Horny busty blonde babe with big boobs

Horny busty blonde babe with big boobs
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I knew what I had planned for tonight, even though I didn't give my wife the slightest clue. She had already showered and done her makeup and the only thing left was to put on her outfit for the night.

"I'm picking out your clothes tonight baby," I cooed at her from across the room. "No, I got it," she replied from across the room and grabbed a shirt. She slipped it over her head as I walked across the room towards her. When I got to her I pulled her up against me and put my hands around the neck of the shirt. Then I pulled down and ripped it off her body aggressively. "No, tonight I am picking out your clothes," I said sternly and walked towards her bag to pick out the outfit I had planned for her.

I reached into the bag and pulled out a skimpy black clubbing dress and tossed it to her. "Put it on," I ordered. She still looked a little shocked that I ripped her shirt off her body but took off her bra and slipped the dress on.

She looked amazing. Her breasts were being pushed up by the design of the dress, revealing a ton of cleavage. To make it even better it had a slit cut out along the bottom of her breasts revealing a little bit of cleavage there as well.

I handed her, her high heels and she put them on. She looked sexy as hell in the outfit that I had picked out for her. It exposed her midriff and extended just a couple inches past her hips. I strolled over to her admiring her sexy body and gave her a kiss before whispering to her "you're still missing something".

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With that I leaned down and grabbed a hold of her panties and pulled them to the floor. "Now you're ready to go," I told her and grabbed her hand and started to pull her towards the door.

I could tell that she wasn't the most comfortable in that outfit but she didn't complain, accepting the role that I was in charge. I walked her out to the car and I could tell that several people in the lobby had taken notice of her sexy outfit as we walked through. On the way to the restaurant I reached over and put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it gently. She looked over and gave me a knowing look as I slipped my hand over to her soft mound. I started to rub it gently and she moaned her pleasure back at me.

I continued to rub her now soaking wet pussy until we got the restaurant, but I was careful not to penetrate her. I wanted her as horny and as wet as possible for when we went inside. Even though we had a reservation we ended up having to wait so I took her to the bar and ordered some drinks for the two of us.

Once the drinks came I reached over and started rubbing her pussy once again. The bar wasn't crowded but it wasn't empty either. I continued rubbing her pussy anyway, despite the fact that it was quite obvious that I was doing so. We finished our first drinks quickly and ordered to more and I spun her to the side to face several other men at the bar.

Then I grabbed her legs and forced them apart so they had a great view of her beautiful pussy. She tried to close them quickly but I reached over and kept them forced apart so she continued to flash the men.

"Baby," she moaned at me her face getting red with embarrassment. "Shut up and enjoy it you little slut," I answered her as I thrust my finger deep into the pussy. She let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure and I started to fuck her slowly with my finger. Just about then our table was ready so I slipped my finger back out of her pussy and walked her towards our table.

It didn't take long once we were there for our fun to begin again. Our chairs were originally at opposite ends of the table but I moved mine so I could sit next to her. Before our waitress could even come over to take our order for drinks my finger was back inside her pussy.

As soon as she came over to take our drink orders I started wiggling my finger around wildly inside her. I could tell that she was enjoying every second of it even as she struggled to give the waitress her order. Once the waitress turned to leave I slid a second finger inside my wife's cunt and ordered her to start stroking my cock. She instantly obliged and worked her hand under my pants to where my warm erection was waiting for her.

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She started to stroke it slowly as I gently finger fucked her pussy. By the time the waitress came back with our drinks we were both struggling not to moan our pleasure too loudly in the restaurant.

We gave her the order for our food and I started to look around the room. Despite the fact that we were obviously playing with each other we hadn't attracted that much attention. With that I got a little more aggressive and forced a third finger into my wife's now dripping pussy. As I slowly fucked her with my fingers I could tell that she couldn't help but moaning louder.

I could hear the juices of her pussy with each thrust of my finger and I could tell that her orgasm was near. As soon as the food came I felt her climax come on. The sight of her trying to not to scream across the restaurant was one of the hottest I had ever seen in my life.


After the waitress left again I told her to let go of my dick and to eat her food. We both ate our meals and paid for them and headed towards the exit. As we were leaving I saw one of the men that she had exposed her pussy to earlier walking out as well.

He looked over at us and gave us a knowing smile and told my wife that she had a nice pussy. She just blushed but I quickly intervened and asked the man if he wanted to fuck it.

He seemed surprised but readily agreed.


I led the two of them to the car and told them both to get into the back seat. Once they were back there I ordered my wife to lay down and spread her legs for him. I saw the man's eyes light up but I warned him "only eat her out for now, you will get your chance to fuck her later".

He didn't complain and worked himself into a position to start licking my wife's clit and pussy. As I drove back to our hotel I could hear my wife's moans getting louder and louder as the stranger gave her pussy some much needed attention. I could tell that she was enjoying every second of it and it wasn't long and we were at the hotel once again.

I took the two of them back to our room and took my wife out of her dress. I than walked her to the bed and told her to get on all fours. Both of our pulses were racing with nerves and excitement. I climbed underneath her and started licking her clit and I ordered the other man to fuck her. I started sucking on my wife's clit as the stranger slowly pushed his cock inside her.

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I grabbed a hold of her thighs and told the man to start fucking her harder. He did and I could hear my wife moaning her pleasure once again.

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I ordered the man to smack her ass as hard as he could and he responded by giving her several loud thwacks to each cheek. I could tell by my wife's moans that she had already cum at least once before the man moaned out, "I'm about to cum". "Squeeze your god damn pussy for him," I yelled at my wife.

"Holy fuck," the man moaned before slamming into her one last time and orgasming. He pulled his now limp dick out of her and went to sit on the sofa to recover. I didn't give my wife the same opportunity as I stood her up and bent her over the bed. I lined my cock up with her pussy and pushed it in. It slid in easily and I could feel the void that was left by the other man inside my wife's cunt. It didn't take me long and I was fucking her as hard as I could while I scratched her back.

Finally, I grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled it back as hard as I could.


She was screaming with another orgasm as I dropped my load inside her pussy. I climbed onto the bed beside her and started kissing her passionately as the man stood up and got behind her again. I heard my wife moan "God no," as the man's cock lined up with her pussy again.

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I just smiled to my wife and whispered "you enjoy it you little slut," as the man pushed his way back inside her. Her moan of pleasure was the only response I needed as I went back to kissing her.

I put my hands around her head as we kissed I could feel the force from each thrust forcing its way through her body.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, probably another half hour, until the man came inside her again. This time I told him to leave and pulled my wife onto the bed. I could tell that my wife was exhausted but I rolled her onto her side anyways and pressed my cock up against her pussy. "I'm sore," she moaned at me in response. "I get the last run baby," I replied as I slowly pushed my cock back into her well stretched pussy.

I fucked her gently while I played with her nipples with my hands. She let out soft moans of pleasure in response.

Sometime later I finally came into her pussy and we drifted off to sleep with my cock still resting inside her well fucked pussy.