Me manda video para que vaya a cogermela

Me manda video para que vaya a cogermela
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So here I am floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in my blow up life raft. The waves are huge and throwing us around all over the place. Oh I am sorry I forgot to mention that I have company, there are three girls, a babyand an oldman who looks like he is going to die any moment. Everybody is tired and scared, the girls are screaming the baby is crying and I am sitting there with an old man my boss dying in my lap reflecting how all this began.

Its late August, its hot and humid and everybody is having fun except for me and my kitchen crew. You see my name is Kevin and I am a Chef on this ship one of many actually and I am slaving away trying to keep these wonderful people fed on the best food I can dream up. This is my job its what I do and I wouldn't not trade it for the world.

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My staff is awesome and my boss Bob or as I like to call him "OLDMAN" is a cool old coot who knows lots of stories and is one of best chefs that I have ever had the privelage to work for. So here I am calling out orders, trying to get the food out to the customers when one of the busboys delivers a note to me. "whats this" I askhe gives me one those looks like duh its a note but then he tells "A really hot red head at table 12 gave it to me to give to you".


I tell him thanks and get back to work he laughs and runs off. I ask Bob if can handle things for a couple of minutes and he gives me that knowing look and says get, "you got five minutes". I walk out of the kitchen and in to the dining area to read the note in private. I open the note up and read it " Meet me on the upper deck after your shift" love Katie.

I look up and there sitting at table 12 is Katie with here parents, god she is Beautiful, long wavey red hair, beautiful green eyes that melt your heart and that can see into your soul when she looks at you.

I will give you her measurements shes about 5 ft 3, 110 pounds with perky 36 C cup tits and a really nice ass and right now she is looking gorgeous in that green low cut ,knee high evening dress.

She looks up from her food and sees me I wave her note and nod my head yes, which makes her smile. Then I hear the worst sound in the world that can come out of the kitchen and that is plates breaking and the OLDMAN screaming and cussing. I roll my eyes and walk in to the kitchen to help calm the situation down.

While I am working I can't stop thinking about Katie and how we met. I am sitting outside on the deck drinking some orange juice and watching the sun rise.

Its something I do every morning on the ship its a bit cloudy but its still awesome sight to see. Now at first looks you wouldn't think that a person like me would be into all the Sunshine and the ocean. I am 5 ft 10 about 165 pounds, short brown hair with sky blue eyes and I have an athletic build. What really sets me apart from everybody else is that I am heavly tattooed almost my whole body not to mention that I got some piercings.

So anyways I am watching the Sun Rise and hear "Isn't it beautiful" I look behind me and I am totally stunned by the lovely creature standing right next to me. It takes me a while but I finally say " yeah its really beautiful". She looks at me and smiles "hi my name is Katie and its my first cruise". I tell her my name and that I am Chef here on the boat.

So we start to talk and get to know each other, she tells me she is 18 and that the cruise is her graduation present from her parents.So I tell her that is cool and on a whim I ask her if she wants to see parts of the ship that the guest don't normally get to see.

She answered "hell yeah lets go". So I grab her hand and take her all over the ship. The whole time I am giving her a tour and introducing her to all my friends were talking and getting to know each other, finding out that we have alot in common like punk music, certain movies and books you know the normal shit people talk about when there attracted to each other.

Before I know it were on the upper deck watching the sky get cloudy and I realize that its almost time for me to go to work. She understands I have to go and gives me that sad face. I tell her not worry that I promise to see her again. She hugs me and looks up at me and I look down at her and are eyes connect and soon we are sharing a deep kiss our tongues exploring each others mouths. I am instantly hard, I try to back my hips away so she doesn't feel me getting hard but she grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me towards her and grinds herself against me, we both moan in pleasure.

I finally break us apart were both panting and hot and flustered. I tell her I have to go and I offer to walk her to her cabin before I have to work. Once we get to her cabin we share another deep kiss and I leave promising to see her again.

I rush to my cabin and hop in the shower. I noticed that I am semi-hard so I start to rub one out, now when I am hard I am only 7 inches which I find is more than enough for the job but what i got that most guys don't have and I find drives the woman crazy is I got a PA and trust me nothing makes a woman cum more than when I am fucking them then that piercing is rubbing their G-spot and their clit.I was thinking about doing that to Katie when I came all over the shower curtains moaning her name.

Well fuck its time to go to work. So I finally get off of work and rush to the upper deck where we last had are passionate kiss.

I see her there standing by the rail with her back turned to me the wind blowing threw her hair. I walk up behind her and grab her waist and lean into her and give her a hug from behind she leans back into me and sighs real loud. I move her hair away from her neck and start to nibble and kiss it giving her chills threw out her body.She moans and tries to turn around to face me but i don't let her.

I put her hands on the rail and tell her not to move and just enjoy. So I start to kiss her again all over neck and behind her ears while my hands roam all over her body starting from her waist to her tummy and when I get to her perky breast and start playing with her nipples threw her dress she bends over and thrust her ass into me and moans "don't stop oh god please don't stop, it feels so good"!

So I stop kissing her and look up to make sure were alone, when I am satisfied that we are I go back to kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears mean while my hands untie the strap to her dress,exposing her breast to my roaming hands. I start to play with her hard pink nipples and all she can do is moan and sigh in pleasure.

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While my hands are playing with her titties I start to kiss down her back until I have to get on my knees and my face is facing one of the most perfect bubble asses I have ever laid eyes on.

I slide my hands down her body so I can lift up her dress to see her pretty ass from behind. She looks down and behind her so she can see my face when I lift her dress. When I do I get a big surprise she is not wearing any panties and her pussy is dripping wet and smells so sweet. I can't help myself I dive in pierced tongue first and start to lick that pussy all over. She arches her back and thrust her ass into my face and moans and screams my name "oh god kevin eat my pussy mmmmm fuck thats feels so fucking good, don't stop baby pleassssseeee oh goddddd".

I grab on to her waist and start to tongue fuck her from behind and she can't get enough. She tells me shes about to cum so I slow down a little to tease her and I hear or sigh " come on baby make me cum all over your face". I tell her not to worry she is going to do more than cum all over my face.

Thats when I thrust 2 fingers into her pussy and start to finger bang her and eating her out at the same time. She starts scream my name and thrusting her ass on my face " oh god baby almost there mmmmmfuck baby don't stop I am getting ready to CUMMM ahhhhh please".

She starts to moaning louder and I can feel her pussy start to squeeze my fingers, so I find he G-spot and start to rubb it and thats when she goes over the edge and screams that she's cumming "Oh godddd I am cummminngg don' t stop ohhhh ahhh fuck god I am cumming". She starts to shake all over and finally she can't take anymore and lets go of the rails and collapses into me.

After we both catch our breath she turns around on top of me and comes up to give me a kiss. She crawls up my body and starts to kiss me all over my face, licking all her sweet cum juice off my face.She stops and looks at me "MMMMMMMM I taste fucking good". I tell her fuck yeah you do. She then gives me devious look " I know what I want to taste". With that she crawls back down my body and starts to unzip my pants. I lean up so I can watch this gorgeous vixen suck my cock.

She reaches in and pulls my cock and Squeals in delight when she sees that its pierced. "Oh god I can't wait for you to fuck me with this thing". Then she starts to kiss my cock all over, I lean my head back and moan it feels so fucking good.

Then she starts twirl her tongue around the head of my cock I can't take it anymore I grab the back of her head and push her head down on my cock.

She moans with pleasure as she takes almost all of my cock in her mouth. She then grabs my cock and starts to jerk me and suck me at the same." Oh god baby I can't take much more of this, I am going to cumm". She looks up and tells me to cum in her mouth. She goes back down and starts to work on my cock with gusto, twirling her tongue and sucking me at the same time.

I move her hair out of her face so I can see it when she takes my load in the mouth. She looks at my face and starts work me over good." oh god baby don't stop don't stop AHHHHH I am going to cummmmm here it comes baby and with that I blow load after load of cum in her mouth and she swallows every drop while looking me in the face the whole time.

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After my body stops trembling and my cock is drained and limp in her mouth. She comes and gives me a deep french kiss and I can taste some of the salty sweetness of my cum. After coming up from are kiss I notice the wind has picked up alot and that the ship is rocking more. " Hey love lets go to my cabin and have some more fun".

We both get up and get our clothes straightened and I can't help but notice the huge waves and the scarey clouds "looks like is going to be a bumby night". She gives me a sly look and tells me in more ways than one. We start running to my cabin playing grab ass the whole time, we would stop and kiss and make out. When it started to rain we stopped and hauled ass to my cabin. After we got to my cabin are clothes were off in seconds and we were in bed all over each other.

I got on top of her and started to kiss and suck and nibble all over her body getting her all worked up.I finally worked my way down her body and spread her legs and started to eat that lovely sweet pussy. she thrust her hips up and grabbed the back of my head and ground her pussy hard into her face." Oh baby I going to cumm don't stop pleaassseeee don't stop". thats all I needed to hear. Then I started to suck on her clit and thats all it took.

"I'm cumming oh god yes yes pleaseeee oh god that feels so good".

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I crawled back up her body kissing every part has I passed by, when i got to her breast I sucked on those nipples like there was no tomorrow. She finally pulled me up so she could kiss me.

Then she told me "please fuck the shit out of me with that cock of yours". Not one to say no I put her legs over my shoulders and slowly entered her she moaned loudly when I was all the way in"that feels good baby fuck me please oh god fuck me with that pierced cock". God her pussy was so tight and sweet I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. So I put my hands underneath her ass and pulled it up so I could fuck her at an angle where my PA would start to rub her G-spot and then I started thrusting into her harder and faster.

She was panting and moaning louder and louder and thrusting her hips to meet my every thrust. "Oh kevin I am cumming OH oH OH OH GOD you feel so gooddddddddd I'm CUMMINNNNNGGGG". Her body started to shake with pleasure as the multi-Orgasms rocked threw her body. I wanted to cum so bad but she had tightened her legs around me so hard that I couldn't thrust into her. Finally after a couple of minutes her legs relaxed and I bent down and gave her kiss and asked her if she liked the pounding I gave her.She told me she loved it and asked if I had came, I told I hadn't.


"well we can't have that now can we". I chuckled and told her to get on her hands and knees so I could fuck her Doggie style.

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She got into position and waved her ass at me and told me to fuck the the hell out of her. Thats all the invitation I needed I grabbed her ass and lined my cock up to her wet pussy and thrust it in hard and deep, She screamed into her pillow and started to push her ass back to meet my every thrust. I wasn't going to take long and I could start to feel that tingling in my balls and I told her I was going to cum soon." Me to baby pleasee fuck me harder oh god fuck me fuck meI CUMMMINGGG".

It was to much for me and I started to spurt load after load of cumm into her tight pussy, screaming her name the whole time. We fell into each others arms and murmered sweet nothings to each other until we fell asleep in each others arms.

We were both woken up by an explosion and alarms going off and people screaming and crying. I got up and got dressed in my clothes. I told Katie to get dressed quickly that we had to go.

She kept asking what was going on and I told I didn't know But I would find out. Now when there was an emergency the OLDMAN told me always have some sort of kit with you just in case, I kind of laughed it off but I did what I was told just for his sake.

He also told me to head straight for the kitchen. So I get in my closet kneel down and grab my backpack of goodies.I look over at katie and you can see the fear in her eyes, I go over and give her a hug and tell her everythings is going to be all right.

I open the door and the whole place has gone crazy. Now I won't get into lots of Details but everybody has seen Titanic well thats what the scene was like everybody freaking out and going crazy and yes the ship was sinking. Well me and Katie went on this great adventure to find her parents but once we got there they weren't there so I told Katie to grab some of her stuff and put it in a packback.

By time we got to the kitchen the boat was listing badly to the port side. I opened the door to the kitchen and started yelling for the oldman.

I hear a groan from the back of the kitchen and run towards the sound. I find Bob in a pool of blood from his head and he is barely consious. I kneel down and asked him what happened and he told he fell and slipped on he floor. I checked his head out it was bad but not bad enough to kill him.

I told him we need to get out of here and picked him up,once I got him to his feet he was OK as long as he had a hold of somebody."i need to get something out of the office".

I told him we didn't have time that we had to go.Then he looked at me and gave me a look that would chill the biggest man to his soul.He told me "boy you go into that office and you will grab my kit and there is a suit case underneath my desk, now go".


I asked Katie to hold Bob up will I go to the office. I get in there and I grab his kit and underneath the desk I grab this white suit case which when I look closly its really one of those portable life rafts. I look around the office for anything else that might be useful and I see my knapsack of Kitchen knives and other equipment, a chefs pride and joy without thinking twice I grab it to. I run back out and help Katie with the old man, and we make are way to the top.

When we get to the top its raining and the wind is blowing really hard and the ship is listing badly. People are running and screaming and getting on the boats. Apparently I would find out later on, the cruise ship was trying to out run a typhoon and blew an engine in the process. So yes everybody was getting on a lifeboat, But the chances of surviving out in the ocean with the strong winds and the huge waves was very slim. The ship was going down fast now and we had no choice but to jump over board.

As soon as I hit the water I came up for air and pulled the cord on inflatable life raft, In a matter of seconds it blew up and I threw my kit and bobs kit in there. I looked around for Katie and I saw her swimming hard for the raft,once she got close I helped her in.

Then I saw Bob floating close by and i grabbed him a me and Katie both helped him in. I was just getting in the raft when I felt someone grab my foot. I looked down and there was this half naked blond girl, half drowned and holding on to me for dear life. So I grabbed her and we throw her in to. I finally get into the raft and look around at the scene and its not pretty dead bodies and huge waves, life boats that are turned over. Are life raft is not doing any better, so I start to zip the top of it up when I hear a scream.

I look up and I see another girl holding onto a baby and trying to tread water at the same time. She is only 15 feet away so I jump in and swim to her. I grab her up and we both swim hard for the raft, just when I think I am not going to make it. Katie grabs my arm and pulls me with all her might into the boat then we both grab the girl and the baby.

I zip up the canopy to keep the rain out and pray. The girls are screaming the baby is crying and the OLDMAN is dying in my arms. To be continued