Emo boys gay porn video first time Servicing A Hung Straight Cock

Emo boys gay porn video first time Servicing A Hung Straight Cock
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We arrive at the hotel in Paris after enjoying wine and a wonderful lunch on the Il de La Cite.

You are stunning, in high heeled boots, cream colored dress and dark sunglasses, your hair windblown. You stand to the side as I check us in; you are nervous, full of anticipation. I know you are not wearing panties. I do not rush. Our bags are taken by the bellman and we ride the elevator to the top floor; our suite has a sitting room with tall windows, bar and sideboard, an ottoman, and a love seat.

You use the bathroom, checking yourself out in the mirror, and washing your hands in the marble sink. You raise your skirt and inspect yourself; your pussy is trimmed but not bare. You touch her, not at all surprised to find wetness there. Your fingers make a trail up the side of your neck, then you smell your musk. You pull your dress down, smoothing the front, and you are ready.

I am putting the Champagne on ice on the low table next to the couch and you come behind me. I stand as you embrace me from behind, pressing yourself into me, wrapping your arms around my chest. We stay like that for a moment then I turn and take your face in my hands, and kiss you. Your hands are at your sides, then grasp at my waist pulling my hips into yours. I unzip your dress, then lift your long hair, and kissing you on the neck behind your left ear I taste you.

I break the kiss and sit down. "Turn" I say, and you turn slowly in front of me. I admire you from the side. "Those boots are hot" I say. You smile, looking down. You are glad that I am pleased with you. You present your back to me, and I say "Stop. Take off your dress." Looking over your left shoulder you remove first one strap, then the other.


It falls to the floor and you slowly step out of it. I am enjoying looking at your back; your shoulders strong and toned, back muscles rippling as you sway imperceptibly.

Are you rubbing your thighs together?

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I resist the urge to reach out and grab your ass and pull you over my lap. That can wait. First I want to inspect your pussy. I stand up behind you and unhook your bra which then falls to the floor.

Your nipples feel the coolness of the air and stiffen. I walk around you, looking you over. You are shy, you look at the floor until I raise your chin and kiss you again. "Sit". You move backwards until you feel the couch on your calves, and you sit. "Put your hands behind you and sit up straight. Now, spread your legs for me. I want to inspect your pussy." Your knees open, and there she is.

Beautiful. You are looking down at me as I kneel in front of you. The back of my left hand touches your face. You are wondering what I will do next. I intend to savor you slowly, like the lunch we just had.


I watch your chest move with your breath. You notice me looking at you and you straighten up, your breasts proudly thrust towards me. I cannot resist, and brush them in unison, again with the backs of my hands. I turn my hands around, cupping them, and gradually working to the sensitive nipples with my fingertips.

I roll each one between my thumbs and fingers, applying pressure, pulling them, finally pinching hard.

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I let go and you gasp. "You like that?" I ask. "Yes" you whisper. I slap your face lightly. "Can't hear you." "Yes I like it." I start the sequence again. Backs of hands, then cupping, fingertips, roll, pinch, pull, and hold.


This time I pull your face to mine, kissing you harder than before. I ask again "Like this?" You moan into my mouth. Still pulling your breasts, our tongues, teeth, lips are getting busy. I break the kiss, and letting go of your nipple I slap the tip of your right breast hard with the tips of my fingers. "You like that don't you, dirty little bitch. You want me to do it again? Do you?" You nod, your lips trembling. I slap your face again, a little harder, and you say "Yes.

Oh God yes." I have to resist the urge to rip off my pants, throw your legs over your shoulders and pound you until I pull out and cum all over you. I resist the urge to choke you with my cock until you can't breathe, fucking your face until I fill your mouth with cum.

I need to relax. I take a silk scarf out of my pocket and blindfold you with it. I reach to the side table and pour a glass of champagne. Hmmm, ice? I could have some fun with that. Maybe later. Kneeling before you I raise the glass to your lips and you drink. Some spills down your chest and I lick it from your body.

I give you more. More spills, more licks to your breast and stomach. You are still sitting up straight, and I complement you on your posture; Chest out, legs spread, on the edge of the couch, hands behind you. The couch is beginning to get damp underneath you. I light a cigarette, and hold it to your lips. I am thinking, do I use your mouth, letting go the first load on your face, then continue working on you? I am so hard and hot for you I am sure you could bring me off in no time.

I stand, removing my pants and shirt, leaving the cigarette in your mouth. You start to reach for it and I say "hands". You stop. The ash falls on your thigh, it is a little warm, just enough to be shocking. I reach for a cube of ice and place it on the ash, and you jump from the cold. I take it off, and hold it tight to your right nipple. I can still see the handprint from the smack I delivered there, and rub the ice on the mark. You breathe in sharply at the coldness of the ice, one breast cold, the other still tingling from my pinch.

I take the cigarette from you, take a drag, and put it out. I take the ice away and suck your nipple into my mouth, sucking hard, moving the ice to your left nipple. The ice cube is in my palm and melts against your left breast, your side, and down to your sex. By the time I reach there it has all but melted. I'll need to refresh my supply…but later. I am wondering, can I make you come just by touching your tits? I start massaging them again, kneading, stroking, pinching. I pull them together as I stand, and put my hard cock between them.

You lean back as I slowly push between them, without any lube it is dry and there is plenty of friction. I rub the head of my cock back and forth while alternately pulling hard on your nipples and pushing your tits together.

Your breasts are not too large, but firm and with nice dark nipples. You are breathing hard, the friction is building heat in your chest and that heat is traveling down.

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You get that familiar feeling in your stomach, and you are rocking your hips back and forth, attempting to get some clit contact. I am leaking pre cum, and as you feel the wetness I begin to speed up. I grab you by the hair and say "Open your mouth. Suck this fucking dick." You obey. "Get it wet, I want to fuck your tits some more." I pull your mouth off of me, kiss you, and pull your tits up again. This time my shaft is wet, and I slide right in. I pump 10 times before I need more lube.

I pull your mouth back and you know what to do. You lift your right hand and I slap it away. My right hand holds your hair at the back of your head as I control your speed.

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You are sucking, taking my cock deep. I want to penetrate your mouth deeply, so that you can tongue my balls with my cock down your throat. But I don't push. I know that you need time to get relaxed enough to deep throat.

"You taste me? I am gonna cum. You better be ready I'm gonna cum. You want me to cum on your face, you dirty little whore?

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You want that?" You are trying to respond but I can't understand you with your mouth full. I pull out, my cock is dripping with your saliva. I grab your hands and put one on my cock, the other on your pussy. You start rubbing your clit and moan. I pull your mouth to mine, kissing you and ask again "You want my cum, slut?" You say yes.

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I stand and admire you, the flush of your skin, your right hand rubbing your pussy while your left thumb rubs the wet spot just behind my glans. I pull off the blindfold. I want to see your eyes when I come all over your face.You open your mouth and stick out your tongue and I take my cock in hand and jerk it, hitting your tongue with the head.

Both your hands are now free, one holding your belly while the other works circles around your wetness. "Ohh Godd" you say, just as the first few blasts begin covering your face. We are coming together, my dick in my right hand shooting into your open mouth while my left hand holds your chin in place.

Time stands still, our souls soar out into a place where nothing but pure ecstasy exists. Your orgasm hits you hard, your face covered in my cum, your hands working your pussy hard and fast.