Twink boys underwear play and gay porn penis examination xxx Gabriel

Twink boys underwear play and gay porn penis examination xxx Gabriel
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I am a 63 year old married guy and have for many years wanted to suck a man's cock. I have been posting ads on Craigslist for a long time but never got a response I really liked. I am 5" 9" and about 185 lbs. and in pretty good shape. I believe I am a good looking guy or so I have been told. I also do not look close to my age. I have never liked hair on my body so I have shaved all the hair from my body a very long time ago.

I have absolutely no hair on my body from the neck down.

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I also have a small cock. It is only 3.5" when it is hard and about 1.5" soft. In my ad I never mentioned that I shave my body or that I have a small cock. One day I finally got a response from a guy who I thought was really interesting. We exchanged many emails talking about how to go about this.

He told me he did not have a place to meet but would like for me to suck his cock in his vehicle. Although I had never thought I would want to do it in a car, for some reason it sounded very exciting to me.

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I told him if he had a safe place I would suck him off in his vehicle. I also told him about my shaved body and little cock and he told me it did not matter to him because he was not going to touch my cock anyway which was fine with me. I had no interest in being touched in any way by a guy. We decided to meet and I was going to give this him a blowjob. It would be the first time I ever sucked a cock and I was very nervous and also very excited.

We met in a nearby parking lot and I got into his vehicle and he dove off. He seemed to be a very nice guy. After he drove just a few minutes he looked at me and told me I would have to take my clothes off. I kind of laughed and told him I did not think that would be a good idea. He looked at me again and told me to take off my clothes. He said I had to be naked to suck his cock. At this point I told him to just take me back to my car because I was not going to get naked in his car in the middle of the day.

He then told me that it was not a negotiable and to take off my clothes. He was very demanding and it scared me a little. I hesitated and then he told me to take off my fucking clothes. I was so scared that I thought I'd better do as he said. I took off all my clothes except my shirt and underwear. I told him that was all I'd do. He reached over and grabbed my pants and told me that I would get naked or he would throw my pants out the window and I could walk home in my underwear.

I really thought he'd do it so I removed the last of my clothes and he demanded I hand them to him and he shoved down between his seat and door so I had no way to get them. He looked over at me and began laughing at me.

He was looking at my little cock which was actually hard by now. He told me I looked like a real fucking sissy with my little cock and shaved body and he was going to enjoy me. He told me get as close to him as I could and to rub his cock through his pants. He said he wanted to be nice and hard when I pulled his cock out.

I started to rub his cock on the outside of his pants. It only took a minute for him to get very hard. I could tell his cock was much bigger than mine. As he drove down city streets with me naked next to him rubbing his cock he continually told me how much of a sissy I was and how he was going to make me into his faggot cocksucker.

So here I was, riding down city streets in the middle of the afternoon naked in a vehicle rubbing the crotch of another man to get his cock hard so he can make me suck it. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Thankfully his windows were tinted. He turned onto an old road near the dessert and drove a ways and pulled over. He told me undo his pants and pull them down far enough to get his cock and balls out.

I undid his pants and pulled his zipper down. With his help we pulled his pants down till his big hard cock jumped out. It must have been over 6" and looked very nice. I was so fixed on his great looking cock I had forgotten I was completely naked and being verbally abused by him. I reached for his hard cock and for the first time in my life I was touching another man's cock.

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It felt so big and warm. He reached for his phone and started to video me sitting naked in his car. I protested but it did no good. He had my clothes where I could not get them.

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He told me he was going to video everything. He then grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards his hard cock. Without even thinking I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth.

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I finally had a cock in my mouth. He did not have to say another word. I began to lick and suck it. At this point I did not care he taking video of it nor did I care about the verbal abuse I was getting. It was actually just making me more excited.

He was calling me names like cocksucker, faggot, bitch and pussy. I was very surprised that I was really enjoying being used like this.

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He grabbed my head and pulled it off his cock. He pointed the camera right at my face and asked me who I belonged to. I looked right into the camera and said I belonged to him.

He continued to point the camera at me calling me names. Then with the camera still pointed at me he asked me what I was. Without hesitation I looked straight at the camera and said that I was a faggot cocksucker and I belong to him. He then laughed like crazy and pushed my head back to his cock.


I continued to suck his cock for what did not seem very long then told me he was going to cum. He pulled out of my mouth and told me to keep my mouth open. He laid his cock on my bottom lip and put the camera close enough to see his cock shooting his cum into my mouth.

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When he was done cumming he pushed his cock back into my mouth and told me to swallow his cum all the while verbally abusing me. When I was done swallowing his cum, he pulled his cock out and pulled my body to his lap. He reached over and began to spank my ass. I tried to get up but in the position I was in I could not. He hit my ass hard at least 15 to 20 times. It really hurt and I thought I would cry but he stopped. He pushed me off his lap and pulled up his pants. He grabbed all my clothes except my sneakers and got out of the car.

He walked a few feet away and put my clothes behind some rocks and then placed a big rock on them. He got back into the car and started to drive further down the dessert road. I was in a panic. I had no idea what he was doing and he would not tell me. All I know was that I was totally naked in this guy's car without any clothes.

He drove down the road about a half mile and stopped.

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He told me to get out. He told me I had to walk back to where he left my clothes and he would meet me there. When I protested he reminded me of the video. He told me the only way he would not post this was to do as I was told. I put on my shoes and got out. He turned his car around and drove off. Here I was naked on a dessert road with virtually no place to hide if anyone came along.

I walked as fast as I could to get back to his car to get my clothes. It only took a few minutes and luckily no one came along. I grabbed my clothes and got into his car. As I was dressing he told me I was a real faggot now and that he owned me. He reminded me that he had video of the entire thing and I would do the same thing whenever he wanted or he would post the video. He also told me that he really enjoyed spanking my bare ass and he would do it much more the next time we met.

He said he noticed I was very close to crying and he actually wanted to see me cry next time. I was told he was going to spank my ass so hard that I would be crying like the fucking sissy I was and he would have it all on video. He also said that I would be doing a lot more walking naked. He wanted to see me walking at least 2 miles and that he actually hopes I would be seen by others. He told me I was nothing but a sissy fucking faggot and he was going to treat me like one.

He reminded me again that he now owned me. He dropped me at my car and I drove home with a very sore ass. I knew I had to do this again when he asked because of the video.


I was not looking forward to it but I knew I did not have a chose.