Incredible sexy bigtit blond babe

Incredible sexy bigtit blond babe
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Here I am, 17 years of age, a year before I am on my own with no I idea of what I am going to do. Mom says college, but, there is no way that would be possible financially. She says that she has raised me and my younger sister alone and that she would finish the job.

My sister Sue, 16, is herself reaching her point of maturity. As her brother I never did think she was all that hot, but lately looking more closely I am seeing things that I never realized about her before. I had seen her one evening after she had showered and maybe she did not realize it but the door to the bathroom was slightly ajar.

I could see her in the mirror while walking down the hall. She was toweling her self off and I could see her large developed breasts as she wiped them. She moved the towel lower drying herself as she went until she came to her pubic mound. There she seemed to dry a little bit longer.

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She seemed to have a glassy look in her eyes as she rubbed herself. She looked up and saw me watching her in the mirror. Quickly she tried to cover herself and closed the door. My mother had divorced my father when I was 3 and I do not remember anything about him.

She never heard from him since. She has tried to have different boyfriends but my sister and I always seemed to get in the way. She just seemed to resign herself to raising us by herself. My mother is, in my eyes at least, a very beautiful woman.

She has a figure that would make most other 35 year old woman green with envy. I could never understand why she was never able to stay with one person very long.

I had never seen her like I had my sister but I have always dreamed of such a moment. One night my mother had to work late leaving me to keep an eye on sis. We both were in the family room watching t.v. Sue setting on the floor and myself lying on the couch. I had ordered a pizza so as not to have to worry about trying to make anything for dinner. While we waited for the pizza to be delivered Sue decided to go take a shower.

When she had finished she came into the room dressed in a bath robe. I had already started on my pizza, which had already been delivered, and Sue came over to get a piece. She bent down in front of me not realizing the front of the bath robe had fallen partially open. I could see her mature, full ripe breasts as her robe fell away from her body.

"Don't get any on the carpet or mom'll kill us", I said. She looked up at me, noting where my eyes were glued, and realized that I had different things on my mind besides pizza. She got up quickly taking her dinner and turned away heading for the love seat.

Was there a slight smile on the edges of her mouth?

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Mom came home around 11 p.m. and looked as though she would collapse on the spot. I got up a took from her the different packages that she was caring. "Go sit on the couch and I will put these away" I told her.

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"You look like death warmed over". She sat down heavily on the sofa removing her shoes. She started to rub her feet but I came over and took over. "Here let me do that", I said while gently taking hold of her feet. With light pressure I began working on her toes and moving to the arch. I looked up and noticed she had laid her head back and closed her eyes. Sue said that she was going to bed and would see us in the morning. I continued working on her feet and started moving up mom's calves using light but constant pressure.

I thought I heard a moan coming from her and could almost feel her begin to relax. "You're a good boy Joe. You always did know what I needed the most and when". I moved to the other foot and my eyes moved up noticing how her skirt had begun to move up exposing her thighs. I also noticed that mom did not wear those garters or weird under garments for holding things in. All she wore were thin, almost see through panties.

I could see the outlines of her cunt hairs through her flimsy wear. A growing sensation began down in my crotch which brought me to my senses. It was at this point that I was determined that some day I would have to get into those panties. I slowly, but hoping that she would not notice, started to work my hands up to her calves. I rubbed her right calf feeling the tension run out of them. Onward I moved up to her knee and rubbed all the tension out of them too.

I could see that she had parted her legs just a littlemaybe unknowingly, to allow me more freedom with her legs. I slowly started to rub her thighs and could see her pussy more easily once I started this. Both my hands moved between her legs brushing both inner thighs. I looked up and saw her lips part just slightly as this happened. I could feel her start to squirm as I moved closer to her pussy.

I began to rub the outside of her panties as she opened her legs even wider. I felt the lips of her pussy as I rubbed the full area of her cunt. I could hear her breathing start to quicken as my rubbing started to increase speed.


I slipped a finger underneath the outer edge of her panties and slowly inserted it into her moist cunt. Probing in and out of her pussy I started to slip another finger in when she quickly raised her head and tried to close her legs. I backed off as she pulled down her skirt trying to hide her blushing face. I did not say anything but apologized and got up and headed for my room to go to bed. I kind of felt ashamed of what had just happened and decided that this was something that should never have happened.

Tomorrow was Sunday so I wanted to get up early and get some things finished around the house. She gave me that motherly kiss and I retired to my bedroom. On the way down the hall I noticed that Sue's light was still on so I lightly tapped on her door. There was no answer so I opened it in order to turn off the light. What I saw stopped me in my tracks.

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No wonder sis couldn't hear me. Lying on her bed she had her knees folded up and was trying to push a huge vibrator into her cunt. I watched with fascination as she pushed and pulled that thing in and out of the folds of her pussy. She removed it and started rubbing it back and forth along the folds of her vagina. With her other hand she was squeezing her left tit while slowly rocking her head from one side to the other.

I could tell by her quickening movements that she was about to come. I felt my own manhood begin to throb and grow to it's maximum length. I began to wish it was me between her legs instead of the mechanical toy. Her hand quickly moved down to her ass and she shoved a finger into her brown opening at the same time re-inserting the dildo slightly into her.


Her back arched and the whole bed began to shudder. A low grown came from her throat as she began to climax. Faster and faster she pumped her slick pussy.

I could not stand much more. I quietly closed the door and retreated to my room. I immediately began to rub my cock for some sort of relief. I began to imagine I was the one pounding sis's rich young cunt. After I came I cleaned up and retired for the night. I thought that I had heard similar sound coming from mom's room next to mine.

The following morning I was up bright and early. I moved around as quiet as I could knowing this was the only day that mom did not have to work. I went outside to do some work in the garage.

I climbed up on top of the work bench in order to get to one off the top shelves in order to get some tools down for some yard work. Fumbling around I almost fell but suddenly I felt a pair of hands grab me around my waist. I looked down and saw mom standing there with a smile on her lips. "I would not want you fall and possibly hurt the only person who could work on my feet like you can." I turned around and suddenly realized that the zipper of my jeans was directly in front of my mom's face.

A sudden vision of my cock filling her mouth brought redness to my face. She looked up with a puzzled look and started to move her hands away.

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I started climbing down and as I moved forward her hand rubbed against my now hard bulge. Hoping she didn't notice I climbed down and continued outside. Mom followed me out. "Why don't we have a barbecue later on tonight after your done?" I said that would be a good idea and would get the grill ready. "Come in the house when your done.

There is something I need you to take care of when you are done." she said. "Sure." was my reply. Mom stood there a little while longer watching me while I went to work. After a bit she turned and went into the house.

Later that day I finished what I was doing and went inside to get something to drink. In the kitchen sis was sitting at the table spicing up some chicken intended for the barbecue. "Have a good nights rest?" she asked as I entered the room. I kind of turned a little red at that remark wondering if she had known that I was standing at her doorway last night. "Fine." I replied as I poured a glass of juice. I could swear she had a small smile as I left the kitchen.

I passed mom on the way out to the garage and told her that I would start the fire as soon as I put everything away that I was using. "I think I should help you just so you don't fall again." she said following me into the garage. I climbed up on top of the workbench taking the tools from her and started to arrange them on the shelves that they had come from. Again I felt her hands proceede around my waist.

This time my back was to her so there would be no repetition of what happened this morning. I became aware of her hands intentionally advancing down to the front of my jeans. They stopped at my belt and she immediately undid my buckle. I just froze there to embarrassed to think straight. It was getting hard to do since I instantly became aware that my penis had started to ache. Mom un-snapped my jeans and purposely unzipped my fly.

I just stood there hopeful that this would be as far as things would go. But my wishes were not to be answered. She pulled down my jeans far enough to expose my briefs. I felt her hands progress down underneath my underwear halting at my penis.

Her long fingers wrapped themselves around my cock and began to stroke it gently. She pulled down my briefs and laid her head just above my buttocks. I could feel her hot breath against my back quicken as she started to rub my cock with more freedom. I spun around with my enraged meat directed in a instant at her plentiful lips. "This could not be happening to me" I thought as I just stood there. My brain screamed disapproval but my hands reached down to the back of my own mother's head and started guiding her lips towards my penis.

"No Joe, I have gone to far. We absolutely should not be doing this mmmmphh." she said as my cock cut off her closing words as it passed through her lips. "No Joe, I am urging you to stop now. I am fearful that mmmph." she mumbled as I forced my prick farther into her mouth. I could feel my knees begin to tremble as I recognized that a fantasy has just come true. I had my cock in my own mother's mouth.

With that assurance I thrust a little harder driving my enraged mechanism farther into her mouth. I could feel her teeth as they ran down the frame of my essence. Her lips strained wider and wider the deeper my cock penetrated.

Having a firm hold of her head with both hands, I started pumping my load in and out not wanting to strangle her. My balls swaying wildly in mid air as my penis disappeared and reappeared. Her hands moved around to my thighs trying to force me off. That only seemed to compel me to want to guarantee I was firmly imbedded in her mouth. I took a solid hold from behind her head and pushed unmercifully.

I felt her tongue along my shaft as it penetrated deeper towards her throat. She began to breath through her nose when my cock entered into her throat.

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I stopped and geared for an ultimate attack into her throat. She looked up at me and as my eyes met hers I lunged burying her face into my cock hairs. My balls slapped her chin as the last of my 10 inches buried itself as far as it would go. At that point I felt as though I had lost all discipline of my control.

I withdrew a little, and regarded a sense of relaxation in my mother's eyes but saw them go wide when I slammed back down her throat. In and out I packed my ragging rod. I could apprehend the volatile slapping of my balls against her face. "Go ahead and drain it" I whispered. As a response I heard light choke as I drove my penis deeper. I nevertheless could not conceive this.

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In my own garage. I am motionless on top of a workbench pounding my cock into my mom' throat. Ramming in and out was all my mind could envision. I felt a frail struggle on my shaft as my mother began to suck as I had had commanded her to do.

I seems that she has surrendered to this consequence. With this I expanded my pounding. I felt her hands cautiously caress my balls. I could not resist it after that.


I could sense my balls commence to boil, wanting to spray out all that was stored in them. I felt my cock start to lurch and I could tell my mother noticed it too. She tried desperately to draw back but that was not to be. I buried my shaft deep into her throat when my pole began to drain. I looked down and met her eyes. Eyes with that distressed look knowing what was about to befall. I felt her gag at the initial extensive river of white fiery cum as it poured into her throat.

Another pump of my cock and she closed her eyes and began to whimper. "Finish it", was all I said in response. Why I said that I don't understand. My 10 inch brute was buried so deep inside of her throat that my cum was nearly to her stomach.

Throb after throb my penis emptied it's heaviness. I did not envision it would endure this long. Her mouth began to fill with my cum. I could see a little cum overflow out the corner of her mouth. I began to draw back my cock so she would be able to swallow more easily.

After the closing cataclysm of cum I felt my penis go limp and withdrew my cock releasing her head at the same time. She reached up with the back of her arm to clean the cum from her chin and turned and ran into the house. I quickly got dressed and followed her into the house. As I entered the kitchen sis asked me what was wrong with mom. I said that I guess she must have eaten something that doesn't quite agree with her. "What kind of plans do you have tonight?" I asked.

"Tommy said that he has to watch his baby sister so he can't go out later so I guess that I will be staying home again." she replied. "The chicken is ready whenever you are big brother" she said as she got up and went to her room. I finished cooking up the chicken and went into the house finding my mother preparing the rest of the meal in the kitchen.

"I don't think that the earlier episode need be brought up again." She said "I think that things started when they shouldn't have. I really do not blame you. You are a growing boy with maturing needs that I seem to have brought out." "I agree." I said, trying to make her feel more at ease with what had happened.