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Two horny german chicks in a wild sex orgy
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Chapter 2 I decided to go sober since last week, so nothing could impair me with what I was going to do. After a full lunch at the diner I walked back home and made preparations. I had one backpack filled with some toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail clippers, a brush and comb set.

I couldn't figure it out, but I swore I was forgetting something in that set. Hope it wasn't important. Also a dozen small books and magazines. I had no idea if this were to work, would I be bored after any amount of time.

My next bag was a military duffel bag filled with spare clothing, a third of its space filled with undershorts and socks, three pairs of jeans, and gray and black t-shirts. I also chucked in a few caps, and lastly a winter blanket. My guitar came next. I latched it closed in its coffin case, one of the few luxury items I ever bought for myself.

I mean this guitar case was just bad-fucking-ass to look at. My last Items I packed with me was my pistol, shotgun, and three boxes of ammo. Never knew. The past few weeks, I've been tying up all my loose ends. At Kell's, since I was a regular, I announced I was leaving town.

As a gesture of farewell I had a free dinner and shots for my last night. At work I've been, in so-so subtle ways, telling folks at work that I was moving out to the west coast.

So the last day of work, I picked up my last paycheck, said goodbye to everyone, and drove home. -- "Okay, this is it." I said to myself. I reached under my bed and pulled out the lamp, then summoned the genie. I quick rub on the side and the genie, like before, formed from the smoke. My heart skipped two beats getting ready for my three wishes.

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"Master, you have summoned me, and I am here to obey." "Yeah. I'm ready to make my first wish." I couldn't suppress the smile on my face if my wish were it be granted to me. My smile was as wide as a kids smile in a toy store. "My first wish. I wash, I mean. I wish to have my own entire planet, to create by my own design, with my belongings." I said as I pointed to my stuff. The genie, clapped his hands together once, then we were in blackness.

It it was not just a blackness, but thousands if not millions or billions of miles of blackness. The genie pulled dust from nowhere and it formed into a ball between his hands. Holding it he "injected" a light from his hand into the sphere, then he handed it to me. "This world, is now at your upmost command." "This small thing?" It wasn't any bigger than a basketball.

"It will form the world at your command. Its size, flora, functions, laws, and every minute detail is for you to decide. Now that your design awaits you, summon me again when you are ready to demand you two final wishes." With that, he returned to his smoke form, and returned into the lamp.

Now I was alone in the darkness with the bigass dust-ball floating in between my hands. "Well shit, now what?" I absently thought back to Williamsport, wondering what I had gotten myself into. Then the dustball grew quickly, and not just grew big, the dustball grew so damn big so quickly, I thought it was going to crush me. The dust then grew grass trees, bushes, dirt roads, the lake and the two fishing ponds, and finished with a matching landscape of town, minus any man-made buildings "Whoa." my mouth hung open at what just happened, but when I looked to the edge of town I saw what only could be seen a hundred miles up in the sky.

A curvature of the horizon. <A planet the size of my home town? Well.> Well as long as nobody was around to hear me say anything weird. "Planet, grow to the size of Texas." The sphere swelled and the curvature began flattening out as the mass of dirt below me expanded. "Damn, that's cool." But I could still see a definite curvature on the horizon.

<Well shit, it's my planet.> "Grow to the size of Earth, and include it's sea's and oceans." For the next half-hour the ground under me, trembled like a small earthquake. When it stopped, I assumed I got what I requested.


The horizon was flat as I would see it normally. "Okay. include all. forms of plant life, of natural order." The ground below me began to change.

From trees, and bushes to vines and flowers. As far as my eyes could see all around. I've never seen a tree grow so damn quick before. Within minutes, a forest of Ash trees grew as if it had taken thirty years. My day, went on. The great and small land masses, the shallow and deep bodies of water.

Trees and vines producing fruits of all kinds. The ponds and lakes nearby me were so clean, I could just drink straight out of them. Perfect snow-capped mountains decorated the west.

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-- It's been a week since I arrived, and now I'm taking advantage of my newly gained freedom. My shotgun. Using a hacksaw I brought with me, I cut the barrel off up to the magazine tube. No matter how insignificant this was, the fact that I wouldn't be arrested, or prosecuted was enough to set myself to cloud-nine. Thinking back I probably shoulda brought my AK-47 I got for my birthday when I turned 19, but I honestly wouldn't know how to turn that into a machinegun even if I wanted to.

I was never fond of the thing either, but I took it out of the box every once in a while and destroyed a few empty beer cans with it, but that was about it.


-- Time went on, I'm in my third week of perfecting my own world. I'm sitting under an apple tree chewing on a nice crunchy apple, and a collected batch of cherries. My food comes just by finding a tree and reaching for it, and it grows back the following week. Virtually no work at all. One downside I figured out yesterday though, was I forgot to pack my shaving razors and foam with the rest of my stuff. Oh well, fuck me. I'm watching a batch of those mean, bad-ass, lookin' dinosaurs I saw in the Jurassic Park movie, the Raptors, drinking water at the same lake by a heard of mustang horses.

My dinosaurs were vegetarians. For every amazing thing made, their was another thing. -- Two months later it must be May back home, and that was when it hit me, to where I had to say it out loud.

"I didn't file taxes." Even just saying it was awesome. "I don't have to pay taxes!" I said louder, with a long smile on my face. A verbal declaration of fact. For years back home I remember horror stories of people being arrested for not paying the fed-taxes. Even heard a story of a kid taken by an agent and had a gun pressed to his head to confess before he went to trial. I felt sorry for the fella back then. Right now through I was in paradise.

-- Another four months have passed. I'm sitting on a rocky hillside, overlooking a expansive grassland with grazing bison, and soaring hawks and pterodactyls over above me. For all it's worth, my world is perfect. I decided winter would only be five weeks long, Spring and Fall two months, and Summer would be the remaining seven months.

Lands, more or less, matched geographically what they would be back home on Earth. But one thing was missing. People, I haven't talked to another human being since the genie left into the lamp awaiting my next two wishes. <Could I?> I wondered. It would certainly be pushing my luck.

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I wonder. <Would I be admonished for it? Well, why not? I've willed into existence dinosaurs. So why the hell not?> I remember my comics and the movies I've watched in my life. Okay, so I was a little nervous attempting what I was thinking of. "Well, ya never know unless you try right?" I said to myself.

"Okay, lets do this." I paused and looked behind me as I stood up, thinking how strange this would be if I were back on Earth. "Uhh.Produce a population of human and anthropomorphic women." A moment passed.

then I waited another moment. "Umm." I scrunch my eyebrows down wondering- <Where are all the women?> I look behind me, then make my way to the top of the hill, to see if anyone appeared. The Bison got a nice show out of my expense, as they just looked at me.

"Nothing. Oh fuck, what now?" I turn to look in all directions to see if anyone appeared. "Oh fuck me. Don't tell me I'm stuck here alone forever!" It was almost night, so rather than beating myself up, just went home.

My home was a dug out hole in the side of another tall hill, not far away. Inside the walls were reinforced with stones and held together with mud, ivy-vines, and tree-sap. The hole was high enough for me to stand upright without hitting my head on the roof, and twelve feet wide, big enough to store all my belongings. My bed was a raised dirt-mound covered in leaves and vines. Despite it looks, it worked.

As the rest of my world also settled to sleep for the night, some of my last thoughts that night were- <Man I could go for some whisky right about now. I'd even drink that lemon-beer shit. Should've at least finished the last of whisky in the icebox.> I had dreams that night.

I was back at the June's Produce, Me, June, and Howard are sharing a tequila bottle and playing darts, on Heidi, who had a pig mask on her face. As June described her, she was a rotten bitch.

The only reason June couldn't fire her was because Heidi was so damn good at records-keeping, and doing the state and federal taxes. June saved thousands of dollars because of her, but skills aside nobody liked her outside of her family, and life long school friends.

Howard was a nice old guy in his seventies. A Korean War vet in the navy, the kind of guy who, in his younger days, would drink a bottle of Jack in a one-day-weekend.

Well the dream ended and I woke up. I was sorta expecting to find a beautiful woman sleeping beside me. Nothing. <Well I do have two more wishes.

I can do something about my companionship problem.> "Food first." I pointed myself out, and headed to a group of pear-trees. The past few months I've got pretty good at climbing trees to get what I wanted. Walking past a blackberry patch with a bunch of little birds chirping away, I saw something. <What is. what is that?> Curiosity took me to what I saw. I walked closer and closer, and saw from the backside at first. A woman, her skin was a blemish-less coco brown, her clothing, or lack of, was a few wide leaves tied together tied around her hip and another few draping over her shoulders to the middle of her waist.

But what really grabbed my attention were her ears. Her long, white, fur-covered, bunny ears. Nested on her head was straight, neck-length white-blond hair. She hasn't seen me yet, but she is absolutely beautiful. I've never been nervous around women in general, but beautiful women, like what I was seeing, did make me a little nervous.

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I walked a little closer, then her right ear twitched followed with her standing up, and turned to see me. We just looked at each other for a moment, unsure what would happen next.

"Well hello." I said. ".hello." She answered. Her voice was distinctively Scottish. She took a step forward. <Awkward moment. What the hell do I do now?> "What are you?" She asked me. "I'm-" I stopped in mid-sentence as she looked at me waiting for an answer. "I'm Shawn." She gave me a wide eyed look. "I'm King Shawn. of New Texas." <Wow that sounded lame.> I thought to myself.

Despite how odd it sounded to me, the rabbit-woman took it in as truth. She walked up to me, and looked at me closely. She immediately noticed my clothing was much different than hers.

Her dainty little hands pressed on me, feeling my arms, then my back, my chest, then my face. She was, I guess, interested about the hair on my face. My sideburns, beard, and mustache. "Why do you have fur on your face?" She asked me. "Because, I am a man. I naturally do this." It dawns on me, that sounded really fucking lame. She gives me another look-over, and takes a step back.

"Can I show to the others?" "Others, There are more like you?" "Uh-huh." "Umm, sure." I'd like to see where this takes me. She smiled. "Follow me. I'll take you to them." "'Right." Into the woods we went, me following the rabbit-woman. She looks over her shoulder to see if I'm still following her every once in a while. I'm keeping an eye on that cute little rump of hers with the little white cotton-tail sticking out of the waistband of the tied leaves that formed the skirt.

The area of the woods we go through, isn't new to me. Pine and Pomegranate trees grew wild here. After, I don't know, thirty or forty minutes? I see a clearing up ahead, but I also see people in it. Lots of rabbit-women, aged between mid-teens to mid-thirties, but not only like the dark-skinned one leading me. Some were white and varying hair colors, Some were brunettes, most of them were red-heads, only five or so blonds.

Even more interesting, were some of the women weren't just like the woman leading me. Some had full-body-fur and further animal features, but just human enough. Being lead further in the middle of them all, it wasn't long before I was surrounded by these rabbit-women.

The first one I met by the blackberry patch, was doing all the talking, while I admired the the sight around me. Women of every quality of beauty all around me. Apparently being topless didn't bother most, or any of them. My heart was skipping rope, and my mind was a cloud of. well I'm not sure what to call it, but it was something else. My dick decided after all this time to act on its own, and swelled in place, but it didn't really show since my jeans were a relaxed fit.

Hell I've stuck beer cans in at the movie-shows and no one noticed. My dick was no beer can in size, but right now, it sure felt like it. <Calm down Shawn, you've naked women before at the titty-club. It's no different than that.> "Please come with us." Another woman said, a red-head also topless, and perfect medium breasts. I'm not good with numbers, and as far as bra sizes, for me it came down to, flat, small, medium, large, extra-large, and anything bigger than extra-large was, DAMN!

I was being lead by two women by each arm, under a tree where all the women gathered around me. Sitting down in the shade, began the questioning. The topless red-head took control of the first questions.

"So what are you?" "I'm King Shawn." I restated as before. "What's a King?" She asked again. Here would be the turning point of the rest of my life.

"You don't know?" They all shook their heads or gave soft reply's not knowing what a King was. <I hope I can get away with this.> I thought before speaking again. "A King is a man, who holds ownership to all the land, supported alongside by the subjects living on that land, under the King." I said as calmly as I could.

"So what are subjects?" Another black-haired orange-furred woman asked "You're my subjects. All of you." <Man, I'd be arrested back home doing this.> "What does a King do?" The topless red-head asked.

"Anything he wants. The King has sovereign authority above all others, subject under him. I can make laws that are the supreme law of the lands and waters around me." <Please tell me they bought that.> The women all looked at each other for a few moments. <Oh please, tell me they bought that.> "How do you have this "authority" over all?" The red-head asked again. "And what's "sovereign"?" A white-haired, black-furred woman asked.

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"I can answer both your question. Sovereign means, Highest authority. For example, I can pick up 'this' stone, and I don't have to ask anybody permission to do so.

I can also drop it, or even throw it anywhere I want. I can decide to wake up from bed and walk over the mountains, just to drink water from a pond over there, but I don't have to ask permission from anyone else. I can do nothing all day but sleep in my bed, and again I don't have to ask permission to do so. I can walk back and forth, back and forth on the other side of the lake without any good reason whatsoever. That's being sovereign.

That's what I am. A sovereign King of New Texas." "Where's this nutexsus?" A caramel-furred, hip-length blond-haired woman asked. I noticed they way she said New Texas, was as if it were one word. "This is. The ground we sit, stand, and live on is New Texas." After a few moments the topless red-head asked the next question.

"So if we're subjects under the king. what do we do?" "You basically do what the King tells you to do, and that would be me. Now, If I were not here, you're left to your own construction. You can build shelters, find food for yourselves, and other things. You are left to your own decisions. But when I'm here, you perform duties as usual, but includes, among other things, finding and fixing my meals, and. providing me your bodies in recreational sex." That's where I pushed my luck to a peak.

I swear I felt molten lead drip out from my skin in place of sweat. I was almost certain that they'd call me out on my remark, then it'd be game-over. For a few moments all the women looked at each other, sorta seeing if they approved with each other. One by one and a few moments later, the topless red-head woman answered. "Oh, okay." Someone tugged on my shoulder from beside me.

It was a petite little girl, with curly-black-locks of hair, and a tied leaf skirt around her hip "What's recrea-tional?" She struggled a bit on the word. "That just means, to do something fun, or to just have fun." I said with a humble smile. <Well, looks like I'm good.> I thought in relief. All the fair young ladies around me, began to chirp-up in conversation, as well as laughing a little.

They started hanging on my every word, as if it was divine knowledge. Someone else tugged on my other arm, and I turned to her. It was the first girl I met by the blackberry bushes. "Hmm?" "What's sex?" Still everyone was paying attention to me. <Aw, you gotta be shitting me.> To Be Continued.