Beautiful woman with nice tits teases on cam

Beautiful woman with nice tits teases on cam
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A Wild Night Chapter 1 - Darren & Allyson It was a late friday night, about 6:20. High school had just let out for Spring break, and everyone was going crazy. That nights was also crazy for Darren.


Darren was about 17, in his senior year. Allyson was 16 going on 17, and she had invited Darren to a party that night through a text message. "Hey Im throwing a spring break party tonight. U wanna come?" "Sure, can i invite my friend Tarek?" "Idc. But you should bring some beer, or vodka. somethin like that." "Ok. What time?" "8:00-whenever you guys leave, and sophie is also coming, so i just want it to be us 4." "Ok.

See you then." "Bye ;)" Darren knew that smiley face meant something. Just us four? He thought to himself. She must want something worth while tonight. Darren texted Tarek. "Hey. Allysons having a party 2night. U should come. U got a ride?" "She is? Yeah, I have a ride." "Oh, and sophies going to be there. You might wanna bring some condoms" "Alright man." 7:40 "You guys are already here? Wow." Sophie asked. "Y-Yeah" Tarek stuttered as he saw sophie in a tight shirt.

"We like to be fashionably early." Darren continued. "Oh, you're so funny, Darren." Allyson said, but Darren could sense the sarcasm in her voice. "Let's just sit down for a while."Tarek said. 8:30 "Are your parents home?" Darren asked Allyson. "No, they left for two weeks. They don't know you guys are here." "Well, that's a relief. Now we can bust these babes out." Darren took out the beer.

He handed them around the room to all of his friends. "Nah man, I don't drink." Tarek responded "Suit yourself," Allyson said. "I'm gonna get wasted." Time passed, over several drinks, Allyson was nearly alcohol poisoned. She was a very weak drinker. Darren knew he could take advantage of Allyson, but he Decided otherwise.

Allyson disagreed with this, and made her way over to Darren and sat in his lap. "Kiss me, right now. On my parents' cou-ouch." Allyson hiccuped.

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Darren wanted her. Her soft ass felt great upon his lap, and his dick began to rise. Darren could smell the smell of beer on her breath. He didn't care. He'd liked Allyson for years, and after staring at her Medium-sized ass for what seemed like an eternity, he knew he had to take this opportunity. He locked his lips onto Allyson. He stuck his tongue into her mouth as quickly as he could.

Not once did he remove his mouth, as he made his way up allyson's stairs and into her bedroom, Leaving Sophie and Tarek alone in the living room, watching Shark-filled horror movies. He fell onto the bed with Allyson strapped tightly to him. He finally let go of her lips, and started to take off his shirt. Allyson did the same, and Darren didn't even let allyson finish before he started kissing her once again. Allyson pulled away and took her pants off, revealing her gorgeous purple panties that turned Darren on so quickly.

Darren laid on the bed and allyson mounted him. He slid off his pants and allyson started rubbing his cock through her panties. Darren felt her, wet through her panties, on his dick. She finally let up and took off her panties and tossed them to the side.


As she amounted him, she took the tip of his dick and stuck inside of her, just making sure it felt right. Darren couldn't take the suspense anymore.

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He grabbed her sides and forced her down, him going seven inches in. "Oohw!" Allyson screamed in satisfaction. She started to bounce herself.

Her boobs flew up and down and Darren grabbed them and squeezed. Allyson squealed in satisfaction, but to Darren's surprise, she didn't bleed. Darren wasn't her first, but he didn't care. This went on for several minutes, and Allsyon gave Darren time to recuperate as she unmounted and started kissing him.

He pushed her head down, trying to get a blow job. Allyson, in agreement, kissed his entire body, down to his crotch. She licked the head of his cock, and kissed it intensely She started going deeper and deeper, and eventually she made her way all seven inches down.

This turned Darren on dramatically, and he automatically came as soon as she got to his base. She swallowed. Allyson let up. "Oh my god. That was so. so. Amazing.

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I think, i think I. i-I love you Allyson." "I love you too, Darren. Chapter 2 - Tarek & Sophie Darren and Allyson Made their way up the stairs, leaving Tarek and Sophie in the living room to watch Shark-filled horror movies. Both were silent. About 20 Awkward minutes passed by before Tarek worked up the courage to talk to Sophie. "How about Those sharks, and those people, and that blood?" "Pretty entertaining i guess." "Y-yeah." Sophie soon got bored with the movie, and she asked Tarek something.

"Tarek, I know you want me, so why won't you ever ask?" "I-I uh. I guess I'm just too nervous." "Well, maybe if you asked, you might get lucky." Sophie made her way to Tarek. and laid him down on the couch. She removed her ass-high shorts, revealing her amazingly gorgeous Blue-and-yellow striped panties.

Sophie even knew about Tarek's panty fetish. She could satisfy him without even trying. She mounted him, and without saying a word, she removed his pants.

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His penis began to rise quickly. She grabbed it, and stuck it in between her crotch and her panties SHe began to rub his cock with her panties. Tarek lifted right up and stared at her gorgeous face.


he large breasts nearly blocked it from his view. He locked eyes with her, and they both realized what they were doing. Sophie was reluctant, but it felt so right to her. Tarek couldn't help himself. He demanded sophie to get off of him, and made her take off her panties. She did, and then they resumed. Sophie Only put the head inside of her, just to see how it felt. Then, knowing that this would make Tarek happy, pushed him into herself. Blood poured out of her and onto Tarek.

He was fine with this, but Sophie was in pain. She kept going, because it was a good type of pain. One that she enjoyed. She let up from Tarek, to his dismay. She removed her shirt, revealing her large breasts in her Purple bra.

He reached behind her back, and Tarek said, "No! Leave it on." SHe did, and went down on Tarek.

"Put in in between your boobs." Sophie agreed, and started rubbing his dick with her boobs, and her bra kept them perky. She gave Tarek a boobjob for about 10 minutes, and went on the suck him.

She wrapped her lips around his Dick. She pulsated up and down and stared at Tarek the entire time. "Sophie, I th-think I'm about t-to," "I know." She responded as she took her mouth off. She put it back on and kept sucking. Even she started to enjoy this. This made her excited and they soon locked eyes. This turned Tarek on so much that he came into her mouth. She kept sucking, even after his climax. His penis wanted to cum, but he was all dried out. He almost fainted to this.

FInally, Sophie let up. They both were satisfied. AFter they were finished, Tarek said, "Thank you, Sophie." "It wasn't a problem.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did too." They sat on the couch, making out as the night went on. They were soon in love with each other. Allyson and Darren walked back downstairs, but that didn't stop them. They soon were asleep. Chapter 3 - Everyone "Wake up, assholes!" Allyson screamed in a drunken tone. Tarek barely managed to get on his feet. Everyone was naked in the room, but only Sophie had a bra on. Everyone knew what had gone on in that night, and after everyone was rested, they were ready for more.

Sophie got up, wondering what was going on. Allyson, without words, made her way to Sophie and starting making out with her. Sophie reluctantly agreed, and Darren and Tarek stood there, watching the show. Darren grabbed his cock, as it rose and started rubbing it slowly. Allyson pulled him into the circle and started jacking him off quickly. This was quickly turning into an orgy.

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Tarek walked into the circle and got down on his knees and started licking Sophie's cunt. Tarek didn't feel right about this morally, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. Soon all four of them were on the rug, and allyson, still making out with sophie, pulled Darren's cock into herself. Darren Pulled out and played with her pussy, and started fucking sophie. Tarek got in on the action and stuck himself into her asshole. Tarek kept going, and soon sophie was getting gang banged by Him and Darren.

Tarek Took himself out of her ass and started sticking his hard dick into her mouth. Darren kept going into her. Allyson started masturbating next to us. This was sure to become a cumfest. Tarek, unsatisfied, pulled allyson in closer and made her start to lick his cock as he slid in and out of Sophie's mouth.

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ALlyson did this while still masturbating. After several hours of this, Tarek ejaculated right down into sophie's throat, making her choke.

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Darren pulled out right before he climaxed and stuck himself into allyson's mouth just in time for him to ejaculate right down her throat, leaving the both to choke.

Tears started dripping from their eyes, but you could tell they were still enjoying it.