Hardcore Anal Für Einen Großen Arsch Weißes Mädchen Layla Price 05

Hardcore Anal Für Einen Großen Arsch Weißes Mädchen Layla Price  05
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Monique, Renee and I were returning from study group one night and, as usual, we stopped at my dorm room first. I opened the door and let out a loud sigh. Horace was sleeping on my roommate's bed. I glanced at my friends and pointed inside, and they took a look. They didn't know Horace, but I had spent the last couple of weeks complaining about him.

As if having a sloppy, loud, obnoxious roommate wasn't bad enough, her boyfriend was always over, and they were always fucking.


Morning, afternoon or night—didn't matter. If they weren't sleeping they were fucking. I wasn't jealous, but he was just as annoying as she was. The RA was dragging his feet about getting me reassigned, so until I heard from him there was little I could do. "That's him?" Renee asked.

"Yeah." "He kinda cute," Monique remarked. "Ehhhhhh," I replied. "You should fuck him. That's how I got back at my ex-roommate," Monique suggested. "Nah, wouldn't make her move out. He wouldn't tell her," I said, leaning against the hallway door. "And if I told her she might clean the toilet with my toothbrush or spit in my juice or something.

But if you wanna piece, go right ahead." "Hell yeah, I'll have a bite," Monique said, stepping inside. "Wait," Renee said, grabbing her arm, "I got a better idea." "What?" I asked. Instead of telling both of us, she pulled Monique towards her and whispered something in her ear. Within seconds they were all smiles. She turned away from us and walked towards the stairs.

"You sure you got two pairs, right?" Renee yelled after her. "Yeah, bitch." "What y'all up to?" My curiosity was tickled. "Just havin' a little fun, you'll see. Stay out here for a minute." The two of us chatted in the hallway for a couple minutes with the door closed.

Monique returned quickly and looked at Renee. "Got 'em." "Good." Without saying anything else, she walked in my room.

I followed, and Monique came in last, closing the door behind her. Renee slowly walked over to Horace and lightly slapped him on the jaw. "Hey," she said aloud. We waited for a response.

None came. "Has he been drinkin'?" I asked. "I don't know. He dead, though." Without turning away from him, she extended a hand to Monique, palm side up. Monique opened her bag and pulled out a pair of unlocked, fur-lined handcuffs. She handed them to Monique, who walked to the foot of the bed.

I was speechless. She locked one end around Horace's ankle and locked the other end to the side of the footboard. Before she even finished, Monique produced another set, the twin of the first pair, and Renee locked Horace's other ankle down.

After that Renee did turn around, because Monique was fishing around in her bag. "I know they in here somewhere…" Finally she whipped out a third, smaller pair, which were lined with black velvet instead of pink fur.

She produced a small key, unlocked them, and handed them over. Renee took them and shackled Horace's right arm to the headboard. He stirred a little bit, and the three of us froze, waiting to see if he would wake up.

His lack of mobility didn't affect his sleep, and after failing to change positions he stopped and went back to sleep. "Give me the hat next," Renee said quickly. Monique pulled out a Nike skull cap and Renee pulled it down over Horace's entire head, blinding him.

Afterwards she looked around the room and grabbed one of my roommate's scarves. Quickly she tied up Horace's last remaining limb and stepped back to admire her work. The three of us giggled at the sight.

Horace looked like a complete idiot.

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The hat was the clincher, though—we couldn't stop laughing at it. Renee and Monique pulled out their phones and snapped pictures, but when I tried to do it Monique stopped me.

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"You don't wanna do that," she advised. "Why not?" "In case." "In case what?" "Just trust me." Half a minute later Renee walked over to Horace and started fumbling with his pants.

The smile on my face disappeared instantly. "What you doin'?" I asked, growing more uncomfortable by the minute. "I'm checkin' it out. Stop bein' so damn scared and get over here." I walked over to the other side of the bed, never taking my eyes off of the skull cap. When I got next to her, Renee handed me her phone without saying anything. I took it and watched as she unzipped Horace's pants and reached inside. She didn't pull out his dick right away, but we could see her hand moving inside.

I was too nervous to be entertained, but Monique was laughing and taking pictures the whole time. I held Renee's phone up and started snapping away.

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When she did pull his cock out, Monique and I dropped our cameras and stared. Renee did, too, even with her hand wrapped around it. Horace was thick and easily eight inches or more, even though he wasn't fully hard yet.


I saw Renee's chest move up and down as she took a deep breath, and Monique's mouth was open. "Damn." "Damn." I wanted to say the same thing, but I couldn't. I was scared, just like Renee said. I was positive he would wake up, and my roommate could be home at any time. Renee was stroking Horace, trying to get more blood to flow into his half-boner. She tickled the underside of his head with her fingertip, and it seemed to jump a little. I kept taking pictures, looking over at the door and at Horace's covered face in between every shot.

"Touch it," Renee said. "I—" "Just do it." Since we all knew I kind of wanted to anyway, I grabbed his dick. It felt thicker than it looked. I gave it a few strokes and felt the tingle of arousal jump up in me. Not wanting to be left out, Monique took Renee's place and played with Horace's dick for a bit.

I handed Renee her phone back and she began taking more shots. He seemed to be really hard then, and inexplicably still asleep. I'd had my fun for the night, but watching them play with him was still great. Monique was the first one of us to take it to the next level. She unfastened his pants completely and pulled them down. Pre-cum had started running down the side of his dick, running down over her fingers.

Monique took her hand and wiped it off, then licked the tip of his cock clean with her tongue. "I got that one," Renee said, looking down at her camera. I didn't know what to say. Monique didn't even know this guy; ditto for Renee. I barely knew him myself. Still, though, this whole thing was so daring, so filthy, that I was still excited. Maybe only excited to see what they would do next, but excited all the same. "Do it again," Renee said lowly. Monique stroked Horace's dick rapidly and again licked the tip, leaving a tiny line of spit/cum that formed and broke so fast you would have missed it if you blinked.

Then, only seconds later, she put the head in his mouth and left it in for about five seconds. "My turn," Renee said. She put her phone in her pocket and bent over the other side of the bed, next to me.

She, too, put the tip of Horace's dick in her mouth, leaving it in slightly longer than Monique. She took it out and started jacking him before Monique reclaimed it, licking his dick up the side and kissing the top. And then it went back to Renee, who finally did what they had been dancing around since we walked in here—she put half of Horace's cock in her mouth and gave him a few good sucks.

It was on then. Monique didn't want to be outdone by Renee. She took the dick back and buffed it even longer, and she made it look good to boot. I felt my panties dampen while she sucked and licked his dick. I'd never watched someone do it right in front of me.

And—surprise, surprise—it was turning me on. Renee crawled in between his legs and took over, sucking his dick rapidly right up the middle. She looked like a porn whore. After thirty seconds she handed it back to Monique and turned to me. She stared for a long moment, then beckoned for me.

I didn't say no. I leaned over next to her and watched Monique expertly slob that dick up. When she was done she backed off sloppily and let his spit-soaked dick flop back on his stomach. Trembling, I leaned forward and grabbed it. It was slick with spit, but I opened my mouth and put it in all the same. I gave it a few slow, languishing sucks before popping it out and handing it to Renee. There. I had sucked him. They couldn't tell me I don't have a wild side again.

The dick went from Renee to Monique, then back to me.

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I gave it a few more sucks just to be a good sport, but when I tried to pull it out Renee grabbed my head and pushed me down on it, almost making me gag. She left me like that for about eight seconds before letting me up for air. "C'mon, get on it," she mumbled, tired of my lack of enthusiasm. I took it back in on my own after that and gave a little more zest. I still wasn't as enthralled as the two of them were, but I did a lot better than before. Perhaps too well. As soon as I stopped, Horace moaned and twisted in the bed, pulling against the scarf and handcuffs.

We all stood and watched as he slowly sprang to life, trying several times to pull his hands to his face. "What—what the fuck?!" In a panic he struggled against the chains, but they held.

"Deanna! Shit, what the fuck is this?! Deanna!" Bound and blinded, I know he was scared to death. He didn't know that he wasn't alone. Even though we woke him up by polishing his dick, he must have though it was just a dream. Renee looked to me and put her finger to her lips, indicating she wanted me to keep quiet. I did. While Monique and I backed away to the door, she crept closer to him, finally putting her hand on his chest and rubbing it.

Horace shook when she touched him. "Who is that? Let me out!" "Shhhhhhhh," Renee whispered. "Deanna?!" "Nah, this ain't Deanna." She reached down and grabbed his dick, which had started to soften a little.

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"Ah, shit, hell nah, I don't like this! Who the fuck is this?!" Renee didn't answer. She put a knee on the bed, bent over him and put his dick back in her mouth. "Ah, fuck!" Horace said, moaning slightly.

Unbelievably, Renee went to work on his dick again, giving him a blowjob that rivaled anything you might have been impressed with before.

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When Monique and I moved to get a better look I got horny again watching her work that dick. She had no gag reflex—Horace's dick slid effortlessly into her throat whenever she wanted. She was fast, knew how to lock her lips, and did things with her tongue that every woman should know. As for Horace, he strained, he thrashed, and he swore…at first. But once Renee started bobbing her head up and down on his dick, all of that fight left him.

He calmed down and dropped his hat-covered head on the mattress, humbled and defeated. None of us could see his face, but we didn't have to. He chest heaved up and down, and he still moaned, but other than that he had given up fighting her. About three minutes later Horace's upper body shot up suddenly. He stayed like that, straining while Renee kept her up-and-down action going strong.

It was obvious that he was cumming. He raised his lower body slightly off the bed, pushing Renee's head up with it. She stopped, leaving 100% of his dick inside, and there was a weird, silent pause while he exploded in her mouth.

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At first I couldn't figure out why she wasn't moving, but I figured it out. Renee is something else. Horace dropped his groin back to the bed and breathed heavily through the hat, so hard I thought he was going to die. Renee was still locked on his dick like a leech—it took ten more seconds before she spit his dick out.

There was no dripping. I mean none.

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Renee had swallowed all of it. When I looked down at his dick it was as clean as a whistle. "Huh huh huh huh…" was the only thing that broke the silence as she stood up over him. "Tell me it was good," Renee said softly. "Who…who are…who are you?" he said weakly, still trying to catch his breath. "You wish I'd tell you, don't you?" she taunted, pulling a bunch of keys out of her pocket.

"Maybe next time you'll keep the door locked." "It…it was." "No it wasn't." Renee walked over to the side of the headboard where Horace's hand was tied and loosened it a little. Then she dropped the handcuff keys on his stomach and motioned for us to leave. "If you pull hard enough you can get yo' left hand free.

The keys to the cuffs are right there." Horace turned his head towards his left hand and began to pull. Before Monique and I walked into the hallway I could see the scarf start to unravel a little. "You taste good.

Maybe I'll do you again someday." And with that she closed the door. The three of us went upstairs to Monique's room and closed the door behind us. Needless to say, by the time Horace freed himself and dashed into the hallway to find his mystery dicksucker, we were already safely out of sight.