Southern american gay jock is wanked off

Southern american gay jock is wanked off
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I watched as she got out of the shower, 'god she is beautiful'. She is my daughter, Mary. She is a brunette, 14 years old, 5'1", 100lbs, 34B with a firm ass and gorgeous legs.


Her breasts are firm and perky with pink nipples that seem to be pointing at me no matter which way she turns. As she dries herself, her breasts jiggle and her nipples become erect as she rubs them with the towel.

I am so excited that I don't know how much longer I can wait. Her mother ran off with some guy when Mary was two. I've raised her by myself. At age 14, she has turned out just the way I intended. I have spent the last 12 years training her and molding her into the perfect little sex toy. I home-schooled her so that there would be no outside influences and taught her to obey me and how to please a man.

It was about 10 years ago when I stumbled across a website devoted to domination and submission. I have always been a bit of a perv and after putting up with my wife's bullshit for years, I decided it was my turn. In the beginning, Mary's training was no different than raising any child.

She learned to obey me and not to question my authority. One of the first rules that she learned was that she was not allowed to wear any clothes unless I instructed her to do so. This was the first step in teaching her to be submissive to me. She slept in my bed and right from the beginning, I cultivated a physical relationship with her. We hugged a lot and she sat on my lap all the time. I played with her body whenever I wanted to. When she was ten, I began training her to be a sex toy.

I started by giving her pleasure. I had always given her a bath and washed her from head to toe. Now, I started spending more time 'cleaning' her erogenous zones. I would massage her budding little breasts until her nipples were erect.

I could tell by her moans that she really liked that. I would clean her pussy and spend extra time on her clit. The first time she had an orgasm; it scared holy hell out of her. I explain it to her and told her that she could only do that if I gave her permission and she was not allowed to touch herself like that unless I told her to.

I continue to bathe her and always finished her off with an orgasm. It wasn't long before she started asking for permission to touch herself. I would allow her to do so only as a reward.

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When she excelled in her school work or if she learned one of her other lessons well. Her other lessons included how to properly present herself to me.

She learned quickly to kneel in front of me with her knees spread widely and her hands behind her head with her elbows pushed back. She also learned to keep her head up and her eyes on the floor. She learned to ask permission for everything. She did not eat, sleep or go to the bathroom without my permission. I controlled every aspect of her life. After a short period of time, I began giving her massages.

I did this to teach her that she could derive pleasure from her entire body. I started broadening her education by exploring other erogenous zones.

Her earlobes, the nape of her neck, her feet and finally her asshole were all added to the list of areas that we explored. She actually enjoyed having my finger in her ass.

It was during this time that I added enemas to her bathing routine. We soon discovered that she could climax from the massage itself. She was always a good little sex toy and always asked for permission to cum. To prepare her for future activities, when she turned eleven, I began fingering her pussy when I gave her a massage. At first it was just one finger and I made certain to leave her hymen intact. I was saving that for the first time I would fuck her.

When my finger penetrated her the first time, she climaxed instantly. It happened so quickly, she did not ask for permission. This was my first opportunity to discipline her. I told her that she would need to be punished. She said, "I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to. I couldn't help it". I told her, "This is part of your training. You must learn to control your body. Now come with me". I led her to the basement to a room that I had prepared for this purpose. I had built the room to be sound proof and had installed all of the necessary equipment that I would need to properly train her.

"Since this is the first time that I must punish you, it will be a simple spanking. I want you to remember that future punishment will be more severe". With that, I led her to the spanking bench. This device was designed to put her in the best position to expose her ass. There is a padded kneeler with straps to hold her knees about 18 inches apart. The main part of the bench is 12 inches wide and has a strap to hold her torso in place. There are straps on the front legs of the bench to put her arms in.

"Kneel there and lay over the bench". She did as she was told and I put the straps around her legs. I then pulled the strap over her back and tightened it to prevent her from moving. Next, I put the straps around her wrists and she was now ready to receive her punishment.

I had no desire to cause her injury but I did want her to feel pain. Just enough to make sure that she understood the consequences of disobedience. I retrieved a ping pong paddle from the table and stepped behind Mary.

"You will receive 20 strokes. You will count them out as you receive each one and you will thank me for teaching you after each stroke. Do you understand?" "Yes Daddy". I began with a blow to her left cheek. "Ow, one, thank you for teaching me Daddy".

A blow to her right cheek. "Ow, two, thank you for teaching me Daddy". A blow to her left cheek. "Ow, three, thank you for teaching me Daddy". I continued this, alternating left and right. After six swats on her ass, she was crying and had added "It hurts Daddy" to her litany. By the time we got to ten, her cheeks were a rosy red. I stopped to give her a brief respite and rubbed her ass. I could feel the heat emanating from the glowing red cheeks.

I began again, a little harder now. "Aaah, eleven, thank you for teaching me Daddy. Please Daddy, I can't take any more". Smack! "Aaah, twelve, thank you for teaching me Daddy.

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Please Daddy!" Smack! "Aaah, please Daddy!" "You must say it or we will start over". "Thirteen, thank you for teaching me Daddy".

Smack! "Aaah, fourteen, thank you for teaching me Daddy. Please Daddy!" Smack! No reaction. "Say it"! No response. I walked around in front of her and lifted her head. She had passed out. I went back to check out her ass. It was mostly red with some purple areas. There were welts in some places. She was starting to wake up; I waited until she was fully wake and asked her if she was ready to continue.

"Please Daddy, it hurts so bad. Please don't spank me anymore." "You have not finished your punishment. You were a bad girl and bad girls must be punished. We are going to finish this, are you ready?" She was still crying and sobbed, "Yes Daddy".

I decided to go easy for the last five and not point out that she had not counted the last one. Smack! "Ow!" She really started bawling now and said, "I'm sorry Daddy, I don't remember how many that was". "That was sixteen sweetheart". "Sixteen, thank you for teaching me Daddy". We continued until we had completed her 20 and I began to take the straps off. When I bent down to remove the straps from her legs, I noticed that her pussy was drip wet. "You stay right there, I have some ointment to put on your ass that will make it feel better".

I got the tube of ointment and began applying it to her abused ass. "This will make the pain go away and will speed the healing", I told her as I rubbed it in to her flesh.

She said, "That feels good Daddy", as she rolled her hips. I finished applying the ointment and helped her stand up. I led her out of the basement and took her to the bedroom. "I am pleased that you took your punishment so well. Now, go to sleep". When she turned twelve, her birthday present was a set of butt plugs.

After I bathed her, I gave her a massage as usual. When I got to her ass, I lubed up the smallest butt plug and slowly inserted it in her asshole. It was slightly larger than my finger and about an inch longer. It slid in without an effort from me and she rolled her hips and moaned. "That feels wonderful Daddy. I think I need to cum. May I please cum Daddy?" "No sweetheart, you have to wait." For almost a year, I had been making her wait for her orgasm.

She was getting better at controlling her orgasms and almost never climaxed without permission. I could count, on one hand, the number of times that I had punished her. I had given her that first spanking when she was eleven and it was three months before I pushed her over the edge again.

The second punishment was, as promised, more severe. I took her to the basement and attached a three foot spreader bar between her ankles and another to her wrists. I hooked the top spreader bar to the hoist a raised her until her toes were just touching the floor. "You will receive 50 lashes. You will count them and you will thank me each time. Do you understand?" "Yes Daddy. I'm sorry that I disappointed you Daddy. I should have asked for permission before I came.

I deserve to be punished" I thought, "She is coming along quite nicely if she really believes that she deserves to be punished". I got my riding crop and stepped behind her. I began on her ass and moved each blow to a different spot. After each blow, she responded as ordered and counted each one, followed by "Thank you for teaching me Daddy".

After only a few lashes, I could see that her pussy was flowing freely. A dozen and she was moaning and rolling her hips. After 20, she was sobbing and obviously in pain, but she never asked me to stop. When I was finished, she was hanging limply by her wrists and she was covered by welts from her shoulders to her thighs.

I lowered her to the floor and removed the spreader bars. I picked her up and laid her over the spanking bench. She must have thought that her punishment was to continue, she stiffened as if in anticipation of being restrained again.

I took it as a good sign that she did not try to resist and she did not protest. "Your punishment is finished sweetheart. I am going to put some ointment on you now." She relaxed and said, "Thank you for teaching me Daddy.

I'm sorry. I won't do it again." As soon as I started applying the ointment, she shuddered and asked, "Daddy may I cum?" I made her wait and continued to rub the ointment into her injuries. When I began rubbing her ass, she moaned and again asked, "Daddy may I cum now?" I slid two fingers into her pussy and said, "Yes". She came instantly, spraying pussy juice all over my hand and half way up my arm.

The next punishment came about a week after her twelfth birthday. I made her keep the small butt plug in all the time.

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After a week I moved her up to the next sized plug. As I inserted the plug the first time, she nearly climaxed on the spot. She asked for permission and I denied it. She mustered all of the control she had and was able to prevent the orgasm.

I continued her massage and eventually allowed her to cum. The next morning, I was awoken by her crying. She was lying on the far side of the bed. I rolled over and hugged her and asked her why she was crying.

She said, "I'm so sorry Daddy. I didn't mean to. I woke up and when I sat up it moved in my butt and I came. I really didn't mean to. It just happened and then every time I moved, it happened again". "How many times did you cum sweetheart?" "I don't know for sure Daddy, I lost track after eight.

And Daddy, I have to tell you something else. I'm really sorry Daddy, I took it out. I couldn't make it stop. I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. I was so scared. I didn't know what else to do. So, I pulled it out." "Ok sweetheart, thank you for being honest.

You know that you need to be punished." "Yes Daddy, I've been bad. I should have controlled myself better." "Yes, you should have and you will also be punished for taking the plug out." "Yes Daddy.

I'm sorry. "Get your butt plug and follow me." "Yes Daddy." I led her to the basement once again. This time I put padded manacles on her wrists and hoisted her in the air. Her feet were about 12 inches off the floor. I took the butt plug and pushed it into her ass. She obviously loved this plug.

As soon as I started pushing it in, she began to moan. By the time it was all the way in, she said, "Daddy, may I please cum? Please Daddy, please." "If you can control yourself until I give you your first lash, I will allow you to cum one time. After that one, you get no more. Do you understand?" "Yes Daddy." "Ok, I am going to give you ten lashes. You will count each one and thank me each time. Do you understand?" "Yes Daddy. Please Daddy!" It was obvious that she was struggling to control her impending orgasm and I was taking my time getting to the first lash.

"You must keep the plug in your ass. If it comes out, I will double your punishment. Do you understand?" "Please Daddy! Yes Daddy, I understand. Please Daddy; I don't know how long I can control it!" With that, I went to the table and picked up the cat o' nine tails. I stepped in front of her so she could see what I was going to use on her.

I could see the pussy juice running down her legs and she was almost vibrating with her desire to cum. When she saw the whip, her eyes got big and she opened her mouth to speak just as I swung the whip.

When the whip contacted her, it wrapped around her side and the ends bit into her ass. She screamed and went stiff as a board and her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her pussy squirted a continuous stream for about 10 seconds and her scream lasted several seconds longer.

She continued to shudder uncontrollably for another 30 to 45 seconds. She hung there limply and slowly her breathing returned to normal. She raised her head and looked me in the eyes and said, "Thank you Daddy" with so much passion in her eyes and voice that my cock was instantly hard.

She dropped her eyes to the floor and said, "One, thank you for teaching me Daddy". We completed her punishment and I lowered her until she could stand on her feet. I got the ointment and applied it to her injuries. On her thirteenth birthday I gave her a simple pink leather collar that had "Daddy" engraved on a little silver plate in the front.

She was so happy that she almost forgot her training. She started to hug me and caught herself. She assumed the position and asked, "Daddy, will you put it on me?" I put the collar around her neck and pulled it tight enough to ensure that it would not move but loose enough to not restrict her breathing. I put a small gold padlock on it and snapped it shut. "Daddy, may I go look at it in the mirror?" "Yes sweetheart and then come back here." She was only gone for two minutes when she came running back into the room.

She assumed the position and said, "Daddy it's wonderful. Daddy, may I thank you properly for my gift?" "Yes sweetheart, you may." She launched herself from the floor and landed in my lap, straddling me and threw her arms around my neck. Hugging me tightly, she said, "Thank you so much for my gift Daddy.

I love you." "I love you too sweetheart." With that, she climbed off my lap and once again, assumed the position. Now it was time to expand her training. "You are going to learn how to please a man. Come here and take Daddy's cock in your hand." She knelt between my legs and took my cock in her hand. "Now stroke it." She began a slow stroking motion up and down my cock. "Spit in your hand and rub it all the way from the top to the bottom." She did as I instructed and it felt wonderful. I had waited a long time for this.

"Now I want you to start licking on the end and then lick up and down the sides." Tentatively, she began licking the head, "That tastes good Daddy", she started licking all around the head and under the glans. Next, she started working her way down the side with broad strokes of her tongue, as if she were licking a lollipop. I thought, "I don't think I'll be able to last very long if she keeps this up". After she had made a couple of trips up and down the length of my cock, I told her, "Now, I want you to lick my balls".

"What are balls Daddy?" I picked up my sac and told her, "These are my balls; you must be gentle with them". She continued stroking my shaft and lowered her head and began licking. Again, I wondered how long I could hold out. "Now, you need to take my cock in your mouth." "Yes Daddy." She moved up and enveloped the head and started sliding more into her mouth. After just a couple of inches, she gagged and pulled back. "That's good sweetheart but, for now just the head. Don't try to take it all.

You will learn how to take all of it eventually." She put the head back in and just moved up and down a little bit. "That's right; now start sucking on it as if you were sucking on a straw." The feeling of her cute little thirteen-year-old lips wrapped tightly around my cock and the pressure from her sucking had me on the edge.

I knew that I would be giving her another birthday present very shortly. "Sweetheart, in just a minute, I am going to cum. I want you to keep stroking my cock with your hand and keep sucking. You will keep sucking until I tell you to stop and you will swallow my cum". Seconds later, I erupted in her mouth.

The first load shot right into her throat and she began to choke. Before she had a chance to react to that, the second and third loads had followed. She was choking and tears were streaming down her face but she continued to suck and never tried to pull back. The first three loads were huge. I was amazed, cum was running out of her nose and she just kept on sucking. The next three loads were much smaller and she handled those like a pro.

I gave her a couple more small spurts and I was done. That orgasm felt like it had come all way from my toes.

I was in heaven. It had been worth the wait. She continued sucking and I could feel the last little dribbles being coaxed from my cock. "Ok sweetheart, you can stop sucking now. Just lick the head gently." She continued stroking my cock and licked the head. After a minute, I said, "Ok, you can stop now". She released my cock and sat back on her heels, assuming the position again. "Did I do it right Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart, you did a wonderful job." "Thank you Daddy. Can we do that again?

That was fun!" "Yes, we will do that again." She reached for my cock. I grabbed her hand and said, "No sweetheart, Daddy needs a little time to recover. I will tell you when it is time." We began a daily routine of her sucking my cock in the morning and afternoon. I slowly had her take more and more of my cock in her mouth. She was progressing nicely and could take about four inches but, she could not get past her gag reflex and I still had four more inches to give her.

Meanwhile, I had moved her up two more sizes with the butt plugs. The one she was currently wearing in her cute little asshole was six inches long and two inches wide. I also added a small vibrator and nipple clamps to her daily massage. I was now penetrating her pussy with three fingers and took great pleasure in exploring her G spot.

I am rather proud of her. She had an amazing orgasm the first time that I massaged her G spot but she was able to control herself until she had asked for and received permission to cum. She really likes the nipple clamps. Since I started using them, her nipples stay hard even when the clamps are not on. Back to her cocksucking skills.

I decided that I had to get more aggressive with her training. One day when it was time for my afternoon blowjob, instead of sitting in the livingroom as we usually did, I led her to the basement. She began crying and said, "I'm sorry Daddy". "Why are you sorry sweetheart?" "I did something wrong.

You only bring me down here to punish me. I must have done something wrong." I had trained her well. "No sweetheart, you didn't do anything wrong. I want to use one of the pieces of equipment to help you learn to be a better cocksucker." I could see the relief on her face and she soon stopped crying. When we got to the basement, I tied her hair in a ponytail and told her to get into position on the spanking bench. I could see that she was apprehensive but she did not question my instructions.

She knelt down and lay over the bench. I moved behind her and gently removed the butt plug. She moaned as the plug came out and her whole body shuddered. "I love that Daddy. It feels wonderful." I picked up an anal hook and lubricated the ball. I slowly inserted the ball into her rectum. It was slightly larger than her butt plug and I could tell from her reaction that she would be cumming soon. As soon as the hook was fully inserted, she said, "Oh Daddy! May I please cum now?" "Yes you may".

She groaned and her body stiffened and her little pussy squirted. When she was finished she said, "Oh Daddy that was wonderful. Thank you." "You're welcome sweetheart." I tied a rope onto her ponytail and told her, "Now tilt your head back". She raised her head up and I tied the other end of the rope to the anal hook. She dropped her head a little and the hook was pulled tighter into her ass.

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She squealed and moved her head again. The hook was pulled into her ass harder. I grabbed her head and told her to stop moving. "The hook in your ass is tied to your head, if you move too much it will be pulled farther into you.

I put you in this position so that your throat is straight. I am now going to fuck your face and my cock will go down your throat." I stood in front of her and she opened her mouth. I started slowly and she closed her lips around my cock. With steady strokes, I pushed my cock in and out of her mouth about four inches. Just enough to tickle her gag reflex. I started lengthening my strokes and she was gagging on every stroke. When I had gotten to about five inches, I told her, "Ok, we are going to go all the way.

Take a deep breath". I pulled all the way out and she took a deep breath and I pushed forward. I hit the back of her throat, she gagged and I kept pushing. Her throat was constricting around the head of my cock and I pushed harder. I maintained the pressure and every time her throat contracted and released, my cock sunk a little deeper. Tears were streaming down her face; the convulsions diminished and my cock slid in the rest of the way. Her lips were buried in my pubic hair and my cock was in her throat.

I waited a few seconds and then pulled out. As soon as my cock was clear of her throat, she started coughing. I withdrew all the way and let her breath. "That was very good sweetheart.

We are going to do it again". I put my cock to her lips and she took me in. I continued with a slow, steady pressure until I was completely buried in her throat. It went in a little easier this time and her gagging was a little less severe.

We repeated this process six or seven times and it got easier each time. "I am going to fuck your face now sweetheart. I will be driving my cock down your throat and pulling out and going right back in. I will not be taking my cock out between strokes. I will pull out for you to breathe occasionally. Breathe through your nose. I will be the judge of whether or not you need to breathe.

Are you ready?" "Yes Daddy". I put my cock to her lips again and push forward. She had almost no gag reflex left and my cock slid in easily. When I bottomed out, I started to steadily fuck her face. Pulling back until my cock just barely came out of her throat and pushing right back in. I continued this for about a dozen strokes and I could see that she was beginning to run out of air. I pulled out until just the head was still in her mouth. "Breathe". I waited while she took two breaths and pushed all the way in.

Another dozen strokes and I pulled out again. "Breathe". This time, I picked up the pace and was driving my cock down her throat. Her head was bouncing off my groin and I could see that the anal hook was being thrust into her ass with every stroke. I pulled out again and she lifted her mouth off my cock and gasped, "May I please cum Daddy?" I said, "Yes" and shoved my cock down her throat. I pounded her throat as she rode her orgasm. I could see the pussy juice squirting five feet as she came.

Her entire body was quivering and she was squealing around my cock.

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The vibrations from her squealing drove me over the edge and I held my cock still as I shot load after load straight down her throat. I came so hard that I nearly passed out. I was so far gone that I didn't realize that she had run out of air. When I regained my senses and looked down, her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was turning blue.

I quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth. For a couple of seconds, she just lay there. Finally, she sucked in a huge breath and started coughing. I knelt down and could see that her color was returning to normal. When she got her breathing under control, she started giggling. "What's so funny?" "That was the best cum I ever had Daddy. That was better than all the rest put together." "I'm glad you enjoyed it sweetheart".

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"Was it good for you Daddy? Did I do it right?" "Yes on both counts sweetheart". So, we continued our routine of twice daily blowjobs and she became a master at deepthroating my cock.

It was marvelous! One afternoon a couple of weeks later, she asked, "Can we do it the other way?" "What do you mean sweetheart?" "I really liked it the way you did it the first time." "I don't understand!?" "When you put the hook in my ass and tied my head back.

Can we do it that way again?" "I think we can probably do even better than that. Let's go." This time, she followed me to the basement with a smile on her face. I brought out a new toy. I had built a sawhorse for just this purpose.

The top rail was padded except for the last twelve inches at one end. The unpadded section was cut to an edge that would ride between her pussy lips. The height was adjustable and there were straps to restrain her. When she saw this apparatus, her eyes got big and she looked at it with some trepidation. "Stand here and straddle it". She put her leg over it and I adjusted the height until it was firmly against her pussy.

I pulled her hair back and tied it in a ponytail. "Bend over". She laid her torso down on the sawhorse and groaned. Good. In this position, her clit would be rubbing against the unpadded edge. I put the strap around her waist and tightened it. Next came the straps that went around her thighs. I put those on loosely. I brought her hands behind her back and tied them so that each hand was next to the opposite elbow.

"From now until we leave this room, you may cum whenever you want. You do not have to ask for permission. This is your reward for being a good girl." "Thank you Daddy". I pulled her head up and tied the ponytail to her hands. I got the anal hook and lubed it well. I removed her butt plug and slowly pushed the hook into her ass and she moaned. I expected her to cum when I did that. I purposely wiggled the hook and pulled it out a little bit and pushed it back in. She moaned again.

I raised the sawhorse a couple of inches and she was forced to stand up on her toes. She moaned again. "Oh Daddy!" That would add a little extra pressure on her pussy. I tightened the straps on her legs. One more surprise and she would be ready. I grab a set of nipple clamps and put some small weights on them and clipped them on to her erect nipples. She screamed and squirted so hard that I could swear that I could hear her juices splashing on the floor. By this time, I was so hard that it was almost painful.

I presented her with the head of my cock and she began licking and kissing the head. I let her play with it for a few moments before I started to feed it to her inch by inch. As my cock entered her mouth, she started swirling her tongue around the head. I almost came and withdrew to get myself under control. "Please Daddy. I want more." "Don't worry sweetheart, you're going to get all of it". With that, I put my cock back in her mouth and continued to push until I was buried.

She then surprised me by sticking her tongue out and licking my balls while my cock was all the way down her throat. I didn't stand chance. I came instantly, shooting four, five, six wads down her throat. "Oh my god!" I staggered back and looked down at her smiling face. "Did you like that Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart, that was wonderful". "Can we do it some more Daddy?' "We will do it some more. I just need to recover for a while. You stay right there and enjoy yourself, I will be back." I went to the kitchen and got a drink and sat down to read the newspaper.

As an afterthought, I turned on the intercom so I could hear her. I heard her moaning and the occasional, "Thank you Daddy". After a few minutes she screamed. It sounded like she was really having a good time. I sat there for about an hour and read my paper and listened to the noises coming from the intercom. When it started getting quieter, I decided it was time to return.

I was very quiet as I went down the stairs and peeked into the room. She had figured out that she could fuck herself with the anal hook. I watched as she used her sphincter muscles to push the hook out and then pulled it in by moving her bound hands up her back. All the time, her hips were rotating as she rubbed her clit on the edge of the sawhorse.

I watched until she shuddered through two more orgasms and then I entered the room. I could see that she was covered in sweat and there was a large puddle on the floor beneath her pussy. "Have you been enjoying yourself sweetheart?" "Yes Daddy. Thank you Daddy. Thank you." I inspected her body. She had rubbed her pussy raw and her asshole looked as though it had been thoroughly abused. Her nipples were a dark purple and her hands were just a shade lighter. I decided to continue this session tomorrow and began untying her.

When I removed the nipple clamps, nothing happened for several seconds. When the blood began to flow into her nipples, her eyes got big and she moaned, "Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, it hurts! Ow, Ow, Ow! Make it stop. Please Daddy?" I took some of the ointment and massaged it into her nipples. "Oh Daddy, thank you Daddy. That feels better." I untied the anal hook and her hair from her hands and untied her hands.

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Her arms hung limply as I began to remove the hook. As soon as I moved the hook, she experienced another orgasm. Her whole body went rigid and she shuddered. "Aaah" was the only sound as she relaxed again. I removed the rest of her restraints and lowered the sawhorse so that she could stand. She was very unsteady on her feet and I helped her to the spanking bench and laid her down. I massaged more ointment into her pussy and asshole and she rode through two more orgasms.

I carried her upstairs to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet while I ran a hot bath for her. I picked her up again and lowered her into the tub. When her pussy hit the hot water, she had another orgasm. Her eyes got big and she looked at me and said, "I'm sorry Daddy. I couldn't help it." "That's ok sweetheart. You're a little over stimulated right now and that's my fault.

I shouldn't have left you alone for such a long time. You just lay there and relax." "Thank you Daddy." I left her to soak in the tub for a while and when I returned, she was nearly asleep. I warmed up the tub with more hot water and began bathing her.

Each time I touched her nipples or pussy or asshole, she would moan and shudder but she controlled her orgasms. I dried her and put her to bed. She curled up and just before she nodded off, she said, "Thank you Daddy. That was wonderful. I love you Daddy." "I love you too sweetheart." She was asleep in seconds. Since she enjoyed the anal stimulation so much, I decided that I should be enjoying it too.

I was saving her pussy for later but there was no reason why I should not go ahead and fuck her cute little asshole. I gave her a couple of days to recover from her experience in the basement and did not even put her butt plug in. After two days, she came to me and said, "Daddy, can I ask you a question?" "Sure sweetheart, what is it?" "Why haven't you put the plug back in my butt? Did I do something wrong?" "You like having the plug in your ass, don't you?" "Oh yes Daddy.

It feels wonderful. I feel so empty right now." "Well, I didn't put the plug back in because I want your asshole to close up a bit. When I think it has closed enough, I am going to stick my cock in there." Her eyes got big and she got excited. "Really Daddy? You are going to fuck my ass?" "Yes sweetheart." "When Daddy? Can we do it now?" "Stand up and turn around." She stood and faced away from me.

"Bend over." She bent at the waist and her feet were spread about 18 inches apart. I could see both pussy and asshole. Both looked as though they were recovered from her experience two days ago. I could see that her pussy was dripping. I slid a finger into her pussy to wet it and then moved my finger to her asshole. It went in too easily. "Not yet sweetheart, you still need to tighten up a little more.

Maybe in a couple of days, until then, nothing goes in your ass except your daily enema." "Now, it is time for my afternoon blowjob." "Yes Daddy". Without another word, she got on her knees and engulfed my cock. She has learned her cocksucking lessons well. She uses all of the skills she has learned and changes it up every time so that I really don't know what to expect when she sucks my cock.

Lick and nibbling, kissing and sucking, deepthroat, she can bring me to the edge and then stop me cold. She has learned to hold off my orgasm to the point that I sometimes must tell her to let me cum. I love it! Three days later, we had followed our usual routine. I got my morning and afternoon blowjobs and after dinner I bathed her and we retired to the bedroom for her massage. I massaged her as I always did and when I got to her ass, I wetted my finger in her pussy and then slid it into her ass.

"Is it tight enough yet Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart, I think it is. Get up on your hands and knees." I got up on the massage table behind her and began licking her asshole. I had never done this to her before, she squealed and jumped forward. "Oh Daddy! That tickles!" I took her by the hips and pulled her back into position. I continued my oral assault on her cute little rosebud and sunk my tongue in as far as I could. She wiggled her butt and squealed, "Oh Daddy, may I please cum now?" I ignored her request and started playing with her clit while I tongued her ass.

"Oh please, please, please Daddy. I gotta cum! Please Daddy? Now Daddy! Pleeease?" I plant my mouth on her pussy and said, "Now". She exploded, I drank her juice as fast as I could but I just couldn't keep up with the flow and very quickly, I was drenched. I got up on my knees and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips. After a couple of times, I was wet enough and I put the head of my cock against her asshole and pushed.

The head popped into her ass and she gasped, "Oh Daddy, oh god, oh Daddy! Oh, that feels so good! Please Daddy, give me more!" The biggest butt plug she had in there was 6 inches by 2 inches. My cock is 8 inches by 2½ inches. It was a very tight fit and seemed to get tighter and tighter as I pushed in farther.

I was only in about 3 inches when she began to shake and said, "Oh again, I'm gonna to cum again! Daddy, please may I cum again? Pleeease?" I started going in and out with about 4 inches of my cock and said, "Yes". She exploded again and I thought, "How is it possible for one little girl to squirt so much?" She was still in the throes of her orgasm when her arms collapsed and her upper body fell on the massage table.

Keeping my cock in her ass, I took her by the shoulders and raise her up until I could see her face. She had passed out. I held her like that as I continued to gently slide my cock in and out. Slowly, I increased the length of my strokes and I soon had 6 inches up her ass.

"Damn, this is tight!" She was regaining consciousness so I sped up and soon I was pounding her ass pretty hard. "Oh yes daddy, fuck my ass. Harder Daddy! Yes! Oh god! I love it Daddy." She was thrashing around, moving in six different directions all at the same time. She was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. I had lost control and was pounding my full 8 inches up her ass and when she said that, I buried my cock and blew an epic load in her ass.

My orgasm triggered her and she exploded yet again. We both collapsed on the table, completely spent. We fell asleep with my cock still in her ass. We woke some time later. I kissed her cheek and said, "That was wonderful sweetheart". "It was the best ever Daddy". "Let's go get cleaned up and get some sleep". The next morning, I woke up to find her sitting in the position on the floor next to the bed. "What are you doing sweetheart?" "I'm waiting for my punishment Daddy".

She seemed to be excited, she was breathing deeply. I looked down and saw that her pussy was dripping and her nipples were erect.

"What did you do that deserves punishment?" "Last night, when you came in my ass, I had an orgasm and I didn't ask for permission". I laughed and said, "I appreciate your honesty sweetheart but I am the one that decides when you get punished, not you. And I have already decided that I will not punish you for that. It was the first time that I fucked your ass and we both got carried away." "But Daddy, you said that I needed to be punished when I was bad". She seemed to be disappointed.

I thought, "She wants to be punished, she is excited by the prospect". "Now you are going to be punished. Not for last night but for questioning my authority." "Yes Daddy. I'm sorry Daddy. I shouldn't have questioned your decision." I could see her shudder and she was obviously pleased that I was going to punish her. "Go to the basement and assume the position in the middle of the room. I will be there shortly." "Yes Daddy". She went to the basement and I sat there trying to wrap my mind around this new development.

Was she getting off on the pain? Was it the bondage? I would have to figure this out. I thought, "Wait a minute, that time I tied her up and fucked her face there was no pain it was just bondage and she went off like a rocket. Ok, let me test this theory." I went to the basement. "Stand up, keep your hands behind your head and spread your feet apart".

She stood with her feet about 18 inches apart and her hands behind her head with her elbows pushed back. I got my signal whip; I like this whip because it's only about 4 feet long and is easier to control in tight spaces. "You know the routine, count them and thank me each time". She was obviously confused; I could see that she was trying to figure out why I hadn't restrained her.

I swung the whip and was rewarded with a loud 'crack' as the tip caught her just below the ribcage. She screamed, her hands came down and she held the spot I'd hit. I was on her in an instant and grabbed her by the chin. I got right in her face and said, "If you move again, I will double your punishment". She resumed her position and said, "One, thank you for teaching me Daddy". The tears were flowing and I saw a nice welt where the whip had hit.

I stepped back and swung again. This one landed on her left nipple. Her scream was louder than I had ever heard from her.

"Two, thank you for teaching me Daddy". I continued until I had given her ten lashes, watching her the whole time for any signs of arousal. She was a mess, she was crying and there was snot running out of her nose but there was no sign that she had derived any pleasure from the experience. I put the whip down and picked up the ointment. As I began applying the ointment, I said, "I'm sorry sweetheart, but you need to learn not to question my authority".

She said, "I'm sorry Daddy. I will never do it again". I decided that I would test my theory about the pain and bondage. The next morning, I put a pair of padded handcuffs on her with her hands behind her back. She would wear these for a couple of days, after dinner two days later; I brought her to the massage table, removed the cuffs and told her to stand with her hands behind her head. She had already been in a constant state of arousal for two days. Even though she asked 8 or 10 times a day, I would only allow her one orgasm each day.

I began by running a rope around her body just below her breasts. Three times around and then three more just above her breasts. I finished by running the rope vertically between her breasts, tying the top and bottom loops together. Her breasts were now bound nice and tight and bulging out between the upper and lower ropes. Then, I tied her arms behind her back with each hand next to the opposite elbow. As I was doing all of this, I was watching her to see her reactions.

By the time I had finished tying her arms, her pussy was dripping and her nipples were erect. Her breathing was labored and her pupils were dilated. "Daddy may I cum?" "No". Next, I put her hair in a ponytail and tied that to her hands. Then, I put a two foot spreader bar on her ankles and I ran a rope from the bar to the ring on her collar and pulled it, forcing her to bend at the waist.

When she was bent as far as she could go, I tied off the rope. "Daddy may I cum?" "No". I stepped back to survey my handiwork. She was completely immobilized, bent over to the point that her breasts were crushed against her thighs. "Pleeease Daddy! Please may I cum?

Please Daddy?" As she was speaking, I had moved behind her and knelt down. When she finished speaking, I said, "Yes" and buried my face in her pussy. She screamed and exploded in my face. She was cumming and cumming and kept on cumming for what must have been a whole minute. The flow slowed and she collapsed. I caught her before her head hit the floor and eased her down. She lay there, gasping for breath. I reached up to her neck to make sure that her breathing was not restricted by the collar.

As soon as I touched her, she shuddered and had another orgasm. I thought, "Ok, it's definitely the bondage that is getting her off.

The only time she cums that hard is when she is bound". We continued our routine for several more months, which brings us to her fourteenth birthday. The day I fucked her tight little pussy for the first time.

I was lost in thought; I watched as she got out of the shower and dried herself, her breasts jiggle and her nipples become erect as she rubs them with the towel. "I'm done Daddy". "Ok sweetheart, let's go". She followed me to the bedroom and I led her to the bed. I took her by the shoulders and turned her to face me. "It's time for me to fuck your cute little pussy sweetheart". "Really Daddy?" "Yes sweetheart, we are going to do it right now".

"Oh Daddy, I can't wait. I'm so excited! I love you Daddy." "I love you too." Since she likes being tied up, I decided to make this as arousing as possible for her. I bound her breasts. "Now get on the bed and lay on your back." I put a blindfold on her and raised her right leg and positioned her knee next to her elbow and began wrapping a rope around both. I continued wrapping the rope until her forearm and calf were wrapped all the way to her wrist and ankle. I repeated that on her left side.

"Oh, oh, oh Daddy! Can I cum? I need to cum! Please Daddy?" "Not just yet sweetheart. As soon as I finish getting you all tied up, I will let you cum." I tied another rope around her ankle and ran it under the bed and tied it to her other ankle.

I pulled the rope tight, spreading her open as far as possible. "Open your mouth". She opened up and I put a ball gag in her mouth and put the strap around her head. "Ok sweetheart, we are ready to go. From now until we are finished, you may cum whenever you like." Her orgasm was instantaneous.

She screamed behind the gag and her whole body shook as she squirted. I got between her legs and began licking up her juices. I licked her asshole and ran my tongue all the way up to her clit. She came again as I continued licking and sucking. I slid two fingers into her ass and one in her pussy and she came again. After I finger fucked her like that for several minutes, she came again and passed out.


While she was unconscious, I took the opportunity to break her hymen. I pushed two fingers into her deeper than I ever had before. I felt my fingers tear through and I ran my fingers in and out a couple of times. There was a little blood on my hand but not too much.

She was beginning to wake up so I withdrew my fingers and began licking her again. By the time she was conscious, she was approaching another orgasm and did not seem to notice the pain from losing her cherry. I moved up and nibbled on her clit and she went off again. I stopped and let her recover from the half dozen or so orgasms that she had experienced so far.

"You lay here and relax sweetheart, I will be right back." I went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth and brought it to the bed. I gently cleaned up the blood and then laid the warm cloth on her pussy. In order to give her and her pussy a chance to recover a bit, I laid down next to her and gently ran my hands over her body. I slowly worked my way up until I reached her face and I removed the ball gag. "Oh Daddy! That was wonderful. Did you put your cock in my pussy?" "Not yet sweetheart".

"But Daddy, my pussy hurts a little. Why does it hurt?" "Because I broke your hymen with my finger, now it won't hurt as much when I fuck you". I leaned over and kissed her. I started working my way down her body with my hands as I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

She opened up and our tongues met. I sucked her tongue into my mouth as I slid a finger into her pussy. I moved to her earlobe and down her neck and continued fingering her with one and then two fingers. I was gently stroking my fingers into her pussy and I brought my thumb up to her clit. As I slowly worked her up to an orgasm, I moved into position between her legs. I wanted to enter her as she orgasmed. I removed my finger and started sliding the head of my cock up and down between her pussy lips.

She was almost there. I slipped the head of my cock into her pussy and she started her climax. I pushed about three inches into her as she was cumming and started to slowly fuck her. "Damn, this is one tight pussy". I continue to sink a little deeper on each stroke.

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I was only about five inches in when I hit her cervix. The whole time that I was working my cock into her, she was going wild. It was a good thing that I had her tied up or her gyrations would have carried us both off the bed.

She was also being very vocal. She went from, "Oh Daddy!" to "Oh my god!" to "Fuck me Daddy!" and "Harder Daddy!" Her moans and screams were turning me on even more and when my cock hit her cervix, I was tempted to go deeper.

Her last scream was one born from pain so I stopped. I slowly withdrew until just the head was still in her. "Please don't take it out Daddy". I slowly pushed back in, stopping short of her cervix. I got a slow, steady rhythm going and fucked her with about four inches of my cock.

"Oh Daddy, it's so big. I feel so full. It feels wonderful Daddy." I could feel her pussy clenching as she milked my cock. She was building to another orgasm and I could feel my cum rising. I sped up the pace and after only a couple more strokes, I started shooting load after load into her tight pussy.

My climax triggered hers and we rode out our orgasms together. I lay on top of her as we recovered. "I love you Daddy". "I love you too sweetheart". I got up and began untying her. "Daddy?" "What is it sweetheart?" "You didn't put it all in".

"No sweetheart, if I had, it would have hurt you". "It's ok Daddy, you can hurt me". "I don't want to hurt you like that sweetheart. We'll work on getting it all in. It will happen eventually." That was four years ago. She's 18 now, 5' 6", 120lbs and her breasts have grown to a beautiful 36C. She has a great pear shaped ass which she loves to have me fuck. She is mine.

I talked to her about getting on with her life. She wouldn't hear it. She loves me and intends to stay with me forever. Oh, by the way, she can now take all 8 inches of my cock in all three of her holes. Life is good!