Wife takes it on both ends

Wife takes it on both ends
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My Addiction to Oral Sex By Draggonfly For as long as I can remember I have thought about oral sex, when I was 4 or 5 years old I started sucking my little brothers cock. It was exciting, of course it was just a kid thing. My best friend caught me sucking my brother under our house one day and talked me into sucking him, he was 6.

By the time I was 8 I had managed to suck every boy in our neighborhood at least once. Buddy my friend talked his sister into letting me eat her pussy, he watched as I sucked my first female. After I finished he wanted to eat her too but she wouldn't let him. Our house was built on a slopping lot and there was a lot of space under the back of the house so we used this as our club house and this is where I sucked most of the kids in my neighborhood both boys and after Eve [Buddy's Sister] girls.

I was under the house giving my brother a blow job when my dad came in and caught us. I knew that I was in big trouble and was going to catch hell for the rest of my life.

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Dad told Butch to go in the house and wait for him and not to say a word to mom about what we had been doing. After Butch left dad asked how long I had been sucking my brother and who taught me to do it. I was honest and told him that I just learned by my self and besides Butch liked me doing him and that it was all my idea. To my surprise instead of being mad he asked if I had ever sucked any other boys, I admitted that I had.

He then asked if I had ever tasted cum, I told him no. My dad unzipped his pants and removed his cock and asked if I would like to suck him. This was the first adult cock I had ever seen and I was fascinated by the size, dad had probably a six inch dick but to me it was gigantic. I looked up at my father and said yes I would like to taste cum.

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He stepped forward and I took him in my mouth and started sucking. This was totally different from sucking the little boy's cocks that I was used too, first it was much bigger and very much harder and it tasted different. I was just getting adjusted to the size when my dad filled my mouth with his hot sticky cum, he held my head and pushed his cock as far in my mouth as he could and told me to swallow his cum.


I had no choice, I had to swallow the whole load or choke on it so I swallowed. After he finished with me he put his now soft cock back in his pants and said I was a good cock-sucker and that we would do this again. He also told not to tell anyone about me sucking him, then he left. I could still taste my first cum and after a few minutes decided that I liked it and would have to find some older guys to suck.

My dad was killed in an auto accident 2 weeks later.

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I was now 13 and had my first orgasm, now I could taste cum any time I wanted, of course it was mine but I had an abundant supply. Buddy was a year older than me so I had been eating his cum for the last 9 months, he was fucking his sister now and she let me suck his cum from her pussy. Butch was fucking a cousin of ours and I was also eating her, Butch wasn't cumming yet so I enjoyed eating Eve more.

I was also fucking Eve and our cousin Francis. I had just finisher fucking Eve and was sucking my cum from her swollen pussy when I noticed she tasted different, I kind of liked the difference. After she had an orgasm I moved off her, Eve looked at me and started laughing, I asked what was funny, she said that I had blood on my face and that I was eating her during her period.

This is when I learned to like eating a pussy at THAT TIME OF THE MONTH. It's amazing how much changes after a person goes thru puberty, you get hair where you don't want it females start bleeding once a month and guys get perpetually horny. That isn't so bad for a bi-sexual as I was now known because you can always find a guy who wants a blowjob. During the summer of my 13th year a new family moved in across the street from us.

At first I thought that there were no children just a man and his wife who were a little strange. They never came out during the day and they never opened the curtains in their house.

Buddy and I decided that they were vampires. After they had been there about a month I saw the man outside so I went over and introduced myself to him, his name was Sam and he seemed like a nice guy.

He told me that he had 2 children that were spending the summer with their grand parents and would be coming home soon.


He said that they were twins and were also 13. I asked if they were boys or girls, Sam said one of each. He then explained that he and his wife worked nights and that's why we never saw them. Damn! I wanted vampires. Two weeks later the twins came home, I met them shortly after they arrived because their dad called me and asked me to come over.

The girls name was Pat and the boy was Wade; Pat was a cute girl even thought she was chubby while Wade was taller and slim. They both had black hair and green eyes, Pat had already developed a set of softball sized tits which she liked to show off. She was dressed in a pair of shorts that barely covered her ample ass and I could see the outline of her pussy thru them. She was wearing a t-shirt with no bra so I could see her nipples, I took an immediate liking to her.

Wade was also wearing a t-shirt and shorts which revealed a large bulge in the crotch. Their dad was only wearing a pair of shorts and it was obvious that he had a very large cock hiding inside them. Sam called their mother to come meet me, she was in her bathrobe which was tied at the waist and showed a lot of her huge tits above.

She also had black hair and green eyes and was very pretty. I didn't know it then but I was going to have sex with all of them before long. I stayed there getting to know Pat and Wade for a while, we seemed to like each other so I told them about my hide-out and that is where all the kids hung out because we were left alone there. I invited them to stop over later and I would gather up the other everybody so they could meet them also. I found Eve and told her and asked where Buddy was but she didn't know, I asked her to come meet the new kids and she said she would be there.

After lunch I was in the hide-out when Eve came in with my brother and Buddy, who had a silly grin on his face which meant that he was up to some thing.

I asked him what and he told me that he and Butch had just left my cousin Francis where they had both fucked her and got her to give them a blowjob. This was big stuff as she had always refused to suck any of us before. As we were talking about Francis, Pat and Wade came in and the first thing Pat said was "I like sucking a cock so any time any of you want me too I will".

They had heard Buddy talking about Francis. Wade pulled down his shorts and told Pat to demonstrate on him. I had seen a lot of 13 year old cocks but never one like Wades this guy was carrying at least 8" and as big as my wrist Pat dropped to her knees and took her brothers cock into her mouth.

Wade let his sister suck on him for a few minutes then he removed his cock from her mouth and asked if anyone else would like to have her suck them. Buddy had his cock out of his pants and in her mouth before I could move.

Wade saw me looking at his cock and asked if I wanted to try it for size. Instead of answering I moved over and started licking the head of his cock; I had both hands on the shaft of this monster and still couldn't get the remaining fully in my mouth because it was so big. Between using my hands and sucking on the head I did manage to bring Wade to an orgasm; I was surprised at the small amount of semen that he delivered.

I found out later that this was his 4th ejaculation of the day. Eve asked if she could just touch his cock because she had never seen anything like it before, Wade told her she could. By this time Pat had finished sucking all the cum from Buddy's cock and she asked if Butch would like her to do him, naturally he said yes. Pat had just met the guys and in less than 20 minuets she had sucked the cocks of Buddy and Butch and was now doing me, I loved this girl.

After Pat got me off she went down on Eve. Pat and Wade were a welcome addition to our little group. This had been a busy Friday. Sunday morning I went to get the paper, Pat was on her porch and called to me that I should come over in about an hour if I could. I went back in the house where mom had breakfast ready and I told her I was going over to Wades shortly.

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Mom said o k and then said that she had talked to him yesterday and she liked him. Mom hadn't had any sex since dad died; at least that's what I thought.

I thought to myself if you only knew how he was hung you would really like him. After breakfast I went across the street and knocked on the door, Wades mom opened it and invited me in. It was kind of dark inside as all the blinds were closed and there were no lights on, after my eyes adjusted I saw that she was only wearing her robe and that it wasn't tied so her naked body was exposed.

I just stood there and stared at her massive tits and her hairless pussy. She smiled and said the kids were in the den, she took my hand and led me down the hall. We got to the den and there were Pat, Wade and their dad all of who were naked.

As we entered the room Sally [mom's name] took her robe off, I was the only one dressed. Jake [dad's name] said I could undress if I would like, which I did. For the first time I saw what caused the bulge in Jake's shorts the last time I saw him. I only thought Wade had a big cock, his dad had the biggest cock I have ever seen in my whole life and he was not circumcised; which was also a first for me.

Jake had at least 10" soft, I wanted to feel this gorgeous cock but I wasn't sure what to do. Jake solved my problem when he asked if I would like to hold his cock, I reached out and touched it. It felt smooth and heavy as I slid the foreskin back from the big pink head. I was fascinated by the way the foreskin could completely cover the head of his cock and I kept sliding it back and forth until Jake's cock was fully erect. This guy had a full 13" when he was hard, he didn't have the girth that Wade has but he was 4 or 5" longer.

I couldn't help myself as I put as much of this thing in my mouth as I could. Here I was in a neighbor's house with a man and his wife and 2 children and I have his cock in my mouth while they all watch.

Jake seemed to be enjoying my actions on the head of his cock as I heard him moan as I sucked him. Sally got next to me and started talking in my ear; telling me to suck her husbands cock real good and to be sure and swallow all his cum when he gave it to me. Her sexy voice and her words made this experience even more erotic. Sally was rubbing my nipples as she kept talking to me about how sexy I looked with Jake's cock in my mouth. Jake put his hand on the back of my head and pushed more of his cock into my mouth and down my throat; Sally was telling me to swallow his cock that she wanted to see me take the full length in my mouth.

I probably got about 8" in me before I started chocking and Jake backed off. I wanted more but knew that I would never be able to take it. Jake still had his hand on my head when he started to fill me with cum. I was swallowing as much as I could but I could feel some running down my chin. Sally was right there licking up the overflow.

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I kept Jake's cock in my mouth until it was soft and slipped from between my lips; Sally replaced the cock with her probing tongue; she was sucking my tongue like it was a small cock, this also was a first and I liked it. When Sally moved away from me Jake put a hand on my shoulder and told me that I was a good cocksucker. Sally asked if I was as good at eating pussy as I seemed to be at sucking cock.

I asked if she would like to find out. She was sitting on the couch so she laid back, spread her legs and said show me. I was excited about sucking her pussy because I had never tasted a woman's pussy just girls. I did notice that she smelled different than the girls I had done but it was a good smell.

I took my time inhaling the feminine odor as it was like an aphrodisiac making my little cock hard. I finally pushed my tongue thru her slit and got my first taste of a woman's pussy and it was fantastic. Sally directed me to her clitoris and taught me how to manipulate it with my tongue and lips and when to suck it or bite it gently. I discovered that I could bring her to the brink of orgasm and keep her in a heightened state of arousal for several minutes according to how and where I used my tongue.

After about 20 minutes Sally couldn't hold back any longer, she locked my head between her fat thighs and flooded my mouth with her feminine juices. I swallowed as much as I could but some ran down towered her ass, after I got all the fluids from her cunt I felt obligated to lick up what had escaped my mouth.

To make sure I got it all I started licking the crack of her ass until I got to her puckered pink asshole. I ran my tongue around this orifice a few times to see how Sally reacted to having her asshole licked.

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She reacted positively saying that I should fuck her ass with my tongue, which by the way I did. Sally's vaginal fluids tasted like honey to me as I licked the last drops from her ass she said that I was welcome to eat at her house any time I wanted. The twins had watched while I performed oral sex on their parents, Pat said that now it was their turn. She came over and took my cock in her hand and started pumping it.

Wade told us he would like to stay and play with us but he had to be somewhere, he said we should have fun and he would see us later. I noticed that Jake had left also leaving me alone with Sally and Pat.

Sally said that she would like to see me fuck her daughter in her ass, she said that Pat liked that but her dad and brother were both too big for her.

Pat spoke up saying she would like that. From Pat pumping my cock I had an erection so I was ready. Sally rubbed my cock with some cream then she applied it to her daughter's asshole.

Pat was on her hands and knees, I got in position behind her and put the head of my cock against her anal opening. I gently pushed forward and felt myself slowly gaining entrance to her tight anus. Pat was pushing back saying she wanted me in her quickly so I pushed the rest of my 6 ½ inches inside her. Sally had crawled under Pat with her face directly below her pussy so she could see all the action as I started slowly fucking her.

Pat dropped her head and started eating her mom's cunt as I fucked her ass. I started fucking faster and my cock slipped from Pat's ass and right into Sally's mouth.

She sucked me for a few seconds then put me back in Pat's ass. I decided that I loved this whole perverted family and wondered if there was anything they wouldn't do. Pat told me to fuck her faster as she was on the verge of cumming, I put my hands on her hips for leverage and started pumping her ass as fast as I could. Pat reached her orgasm, as she was cumming she tightened her anal muscles around my cock and I also reached orgasm and pumped her anal cavity with a healthy load of my sperm.

This was probably the most satisfying orgasm I had experienced at that time of my life. As my cock softened and escaped the warmth of Pat's ass her mother took it back into her mouth and sucked it clean. After she finished with my cock she cleaned her daughters ass licking my cum from between her ass cheeks. This was a turn on for a 13 year old boy and a lesson well learned. After the last bout with Pat and Sally I was tired so I kissed them both and headed home to get some rest.

As I entered my house I heard some noise coming from my mother's room, I went to see what was causing this strange sound. The door was open so I looked in to see my mom with Jake's cock up her ass and Wade's cock in here pussy. At first I was shocked that my mother would do such a thing as allowing 2 guys to fuck her at the same time. Then I thought, why not. I knew that it had been a long time since dad was gone and my mom was the same age as Sally and I liked what she would do.

I went in the room and sat in a chair so I could get a better view of my mom taking these 2 huge cocks, Jake and Wade had a rhythm going as one was pushing in the other was pulling out, it was fun to watch. Wade was the first to cum filling my mom's pussy with his young boys cum.


After a few minutes he pulled his cum coated cock from her pussy and offered it to her mouth. My mother sucked that big cock into her mouth like a pro, she had no problem taking the whole 8" in her mouth and cleaning their combined juices from it.

As mom cleaned his cock Wade saw me, I put my finger to my mouth so he wouldn't say anything because I didn't want mom to know I was there. Wade smiled and shook his head as my mom continued to suck on his rod. Jake started fucking mom's ass fasted as he was about to cum also, I could see his balls getting tight as he approached orgasm.

Jake made a final plunge sending the full length of his cock up mom's ass as he shot his load deep in her anus. After his orgasm subsided Jake slowly pulled his shrinking cock from mom's belly. He motioned to Wade who moved away from mom and Jake offered his shit covered cock for her to suck. To my surprise mom didn't hesitate a second as she sucked this cock into her more than willing mouth. Wade had gotten off the bed and was just watching.

I could see his cum oozing from mom's pussy and I wanted to lick it all out of her. I crawled on the bed and buried my face in mom's well fucked pussy, sucking Wade's cum and her juices from her cunt.

As I did this a picture of Sally sucking my cum from Pat's ass flashed thru my mind, without a thought I moved enough to lick some of Jake's cum from her ass. The act of sucking two other guys cum and other juices from my own mother's pussy and ass was overwhelming.

I became light-headed and felt like the sickest most depraved pervert that ever lived; I felt great. After the first taste of mom's anal excretions I overcame my inhibitions and gave her a proper rimming. After cleaning her ass and pussy I got back in the chair, mom still had Jake's cock in her mouth so she didn't know that I was even there. Jake slowly pulled his cock from her mouth and leaned over and gave mom a deep kiss.

When Jake stood up mom saw Wade and thanked him for cleaning her up. Wade laughed then pointed at me and told mom that I was the clean-up guy. I thought mom was going to have a heart attack; she turned pale as the blood rushed from her face. As she gained some composure she asked how long I had been there. I couldn't help myself as I told her long enough to see what kind of sex crazed woman she was and how proud I was of her.

My words evidently calmed her as she realized that I didn't think she was a bad person or a slutty tramp. Mom held her arms out to me wanting a hug, I went to her and we locked in a strong embrace and I gave mom a torrid French kiss pushing my tongue deep in her mouth.

I let my hands wander over her naked body rubbing her ass and fondling her tits. Naturally I had gotten hard again so I managed to get my pants off and slip my puny little dick in her still cum slicked pussy. Mom put her hands on my ass and pulled me in her as far as she could.

I knew that after Wade she probably couldn't even feel my cock but I didn't care, I was fucking my mother. The longer we fucked the tighter her pussy got, I was in heaven lying on top of my mother feeling the inner walls of her vagina tighten around my cock. I saw Jake and his son leave so I asked mom how long she had been fucking them.

Mom said that she had sex with Jake before they moved in, turned out that mom and dad had gone to a swinger's party and that was how she met Jake and Sally. I couldn't believe how comfortable I was listening to mom tell me of her wild sex side that I was now a part of.

She told me that her having sex with me was sick but that me cumming in her mouth would be even sicker and that was what she wanted. She had me get off her and lay on my back. I did as she asked even though I hated to pull out of her pussy. Mom crawled between my legs and looked me in the eye as she took my cock between her lips.

I couldn't believe how sexy she looked as I watched her take the whole length of me in her warm wet mouth. Just the thought of my mom sucking my cock was all it took as I started cumming immediately, a wonderful feeling came over me as I kept pumping my semen in her mouth.

Mom managed to catch every drop I gave her, she held my cock in her mouth until I was completely soft. As she let my cock slip from between her beautiful lips she moved up and fucked my mouth with her tongue. We both went to sleep in each others arms.

End of Chapter 1