Kimiko isogai 64 Jahre alte japanische Oma

Kimiko isogai 64 Jahre alte japanische Oma
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The Slutty Mermaid: A Little Mermaid Parody for Adults By: Plugged_In_To_Life The Little Mermaid and all its characters are property of Disney and all other affiliates.

This scenario is mine. Chapter One: Punishment For Being Late Ariel quickly swam back to her home, knowing she would be in for a serious punishment. She had completely forgotten the concert and her big debut today.

Beside her, Flounder swam along looking very scared and trying not to look conspicuous. As she entered the palace, Ariel swam into the throne room where her father Triton and Sebastian were waiting for her.

Flounder remained at the entrance, not wanting to be a part of what was to come. Ariel approached the throne with trepidation and a little excitement. She always secretly enjoyed this part of existence. Triton let out a big sigh and began to lecture Ariel. "Oh I just don't know what we're going to do with you young lady." Ariel tried to look apologetic. "Daddy I'm sorry, I just forgot." Triton began to look angrier. "As a result of your reckless behavior…" Sebastian peeked out over the top of Triton's crown and glared down at Ariel.

"Carless and reckless behavior!" Triton paused then continued. "The entire celebration was…" While trying to search for a word, Sebastian cut in angrier than before. "Well it was ruined. That's all.

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Completely destroyed. This concert was to be the pinnacle of my distinguished career." Sebastian looked burdened by the enormity of his predicament. Then he lunged at Ariel with anger burning in his small eyes.

"Now thanks to you I am the laughing stock of the entire kingdom." Triton rose from his seat and gestured to Ariel. "Come to the back room and we will commence with your punishment." Ariel was taken aback.

Her punishment was always performed right in the throne room. She always got a ten-minute spanking from her father and then a stern talking to. She did her part to wail and scream when he spanked her, but honestly, it just made her horny.

This was totally new, and she was unsure what she should do. Triton glared at her and raised his hand as if to slap her. "DIDN"T YOU HEAR ME? I SAID GET YOUR ASS BACK THERE!" Scared and totally caught off guard by her father's harsh tone, Ariel nodded mutely and hurried to the door behind the throne.

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Ariel had never been in this room before, and when she caught a glimpse of the objects in the room, she nearly collapsed. A table occupied the center of the room, and on it were sets of chains occupying each end. There were rows and rows of strange objects on the wall, most resembling a short rod.

Ariel had a nagging feeling she knew what they were. She had a similar rod in her room that she used to masturbate at night. Turning she saw her father in the doorway with a strange expression on his face. Ariel looked up at him with a frightened expression on her face. "Father what is all this? Why did you bring me back here?" Triton smiled and raised his trident. "You will find out soon." Suddenly something grabbed Ariel from behind.

Looking down, she saw that the chains from the table had come to life and grabbed her. They seemed to be made of a strange rubbery material almost like a sea sponge except they were grey and shiny.

Then the chains began to drag Ariel back towards the table. Ariel tried to struggle against the chains but to no avail.


Triton laughed and grinned. "Those chains are made from a rare sea sponge called Sea Iron. They are as strong as metal, but can be controlled by me. You can't escape." Ariel kept trying to struggle never the less, but it did her no good.

She was dragged onto the table and she felt the chains tighten, pinning her to the hard cold surface. Triton leaned over her and began running his eyes over her with obvious delight and lust.

Ariel struggled against her bonds and tried to plead with her father. "Daddy please stop! Why are you doing this?" Triton looked down at Ariel with a savaged expression on her face.

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"Why? For three reasons actually. One is that you have been acting out of line for some time now and all you have received were spankings. Second is because you just turned sixteen and you are due for the royal ritual. Third is because you have no man of your own, so I may do whatever I wish since you have turned sixteen." Ariel looked up at her father confused.

"What ritual?

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What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about the ritual that all mermaids must go through when they turn sixteen without a man. You have not entered into womanhood on your own, so I am required by law to take your virginity and introduce you to a man if I wish.

And I'm not sure I want to." Triton leaned down and began to lick on Ariel's stomach causing her to squirm and let out little moans of protest.

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"You know, you look just like your mother. I think I might keep you as a royal concubine." Ariel knew what that was and she did not like the sound of that. "What? But I'm your daughter! You can't make me your concubine." Triton sneered down at his daughter and laughed. "Of course I can.

I'm the king. You are whatever I say you are and right now you are my slut." With that Triton reached down and tore the shells off of Ariel's breasts. Her breasts bounced slightly in the water and her nipples stood out from her body.

Triton grinned and reached out for one nipple and began to rub it between his fingers. "Aaaaahhhhhh&hellip.daaaadddyyy plleeaaase uuuuuhhhhh&hellip. nnooooo…" Ariel tried to fight the sensations coming for her taut nipple but she couldn't deny that if felt good. Then Triton leaned in and began to suck on the other nipple. Ariel arched her back out towards him as far as the chains would allow. "Aaaaaahhhhh…oooooohhhhh&hellip.daaadddddyyyy&hellip.wwwhhyyyy&hellip.ddooonnn't……ssstttooopppp&hellip." As Triton's fingers and tongue worked on Ariel's nipples, she tried her best to overcome her sexual urges, but they beginning to win.

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Then Triton moved his hand down to her tail and parted the scales covering Ariel's pussy and began to rub her clit. "AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Ariel couldn't contain the scream that came out of her mouth then. All of the sensations combined were working havoc on her mind, and she was beginning to get really aroused by the attention. Deciding to give in for now, Ariel lost herself in the moment. "AAAHHHH OOOHHH OH DADDY DON'T STOP! IT FEELS SO GOOD DON'T STOP!" Triton grinned to himself.

He knew that Ariel would give in. He wasn't blind. He had seen her flirt with all the mermen in the palace, then go up to her room to masturbate. Ariel seemed to have just as big a sex drive as her mother.


Triton decided to give this bitch some real action. He slid a finger into Ariel's pussy and began to pump his finger in and out with savage vigor. "OH GOD OH DADDY THAT FEELS SO GOOD! PLEASE DON'T STOP! UUUUUUNNN AAAAHHHH" Ariel meanwhile was completely overcome with the incredible pulsing feeling coming from her pussy.

She had never experienced anything like this when she was alone in her room. It felt so good, even if it was wrong. She hated her father for doing this to her, but she decided to get the most out of him while she was here. Ariel began to grind against Triton's finger in her pussy begging for him to add another.


Triton happily did just that. Soon Ariel was being swept away in the throes of a powerful orgasm. " DADDY! DADDY! KEEP FINGERING ME! I LOVE YOUR STRONG FINGERS IN MY WET PUSSY! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD UH UH UUUUHH AAAAAAAHHHH" Ariel lay on the table, spent and exhausted with her father standing over her.

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She looked up weakly at her father and felt a chill go down her body that had nothing to do with her orgasm. Triton was looking down at her hungrily and smiling. "What are you looking so tired for? Your part hasn't even begun yet"