Young dick in pants gay porn first time The folks film themselves

Young dick in pants gay porn first time The folks film themselves
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Disclaimer: I will be naming several porn stars and fictional characters from other media in this series. The porn stars I name are fictional versions and I own none of the fictional characters from other media, they too are fictional versions. Thomas Evergreen sat alone in his little corner of the world.

He lived on a hundred acres of land, uninhabited except for him. He was an only child, never married, and never had any children. His parents had passed away years ago and he had no other relatives, except for a few distant ones that he shunned. They were only after his parent's wealth after all. The mansion and property were worth millions upon millions to the right buyer or inheritor. At 42 years old, Tom wasn't likely to have children even if he wanted them.

He never regretted not having a wife or child, but he had felt lonely in the year since his last living groundskeeper died. Now, the mansion and the grounds were all maintained by robots. Not the kind that can be conversed with but simple machines that only go about their simple tasks as they were programmed to do. Tom wasn't lacking entirely in company since many women and some men tried to be suitors to him.

They were after his family fortune of course. He turned away the men since he didn't swing their way. He usually fucked the pretty women, then sent them away too the next day. All of them yelling curses at him in the morning when they so eagerly spread their legs and moan for him the night before. In had been about six months since the last attractive girl came along. To a rich man that is used to being able to pick any woman he wants, it was unusual to go without a naked girl in his bed for that long.

Tom even entertained the idea of going into the town nearly an hour away and finding a woman that wanted to bend over for him. He rejected the idea each time since the thought of the women seeking him out made for more fun. He decided that if another woman didn't come after him within three months, then he would go to the town. For now, he did what he did each day when no woman showed up: he jacked off to a video of one of his favorite porn stars. The movie tonight was one with Chloe Foster, his favorite.

Tom was about halfway into the movie and Chloe was bent over the table being fucked doggy style when the proximity alarms sounded. Tom cursed the bad luck since he had been close to blowing his load at his favorite scene.

He muttered to himself about how it had better be an early twenties woman with a tight ass and small tits coming up the road. And that girl had better be ready to be fucked for interrupting him this way. He looked on the cameras as a black SUV entered the grounds.

Tom was greatly disappointed when a man stepped out of the car. He wore a fancy suit and had a look about him that shouted "I am a business man here to sell some shit." Tom cussed the entire way to the front door. He was ready to blow up at the guy, send him on his way, and get back to Chloe Foster. Tom opened the door before the suit could even knock. "Mr. Evergreen, I am pleased to make your acquaintance—" the man started.

"No," Tom interrupted.

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"Excuse me, sir?" Tom answered, "I don't care if you're an investor, a lawyer, an old family acquaintance, a distant relative, or the Pope. I would like you to get back in your car, back out of my driveway, and head on down my road off my property.

I'm not interested." Tom started to shut the door, but the suit blocked it with his foot. "Not even if I offered you a cure for your loneliness?" Tom opened his mouth, but was unsure what to say. The stranger had captured his interest.

Tom found himself opening the door back all the way open and ushering the man inside. One month later… The proximity alarm went off just after Tom finished lunch. He went to the monitors and saw a familiar black SUV coming up his road. Wow. He meant she would be ready one month to the day Tom thought.

He still didn't think this was real. It had to be some joke or stunt to embarrass him. The stranger, Mr. Gill, offered him the chance to test out the very first Pleasure Android his company was making.

It took some smooth talking on Mr. Gill's part to convince Tom that this wasn't some joke and even after that in the last month Tom had convinced himself that there had to be a con to it all. After signing document after document, Mr. Gill asked him what he wanted the android to look like. After a few minutes of thought, Tom decided since it was a basically a sexbot he might as well ask it to be modeled after Chloe Foster. Mr. Gill assured him that wouldn't be a problem.

He went on to ask about other aspects of the android he wanted such as clothing, hair style and color, style of hair on the pussy, etcetera.

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Tom quickly opened the door as the android approached the house. She was the only one to get out of the vehicle and the SUV drove away after she exited. Tom's eyes must have been popped out of his skull at her beauty.

There she was; Chloe Foster's doppelganger. Chloe had on tight blue jeans and a grey shirt that fit a little loosely to allow easy access for his hands, but it still covered her tits. Speaking of, her body was exactly like it looked in the picture that sent to Mr.

Gill as a reference for what she was to look like. Her blonde, shoulder length hair was right too. Without even seeing, Tom was sure she had the black bra and matching panties he had requested and that her pussy would be shaved like he wanted.

Chloe approached him and introduced herself, "Hello, Master. I'm Chloe Foster. Pleased to meet you." She even sounded like the porn star. "Hello, Chloe," Tom said a little awkwardly. Even though she was a copy, his dick was already throbbing at Chloe Foster being in front of him. He also realized he was going to have to change some things right away. "Chloe, I don't want you to call yourself by the last name Foster anymore. Your name will be Chloe Evergreen.

Understood?" "Yes, Master. I'm now Chloe Evergreen. At your service." "Another thing," Tom added. "Instead of calling me master, call me Tom." "As you wish, Tom." Tom ushered Chloe into the living room and told her to leave her bag there. He assumed the bag was full of the other attire and items he requested from Mr. Gill since the suit assured him that the android wouldn't have material wants.

Chloe looked at him as he stared at her body. She got an inquisitive look on her face. "What would you like me to do, Tom?" Tom sat down in his favorite leather chair. Excitement was building in his cock already. There would be plenty of time to fuck her, so he wanted to start slow and examine her. "Come stand in front of me." Chloe obeyed his command with a smile on her face. Tom had her turn around in a slow circle, squeeze her own tits over her shirt, face away from him and bend over, give herself a smack on the ass.

Then he said, "Come sit on my lap." Tom positioned so that when she sat down her ass was on his right leg with her legs over his left leg, His right arm was around her lower back and his left hand was on her thighs.

She was leaned into him so that her hands were resting on his chest and her head was next to his right shoulder. Tom moved his left hand off her thighs and squeezed her right breast. He glanced at her face, but it was blank and emotionless.

Tom continued to grope Chloe's tits and his right hand moved from her lower back to her ass. Chloe remained silent and emotionless.

"Chloe, I want you to react to my touches as you would if you were a real woman." Tom told her. "Are you sure?" "Yes." Chloe's face suddenly reflected absolute fear and panic.

She started flailing about and hitting him. She tried to get away but Tom put his arms around her waist to stop her. She started screaming and yelling out, "Let me go! Pervert! Stop! Don't do this! Let go of me!" on and on. It took a moment Tom to realize what happened. "Stop! Stop! Stop it, Chloe! I command you to stop!" Chloe froze with a confused look on her face.

"I meant act like a woman would with a guy she wants inside her. Moan for me, react to my touches the way a woman who was turned on would. Stuff like that." Chloe cupped her hands over her mouth. "I am so sorry, Tom. I misunderstood." "Its okay," Tom answered. "Come sit back down." Chloe sat like she was before the freak out.

Tom once again groped her tits and ass. This time she responded appropriately to his touches. She bit her lower lip and let out a soft moan as Tom squeezed her left breast. She let out a gasp as her ass was taken in his hand again. "Unbutton your jeans and unzip them," Tom commanded Chloe.

Chloe gave him a cute, nervous smile and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Tom removed his left hand from her tits and slid it beneath her pants and underwear.

He was happy to feel that she had no pussy hair.

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Chloe let out a louder moan as Tom rubbed her slit. She was already really wet. He rubbed her clit with his middle finger. As her moans increased, he slid a finger into her pussy. Chloe let out another gasp and a long moan.

She started rocking into his hand. She was so turned on and her expression was so hot. Tom moved in and kissed her on the lips. Now, she moaned into his kiss as he fingered her and snaked his tongue into her mouth. After several minutes of making out and fingering, Tom broke the kiss and removed his finger. Chloe let out a disappointed little moan but didn't otherwise protest. Tom took hold of the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

He wasted no time examining her bra. He was after something much better. He reached behind her back and undid the clasp. A moment later her bra fell, freeing her amazing tits.

Tom immediately wrapped his mouth around her right tit. He swirled his tongue around her nipple. While his mouth was at work on her right tit, his right hand pinched and squeezed her left nipple and tit.

After switching and sucking on her left tit for a few minutes, Tom looked into the eyes of the beautiful young woman.

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Her sweet face and passionate moans had him rock hard. He wanted to see the rest. Tom had Chloe stand up and face away from him. He hooked his fingers around the waistband of her tight jeans and her panties beneath and pulled them both down. Tom let out a long breath at the sight of Chloe's tight ass. He reached out and squeezed her juicy ass. He couldn't help himself, so he gave one of her ass cheeks a play bite. Tom thought about eating her out or having her suck his cock, but he didn't want to wait any longer to penetrate her best hole.

"Get on the couch," he told her. "It's time I fuck you." Tom watched her naked ass sway towards the cough.

He watched Chloe lay down on her back and spread her legs wide to show off her wet pussy. It was his for the taking. Tom stood up and went over to the couch.

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He climbed on top of her. He kissed her long and hard on the lips as he lined up his cock with her pussy. Just before he entered her, Tom had a dirty idea. He had never tried it before because of the judgement that would come from it. But Chloe was an android. She wouldn't judge him for it, only obey.

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"Chloe, dear, I want you to call me Daddy." "Yes, Daddy," she replied. Tom didn't think he could get more excited or aroused by this beautiful piece. He rubbed the head of his cock around her pussy. She moaned and bit her lip. After playing with her for a few moments, Tom asked, "Do you want me inside you, sweetie?" Chloe looked into his eyes.

"Yes, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy." While looking into each other's eyes Tom took Chloe. He thrusted his cock into her wet pussy.


She was so wet it went in halfway on the first thrust. Tom pulled out to the head then thrust into her again. "Oh, fuck. It feels even better than I imagined." Chloe was moaning loud as he fucked her. In between the moans she cried, "Ooooh, Daddy, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me, Daddy." Good girl Tom thought.

He picked up speed as Chloe's moans increased. Her O face seemed to go wider and wider. Tom moved his hands from the girl's hips to her tits. He leaned further over her, so that he could better fuck her while groping her tits.

Tom spent the next fifteen minutes fucking his girl missionary style. He stared into Chloe's eyes multiple times as he took her harder or faster. He used his hands to endlessly explore her tits, ass, legs, and hips. Tom didn't want it to ever end. He could die happy if he was inside Chloe Evergreen's sweet pussy. However, Tom had already felt ready to blow his load into her a few times. He had to force himself to slow down in those moments otherwise he would cum too early.

Every time he slowed down though, Chloe would respond with something like, "Don't stop, Daddy." Finally, he couldn't take it any longer. Tom got a good grip on Chloe's hips and leaned over to tell her just above a whisper, "Daddy is going to cum soon, sweetie." Chloe's eyes lit up. Her hands squeezed her own tits.

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She cried out, "Oh, Daddy, cum inside me. I want to feel your cum inside me." Tom slammed his cock in and out of her faster and harder than he had yet at the sound of her lust. He leaned over her and kissed her on the lips as the pressure in his cock built.

He broke the kiss when he felt that he could hold his climax no longer. With one last hard thrust Tom was balls deep inside her when he blew. Tom's cum, unrestricted by a condom as it was with other women he fucked, shot deep into the android's pussy. Had Chloe been a real woman, she would probably have gotten pregnant from all the cum that Tom loosed into her. It was one of, if not the, best finishes Tom had ever experienced. As the moment of pure pleasure and lust pasted, Tom still couldn't believe his luck.

Even though his dick was already starting to go limp, Tom kept it inside of Chloe as he kissed her long again. When they finally broke the kiss, Tom's dick was out of her. "Thank you, Daddy," Chloe said with a big smile on her face. Tom was never big into cum shots when he watched porn and he always used a condom with the women he fucked. Maybe it was because it was his cum was dripping from her pussy, that he was so intoxicated by the sight of it. For a moment, he just watched Chloe laying on the couch, panting for breath.

Tom then got off the couch and put his dick next to her mouth. "Want to clean Daddy's cock, sweetheart?" He already knew the answer.


Without saying a word Chloe took Tom's cum covered dick into her mouth. It was at that moment that realizations came to Tom. First, he thought of some of the possibilities that could happen with Chloe. The role-play, the sex positions, the fantasies, the endless nudity, and fucking a beautiful woman who would never tell him no or judge him. Then, Tom's mind started running with other scenarios. There were so many women that he would fuck if given the opportunity. Now, he could or at least models of them.

Porn stars, actresses, fictional characters, women from his real life he never got in bed with; the possibilities were endless. Tom smiled at the young woman with her mouth around his cock. This is going to be the time of my life Tom thought.