Special brutal Deep throat blowjob

Special brutal Deep throat blowjob
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Thirty-Five: The Storm Visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com. Friday, September 27th, 2013 Mark Glassner "Sir, I think I've finally figured out how this communication spell works," Sam reported, her round, olive face filled with triumph. Sam is our Vizier, and had been making amazing progress with the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. She had progressed beyond merely translating the Book, and actively applied the information to create new spells.

Her most useful discovery was these amulets that could deflect bullets. And they weren't the only enchanted items or spells she created, such as these incense sticks that when burned make people very biddable. Willow used them to molest pretty girls that came to our charity clinic, looking for biddable girls to serve us once our mansion was constructed. It was a lazy Friday afternoon; Mary and I both needed to relax.

The last week had been busy getting ready for the gun-buyback program in Tacoma tomorrow morning. I sat at my desk in our shared office. I split a desk with Violet, while Mary and Lillian shared another.

Lillian sat at the other desk working on the website for my campaign. The slut was naked, and I admired the profile of her breast.

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Lillian is our webmaster; she had been going to school for an IT degree, and did the coding for the site while Mary, who was quite the artist, did the graphic designs. One of her paintings, Mount Rainier at sunrise, hung over my desk.

I glanced at my wife as she happily painted away, wearing one of my buttoned-down shirts, and nothing else. Her long, beautiful legs appeared beneath the hem of the shirt, and her plump ass rippled beneath the fabric as she shifted her hips. "Really, how?" Mary asked Sam, not turning away from her painting. "I think the focus needs to be a pregnant woman," Sam answered. "As you know, the spell works by using a living vessel as the connector between you." "Yeah, we tried it with my mom," I said.

"You said it had to be a mother. But that didn't work." "Yes, because she wasn't pregnant," Sam nodded. "That's the key. There was this tricky word." I waved her off before she could wander off into one of her explanations.

"So, we just need a pregnant woman?" "We could try my mom," Mary suggested offhandedly. Tiffany and Mary found out they were pregnant within days of each other and both women had been ecstatic. "It won't hurt the child, right?" Sam shook her head. "No, the spell just requires the focus subject to already be intimately attached to someone. And there is no more intimate bond than a child growing inside a mother's womb." "We could use Korina," I suggested hopefully.

We had three pregnant sluts at our disposal. "Or even Violet or April." Mary shook her head. "It's time you bedded my mom, Mark. You've forgiven her for Chastity and now it's time to accept her as your family." I glowered and opened my mouth to argue when I saw Mary look over her shoulder at me, a stubborn cast to her eyes.

I sighed; it wasn't worth fighting over. "Okay, okay, you win, Mare." "I always do." Her grin was impish as she peered over her shoulder at me. "Do you?" I asked her as I stood up and leered at her. "Maybe I should put that to the test." She gave a mock shriek of fear as I advanced on her and she fled the office with a laugh.

I chased after her, catching a glimpse of her hair disappearing into the living room. I went the other way, into the kitchen. Desiree was cooking dinner, wearing a sexy maid's outfit, while Alison perched naked on the counter, teasing her wife.

"Mi Rey?" Desiree questioned as I pushed past her. I reached the dining room in time to see Mary's laughing face as she realized I had cut her off. She turned to race back to the living room, but I caught her arm and pulled her to me. I wrapped my arms around her and pinned her gently against the wall. I stroked her face and stared into emerald eyes that flashed with desire. "I guess I win," I said. "Umm, I guess so," she purred, rubbing my chest. "I'm your helpless prisoner!" Her voice was thick with overacting.

"Please, be gentle, you vile villain." I laughed at how corny she sounded. "Vile Villain?" "Yes, the dastardly Mark, who makes every woman swoon with his manliness," Mary continued, her hand stroking the front of my pants.

"Hmm, his hard, throbbing manliness." I kissed my wife as her hands deftly undid my belt and pants, reaching in to pull my hardening cock out of my boxers.

My hands found her plump ass, naked beneath the shirt. I picked her up, her lithe legs wrapping around my waist. Her green eyes stared into mine as she broke the kiss. "I'm ready to give you your reward for winning," she purred. "I'm all hot and wet, and more than ready for you." "My naughty filly," I grinned as I lowered her onto me. She guided my cock to the wet lips of her pussy. I felt my dick bump into her smooth vulva, slide across her slit, then push into her. We moaned together as my cock sank slowly into her tight, wet depths.

She hooked her arms around my neck. Smiling wickedly, she started writhing her hips, sliding me in and out of her silky depths. I helped her, using my hands to pump her hips on my dick while I kneaded her plump ass. "So tight, Mare," I panted. "I love you so much!" Mary gasped, "Ohh, I love you, too, Mark. Yes, fuck me hard! I need a cum so bad! Make your filly cum with your big cock!" I started thrusting, meeting her writhing hips.

My cock rubbed faster against her pussy's walls as my wife hugged me tightly. Her breath felt warm on my neck and her lips wet as she started kissing and nibbling. I buried my face in the beautiful slope of her neck, licking up to her ear and sucking on her lobe. Her pussy tightened and she nibbled harder on my neck. Our flesh slapped together as we fucked each other harder and harder. "Oh yes, I love your cock!" she panted. "Keep slamming it into me!

Umm, you're gonna make me cum! My horny stallion is fucking me so hard I'm gonna just explode!" "Cum for me, Mare," I whispered in her ear. "Cum on my hard cock. I love it when your pussy milks my dick!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Mary cried and there was that delicious feeling of her cunt spasming upon me.

"Give it to me! Spill your cum inside me, Mark! Umm, my pussy is hungry for your cream! Do it, stud!" I shoved my cock hard inside her, reveling in the feel of her tight cunt, and exploded inside my wife's pussy. "Oh, fuck!" I groaned as I shot three large blasts inside her.

"That was a great reward, Mare." She sighed, still nuzzling at my neck. "It was great. Can you put me down; my arms are getting sore." I laughed and pulled out of her and set her down. "So, I guess you should go talk to your mom." "Oh, we can use one of the pregnant sluts," Mary said in an offhand manner, "if you're really against sleeping with my mom." I sensed a trap.

"No, no, you're right. I need to start accepting her as family, I guess." She kissed me on the lips. "Good. After dinner?" "Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's nothing going on tonight." "There isn't, Master," Violet answered. I jumped, and saw Violet sitting at the dining room table, her laptop in front of her. "Were you here the whole time?" I asked.

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She grinned at me, looking mischievously cute with her young face and pigtails. "I was, and I had a delicious cum." She held up her fingers, clearly sticky with her juices. "I had a great view of your yummy butt, Master. Thank you." "You're welcome," I smiled at her. Dinner was delicious, as always, and I enjoyed a great blowjob from Korina as I ate. The sluts always took turns sucking my cock and eating out Mary's pussy during meals.

Mary enjoyed a nice orgasm from April. Tonight, Desiree made a delicious lamb shish kebab and a rice pilaf. After everyone finished, the sluts cleared the table and Desiree brought out a delicious apple pie for dessert. "Master," Jessica said as she returned to the room. She had slipped out while dessert was being served. "There is something strange going on in Seattle." She slipped into my lap, her caramel breasts jiggling as she moved. I gave her a kiss, and tweaked a dark nipple and she giggled.

She sat a manilla folder on the table and opened it. I saw a picture of Mayor Erikson, the mayor of Seattle, and a woman with purple hair getting out of a limousine. I had met Erikson last month at a meeting of state mayors in Spokane.

He was very supportive of my gun control measures and next month we were supposed to have a gun-buyback in Seattle. "Who's the woman?" I asked.

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"Definitely not his wife. A mistress?" "That's what my source thinks," Jessica answered. "No one knows her name. She's been seen with the Mayor at all his public appearances the last two days." "So?" I asked.

"Other than her weird choice in hair color, what's so unusual about a politician having an affair?" "Yeah, that hair is a bit much," Mary giggled. "What is she, into Anime or something? She looks young." "The problem is that Mayor Erikson is gay," Jessica answered.

"He's been openly gay for twenty years. He and his partner were one of the firsts couples married when it was legalized last November. There has also been a strange death in the Mayor's office. Tuesday night, his assistant, and some say his boyfriend, died of an unknown disease. And since Wednesday he's been seen with this woman." I frowned. "Maybe it's a coincidence?" "Maybe, Master," Jessica frowned. "However, given the capabilities of our enemies, I think we should be wary of any radical changes of behavior or mysterious deaths." Mary bit her lip.

"Maybe you should cancel that gun-buyback in Seattle next month until we know what's going on. Jessica, have 51 quietly make contact with Seattle PD and find out who that woman is." Jessica nodded and climbed off my lap. "Right away, Mistress." As we ate our pie, Mary and I discussed the information. We just ended up going around in circles. All we had was speculation.

We thought Lilith was in Seattle, but we had no proof. Chantelle and Lana hadn't been spotted by anyone since they dropped off Karen's body two months ago. Even when they appeared on Washington State's Most Wanted, no tips were generated.

Mary grabbed a second slice of pie. "Hungry?" I asked her with a smile, tired of worrying about Lilith. "It's your kid that's hungry, Mark," she smiled back, quickly polished off that second piece, and stood up.

"Well, I guess I better get Mom." I stood up as well, kissed my wife and rubbed her stomach. Our child grew inside her. I never thought I would have kids, and now I was going to have four just with the women in this house alone, plus Beth Philips and Vivian Anders and who knows how many others.

Anastasia Milburn, from the jogging club, was pregnant, and it could be mine or her husband's. There were quite a few members of the Church of the Living Gods who weren't sure who the fathers of their children were, either. I headed up to our bedroom and stripped naked and stretched out on the bed and waited.

I was starting to wonder if Mary was coming when the door opened and Mary and her mother slipped in. I smiled; both wore teddies. Mary's was a pale blue and transparent. Her perky breasts were cupped in silk, surrounded by white lace, and her dusky nipples were clearly visible through the fabric.

A blue thong barely covered her pussy, her heart of pubic hair peaked out around the fabric. Tiffany had a scarlet teddy, her sandy-blonde hair falling pale against the vibrant fabric. Her breasts were larger, the bodice also transparent and I could see her hard nipples. Tiffany wore a pair of lacy, red panties that did nothing to hide the blonde bush beneath.

"Hmm, he's gorgeous," Tiffany purred. "My Gift really transformed him." "I know." Mary had the same, hungry look in her eyes as she stared at me. They could be sisters, both young, with heart-shaped faces.

The only differences were the eyes and hair. Mary had emerald eyes and auburn hair, while her mother had sapphire eyes and sandy-blonde hair. "I sent April and Violet to play with Dad," Mary smiled as she stalked forward. "They both dressed up as naughty schoolgirls for him." Tiffany licked her lips. "Too many years teaching those hot, young teenagers really corrupted my husband." Not only did Mary's dad, Sean, still teach at Washington High School, he wasn't the only one going there every weekday.

Missy and her boyfriend Damien were still students, and Damien's sex slave, Mrs. Corra, taught math at the high school. Each had to have two bodyguards to protect them and that took a lot of calls to the School Board, the adminstrators, and the PTA to get straightened out. Mary slid onto the bed on my right, and Tiffany crawled towards me on the left. Both stared at me with lust-filled eyes; tigers stalking their prey. Silken hair brushed my thighs as they crawled closer and closer.

Tiffany bent down and kissed me on the lips and Mary kissed my chin. Both mother and daughter pressed their bodies against me, and ran their hands across my muscled chest. I returned the favor, sliding my hands down their backs until I was cupping a pair of plump asses. Mary moved up and joined our kiss. Our three tongues fenced before I turned and my wife stuck hers into my mouth as her mother licked at my chin. Tiffany followed my jawline to my ear and started teasing my lobe.

Mary broke the kiss and pulled on her mother's blonde hair, bringing her face closer. It was beautiful as I watched mother and daughter kiss above me. "You two are so beautiful," I murmured. They broke their kiss and smiled down at me. "Who's the most beautiful?" Tiffany asked. "Mary," I answered without hesitation. It was the truth; I liked a redhead more than a blonde.

"Umm, someone deserves a reward," Mary purred, and started kissing at my neck. She kissed down my chest, teased my nipple with her tongue, and sucked it into her mouth. Mary sometimes liked to kiss and suck at my nipples, but it didn't do much for me, just tingled a bit. I was happy to let her do it, though. Then she licked lower and lower. Her cheek rubbed against my flat stomach, her auburn hair fanned out across my chest behind her.

"You're a good husband," Tiffany murmured, and kissed me on the lips again. Mary's face was getting closer and closer to my cock, her breath warm on my shaft. She rubbed her face into my brown pubic hair, then I moaned into Tiffany's lips as Mary's tongue slowly slid up my cock, up and up until she grazed the sensitive tip.

I shuddered and my cock jumped in pleasure. Giggling, Mary licked up the shaft from the base to the tip again. This time she swirled her tongue around the head once, before she returned to the base. "Want some help, Mary?" Tiffany asked. "I do, Mom," Mary answered. Tiffany sat up and slipped off her panties. She held them up and I could see a damp spot on the gusset, then she held them to my nose.

"Sean loves smelling my dirty panties," she confessed. I inhaled deeply; she had a spicy scent similar to Mary's. Tiffany laughed, "I see he's not the only guy." "They smell great, Tiffany," I told her. "Umm, then you are just going to love this," she promised. Tiffany straddled my face, lowering her pussy to my lips as she bent down to lap at my cock.

Her pussy was covered by a mat of blonde hair, a darker shade than the hair on her head. I could smell her arousal, and see juices glisten amidst the hair. I rubbed my lips into the silky forest, tasted her spicy flavor as I found her pussy. "Ohh, that's nice, Mark," purred Tiffany as I sucked a dark labia swollen with lust into my lips. "He's the best," Mary answered, her voice full of pride and love. I felt her cheek rub against the side of my cock as her mother licked up the other side of the shaft.

I buried my face into her mother's cunt, licking my tongue through her wet slit.

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Tiffany sucked the head of my cock into her lips and I enjoyed her hum of pleasure. Mary slid down and started to suck at my balls.

She would engulf one, then the other, into her sweet lips and gently played with them with her tongue. I found Tiffany's hard clit and nuzzled my nose into her folds as I sucked at the sensitive pearl.

Tiffany started bobbing her head, sucking hard as she engulfed my cock. She used her teeth, lightly, to graze my cock. My cock brushed the back of her throat and then she slid down my shaft, deepthroating my cock. It felt wonderful inside her tight throat and I moaned with her clit in my mouth; a delightful shudder rippled through my mother-in-law.

"Ooh, you can deepthroat?" Mary gasped in awe. "Wow!" Tiffany slid her head up my shaft, sucking wonderfully the entire time. "Your Mom knows a trick or two," she giggled, then deepthroated me again. I squeezed my mother-in-law's ass, spread her cheeks wide, and I started to play with her asshole. She sucked hard on my cock as I pushed a finger up her tight ass, a low moan vibrating through her throat. My balls erupted from the sudden sensation and she quickly pulled up her mouth to catch the second and third blast in her lips.

I slowly fingered her asshole as I sucked on her clit. I felt Tiffany release my cock and then heard some wet, smacking sounds. They were kissing, sharing my cum.

"Umm, that's delicious," Mary purred, then I heard more kissing noises, and I almost wished my view wasn't obstructed by Tiffany's beautiful pussy. Almost. "Ohh, Mark knows his way around a pussy," Tiffany panted.

"He's had lots of practice." I could just picture the satisfied smirk on my wife's face. I enjoyed eating her pussy out, particularly when we took a shower. "Shoot, I'm gonna cum!" Tiffany gasped. "Oh yes, oh wow!" Delicious honey flooded my mouth as my mother-in-law came. "Oh, jeez! Yes, yes, yes!" She breathed deeply. "That was great, thank you." She slid off of my face and both women cuddled up next to me.

"Shoot?" I asked, looking at my mother-in-law. "And 'oh, jeez?' I've never heard such clean dirty-talk before." "Too long spent in churches," she sighed. Mary licked at my lips and savored her mother's flavor, before she kissed me.

"So, shall we?" Mary asked. "This won't hurt the baby, right?" Tiffany asked, concerned, her hands clutching at her belly. "No, Sam assures us it's safe," I said. "I didn't get the details.

If you let her, she'll ramble on and on about all the technical minutia that just bores the crap out of me. But I trust her." Mary nodded in agreement.

"I wouldn't risk my future brother or sister, Mom." "So, I just say, 'Siyach' when I cum, right?" Tiffany asked. "Yeah," I answered. "While bringing the both of us to orgasm." "You're making it sound so technical," Mary complained. "Mom, just lie on your back and I'll sit on your face and you can lick me to a shuddering orgasm while Mark fucks your pregnant cunt until you explode." "Hmm, sounds good," Tiffany smiled.

"I have grown to like the taste of my daughters' pussies." It had taken Mary's older sister, Shannon, a few weeks to come around and forgive her mother's absence. Missy, on the other hand, had been so excited to finally meet her mother. She had been barely two when Tiffany fell prey to a Warlock, and affectionately rekindled her relationship with her estranged mother. Tiffany stretched out on the bed, breathtakingly beautiful in her red teddy, her legs obscenely spread wide, exposing her furred snatch.

Mary quickly straddled her mother and lowered her bare cunt to Tiffany's waiting lips.

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I loved watching a woman's tongue sliding through another woman's pussy, particularly when that pussy belonged to my wife.

I grabbed Tiffany's legs, lifted her up, and slid a pillow beneath her ass. Mary moaned, thrusting her breasts outward, still encased in the silk of her blue teddy. They looked a little bigger than a month ago, and felt fuller. I loved Mary's breasts, and I didn't mind at all that the pregnancy was making them bigger.

Just meant more to play with! Mary leaned over, grasped my cock, and guided it to her mother's cunt. "Give her a good ride," Mary purred as I pushed the head of my cock into Tiffany's tight cunt. I thrust hard and enjoyed the feel of my mother-in-law's snatch.

Why had I been so stubborn about this? She felt amazing. I gripped her thighs and gave her good, hard thrusts that left her moaning into my wife's pussy. Mary's eyes rolled in pleasure and her lips pursed.

They were red and full and begged to be kissed, so I leaned forward and captured them in a kiss. Mary melted into my mouth, her hand gripped the back of my head as she kissed me back. My right hand let go of Tiffany's leg and I reached under the teddy to caress Mary's stomach. Mary broke the kiss and gasped in pleasure as my hand slid up and started to gently grope her left breast. "Oh yes!" she gasped as I pinched her nipple. "Oh, fuck, that feels great! Suck my clit, Mom!

Oh, you fucking know just how to get me off! Oh, fuck! I'm so horny! Watching you deepthroat Mark made me so wet! Siyach!" she screamed as her orgasm exploded through her, starting the ritual. "My naughty filly," I grinned, fucking Tiffany harder as Mary smiled happily at me.

Mary sighed, "My horny stallion. Make my mom howl in pleasure!" "Fuck yeah I will!" I panted. I pulled Tiffany's legs up, hooked her ankles onto my shoulders, and leaned forward.

I was able to thrust deeply into her tight pussy, pumping away as fast as I could. My mother-in-law's cunt felt like soft silk rubbing deliciously up and down on my cock. Every thrust full of sweet pleasure. I could hear my balls slap against her taint as I fucked her harder and harder. I had to cum! That great need built up inside me.

Closer and closer my orgasm drew, every stroke agonizing pleasure, spurring me to thrust harder and faster. "Siyach!" I gasped as I flooded my mother-in-law's pussy. "Fuck, your cunt is amazing, Tiffany!" I kept pounding her cunt. I needed to bring her to orgasm to finish the spell. Mary reached down and started fingering her mother's clit. Tiffany moaned wordlessly beneath Mary, and I could see a second orgasm growing on my wife's face.

I changed the angle of my thrust, the head of my cock now rubbing along the top of her cunt. Tiffany twitched as I grazed her G-spot. That set her off. I felt her pussy milking my cock as her body heaved beneath Mary. Tiffany shouted a word, muffled by Mary's cunt, and I felt this connection spring up from Tiffany, into Mary and myself.

Mary shuddered, cumming again on her mother's lips and I felt another load of cum shooting off into Tiffany's cunt. My vision blackened with the intensity of it, ecstasy boiling through me and escaping into her pussy. Holy shit, I thought. *Oh, wow, that's wild!* Mary's voice whispered in my mind. *I heard you inside my head!* *You can hear me?* I asked her silently. *Yeah.* "Did it work?" Tiffany asked, breathless.

I pulled out of my mother-in-law, sprawling back on the bed. "Yeah, it worked great." Mary snuggled against me as Tiffany rolled out of bed.

"Great," she smiled. She bent down and kissed Mary and then me on the lips. "Well, I'm going home, you two have a good night." "You're not going to stay and cuddle?" Mary pouted. "Well, that sounds tempting," Tiffany smiled. "But there are two hot, teenage sluts in bed with my husband, and I want to join in the fun." "Ohh, has Dad corrupted you, too?" Mary asked, curious. "Do you have a schoolgirl fetish now, Mom?" "Maybe," Tiffany answered with a mysterious smile. Mary's eyes widened in realization.

"Oh, you've fucked one of dad's students!" Tiffany laughed. "Yep! On Tuesday. I went to see Sean at work, you know, to surprise him with a nooner. I found him balls deep in one of his students. This cute girl named.um.Emily." Tiffany smiled fondly. "She was scared, at first, but I convinced her to eat me out while Sean fucked her pussy." "You dirty slut," Mary giggled.

"Mark once spent an entire day at a high school, fucking every girl he could. Meanwhile, I was stuck running errands for our wedding and having an absolutely terrible day." "Hey, I had to find two virgins," I protested. "I had to search long and hard to find two girls that still had intact hymens." "Oh, I'm sure it was hard," grinned Mary, her hand gripping my cock.

"And once it was hard, it was definitely long." *It's long and hard for you, Mare,* I thought at my wife. A pleased smile appeared on her lips. *Well, maybe I should fix that?* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "This is all your fault, Mark Glassner," Mary complained the next morning as I held her hair back. She opened her mouth to speak, her eyes widened, and she turned back to the toilet to vomit into the bowel.

Morning sickness had been rough on Mary, and this morning seemed particularly unpleasant. "Sorry, Mare. But it was your idea to have a child," I pointed out calmly. She glared at me, her face pale, almost green. "I don't want to hear your excuses, Mark Glassner!" I laughed, which only made her glare harder.

"You look beautiful this morning, Mare," I quickly said. "Liar," she accused, but my compliment helped to mollify her anger. Well, she wasn't really angry, just in some discomfort, and so lashed out at me.

So I used my other hand to rub her shoulder and bent down to kiss her neck. She stood up and I handed her a glass of water and she rinsed her mouth out, then I carried her back to bed and set her down, and kissed her forehead. "Feeling better?" I asked, snuggling up against her.

"No," she sighed. "I don't think I'm up for going to the gun-buyback today." "Sure, Mare." I rubbed at her stomach. "Only eight-weeks old and she is already causing problems." Mary giggled. "A girl, huh? Not a son to take after you?" I snorted with laughter.

"There wouldn't be a safe pussy anywhere in the state," I boasted. "My son would have to fuck them all." Mary smiled fondly. "Well, if it's a girl, what would you name her?" "Chastity," I answered without hesitation.

Mary looked at me; a tear welled in the corner of her eye. "That's lovely." She kissed me gently.


"And if it's a boy?" "Hmm, I don't know," I said, frowning. "I've always thought Quatch was a cool name." Mary smiled and pinched me. "We are not naming our child after that hairy friend of yours!" "Well, I'm out of ideas, what would you name our son?" "Albert," Mary answered.

"Really?" I frowned. What a terrible name. "Have you been talking to my mom?" Mary nodded. "She told me all about her dad, so I think we should name him after your grandfather." "Why not yours?" I asked. I really didn't want to name my son Albert. Grandpa had been a great guy before he passed away from cancer, but Albert was a horrible name. "Mine are both named Mike.

Just like my ex-boyfriend." "Oh, good point." I kissed her nose, she just looked so cute. "Chastity if it's a girl, and it will be a girl, Mary. Or Albert in the incredibly unlikely event we have a son." Mary rolled her eyes. "You need to prepare yourself to have a son, Mark," she laughed. "There's a fifty-fifty chance after all." "Ahh, but the man's sperm chooses the sex," I pointed out. "So I just concentrated on having a girl, so my sperm knew which ones should be making the attempt." "I don't think that's how it works, Mark," Mary sighed with exasperation.

"Sure it does," I boasted. "I asked Willow. She's an Obstetrician, so she'd know." "Liar," Mary smiled. Then her smile faded as her face paled and she bolted for the bathroom, again.

I followed, holding her auburn hair up to keep the vomit out. "You know, I really love you," I told her between heaves. "Otherwise, I wouldn't put up with something this disgusting." "It's your fault I'm vomiting, Mark Glassner!" Mary snapped back. "So just suck it up, be a man, and hold my hair." "Yes, dear," I grinned at her. Afterward, Mary laid back down to take a nap, and I went to get some breakfast. I passed Violet stumbling out of the bathroom, looking just as green-faced as Mary.

April was with her, a teasing smile on her lips. "Oh, it's not fair," Violet complained. "Why don't you suffer morning sickness, April?" "Luck?" she shrugged. "Oh, good morning, Master." "Keep it down," I admonished the pregnant sluts. "Mary's had a rough morning." Alice looked sheepish and nodded, and I kissed her on the lips, then Violet on the forehead, then headed downstairs.

Alison gave me my morning blowjob as I sipped at my coffee and watched Desiree's naked ass as she cooked breakfast. I loved getting a blowjob from Alison, her tongue-piercing added a little something extra that made me cum just a little faster.

"Thank you, Master," Alison smiled, her mouth full of cum. She walked over to her wife and kissed her on the lips, swapping my cum between each other. "Umm, that was delicious, mi Sirenita," Desiree purred, smacking her lips.

"And thank you, mi Rey, for cumming in my wife's mouth." "Oh, the pleasure was all mine," I grinned, and Lillian richly laughed as she sipped at her coffee next to me. After breakfast, I went upstairs to get ready for the gun-buyback. I brought Mary up a tray that held a light breakfast of fruit.

She was still napping. So I left the tray, covered with a cloth, on the bedside table. I quietly showered and got dressed in a tailored, blue suit with a red tie, and my uncomfortable dress shoes. I slipped out of the room, quietly, and walked downstairs. Desiree and Violet were waiting for me, dressed in their office slut attires.

Desiree wore a tight, red mini-skirt that clung to her full, Latin ass; a sheer, white blouse that her hard nipples were clearly visible through; and a red blazer. Violet wore a pleated, gray skirt that barely covered her slim ass, and a red tube-top that clung to her apple-sized breasts like a second skin, her nipples clearly hard as they dimpled the fabric. She wore a gray jacket and her brown hair fell loose about her shoulders, instead of her usual pigtails.

Both wore their gold chokers proclaiming to whom they belonged. Desiree was my campaign manager and Violet was my secretary. We were putting all the sluts to work. Jessica was my press secretary, Lillian was my webmaster, and April was Mary's secretary.

Xiu was in charge of the household: she assigned cleaning jobs, sent sluts on errands to the stores, made sure we had food, etc. Alison was our liaison to the Church of the Living Gods, the group that worshiped Mary and me. Korina was coordinating the construction of the mansion, the foundations of which had already been laid out, and the workmen and -women were starting to raise the exterior walls. It just might be ready by the time our child is born in seven months.

"Are we all set?" I asked Desiree and Violet. "Yes, Master," Violet nodded. "Leah has the limo gassed up and ready to go." Our limo was a specially ordered, armored beast. We bought it from this company down south that specialized in armored vehicles.

The armor on the limo could take all but the heaviest fire. Short of a tank, the limo was indestructible. Leah waited next to the limo, smiling and wearing her chauffeur's outfit. A short, black skirt covered her ass and fishnet-stockings clad her beautiful legs; a white corset pushed up breasts and a red-and-orange tie dangled down into her spectacular cleavage.

A small, black jacket and a chauffeur's cap, perched on the curly mass of her brunette hair, completed the outfit. Both Leah and Rachel had let their dyed-blonde hair fade back to their original brown in the last few months.

It had something to do with their three-way marriage to Jacob; Mary understood it and would get all misty-eyed as she explained, "It's so beautiful how they express their love for Jacob." I didn't get it. "Sir," Leah purred as I walked up; I bent down and kissed her on the lips. Leah's husband and wife were hovering nearby and after we all climbed into the limo, I saw Jacob and Rachel hug and kiss their wife goodbye. Jacob and Rachel worked for us as accountants; between our charity, the Church, and my campaign, money was coming in and going out in all directions and we needed someone to manage the books.

51 climbed into the limo, the Black woman who headed up our bodyguard. She showed initiative the day of the attack and we promoted her to take Chastity's place. Her partner, 47, was second-in-command, and would be staying at home.

Squad A was guarding me today. Right now we had a total of six squads of eight bodyguards each. Squad B and C were staying behind to watch Mary and the neighborhood, Squad D was in Chicago guarding Shannon and George on his business trip. Squads E and F were guarding our planes. Two squad cars led the limo out of the neighborhood and two more followed. Each car had two bodyguards and an AR-15. After the SWAT attack, I wanted to be well armed in case of another assault.

Everyone wore their Amulets that warded them from bullets. I should never have forbidden the bodyguards their bulletproof vests. A few might still be alive if they had been wearing them, and that guilt gnawed at me sometimes, late at night. Well, the Amulets worked better, and I could still have my guard of pretty women in sexy cop outfits.

"Feeling better, Violet?" I asked as the limo took the left onto Shaw Road. "I am, Master," she smiled coquettishly. Even with her hair down, she looked young and innocent. She rubbed at my hardening cock.

"Do you require some relief?" "Yeah," I smiled. I kissed Violet on the lips, her mouth minty fresh from her toothpaste. I heard the metallic rasp of my zipper and her hand fished my cock out, stroking me to full hardness. She broke the kiss, a questioning look in her eyes. "In your cunt," I answered her. She purred, "Absolutely, Master," as she straddled my waist.

I pushed her skirt up and exposed her bald pussy. Her slit was tight and looked girlish without any hair. Moisture beaded on her pussy as she lowered her pussy down to my waiting cock. I groaned as her tight, teenage cunt engulfed my cock and slid down to take my entire length. Violet threw her head back and gasped as she slowly started riding my cock.

I pulled her tube-top down, exposing her small, pink nipples to my hungry gaze. "Yes, yes, Master!" Violet moaned as I sucked her right nipple into my lips. I squeezed her breasts; they felt a little plumper and I wondered how big they would get by the time she gave birth to my child. I hoped they didn't get too big; Violet's small breasts were perfect for her. "Sir, may I indulge?" 51 asked. I released Violet's nipple, looking around the teen at 51 sitting across from me.

My bodyguard's dark eyes shone with lust. She was on duty, so she knew that she couldn't indulge in any sex act without my permission. Desiree sat next to her, nuzzling against 51's dark neck.

"Yeah, Desiree, eat her cunt out." "As you command, mi Rey," Desiree answered in her sultry, Latin accent, slipping down to the floor. "Thank you, sir," 51 gasped as Desiree buried her face beneath 51's short, blue skirt. 51 unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her small, ebony breasts topped with pink nipples. She pinched them between her fingers as she enjoyed Desiree's tongue lashing. Violet was hugging me tightly, pumping her hips on me.

Her snatch was a tight, wonderful vice as she rode me. I squeezed her tight ass and watched 51 writhe in pleasure. Desiree pushed her skirt up and I could see her shaved pussy, dark and swollen with her arousal. "Dirty slut," I moaned as Desiree started fingering her snatch. "Desiree, I want to watch you cum while eating out 51's cunt!" "Ohh, yes, mi Rey!" *Thanks for the fruit, Mark,* Mary's voice suddenly filled my mind, startling me. This new communication spell may take some getting used to.

*You're welcome, Mare,* I sent back, struggling to concentrate with Violet's tight cunt riding my cock. *My mom stopped by and strawberries taste even sweeter soaked in her juices.* *Naughty filly!* God, I wish I was there to see that. I closed my eyes and pictured Mary taking a bright-red strawberry and sliding it through her mother's blonde-furred muff, gathering her spicy juices, and popping it into her mouth.

*So, is it Desiree or Violet playing with your cock?* *Violet's riding me. How did you know?* I asked. I could almost feel her laugh. *I know you, Mark. You're my horny stallion. You almost have to have your cock in a woman's hole 24/7. Well, have fun; I'm feeling better and Mom has a banana shoved up her pussy and I'm feeling a little hungry! Love ya, stud!* *Love you,* I sent back, hoping she could feel my love through the thought. "Oh, fuck!" moaned Violet.

"I love your cock, Master! The best cock in the whole wide world!" "It's the only cock you've ever fucked," I pointed out as she rode me. "No, I fucked Mistress when she had one," Violet panted. "When you were under that spell." I had to laugh at that. Mary told me about the cock, but not about fucking Violet, when I was obsessed with my little sister Antsy. "Maybe she's the father," I teased. "Ohh, maybe. Umm, that feels good!" Violet moved her head and stared into my eyes. "Willow says my date of conception was around that Tuesday.

I fucked you both that day." I thought about that. What if it was Mary's child inside her? I kissed Violet. "I don't care," I told her truthfully. "Either way, your child is part of the family." "I love you, Master," Violet smiled and added a delightful twist to her hips as she fucked me.

I loved all my sluts.

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It wasn't the all-encompassing love I felt for Mary. That love drowned out all other feelings, but I was fond of my sluts. I cared for them. They were mine. And Mary's. "I love you, too, my little, pregnant slut!" "Umm, your slut!" she purred, savoring the word.

"I'm going to cum! Shoot your spunk inside me, Master! I want us to cum together!" "Keep wiggling those hips like that, slut, and I'll fill your pussy with so much cum!" I groaned. "Oh, fuck, your cunt feels amazing!" "My slutty cunt?" "Yeah, your slutty fucking cunt!" I grabbed her waist and shoved her all the way down my shaft and spilled my seed as deep into her as I could. "Yes, yes, fuck yes!" Violet gasped as her cunt spasmed about my cock.

"Oh, thank you, Master! Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was great!" I fucked 51's cunt a wet, pink slit surrounded by her beautiful, ebony skin after Violet, and then I got a great titty-fuck from Desiree as we got off the freeway in Tacoma.

"There's a lot of traffic, sir," Leah reported. "I think the gun-buyback is going to be a great success." "Yeah," I moaned as Desiree sandwiched my cock between her big tits. 51's juices on my cock lubed me up, and Desire furiously rubbed her tits up and down on my cock as we crawled up 9th Street. Even with the lights and sirens of my escorts, climbing the steep hill of downtown Tacoma towards the Courthouse was slow going.

As we passed Commerce Street, 51 gasped and came on Violet's mouth. With a happy smile, 51 buttoned-up her blouse. "I love your tits, slut," I moaned, looking down at Desiree's happy, nut-brown face.

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"I love your cock, mi Rey," Desiree purred, then licked at the tip of my cock. "Fuck!" I groaned and spilled my cum, white upon her brown tits. Desiree smiled, letting the cum run in milky rivulets around her heavy orbs. She didn't bother buttoning up her blouse. She was a slut taking pride in her work and wanted everyone to know it. The Courthouse sat on Tacoma Ave between 9th and 11th Streets, and Tacoma PD had roadblocks at both intersections.

They let our motorcade pass the barricades and Violet made sure I was presentable as we pulled up to the Courthouse. "You look so handsome, Master," she cutely smiled as she straightened my tie. The limo stopped and the huge crowd that filled the square before the Courthouse cheered wildly.

The bodyguards poured out of their vehicles and formed up around the limo before Leah opened the door. 51 stepped out first, her eyes examining the crowd before she would let me out. The bodyguards all had orders—our safety came first. Even if that meant ignoring our orders. When I stepped out the sun was warm on my face, and the crowd erupted into cheers; an almost solid wave of sound rolled into me like surf pounding a rocky cliff.

It was nearing the end of September, and it had been a warm month, but the nights were getting colder and October was just a few days away. With October would come the gray clouds and the never-ending rain of Western Washington. Not until the end of May or early June would the weather get pleasant again.

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I raised up my hand, waving at the crowd. Their cheers flowed through me, filling me with this heady feeling. There were hundreds here, not counting all the news crews that were filming the event. Hundreds of people were clapping and calling out my name. No wonder people got into politics; this was almost the greatest feeling in the world. I smiled, waved, and let the crowd's intoxicating love wash through me.

My bodyguards formed up around us. 51 walked directly in front of me and Violet and Desiree followed, her tits still out and covered in cum.

Behind us, a few Tacoma Cops and Leah drove our motorcade away, to park it behind the Courthouse and out of the way for the day's events. I shook hands as the bodyguards pushed through the crowd. Everyone was reaching out to touch me, and Desiree and Violet, too.

Women were fondling Desiree's breasts, scooping up my cum and reverently eating their God's seed. It was deafening in the crowd, almost overwhelming. Finally, we made it through the square and walked into the Courthouse.

Mayor Bray of Tacoma short and fit, looking younger than his forty-six years shook my hand first. Next to him was his beautiful Korean wife, as tall as her husband, with a round face and a big smile. Her almond-shaped eyes twinkled with excitement and her hand trembled as we shook hands. "My wife, Yoon," Mayor Bray introduced. "My Lord," she said in awe. Another true believer, I thought with a smile.

"My pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Bray," I said, taking her hand and kissing it. She was quite a lovely woman; my eyes roamed her body. "I would love to get to know you better." The Mayor nodded his head. "Of course, of course. Yoon is very pleasant company." I bet she is. My cock hardened, and I kept holding her hand, stroking it with my thumb.

She blushed, her dark eyes twinkling with desire. "I thought your wife, the radiant Goddess, would be here?" Yoon asked. "Something came up that she needed to take care of," I lied. It wouldn't do for the woman to learn her Goddess had morning sickness. A Goddess should be above such mundane problems.

"But she would love to meet you." "I would be honored," Yoon purred. Sheriff Erkhart walked up and I let go of Yoon's hand to shake his. Then I greeted Captain Cumming, head of Tacoma PD.

I knew all the local law enforcements' leadership, they were all under my power. "This was a great idea," Sheriff Erkhart said. "The turnout is incredible." It was a great turnout.

Not surprising since I spent the last week giving live interviews, commanding anyone with a gun that wasn't a cop or soldier to turn them in today. The greatest threat to Mary and me is someone with a gun killing us before we have a chance to use our powers.

Sure we had our amulets, but they weren't perfect. A large enough caliber weapon could overcome the protection and an automatic weapon could overload the amulet after ten or so hits.

"Well, I have to go make the introductions," Mayor Bray said, turning to head back outside. I retook Mrs. Bray's hand, pulling her to me, my eyes raking her body. "Do you want to fuck me, my Lord?" she asked; her body trembled with awe and lust. "Yes," I told her. She swallowed and pulled up her skirt. She wore no panties. "I follow the commandments," she smiled.

"I only let my husband fuck me, normally. But you are my God! Colton will not mind." "No, he won't," I told her and bent her over the X-ray machine that stood just beyond the metal detectors. Her husband was under my commands, and would accept anything I did as perfectly normal, even fucking his wife. Outside, her husband spoke at the podium as I rubbed my dick through the shaved lips of her pussy.

She shuddered in pleasure as I pushed into her snatch. She wasn't as tight as Mary or any of the sluts, but she still felt great as I fucked my cock inside her.

My balls slapped against her clit, adding a staccato beat as I pounded away at her cunt. "Oh my God!" Yoon moaned. "Your cock is heavenly. Umm, this is so amazing! Bless my married cunt, my Lord! Oh, fuck yes!" A hush fell over the crowd, and I glanced out the glass doors of the courthouse to see the Mayor waiting. Oh shit! I was supposed to be out there. Well, everyone would have to wait; Mrs.

Bray's cunt felt too great to stop now. The Mayor frowned, then walked back inside. "Oh honey," Mrs.


Bray panted. "Oh wow, this is amazing! My God is fucking me!" "I see my wife is being very friendly," the Mayor grinned. "She's been so excited to meet you." "I can tell," I panted as Mrs Yoon's cunt convulsed about my cock as she came. "You've got a great wife." "I know," he said, smiling fondly at his wife. "Okay, I'll go stall." "Yeah," I panted. Mrs. Bray's orgasm was still going, milking my cock as I pumped her hard. She kept gasping and panting as her orgasms rolled together, massaging my cock, until I couldn't take the pleasure of her cunt any longer, and I spilled my seed inside her.

"You have a great pussy, Mrs. Bray." "Thank you, my Lord," she panted, adjusting her gray skirt. "Make sure you thank your husband for sharing you," I said. "I bet he would love to fuck your ass." A blush spread on her olive cheeks. "I bet he would, my Lord." The crowd cheered even louder when I stepped out. The bodyguards swept out, forming a half-circle. 51 hung back, standing a few paces behind me and to my left. Half of the guard carried their AR-15's slung on shoulder slings, their hands resting dangerously on the sleek, black weapons as they scanned the crowd.

"Thank you for coming out today," I shouted. "Sorry for the delay, I had a worshiper to bless." I grinned and a laugh rippled through the crowd.

"The number one thing you can do as human beings is to love and respect your fellow humans." I paused a beat. "Love and respect. It sounds simple, but for thousands of years it has seemed impossible to achieve. Human history is ripe with wars, murders, rapes, and atrocities. But today is the first step to rectifying that. We do not need all these guns out on the streets.

We do not need them for protection, anymore. That's why we have cops and soldiers. This isn't the Wild West, this is the twenty-first century!" The crowd roared, buffeting me with sound and I stood firm like the cliff before the pounding sea. On either side of the square, lines were queuing and people were turning their guns over to the Tacoma Police.

Men and women; Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans. For the last week I had been on every local news program, commanding everyone to turn in their guns. Anyone who caught the interviews live would have no choice but to turn in their weapons.

Clean-cut businessmen, frumpy soccer moms, grizzled outdoorsmen, and thuggish gangbangers all stood together. "Today, we take that first step towards utopia!" I shouted. The crowd's roar was deafening and I took in their support. They kept roaring; I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intoxicating power of the moment.

Finally, the cheers died down and I opened my mouth to continue my speech when I heard a low, whoping sound echo through the square. I glanced at 51 and she frowned. The noise built and built. There was a rhythm to the whoping, a reliable beat. I started scanning the skies, it sounded almost like a helicopter. Maybe a news copter? Or perhaps a police copter? The crowd was growing restless, many looking up, trying to spot the source of the noise. The helicopter was black, long, and sleek as it burst over the courthouse, flying low.

A strong wind slammed down on me from the rotor wash and the crowd cried out as the helicopter banked overhead. There was something sticking out of the sides, long, barrel-shaped objects.

Guns, I realized. I recognized the shape of the helicopter from that movie, Black Hawk Down. What was a military helicopter doing here? A second Black Hawk roared over the crowd, banking to kill its speed, and the pair started hovering at either end of the block by the police barricades. I could only watch dumbfounded as ropes dropped down from the copters and soldiers began sliding down the ropes, M-16's slung on their backs. When they hit the ground they moved quickly, taking cover, and aiming at the police barricades.

I concentrated and saw black auras around the soldiers and my stomach sank. Thralls! Every last soldier dominated by a Warlock.


My heart hammered in my chest and I shouted into the microphones, speakers amplifying my voice around the stage, "Soldiers from the helicopters, throw down your weapons!" The soldiers ignored me.

Their weapons loudly barked as they fired at the police blockades. To be continued.