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Gay emo boys bumming Cute country man Tyler stars in his first ever
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It is said of the area where Cecil was born and raised that there are two seasons: Winter and two weeks of bad ice-skating. It was the ice-skating season, and he was off to visit his grandmother in Buffalo. His mother had purchased a bus ticket on an old small state bus-line for him. It was about an eight hour drive to Buffalo if you avoided the troopers, but the bus trip took fourteen hours due to its frequent stops.

At age nineteen Cecil was small, about 5'7" tall, and thin due to his mothers wishes, she was a vegetarian and therefore so was he. His father had tired of his mother quickly and left when he was three months old.

She clung to Cecil as a substitute and raised him in a stifling Victorian method unusual for this day and age. He had no friends and few acquaintances. School had been a terror filled time for him as he was tortured, teased, and picked on by just about everyone in his class, boys and girls.

When you grow up in an area where hunting, fishing and hockey are considered religions, and your mother is a vegetarian you are bound to have problems. On top of which his pale blond English ancestors stood out amongst the locals who were primarily French Canadian with a lot of Indian mixed in for good measure. The only saving grace was his mother had old timber money; that relieved her of the need to work, so she was there every afternoon to greet Cecil, dry his tears, and comfort him in her special little ways.

So Cecil is sort of a wuss, unworldly, and with a suffocating, castrating mother no sexual experience, that is as most folks would view the subject. Cecil did, even at nineteen, not like to leave his mother this long, and he was sniffling as he took his seat about midway down the aisle of the old bus. His bag was packed in the luggage compartment and he was off to Buffalo to see grandma. Cecil waved frantically to his mother as the bus pulled away, and the last passenger to board swayed down the aisle.

As the bus lurched out of the terminal she just about fell into the seat next to Cecil. "Hope this seat isn't taken honey." She giggled. "Hi, I'm Ruby." She said extending a gloved hand. He hesitated for a moment then took the proffered hand: "Please to meet you I am Cecil." "Well Cecil we are in for a long trip are you going all the way to Buffalo?" "Yes, I'm going to visit my grandmother." Replied Cecil as he examined the woman next to him; she was taller than he by a good margin, strawberry blond hair and a light coat of make up.

"Well you certainly are a big boy traveling all that way by yourself, how old are you 12 13?" "No I'm 19." Somewhat embarrassed to have been taken for a child. "Oh my I am sorry, didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I just turned 23, used to live here but now I am a Buffalonian, if there is such a term." "Gee maybe I met you as a freshman, the schools here are small." "You probably wouldn't remember me Cecil, I have changed quite a bit in the past six years and sort of came out." :"Oh I just thought, well I'm sorry." "Don't be sorry" Said Ruby, as he hand rested gently on his thigh "people change a lot some times, and my change was bigger than most." She gave his thigh a squeeze and brushed his groin.

"Do you have a girlfriend Cecil?" "No, I don't date much." "In this time, I thought everyone started dating at age 11 even here in the northwoods." "Well I like to stay home with my mother, as we both say we are not only mother and son we are very best friends." "Not to get too personal Cecil" Began Ruby as she now rested her hand on his cock "but do you still sleep with your mother?" "Yes, we share the same bedroom." Said Cecil in a low voice.

"Your quite a little man Cecil, I can tell that." "You can?" Was the astonished reply to the statement. "Yes, I can you are very well endowed." Said Ruby as she continued to massage Cecil's groin. Cecil was not sure if he should let this aggressive woman touch him as she was doing, but it felt so good, and just the slightest bit naughty to be talking and having the person you are talking to rub you as she was doing.

"What do you and your mother do for entertainment?" "We watch TV together, we spend lots of time on our health also." "On your health?" "Yes, she and I are strict vegetarians, she looks after me makes sure I am regular and relieved of tension." "Laxatives or enemas?" "Mainly we take a daily enema together. Mom says this gets rid of the poisons we breathe and are in our food. No laxatives, but she does give me a suppository from time to time." Cecil got a little dreamy thinking about this.

His earliest memory was of lying on the bed his little butt in naked and in the air. Then his mother would come in the room and slip a large suppository into his rectum then hold it in place with a finger while it melted and ran into his guts. As he got older she would massage him while the suppository worked, till all his tension was relieved. "Sounds like you and your mother are very close, I like that in a young man.

Perhaps we could go out for coffee or a coke while you are in Buffalo." "I'm not allowed to drink coffee or sodas." Was Cecil's emphatic reply. "Maybe a glass of spring water then." Ruby had his zipper down and his cock out by this time, Cecil wasn't saying much, he was very tense. "You should get out in the sun more, get a little color in you, and I can see that you are very tense right now, I'll play mommy for you and relieve your tension in my own special way.

Ruby leaned over and took Cecil in her mouth and gave him an expert blowjob in the darkened bus. 'Wow' thought Cecil, this was better than mommy's hand at relieving tension. He came in very short period of time, just about everyone on the bus was sleeping and didn't notice Ruby relieving his tension orally. She licked him clean and when he went soft put the cock back in and zipped him closed.

"There Cecil you should be all nice and relaxed, but now I am a bit tense, maybe your could help me." Before Ruby could explain how Cecil could relieve her tension the bus gave a lurch, the engine let out a bang, and they ground to a halt.


"Just a little engine trouble folks." The bus driver shouted out. Now everyone was awake. The driver was able to get the bus moving and for five agonizing miles the bus bucked and jerked along till they came to a brightly lit motel, the driver pulled into the parking lot. He stepped outside to use his cell phone, after shouting back and forth the conversation was finally over, he got back on the bus.

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"Folks looks like we are going to be here a while, the management will pay for a room for you here so you can freshen up till we get another unit out." "Well, well, well." Said Ruby "Wanna share a room with me, I like you and want to get to know you better." "Okay, I guess." Was a scared tentative reply. "Good, we will probably be here all night, lets get a room down at the end." So they checked in got a room at the far end. This was an old motel, dating back to the fifties when this had been the main route, before the interstate.

It was still nicely kept up, the rooms were old but neat and clean, and in the center was a large high bed.

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"Well isn't this cozy Cecil, I have to tinkle, why don't you get comfortable" Said Ruby as she headed into the bathroom. She sure had to go thought Cecil as heard the stream of water coming out of the blond woman.

Then she came back in and went to the television, fooled with it for awhile and picked up an FM station that was playing light romantic music, then she dimmed the lights. "Cecil I know this must be upsetting to you, do you have a cell phone to call you mother or grandmother" "No." "Well before we leave you should call them and let them know you will be late.

Now I don't have an enema with me but I do have a suppository, why don't you get on the bed and take your trousers down, and I will pretend you are my little boy." Said Ruby as she directed Cecil to the bed.

He was so used to doing this for his mother, he thought perhaps this is what all women did, give men suppositories. He took his trousers and shorts down, being careful not to turn and expose his genitals, strange considering the woman had just blown him, then he laid down on the bed. "That's a good boy Cecil, now put this pillow under you so your butt is up in the air where I can get to it easily. You are really going to enjoy my way of giving a suppository Cecil." Ruby stripped off her coat, her blouse, then her bra, she was only wearing a skirt now, then the reached under the skirt and removed her panties.

Cecil could see her boobs in his peripheral vision.

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Then she started to kiss his butt, and give it little bites that made him shiver. She spread his cheeks and licked his rectum, at the same time she played with this cock and balls.

Then she inserted her tongue in his rectum and worked it around until his little hole was open and wet. "Its easier on a young boy such as you to get his first suppository of this type lying on his stomach, are you ready, this is going to be a really big suppository." "Yes Ruby I'm ready." "Good boy, I have a really large suppository, and the first time you take it, you should be nice and relaxed." Ruby knelt on the bed behind him and lifted her skirt to reveal that she was a shemale, with a nicely proportioned 7" cock, which she placed in Cecil's rectum and worked in till it was sunk to her short and curly.

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""Like that Cecil." "Ohhh." Cecil got hard. "Good." Ruby started to slowly fuck Cecil. Being kind and gentle.

"What is that, what are you doing?" Breathed Cecil as the cock sunk far into his guts. "That's my cock dear Cecil and I am fucking you, just like you have always wanted to be fucked, now lie there and enjoy it." So he did.

Ruby took her time but after about 7 minutes she caught a nut, and had to pound him hard to get off.

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She grabbed his thighs and pushed in as hard as she could, as she felt he cum shoot into his guts. Cecil shot his load too. "Oh Cecil, you are wonderful, so receptive, so voluntary.

You are going to make some man so very happy when you are his wife." "That's crazy I'm a boy." "You only think you're a boy Cecil, you're a girl just like me, and just like a little girl you came all over the bed when your fucker came. From now on you're Cici. Now go get a warm wash cloth and a towel and come right back here." Ruby commanded. Cecil was used to following orders so he did as he was told, trousers at half-mast. He was back in about two minutes.

"Now be good and wash me off." Pointing to her groin.


Again Cecil never thought of disobeying, he washed the dick and balls carefully, then dried them with the towel. "Oh Cici, you did that so well. You are kind of fascinated I can tell from your eyes, its okay dear, go ahead and kiss it." Cecil leaned over and gave the limp cock a little kiss. "Oh you can do better than that, here let me help." Ruby reached down and lifted her cock, and with the other hand gentle pulled Cecil's head to the waiting member.

"Open wide dear, mommy needs a blow job, just like the I gave you. Oh yes that's it, lots of tongue and lips, that's it good and wet oh yes, oh yes nice and wet." Ruby grabbed the head and fucked the mouth.

"Oh Cici, don't fail me now, here it comes." Ruby shot into his throat, he gagged then swallowed.

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"Oh you are precious dear." Cecil was disappointed the cock was getting soft he had enjoyed making Ruby happy. The next day they completed the journey to Buffalo holding hands all the way. Cecil made a short visit to his grandmother. Then he called his mother to explain, something had happened and he wouldn't be back for a while, he had to make some changes to make Ruby had been right in her guess, Cecil became Cici.

Cici didn't have much of a beard, so depilatory worked well on the new face; she started on female hormones, and got implants. Cici had no problem acting like a woman, she had never learned how to act like a man, so there was no stretch there.

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At present she is saving for a nose job and face-lift. She is still a vegetarian; the only meat she gets is injected anally or orally.


So if you are in Buffalo, go downtown to Chippewa Street there is a little bar about two blocks over from the main drag where she and Ruby hang out.