare hands," he teased, reaching around her and capturing her treasures in his hand. Carl had a bong water pipe device already set up with a stash of high grade dope in the bowl. After walking downstairs and sitting in front of Mike's father, he explained to both of them that they would not stay high throughout the day, so Emelie would not need to worry about her parents finding out. He also explained why it was easier for first timers to use the water pipe since just smoking a joint could be challenging and sometimes cause a bit of a burning feeling in your throat.

He lit the grass and then had them each slowly suck in small amounts of smoke until they began to see how it was done, and after a while, could experiment drawing in more at a time. Twenty minutes later Carl had quite a buzz on as he fantasized about suddenly molesting the girl on the couch, and knew by the redness of their eyes that they would soon be there as well. "My head is like wavy," said Emelie staring back at Mike.

For some reason that expression cracked him up and he began to laugh. "What's so funny?" she asked. "Like wavy-wavy or just wavy?" he asked and then the two began to crack up. "This is fucking awesome!" shouted Emelie. "I'm like floating along with you guys and I love it!" Carl knew it was time to start the young girl's seduction. " So, let's get started Mike," he said. "I think you are the master today, am I right?" "Uh huh" he said, looking at Emelie and her blood shot eyes, "Remember yesterday when you had me get all naked and lick your pussy until you screamed?" he asked.

"I will NEVER forget that," she said honestly, amazed at how smoking the dope had got her so horny. "Today we are going to do a couple of kinky things together, but if I suggest something you don't want to do.

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. let me know. .

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. Okay?" "I don't think that is going to happen," she said. "I am so horny right now, I can't think of anything I wouldn't want to do with you both. I am soooooooo horny. This dope is the best!" She watched him pull out a black blindfold. "I'm going to put this over your eyes.

. and then we will begin getting you even MORE horny," he said. "Far fucking out," she said, as he was once again reminded that she liked to talk dirty. Mike carefully placed it over her eyes and then tied the strings behind her head. "Stand up and let's move over a tiny bit," he said leading her by the hand. "I want you to put on these gloves for me and I will help." Carl watched his son assist the teen girl with long white formal gloves that came up past her wrist.

"It will only be for a little while. . but I am going to wrap some rope around your wrists and tie it off so that you are like all stretched out," he said. "VERY KINKY," said Emelie as she laughed as her hands were being tied together and then shortly afterwards, she felt her wrists being pulled up. "You look great you know. . and being like this.

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. . allows me to do things to you that should make you feel really awesome, and you won't even know what is coming your way." Soon she felt a pair of fingers unsnapping her bra.

. and then the coolness of the basement air causing her nipples to become stiff. Mike's mouth (she assumed) was soon on her firm young tits, sucking them skillfully, slowly teasing the flat pink knobs of her nipples into hard, red, erect points of passion. He paused for a moment and then began to massage her shoulder. Gradually he lowered his strokes, inch by inch, brushing over her collar bone, down onto her chest, and finally onto her already tingling breasts.

He then began to caress them and squeeze her sensitive flesh, alternating one with the other so that his hands were always moving over her, always changing the way in which they were stimulating her, always twisting or tweaking or pulling or pressing so that soon her nipples stood out hard and firm. Her buds grew rapidly, pushing up to form two little unmistakable peaks of excitement. Next, Mike clasped onto one of her titties, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, then grabbing it and slowly pulling it out, drawing the entire breast out with it.

Then he put his middle finger on it and pushed it into her chest, using it as a base from which to stroke in small circles along the inside of her breast. He switched to the other breast and did the same things, feeling her nipple grow just as large, just as hard, until it, too, felt as if it would become unattached - a tiny pebble he could chew and swallow.

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He heard Emelie's rapid breathing in his ears, and felt the convulsive movements of her erotically moving hips. "Ohhhhhh Mike. . that feels so awesome. . I love it when you suck and pinch my titties. . " Emelie was momentarily interrupted as she unexpectedly felt his hands move down her stomach and fumble with the snap at the top of her Daisy Duke shorts.

"You are being a naughty boy!" she said. "I'll bet you are going to pull down my pants. . aren't you?" she asked hopefully. Soon the sound of her zipper echoed in the basement as the nervous boy worked the tight shorts down her thighs.

. past her knees and then with some difficulty over her sandals. From that moment on. . it was a teasing game.

Being still high as a kite from the bong experience. . any touches to her body were magnified and Mike began by slipping a finger into the front of her French cut panties and moving it downward toward her pussy. The young girl began to moan as he continued to keep moving around her crotch, but never quite touching her clit that ached to be fondled. At the same time, he ground his thick rigid cock against her thigh, reminding her of his excitement as well.

His Dad had been silent so far, but watching his son lewdly teasing the horny girl caused his cock to extend back to its full extension. Silently he unzipped his zipper, reached inside and gently pulled out his shaft so that it did not get caught inside of the zipper. Soon he was gently wanking his cock as he continued to enjoy watching his son fondle his young girlfriend's almost naked body.

"I think these panties are going to get in the way, Emelie," Mike whispered, and in a second, he pulled them to her ankles and off. And then he began: "Someone is buck naked right now. . and when you are buck naked, feeling someone poking their finger along here (as he moved his finger along the edges of her pussy lips) probably feels pretty awesome doesn't it?" "Oh FUCK yes.

. that feels ohhhhhh. . yeah do it right there!" As he manipulated her moist twat, and at the same time moved his middle finger in and out of her tight fuck hole. . He used his other hand to unzip his pants and with some difficulty yank them down along with his boxers. Immediately his stiff bare shaft buckled upwards.

His dad noted the length of his cock and realized he was well on his way to matching his 8" rod, that he was still wanking on. As he watched his son, he stood up and quickly got rid of all of his clothes making the two horny guys and the young girl all nude, with the young girl still roped onto the ceiling in the lurch. As Mike continued to fondle her pussy he moved up close so that his stiff cock was up against her upper leg.

"Can you feel something up against your BARE leg. . .Emelie," he said as he bucked his hips and rubbed his shaft within a few inches of her twat. "That feels awesome Mike. . and I love what you are doing to me with those naughty fingers of yours too. . ." then she was suddenly startled as a second much larger appendage was now rubbing against her other side. Carl had a smile on his face and his erect shaft in his hand as he directed the leaking tip all around her waist and hips.

"I can't believe it. . you both have your COCKS out don't you, and I can't even see a thing!" she pouted. Then everyone panicked as a cell phone rang. Carl looked at where the sound was coming from and realized that it was in the back pocket of Emelie's Daisy Dukes.

"That's my phone!" said Emelie recognizing the ring. "I'll bet that's Taylor my friend. She was going to call if she could hang out with me today. Could you get the phone over to me.

. please?" Mike let go of her body and quickly retrieved the phone as it was still ringing. As he looked at the iPhone screen, a very pretty brunette girl about the same age as her was displayed. . clad only in a skimpy two-piece bikini. She must have clicked on the FaceTime button.

"I'll hit the button and then you can talk to her," said Mike, as he watched his dad untie the girl's arms above her head and at the same time gently push her down onto the carpeting. Carl grabbed the phone and put it up to her ear, after making sure she was now on her back. Only wearing the white gloves and her sandals was suddenly more erotic for them to look at, than her being totally nude. . which of course she truly was.

He quickly undid the rope around her wrists and placed the phone inside her white gloved hand. "Have her come over, Emelie. She can smoke some weed with us and maybe service this big boy, like you are going to do right now!" he said now straddling her chest and rubbing his cock all over her small titties. Mike was behind him and the 16-year-old boy had pulled open her legs and placed his cock in between her moist pussy lips and began to rub it all over the opening.

Emelie suddenly shivered with ecstasy as she felt the two cocks on and almost inside her naked body. "Hey you. . whatcha up to?" she asked. Carl wanted her to see his huge stiff cock so he carefully slipped his fingers underneath the blindfold and gently pulled it up over her eyes.

He almost shot his wad as the young girl stared at his magnificent shaft, only a few inches from her mouth. He grasped his cock with his hand and deliberately touched each of her nipples with the tip. "Holy Shit!" squealed Emelie as she was mesmerized by the length and girth of the man's cock. "I'm sorry Taylor.

. I was just watching something I did not expect. So is there any way you can come over here? No my parents brought me over to Mike's house for the day. Really. . so that's like only a few blocks away." She continued to listen to her friend on the other line, but then saw Mr. Johnson looking down at her and saying loud enough for Taylor to hear: "I want you to kiss my COCK Emelie. Go ahead and DO IT NOW!" and then he moved forward slightly until the tip was up against her lips.

The girl puckered her lips and placed a big kiss on the underside of the tip, sending shivers down the man's back. Then she went wild for a few seconds kissing all over the purple crown (never having ever done anything like this before!), until it was now slippery with her spit.

In the background, he could hear the girl talking, which was even more exciting. "Go ahead girl. . curl those lips over your teeth and SUCK MY COCK!" Emelie could hear the girl asking whether she had heard exactly what he had just said.

For a brief second, she took her mouth off of his shaft and said, "Hurry over Taylor. . you will have the time of your life! TWO COCKS TO SUCK AND FUCK!" and then she let the phone slip from her fingers as she opened her mouth and let the first 2 or 3 inches of his thick shaft enter her oral opening stretching her mouth to the max.

"Oh yeah my little sexy nymph. . .lick and suck my shaft. . oh fuck. . .your lips feel like they belong there. . let me move in and out of your face and FUCK that moist mouth of yours!" He continued to describe the ecstasy he was feeling, but was not aware that Taylor on the other end was benefiting from her friend NOT turning off the phone. The Face Time feature was still on, and although the phone was being moved around, she could see Mike's Dad's cock.

The more graphic Carl became as he continued to buck his shaft in and out of her mouth, the more exciting it was for Taylor on the other end. Within a few minutes, the horny girl had her hand down her panties and she began to rub her clit as a means of dealing with what she was seeing and hearing. Meanwhile, Emelie was doing her best to satisfy Carl with her lips and tongue, but at the same time, she felt Mike's cock begin to go deeper and deeper into her hot pussy.

She had never told him about the dildo she had received from her uncle in Sweden, and how she had broken her hymen a few months back.

For the next several minutes both guys were doing their best to fuck the sexy blonde from both ends and she was enjoying every second of it! "Son . I am about the shoot my load. . so unplug your cock and let's shoot our cum all over this pretty girls FACE." Mike needed no more encouragement, especially because he was about to explode anyway. He pulled out of her tight pussy and holding his cock in his hand he raced around towards her head and immediately focused on the size of his Dad's cock.

"Shit Dad. . that rod of yours is enormous!" he said now wanking on his shaft and looking at Emelie now focusing in on two cocks! "Kneel down by her face Mike.

. and when I count to three, if possible. . I want to have us both fire at the same time." Mike knelt down and rubbed his cock all over her cheek. The girl's eyes gawked at both shafts in anticipation of what would happen next.

Meanwhile her best friend had two fingers stuck up her pussy as she was watching what was being done to Emelie.


"One. . Two. . THREE!" shouted Carl and almost like someone threw the switch. . both cocks began to spew continuous shots of hot slippery cum at the same time. Carl withdrew his cock from her mouth, after shooting the first load directly down the girl's throat, and then targeted all over her face with the next shots of his jism.

"Keep your mouth open!!!" he shouted and as her lips unlocked. . and two fierce streams of cum sprayed all over her face and inside her mouth. For the next couple of minutes, she was treated to a hot tasty Slurpee she would never forget!

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Nor would Taylor. Several minutes later, Carl told his son and Emelie to take a shower together and get cleaned off.

He was going to do the same, and he reminded her that both girls would have to work VERY hard to get the guys cocks back up so that she could be fucked like there was no tomorrow.


He couldn't wait to see the new member of their fucking quartet!