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My desires started when I was around 15. I had a brother, Josh, and two sisters, Ellen and Rose. We all lived together and had our own rooms. We kind of got along with one another quiet well. Our parents were very conservative and we didn't really share our feelings and emotions much around the house. Josh was a kind and loving brother who was was two years younger than me. He was also in the canoeing club and was rather athletic. He was good with the computer and helped my dad when an electronic appliance needed repairing.

While Ellen had a cheerleader's body with a tight ass and breast that were firm and pointed straight out from her tight, tanned body. She was also a bitch and likes to boss everybody around as she is the eldest. She was a popular girl in school and god know how many boyfriends she already had. Fortunately, she was studying law in university now and she only comes back home every now and then to visit us. Rose on the other hand was only a year older than me and was a sister that I envied and tried to model after.

Rose was good with her studies and had a gorgeous body and figure. She was the sister that I could share my thoughts and feelings with except for my own sexual fantasies. She was very understanding and often she would help me with my work.

Well, that is left with me. I have firm breasts with small, dark areola and small nipples. I don't tan much, so my skin was pretty pale. I had a small built body and had proportionally long legs. I wasn't really popular at school and spent most of my free time quietly reading and studying. So, the first trigger to the chain of events started when I was taking a shower at home after school. There was nobody at home at that point in time as both my parents were working in offices in town from nine to five.

Josh was at the nearby lake practicing with his canoeing club. His training was extremely taxing until there was a point in time that he needed to train everyday after school till seven. While Rose was at her friends house for some project work. Our house had a fairly large backyard that received quiet a bit of sunlight during the day, so my mother would dry our laundry at the backyard.

After I had finish my shower, I realized that my towel was not hanging at the usual place in the bathroom. "Damn," I told myself.

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My mother must have taken it to wash and it must be at the backyard drying. I opened my bathroom door slightly enough to allow me to stick my head out to see if there was anybody out in the hallway, which obviously no one was.

My long hair was extremely wet and was dripping all over my body. I opened my bathroom door wider and crept cautiously and slowly down the hallway and down the stair to the first floor. Even though I knew I couldn't be seen by anyone, something about just being naked where I shouldn't be had me excited.

My nipples were hard and it wasn't from the cold shower. I tiptoed, I don't know why, but I literally tiptoed the distance through the hallway to the bottom of the stairs and to the backdoor.

I was standing behind the last wall that shield me from the outside world. I looked through the eyepiece on the backdoor and I saw all the towels outside crisp and dry with nobody at my lawn. Once again, I twisted the door knob and took a peep at my neighbor's lawn and their windows.

Lucky me, they were all out. I planned out my strategy, I would rush out in the direction of my towel and grab it. Quickly I would rush back into my house. No one will be able to catch me. The thought of it made my pussy slightly damp and my nipples even harder. I counted down from three in my mind. Three, two, one! I sprinted straight at my towel which was not more that 10 feet away. The cold autumn air brushed against my breast as I ran. I grabbed it!

I twisted myself and ran straight back towards the door. "Bang!" the door slammed behind me as I entered the house. I laid panting on the backyard door.

I was safe now. I let a sigh of relief escape my mouth. However, my heart was still pumping fast, I was on an adrenaline rush! I didn't even bother to wrap the towel around my body and ran back to my bathroom. Though I had finished my shower, I had not satisfied the needs of my entire body yet. I laid in the tub and started to finger myself. I was cumming harder than I did in the past. As I reached my climax, my whole back arched and I orgasmed.

That felt so good. I laid there for a couple of minutes. Ah., what a wonderful showering experience. From than on, I needed to do more risky things to satisfy my needs. After school I would make sure that nobody was around at home first. Then I would strip down to my bare and naked body at the hallway and parade around the house while getting my stuff around. Even though my family was not around, my heart was still beating like I was running a marathon.

All the nervousness of getting caught drove me mad and excited. However, being naked in the house started to become boring and comfortable. Next, when nobody was around I would lay down on the living room floor and masturbate and cum all over the floor and lick them up after I was done.

After which I got even more daring and went into Ellen's bedroom which had a large tinted window facing the backyard. I fingered myself on the ledge in the bright afternoon for everybody outside to see if they looked hard enough when I was alone at home. After a while of experimenting around the house, I had been naked in every room in the house, including the basement and all the bedrooms, and would stay naked pretty much the entire time I was alone.

I had also touch every bit of the house with my bare breast. By now even leaning naked on the clear glass window facing the streets during the day time wasn't giving me much of a excitement like before. There was once which when I was vacuuming the floor and it felt so powerful. So I decided to put the nozzle of the vacuum to my pussy and the suction was so intense that I almost climaxed immediately in the living room.

When I orgasmed, the cum when straight down the tube and it short circuit the vacuum cleaner. When my parents found out the vacuum was spoilt, I told them that I had spill some water on it and had forgotten to tell them then, but in reality I think I might have had pissed into the tube a little due to the strong suction. Thinking about this now still makes me hot and excited. Once, I was doing my school work on my second floor bedroom naked as nobody was home yet.

When suddenly a strong gust of wind came from behind and blew a stack of worksheets out of the window. I looked out of the window to get a better look and saw my work scattered all over the whole lawn.

I ran down the stairs to the door. I almost went out the door naked, without even thinking much about it. Nudity had become a natural state for me when I was by myself. I went outside to pick up the worksheet that was closest to me. The thrill of being naked was coming back to me again and I knew the way to more excitement was to go out into the open like the first time, naked. However, this time was different from the first as it was not just one object to pick that I could just grab and go.


This time, my stuff was all over the place, I would need to spend at least half a minute to pick up all the worksheets. I rapidly scamper around to pick up the pieces of paper. With one hand that is holding onto the worksheet covering my exposed nipples while the other pick up the papers. Whenever I bent down to pick up a piece of work, my ass would be pointed up for everyone in the area to see.

My nipples grew steadily harder and stiffer. It was broad daylight and there was a chance that one of the neighbors would see me. I quickly bottled up that thought and ran back into my house when I was done. This time I did not slam the door shut when I entered, I turned back and checked if there was any neighbors spying on me.

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I looked at both sides and there were none. Another close one. I placed the worksheets in a pile on the floor and all the excitement from just now was heating me up and my heart was still beating fast from just now. I opened the backdoor again and squatted there and masturbated on the spot. The neighbor could not see me from here but the sight of the green grass in front of me turned me on and I orgasmed and cummed all over the grass outside.

It was an entirely new experience masturbating in the open like that. I decided that I will find a way to sneak out of the house without anybody knowing and being able to see me. That day came the following friday when I had forgotten to bring my umbrella to school and ran all the way home in the pouring rain. I did not really cared about my books in my bag as my bag was waterproof. When I had reached home I was completely drenched.

My clothes were stuck to my skin and you could see the outline of my light blue bra through my shirt. That really turned me on.

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I detoured around the house not wanting to wet the house to the backyard. I threw my school bag at the door and laid down on the grass. I flipped up my skirt and tugged my panties aside and I finger myself in the rain.

The rain was pouring so heavily that it formed a thick mist. I could not see the walls of my neighbor's house so I safely assume that the could not see me. In the rain, I orgasmed three times. I was so adrenalized and gratified while exhausted that I laid in the rain and tease my erected nipples with my hands.

Cupping them at the same time. I managed to climax one more time and I was so pleased and wore out that I could just lay there and sleep. However, my parents and sibling were coming home soon and I did not want them to catch me so I stood up and let the rain wash away the dirt on my back and walked to the door. My jaw fell open when I opened the backdoor. My sister, Rose was standing behind the door and was peeping through the eye piece and saw the whole thing.

I had forgotten to check who was in the house and was too eager that I overlooked the possibility that somebody maybe at home. Her face wasn't mad or anything like that but she gave me a stern look. "Hey! Florence. It is not a good idea to be masturbating in the rain like that, you might catch a cold."she expressed her concerns for me as she grabbed a rag from the kitchen and dried my hair.

It was the first time we ever talked about anything sex related even though I told her almost everything I knew, this was the only thing I kept private to myself. "Erm.Rose. Could you not tell mum and dad about this?" I asked and I blushed from the embarrassing act that I just did. Rose kept a straight face and replied,"Definitely little sis. It will be our very own secret." "Quickly, go take a warm shower and meet me at my bedroom.

I don't want you to catch a cold. See you later, Florence," Rose instructed. "Oh yes! One more thing, why don't you take off all those wet clothing on you here and put it in the watching machine over there.

You don't want to wet the house right?" Said Rose. "But Rose! How can I strip in front of you, it is wrong!" I countered. "Oh come on. I saw you finger fucking yourself just now in the open, isn't that worse? I will help you," Rose said bluntly. It was the first time, I heard my sister even use a swear word. My impression of her being a well mannered and gentle girl was shattered. I was shocked and decided to follow her instructions. Rose helped me pull my damp shirt over my neck and once it had covered my face and my arms were trapped, she pushed me back towards the backdoor and groped my right breast through my bra.

He placed her mouth next to my ear and whispered,"I know you have some sexual fantasies about exhibitionism and what you did out there was really hot. I loved it. You really turn me on little sis." She took of the shirt and tossed it in the washing machine and pulled down my bra to reveal my right breast.

"Florence, what gorgeous nipples you have!" She lowered her head and sucked onto my harden right nipple. She even nibbled on it. I let out a moan as she suck on my right nipple while groping my other breast. This was heavenly! I collapse onto the floor from all the ecstasy, my sister followed me down and continued sucking on my nipple.

It was extremely arousing and exciting. Just when I was about to climax, my sister heard the changing breaths and stop what she was doing and slapped my breast gently and said,"You love it don't you.

Take off the rest of your clothes and shower with hot water. Meet me at my room, we might have some time for one more, before mum and dad comes home." I unclipped my bra and slid off my skirt and panties and threw them into the washing machine.

Just when I was going to run up to my shower, Rose smacked me lightly on my ass cheek an giggled,"Small, firm and cute ass you have, can't wait to use it!" I cheeks turned beet red and was blushing again and ran off. In the shower, I forwent my cumming session and showered speedily. When I moved my shower curtains away, I realized my clothes were missing, Rose must have taken it when I was showering! I managed to dry myself with my towel.

I opened the bathroom door and peeked outside, there was nobody there. I made up my mind that since only my sister was back I would not need to hide my body as she had already seen it. I left my towel behind instead of covering myself with it. Rose's room was the furthest away from the common bathroom and it was next to the stairs. When I was taking my time to stroll to Rose's room, I heard my mother's voice, "Girls!

I am home! Dad and Josh will be home late today so we will be having dinner first." I panicked, fearing that my mother would catch me walking nude in the house. I had a mad dash to Rose's room and tried to open the door.

It was locked! I knocked on the door furiously while trying not to make too much noise that will attract my mother's attention.

Then I had my mother's voice again,"I will be changing first before I cook dinner." OMG went through my head, my mother is coming up stairs, I will definitely get caught. I thought of running back to my room but it is too far away and my mother would probably catch me before I could open the door in time.

Without warning, Rose's door opened and her hand sprung out to drag me in. She closed and locked the door immediately after that. It was such a close call, I almost got caught by my mother. In my sister's room, I sat with by bare bottom on the ground panting and sweating all over my body.

She looked at me with her large blue eyes and commented,"My little sis sure looks cute when she is shocked and all nervous." She giggled at the same time.

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"Rose. Rose. Don't you ever do that again. I could have been slaughtered by mum." I told her as I caught my breath. "Well you look perfectly attired for what we are going to do next!" Rose took off her red cotton top, revealing no bra underneath.

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I stared at her at here large firm symmetrical breast. She took off her short pants and again no panties inside. Her smooth hairless pussy glowed in front of me. "Hey Florence you better go shave your pussy. Then it will look as nice as mine." Then Rose asked me,"have you tried sixty-nine before?" I shook my head and gave her a confused look. "Ok, let me show you, first lie on my bed over there and the rest is really self explanatory" I crawled onto her bed and and Rose crawled onto me facing the opposite direction.

I was very confused at first. However, once dug her face into my pussy, I knew how this worked. I had never seen another female's genitals before and I just probe my tongue into my slit. Slowly I got the pace and the rhythm. Before long, both of us reached our climax together and cummed into each other's mouth.

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I sucked onto the pussy juice. It was nothing like mine. It was slight sweet and it reminder me of nectar. My mother knocked on the door calling us to come out for dinner.

My sister got up and started to wear her clothes. For awhile I could not find mine.

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But after I had found mine in a neat pile tucked in a corner of the room, Rose had finished changing hers. As I wore my clothes, Rose groped and teased my nipples and she also had a finger in my pussy rubbing against my clit. I felt like I was going to orgasm again when my mother knocked on the door again and shouted,"What is taking you girls so long! Dinner is getting cold." Rose stopped playing with me and allowed me to wear my clothes.

That night was the first time I had ever touched or played with another girl. It was truly exciting! Now I had someone to share my sexual fantasies with! That night after dinner, I went back with Rose to her room. In her room, we sat on her bed cross-legged facing each other.

Rose asked me about my nudity adventure and I told her all about it. As I told her, she slowly slid one hand into her pants and another under her shirt. Rose masturbated while I narrated my stories.

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After I was done, Rose suggested,"Florence, how about we go out tonight together since it is Friday and tomorrow we don't have school!" Her suggestion sounded great. That night we agreed to meet at the backdoor at one after midnight after all our family members had fallen asleep. Around eleven pm, the majority of the house was already dark and my parents and my brother, Josh were in the bedrooms minding their own business.

At around twelve midnight, I took another peep outside my door and saw that their have switchde off the bed lights. The excitement was starting to build inside of me. 1 more hour I told myself. I turned off my bed lights too, wanting not to get caught staying up so late at night. That one hour crawled slowly as I waited on my bed. When I checked my watch, it showed one. I turned my door knob slowly and quietly and crept out of my room and closed it quietly again.

I tiptoed my way to the staircase and next to Rose's room. I placed my ear lightly on the door to listen for any sound. There were none, she must have went down a bit earlier than planned. I tiptoed the rest of my journey down the stairs and once I was at the bottom of the stairs I could see my sister standing at the door. Once I was at the door, I asked Rose,"So? What is the plan for tonight's event?" "Let's just strip nude first." Both of us began to take off our shirt and pants together.

It felt even more erotic than before as I strip with my sister next to me. My heart started to beat even faster as it sensed a start of an trilling journey. We where all bare except for a watch on my arm to keep track of time. We unlocked the backdoor and we were immediately surrounded by cool refreshing night air. Without warning, Rose groped both of my breast from behind and began teasing my erecting nipples.

I gasped with surprise. I took a step back and used my back to rub against her firm breast. We stood there touching each other for awhile until Rose aroused me enough for me to have a mini-orgasm. I shook a little as the pleasure filled my body.


We started to walk around the backyard and played with the plants there as if we were clothed during the day. My sister whispered loud enough for me to hear,"Hey look at me." I turned around and saw Rose squatting by a 4 feet strawberry plant my mother had planted last spring and a stream of golden piss escaped her pussy.

I looked on with amazement and got really turned on so I squatted down next to the plant I was closest with and did the same. It felt so natural and calming to piss in the open under the night sky. Before I was done pissing, I closed my eyes and rubbed my pussy with my hand. Oh it was so damn pleasurable and quite a fair bit of the the piss sprayed on my tights and torso.

Rose walked up to me and said,"Wow, my dirty little sister pissing and masturbating at the same time." I got up and we rolled around the grass, chased each other and masturbated each other for the rest of the night. We also did some other things like climbing up the apple tree which turned out to be really stupid as the insects started to climb all over our bodies. At about 5 the sky started to get a bit brighter even before the sun got up.

We thought we better not that the risk of getting caught so we went back into our house. And used our clothes to clean and dry our dirty and sweaty bodies. We also played around for a while cleaning each other's bodies. We threw our clothes into the washing machine and both of us dared each other to return back to our room naked.

It was exciting as this was the first time I was naked in the house when my family was at home. We slowly crept up the stairs and down the hallway. We entered out room and I decided to sleep nude with out my night gown. That night we slept in till around 11 in the morning. Rose and I did this for next two to three Friday nights.

During this time I had my first kiss with a girl and it was rather exciting. We also groped each other's breast, tease and pinched each other's nipples and fingered each other. We had plenty of fun.

Being an exhibitionist alone was thrilling enough but now when there is two of us, it got a whole lot more stirring and the things we did also got more daring. More to come soon!