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Xxx male gay porn model straight underwear Daniel did a supreme job
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Lunch was spectacular. Amber made chicken quesadillas with Serrano chilies and white cheddar. She said it was something off Food Network and wanted to give it a try. I also found out Ron, her stepdad, never let anyone in the house cook. He said that was why he employed a full time chef. I often thought it would be awesome to have one, which is if I could even afford it. But I enjoyed getting in the kitchen myself and dabbling in the food arts.

Now I'm not a chef, but I can throw down some pretty mean foods. And apparently so too can my daughter. We ate and conversed about Amber more than anything, which was just fine with me. I never had anything really interesting happen to me so I usually shy away from the topic. There is really no sense on boring someone with my unexcited life. It was a little awkward for me at least in the beginning to just sit down and have a simple conversation without thinking sexually about her.

We had crossed a line most normal people don't or wouldn't. So I figured I would just treat our relationship as something of a couple. Of course with her being only fourteen, I would have to refer to her as my daughter to other people, but those other times she was more. When lunch was over she went to take a shower.

I thought to join her but my body, especially my cock needed rest. There were going to be four girls joining us tonight after all. So I stayed and cleaned up the kitchen and prepared all the snacks into party sized bowls. By the time I was finished Amber was coming down the stairs in a pair of tight blue jeans and an open blouse. Her breasts bounced with each step she took down the stairs.

My cock stirred, but I just ignored it. I promised myself to wait until tonight. "We have a few hours to go daddy," she said when she reached the bottom of the stairs. "I'm going to go over Jessica's for a bit." "Alright," I said. "I'll hang around here; maybe catch a movie or something. Just get back here before all your friends show up." "Afraid they're all going to gang up on you and fuck your brains out?" she asked playfully.

I smiled. My daughter seemed so grown up. Maybe that's why they say girls mature faster than boys. I don't know if that's true in every case but the young woman standing in front of me was a testament to the fact. "Actually, I'm afraid I won't be able to help myself." She laughed and I joined in right after. She ran up and jumped at me. I caught under her legs and held her up. She pressed her hips into my groin and came in for a hard long kiss. When we broke, she pulled back and looked at me with a large smile set on her face.

"I love you so much daddy." "I love you too baby," I said. I was filled with so much happiness at that moment I can't even describe it. I set her down and she bolted for the door fixing her blouse at the same time. Just for she went out the door, she turned around and blew me a kiss, then vanished.

Once the door closed I was encased in silence. I had the whole house to myself. I was used to it. I usually live alone for most of the year so it really wasn't a big deal. But now I kind of felt alone. I've had moments like this before and they were always solved by going out and bringing a woman back here then fucking her until I couldn't anymore. I sighed and resigned myself to the couch.


I needed some action to take my mind off things so I popped in Avatar. I settled in and forgot about the world for a little while. —— The movie ended just before Amber returned. I heard the giggling of two girls as the front door swung open. I got up off the couch and exited the living room and nearly bumped into both girls.


"Oh hey Mister Thomas," Jessica, the hot little brunette said startled. My eyes went instantly to her body, more so to her breasts. They were ample and her nipples were hard through the tight white shirt she was wearing.

For twelve she had some curves too. I looked back up quickly hoping neither girl caught me and said, "Just call my Nathan. The mister is for school." "Alright, Nathan," she repeated softly. "Hi daddy!" Amber said in almost a shout. She kissed me hard on the lips and I let my hand slide over to her ass.

I grabbed it and pulled her in hard and turned the kiss into a deeper one, pushing my tongue into her mouth. "Mmm daddy, we keep this up we may just have to have some preparty fun." I winked at her. From the corner of my eye I could see Jessica standing with her jaw dropped open. She either hadn't expected to see what just happened or she did but was still surprised. Amber whirled around to the younger girl and pulled her hand.

"Come on before everyone else gets here." They took off up the stairs and I looked at my watch. "Your guests should be arriving in an hour," I yelled up after them.

Amber gave me an okay before disappearing into her room. I hung around downstairs for a few minutes trying to think of something to do. I went over to my computer and sat down. My mind was on Amber and I was about to look up some porn when I decided to take her up on that preparty fun. So I slid my chair in and headed up the stairs.

When I reached her door, it was cracked slightly. I was about to push it open and announced that I wanted to fuck both girls when I heard a moan.

I stopped; my heart began to pound hard in my chest. Dare I look?

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Of course. I peered through the crack to see the girls. Amber was sitting back against the head board while Jessica was settled between her legs.

My cock pressed against the fabric of my pants. To see my daughter receiving pleasure from another girl was an instant turn on.

Jessica laid there with her back toward me. She had a hell of a nice ass and I couldn't help to think just how tight it was. I took my eyes off her ass to focus on what the two were doing. Jessica was stroking Amber's pussy, rubbing the outside with her fingers. They were talking just loud enough so that I could hear them. "That's a good girl," Jessica said.

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"Let me feel how good that pussy feels." Amber shifted letting her hips move forward while spreading her legs wider. Jessica giggled a little. "You're so fucking wet already." Then she slid a finger in slightly. Amber let out a moan which caused Jessica to stop.

"You like this?" Amber nodded. "Do you want more?" Amber nodded again sliding her hips down, trying to push her pussy onto the finger more. "No, no, no," Jessica said. "You have to wait for me to do that." My daughter was playing the submissive role to a twelve year old. I wondered if this was how they played it every time. It was something to file away for another time though. "Pl-please," Amber moaned. "Please what, honey?" Amber gasped.

She was excited and from where I stood I could see her juices glittering in the sunlight. "Make me cum," she said softly. Jessica nodded and slipped the finger free of her pussy and rubbed it over Amber's clit. My God, I thought. She's teasing my daughter. Where did these young teens learn this stuff?

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Amber started to whimper as her body shuddered. Jessica slid the finger slowly down the parting of her pussy then shoved a finger in deep. Amber let out a moan that I could tell she was trying to keep quiet.

Neither girl knew I was here and I'm guessing they were trying to keep this quiet. Amber's back arched as Jessica slid her finger in and out in a steady motion. Soon Amber was matching the motion using her hips to slide back and forth against the younger girl's hand.

When Jessica slid her thumb over her clit, Amber about jumped into the air. "Oh God, fuck&hellip." Jessica continued to finger fuck her, not saying anything in response to Amber's jolt.

She pushed her fingers in deeply. Her thumb continued to glide of her clit. I imagine Jessica could feel my daughter ready to orgasm, because she abruptly pulled her finger free of her pussy. The act left Amber whimpering and panting. Jessica put the finger to her lips and slowly sucked the juices from it.

"So fucking good," she moaned. Jessica reached up and grabbed a hand full of hair and yanked Amber in close. They locked lips, kissing like to lovers would. Then Jessica broke away and slid down to settle between Amber's legs. She laid with half her body turned sideways. The position let her pussy stick out from between her legs right at me.

What a nice sight. Her pussy looked so plump and it was soaked in its own right. I thought of walking in there right then and there and popping my cock into the hairless cunt. But I held back, instead pulling my cock out and wrapping my hand around it.

It was already wet with precum so I rubbed my hand around the head and pulled the cum over my shaft and began to slowly stroke it. Jessica began kissing the fourteen year olds smooth thighs. She wrapped her hands on Amber's hips and pulled her in closer. Amber moaned when Jessica's breath hit her pussy. I could see the young girl blowing softly on it.

The act caused my daughter to shiver from its effects. Then Jessica's lips were on her mound. Her tongue jumped out, sliding down to meet her clit. Amber couldn't stay still or quiet.

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Soft moans filled her lips. She grabbed the covers, clenching wads of the fabric in her fists as her body tightened and went rigid.

I squeezed my hand tighter around my cock. I almost exploded. I held it tight for a moment longer until I was certain no cum was going to shoot out then I slowly started stroking it again.


Jessica by then had pushed Amber's knees up allowing her pussy to spread open more for her. Then her tongue was inside Amber.

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It pushed and twisted. In and out of her tiny cunt hole then up to her clit and back again. The Amber's pussy ruptured.

Her cum juices sprayed out of her pussy, filling Jessica's mouth. Jessica seemed more than happy to drink it down. She lapped up the juices that flowed down Amber's succulent ass. Her tongue slipped between the crack of her ass and into her asshole. This brought a whole new set of moans from Amber. Once Jessica seemed satisfied she had gotten of the juices, she moved back up to Amber's level. "Now that was good," Amber moaned in delight. Jessica moved in close and they once again kissed.

I was pumping my cock hard watching them kiss. It was my turn for a rupture. I held my other hand out to catch the massive load of cum I shot out.

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When I was done, cum was seeping out from each side of my hand and between my fingers. I quickly pulled my cock back into my pants with my free hand and I ran to the bathroom.