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Privatamateure Top Videos August 2013
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Today was going to be a terrible day, me and my wife had gotten into an argument this morning and on top of that it was Monday and I still hadn't finished my report for work.

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I took my daughter Elaine to school, she was thirteen and had small but perky breasts a beautiful tan and a firm but bubbly ass. "Bye honey," I said as she entered the world of middle school "see ya dad" she replied as she got out of the car.

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I watched her sexy butt sway as she walked and joined her friends. I imagined myself fucking her tight little pussy and. Wait what was I thinking she's my daughter, this must be from the lack of sex I've been having recently I thought to myself.

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When I got to work I went to my desk and started working on that report that was due today. I was nervous if Rebecca ,my boss, figured out I hadn't finished it I would be screwed. After five minutes of typing a loud voice approached "so Jake is my report done" said my boss as she strutted over to my desk.

Rebecca had long black hair a healthy and slim build with a D cup breast size and a sexy butt that was round and firm. She was wearing a short skirt with black pantie-hose and a button up shirt that was one button undone revealing her bra.

"No Mrs. Sanchez" I replied."And why not I've given you two weeks and this is all you've got" she said with an angry tone in her voice. "sorry just give me two more days and it'll be done I promise" I bargained.

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"fine but this is your last chance Jake" she said. I was getting an erection in my pants from just staring at her breasts.

While we were talking she noticed me staring and then glanced down to notice the tent in my boxers but she didn't say anything. As she was about to go back to her office I could've swore I saw her lick her lips. I was about 8 to 9 inches long when hard and I was getting there. She walked away but then bent over to pick up a piece of trash exposing her sexy ass, and I realized she was wearing a thong.

That did it I had to go beat off a load in the bathroom, I ran over to the and whipped out my cock in the urinals (nobody ever came in here) and I started stroking it. I closed my eyes imagining me banging Rebecca's ass or coming all over those beautiful tits. I let out my huge and sticky load all over the urinal when I heard the bathroom door open and there stood Monica, the new jittery and nervous temporary secretary staring in awe at my still erect cock. Eyes wide she finally managed an " I'm so sorry" and a "wrong door" and left probably a little horny after seeing me jerk off like that.

She quickly went to the ladies and I cleaned myself up. Once I gained composure I opened the door only to bump into Monica once again. We stood there awkwardly until I managed to say "sorry I didn't mean for you to see that" "no it's not your fault I walked into the wrong stall and besides it kinda made me horny" she whispered that last part and I was shocked.

Then something happened that surprised me even more, she kissed me. I was stunned but I then moved my tongue to suck on hers and we continuously made out until we moved into the ladies room where she pulled off her shirt.

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I unclasped her dark blue bra and began to suck and roll my tongue around her right nipple. This seemed to have some affect because she threw her head back and started moaning.


I quickly switched to her other nipple and pleasured it until finally "enough your turn" she said and I stripped naked. She grabbed my meat and gently stroked it still trying to get over how big it was. Her hand job felt amazing and I soon yelled "I'm about to come" when she took half of me in her mouth and began sucking and beating it on the base.

This was too much and I said NOW! as I let loose my load into her mouth. She then even further impressed me by swallowing it all with a satisfying slurp.

"mmm that felt great but their is nogoing back now do you think you can take me?" I asked and she replied "hell yea!" I quickly moved her into a leaning over position against the wall opposite of the entrance.


I pulled down her soaked matching dark blue panties and rubbed my cock against her lubed slit and warned "here I come!!" and I shoved my cock through her tight cunt. "Oh my fucking god!!! You're huge" "Wow your pussy is so tight I can barely fit half-way" I pushed my meat ever-so-slowly into her as her juices provided a sweet lube. It still was painfully slow as my cock almost painfully, but at the same time heavenly, reached her g-spot.

Once I got to my hilt I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm because she was bucking her hips and moaning even louder. I was determined to come with her as I pounded her love opening trying to hold back my load as long as I could. I decided to make her orgasm last so I pulled almost all the way out then slammed her cunt again and reached down with my hand and furiously rubbed her clit making her bucking and moaning more intense, and causing her juices to seep around my cock and down her thighs.

I was on the verge of coming to and I wasn't going to miss this glorious opportunity, so I pulled out and shoved my dick all the way up her ass, all 9 inches, eliciting a scream from her lips. I continued this until I couldn't hold back any longer and I slammed her until I finally came and my semen was seeping past my meat and out of her gaping ass and mixing with her juices on her thigh. It took us twenty minutes to settle down and help each-other clean off and return to our desks.

By now everybody knew what had taken place and we were embarrassed for the rest of the day I couldn't get Monica out of my head, even when I returned home and jacked off to porn sites like she still dominated my thoughts.I couldn't wait till tomorrow :)