Amber got it from behind

Amber got it from behind
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This is a story I wrote for a female friend about a year ago. Let me know what you think It was a warm Saturday night in Devon. The sky was clear and the stars were shinning brightly.

Becky decided that she was going to go to bed without her hot water bottle for the night. Becky was a 30 year old girl, who enjoyed life. She was a brunette with Green eyes, she stood about 5 ft 3 in tall. She had a wonderful face and smile. Her body wasdivineand most men wished they were able to be with her.

As she got into her room she followed her usual routine of locking the door and opening the window. She loved to hear the animals of the night as she lay in bed. As it was a warm night Becky decided to sleep with just a t shirt on. All that was between John and her desirable body was a thin sheet and a shirt. Meanwhile John was making his way to Devon on a holiday.

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John was 34 and lived in London, but was travelling to Devon to get away from the stresses of daily life. He had been speaking to Beckyregularlyover the last few weeks and thought that he would stop by to say hello on his trip. As he followed the sat nav he noticed that he was passing through the village that Becky lived in so he decided that he would find her house to make the visit the next day a little easier.

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John remembered that Becky mentioned she lived in the back of the house. As he approached the house he parked up and studied the house.

Trying to remember the location for the next day. For some unknownreason John decided to leave the car and wander round the grounds of the house. As he got to the back of the house he looked up and saw an open window.

"That's Becky's" he said to himself. Underneath her window he noticed atrellisfor the plants lead all the way to her window. In a moment of madness (Or was it) he decided to climb the thetrellisand peek through her window. As he reached her window his eyes slowly adjusted to the light in the room and focused on Becky asleep in the bed.

John climbed through the window and rested against it for a while watching Becky while she slept. He had never met her in person and was becoming aroused just by seeing her. He soon realised that the arousal was being in her room without her knowledge or permission. John slowly moved over to the side of Becky's bed, he was so close to her he could hear her breath and smell her scent.

As he sat there watching her sleep he realised that her picture did not do her justice. She was beautiful, with her long hair and her cute button nose. John could feel his heart beating fast as he watched her knowing that he could be caught at any time. He became quite daring all of a sudden and decided to see how far down her body he could pull the duvet. He slowly and quietly grabbed hold of the duvet by her head and pulled it down her body.

He got the duvet as far as her waist when Becky suddenly moved and her arm went from her thigh and touched him on his arm. John froze in his position, arm still holding the duvet. When he realised that she was not yet awake he boldly continued. He managed to get the duvet all the way to her feet where he left the duvet.

He now had a complete view of her body. Becky was wearing only a shirt. Her legs were in full view and the shirt covered the rest of her body. He was a bit annoyed that the shirt covered her pussy as this was one of the things he wished to reveal from removing the duvet. He noticed something between her legs that looked abnormal.

On closer inspection he could see it was something furry which intrigued him. Having completely lost all inhibitions from his daring acts he decided to investigate. Checking she was still fully asleep, he placed his hand under her shirt and touched what was hidden beneath. What he found shocked him. His hand felt the object and it was furry but very warm, upon further feeling he realised it was a hot water bottle but it was well up between her legs and her legs were holding it quite tightly in position.

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Trying not to touch her skin even though this was the one thing he wanted to do he try ed to remove the bottle from between her legs. He knew that the moment he touched her she would wake up and his devious act would be discovered. More than anything he wanted to see her pussy. John had fantasied about her pussy since they first started talking and he had become obsessed with seeing it. After a lot of back and forward movements he managed to release the bottle from her grasp.

As he pulled it away from her body he wondered why she had it between her legs. on further inspection the answer became apparent. He could see there was matted fur on the bottle at the end she had closest to her pussy.

He realised that she had obviously used it to rub herself while she was in bed. "Dirty Bitch" He thought to himself.


Suddenly john began to feel his jeans tighten around his crotch. He was getting very turned on by the thought of Becky pleasuring herself to sleep with a warm hot water bottle. He had uncovered one of her personal secrets. John Sat down by the side of the bed holding the bottle in both hands, wondering how to continue with his devious act. As he sniffed the bottle to try and discover her intimate smell he thought to himself "Is it rape"?

"She did say that she wanted him in their conversation" "Surely that makes it consensual" "No because she has not given permission" As John struggled with his inner turmoil of sheer want for the woman and his conscious his ever growing and pulsing dick was betraying him at every thought.

He had decided on what he was going to do. No matter what he was going to fuck this woman where she lay with or without her permission. He sat up and looked back at Becky sleeping in font of him.

She looked so peaceful and beautiful. "I have to make her want it" he thought to himself. Then the idea struck him he had seen in porn films with pretend stories, but now he could do it for real.

He leanedover her and as quietly and as softly as he could he started to unbutton her shirt. As he got to the last button he opened the shirt up to reveal her completely naked body. She had the biggest tits he had ever seen which begged him to suck them. Now John was not a man that liked big tits but these had a certain draw to him. As he drank in her beauty he had to release the throbbing pain in his pants before he did himself an injury.

He had never known his dick to be so hard this was probably down to the fact he was doing something he shouldn't. He undid his jean as quietly as possible and removed them. Once they were gone he took off his pants and t-shirt. He was standing at the side of Becky's bed totally naked sporting a raging hard on.

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He stroked his dick as he watched Becky laying naked on the bed sleeping. John took a deep breathe and walked round to the foot of her bed, then he slowly and quietly crawled onto the bed and knelt watchingher sleep.

He slowly leaned forward so he was eventually laying down between her legs, he softly opened her legs trying not to wake her up. Once her legs were spread he had a perfect view of her sexy completely shaved pussy.

He could not take his eyes off her lovely pussy. Eventually He decided it was time to see how far he could get. He moved his head closer to her pussy and softly breathed on her. After a few breathes he extended his tongue and softly licked he slit. As his tongue touched the hood of her clit Becky let out a little moan.This just encouraged him more, so he continued to lick her clit more. With every lick her moans got a little louder until He could not control himself any more.

He gently climbed up her body until he was laying on top of her but not touching her body. He looked down and her tits.

He was still astounded by them, We wanted to do so many things to this sexy woman. "Its now or never" he thought. Then he leaned forward and kissed Becky on the lips.

Becky did not wake up but moved slightly. He kissed her again full on the lips, Becky responded this time but she was still not awake.

She kissed back. Slightly opening her mouth. "I think she is dreaming what is really happening" John thought "This is amazing" He slowly slid his tongue into her mouth, she started to respond with hers. She was slowly waking up to this pleasurable but unconventional night. He decided that he needed to penetrate her before she woke up fully and realised what was happening.

Still kissing her he moved his hand down and grabbed hold of his throbbing dick. He positioned his dick against he pussy lips, they felt so soft against his cock.


He slowly pushed his dick into her pussy, she was so wet from him licking her earlier. As his dick slid into her eyes opened fully and a moan escaped her lips. "Who, uuurrrggggghhh" she moaned "ssssshhhhh and enjoy" John replied. John thrust his dick hard into Becky's pussy, Becky closed her eyes and put her arms around him. She started thrusting up against him as he drove his hard dick deep into her eager pussy.

As his thrust got harder her moans got deeper she was gripping her fingers into his back as he thrust into her. Becky was moaning into his ear.

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"Oh yes, yes fuck me whoever you are" John started to nibble Becky's ear lobe as he fucked her. She was thrusting up against him with all her might and moaning like a woman possessed.

"Come for me baby" John whispered "uuuurrrggggghhhh Oh my god" Becky moaned. With that He decided to try a different position. He grabbed hold of her legs and put the on his shoulder either side of his head. Then he slid his dick back into her wet pussy. As he slid into her he leaned forward so that he was back laying on top of her.

This position opened her pussy even more so he slid his dick further into her pussy. John was now deep inside Becky and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. "Oh my god, that's so deep, that's so uuuurrrrgggghhhh fucking horny" Becky moaned "yes yes yes" John began to pump hard into Becky's pussy, his balls were slapping against her arse cheek as he pounded into her.

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my pussy. He continued to thrust deep into Becky, when all of a sudden Becky let out a deep moan. He felt her pussy clamp tight around his dick and her arms tightened around his body.

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He continued to thrust into her pussy as her orgasm hit her. He kissed her on the lips and whispered in her ear "I'm Gunna cum" "Oh yes, cum inside me pls, I want to feel you come inside me. With that john could not control himself any longer and buried his dick deep inside Becky and filled her eager pussy with his come.

After their orgasms had subsided They lay in each others arms breathing heavily and John looked into her eyes "I'm John" he said.

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