TS Dahlia gets her sexy young ass fucked

TS Dahlia gets her sexy young ass fucked
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Ever since I could remember Dave and I were friends, we were like brothers and we spent a lot of time together.

My parents were both doctors and always worked long odd hours. Which meant I would be home alone most of the time from the second I was old enough. Once dave and I started high school things were different I basically moved into dave's house his mom Katharine insisted at least during the school week and I didn't mind.

I mean you don't say no to a woman like Katherine.


She was a rather tall at 6"2 for a woman, which wasn't surprising dave was 6"4 and she had this hour glass figure that made her 42dd tits and robust ass manage to look even sexier. But it was all trumped by her beautiful face and olive complexion, she was sent by god and ooo boy was I grateful.

I had moved into dave's house in freshman year of high school and it was great his mom was the best she had always treated me like a son, she gave me something that for most of my childhood had been missing.

As for dave's dad we don't really know what happened to him whenever dave brings it up she swells up with tears and leaves the room. He never investigated futher. About half way through senior year is when it began dave was an above ordinary sport talent and college scouts had been visiting the house for some time.

Katherine and I all though pleased we didn't want to see him go away to school. Dave was the smart one I had gotten into the local community college and planned to live with Katherine for the rest of my life, trust me once you saw her tits and ass you would be hypnotized to. Dave was leaving town he was going to spend 2 weeks visiting schools around the U.S. I on the other planned my break to be pool side in dave's backyard.

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But what these 2 weeks had in store was beyond my comprehension. I came back from the airport with Katherine we had dropped dave off. When we got inside Katherine went to go change and I told her id hop in the pool for a quick swim. I jumped into my trunks and was chilling in the water before you could blink.

While I was floating around I looked up at Katherine's window she was top less her massive perfectly shaped bouncy tits were free. My 5 inch dick swelled from the sight I hoped she didn't know that I was looking at her. Still in the pool I stroked my cock for a couple of minute cuming all over my swimming trunks. I cleaned up and hurried up stairs to my room, Katherine was still standing by the window, I just couldn't see the smirk on her face.

The rest of the night went on without a hitch dinner was nice we talked about the day she obviously missed dave. That night I went to sleep thinking about the marvelous tits I saw before I wanted to see them again. I pulled out my dick and started jerking off again dreaming about Katherine. I thought I had heard something by the door so I quickly stopped and went to sleep smiling through the night thinking about those magnificent tits. The next morning I woke up a little later by the time I crawled out of bed it was almost noon still sporting my morning wood I stumbled to the bathroom but the door was locked.

I knocked and I heard her from inside "one second sweetie" I waited dancing from having to pee so bad still not comprehending that I was fully erect waiting for my best friends mom to get out of the bathroom. She finally opened the door and walked straight into me poking her leg through my shorts. A little embarresed I took 2 steps back and i noticed she was staring at my dick I blushed said "im sorry" and scurried by her to pee. I didn't even realize she was in a sexy bikini her ass barely fitting inside and her tits like wild animals couldn't be contained.

After my piss I cleaned up changed and made my way to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. Katherine was outside cleaning the pool she looked so hot standing there the sun glistening off of her perfectly shaped body. I quickly ate and changed into my swim trunks which still had some residue from yesterdays incident in the pool.

When I got out there Katherine was laying down sunbathing her bikini straps were undone. She called me over "would you be a dear and put lotion on my back?" I stuttered my eyes fixated on the undone bikini straps, I caught my self and quickly said "sure".

As I massaged the lotion into her back I could feel my cock coming to life, I thought to my self ooo god why now seriously. All of a sudden I felt a hand wrap around my dick.

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Holy shit what was happening she lay there on her stomach slowly playing with my 5 inches, she didn't move or say anything I didn't know what would happen next, i continued to massage and so did she. I was starting to lose control her massaging my cock was driving me crazy when the convulsions stopped I had cum all over my bathing suit again.

She finally rolled over tits fully exposed right there infront of me perfect in every way. She giggled "I know you've been dying to play with them." She was right I had been since I was 6 years old and met her. I just smiled shyly and moved away, I had never been with a girl yet alone a woman, lets just say im more of a playboy penthouse kinda guy. Even though I dabbled in some kinkier stuff like some BDSM porn and even some Dominatrix stuff I was still pretty useless around women.

Katherine smiled so softly and asked me "what's wrong havn't you ever seen a real woman's tits in person?" she grabbed my arm forcing me to take a tit in my hand. She was much stronger than me and my small weak frame not that I put up much force.

As I massaged her tit I grew more and more curious I moved my other hand in to play with her other tit. I was playing with her nipples massaging her tits it was a dream come true.

I moved in the my tongue sucking her hard pointy nipples swirling my tongue.

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She was moaning loudly now and I was harder than ever before. I went in for a kiss and she grabbed my head and shoved her tongue down my throat kissing me ever so passionately.

I knew I would never be able to say no to her, if I did she could just over power me but that was beside the point that I wouldn't want to say no to her.

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I continued kissing her and playing with her tits for minutes her skin tasted so good and her lips were soft and smooth. She finally stopped and looked at me she asked "do you wanna go for a swim in the pool or for a swim in my bed upstairs?" I didn't know how to respond for the past life time I had been thinking, dreaming about this moment. "the pool first" I retorted. She smirked at me "ok have it your way" and without hesisitation jumped into the pool.

I ran after following her in, we met in the pool embracing for the first time with our full bodies. She took me into her arms they felt so strong and safe it almost felt weird like something was different.

We continued floating around when she looked me square in the eyes her arms wrapped around my waist. It was something she had hid from me and dave for sometime now "dave is adopted, and im not a hundred percent a woman". Slightly taken back by this I tried to push away but her grip was to tight "let me go!" I demanded. Before I could think about what was happening she picked me up out of the water I was only 140 pounds and scrawny.

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She covered my mouth and sat me down on her lap, "im not going to hurt you sweet heart I love you like son. But you showed me yesterday when u jerked off to me in the pool that you loved me differently. So now ill show you how I love you." I was still flabbergasted by her comment "but what do you mean a hundred percent woman?" that's when she took my hand and lead me inside I was so confused.

We made our way to her bedroom where she sat me down on her bed and stood in front of me still half naked her tits hanging their in all their glory. She turned around showing me her amazing ass and started to take off her bikini bottom was this it would my dreams come true not only would I have sex but it would be with dave's mom, awesome.

As she bent over I thought I saw something drop from between her legs but I couldn't make it out but didn't think twice her ass had me hypnotized. As she turned around she said "this is what I meant by not a hundred percent." And there it was Katherine had a dick a huge dick actually it must have been atleast 8 inches soft holy shit what had I gotten myself into.

I squirmed back onto the bed but before I could do anything she had grabbed my ankles and pulled me closer. I was torn on the one hand its my dream come true but on the other hand now she had a cock that was atleast twice as big as mine if not bigger. She pulled in closer easily discarding my bathing suit her dick hanging there, "don't be scared I wont hurt you I promise" I didn't believe her "its ok sweetie we can go slow" and with that I was in the air she had picked me up I wrapped my arms and legs around her as an instinct, and that's when I felt it between my ass cheeks it was big and warm comforting almost I wanted it to stay there I felt safe strangely enough.

She lay me down on the bed and kissed my neck and my lips her passion felt raw and I was enjoying the feel of her now semi erect cock by my ass it felt phenomenal.

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She whispered in my ear "do you like what im doing love" her cock resting between my frail small ass cheeks, I knew I didn't have a choice in the matter "I do love it maam it feels good keep going". With that she had her cock right next to my mouth "open up" she said without a thought I opened my lips and slid her thick semi hard cock in to my mouth.

Inch by inch she worked her cock into my mouth without saying I willingly accepted it. Her snake tasted salty and sweet her cock was like an amazing lolly pop salty and sweet. I swirled my tongue trying to fit as much as I can in my mouth.


Her hips swung more ferociously I was deep throating her 11 hard inches were tickling my throat, it felt so amazing.

I was loving my first cock I wanted more I wanted it other ways I was lost in the pleasure of the moment. She pulled out of my mouth and looked into my eyes she had that look. She kissed me on the lips again I could feel her cock pressing against my stomach, my cock throbbed to a hard on but there wasn't time for my dick now there was this amazing snake in front of me that I wouldn't have thought of more than an hour ago.

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I wanted it inside of me I wanted to feel it I rolled over shoving my ass into the air displaying it for my new lover. She patted my ass caressing it and stopping in between my cheeks to massage my ass holver e it would pucker and twitch at her touch.

I wanted her dick I wanted to feel it in my ass I moaned to her touch and pushed into her finger as it came closer to my hole "give it to me! Just give it to me!" I demanded. "no no love your not quite ready for me yet".

She reached into her nightstand pulling out a 8 inch dildo. With my ass still in the air she positioned my head between her legs she took out the lube and moistened up my hole she put her dick in my mouth and I immediately went to work and so did her dildo it felt so good in my ass. Both of us were moaning so loudly now her cock in the back of my throat and my ass hole blooming to her dildo.

After about five minutes of this her hips were spasming with each swirl of my tongue around her shaft. Her hips buck and I tasted her sweet cum for the first time it was like a rush of excitement. Her legs wrapped around my head and she forced her cock all the way in the cum rushing down my throat. I pulled my mouth away and made sure I liked off any remains from her dick.


As she pulled her dildo out of my ass it was still blooming gaping with excitement in hopes of what was next to come. But she rolled over and put her arms around me "it's a good thing Dave is gone for two weeks and it'll be just the two of us".

It was music to my ears we spent that night wrapped in each other I felt so warm and comfortable in her arms.

When we woke up the next morning I was exhausted and my throat hurt slightly from the night before and my ass was a little sore. I thought she was still asleep but her smile told me differently, her hand grabbed my ass and I felt her nails dig in "you know your ass belongs to me now dear don't you." I smiled it was a dream come true. We showered and spent the day by the pool but that's another story.