Erotische filme in deutsch

Erotische filme in deutsch
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The Devil's Pact, The Tyrant's Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Four: Flotsam Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Tuesday, August 11th, 2071 Chasity "Chase" Glassner Sierra Nevada, CA Pain flared as I tumbled down the Truckee river. It was time to escape. To let Rex and Reina be free of my curse. I would just get them killed.

That's what I did. I hurt everyone that loved me. My parents.

The sluts. My siblings. Joab. Soon I would hurt the twins. I ignored the pain as my body was battered by the rapids. I welcomed oblivion. When I woke up, I hoped to be floating out at see, a piece of flotsam bobbing in the ocean.

I wouldn't hurt anyone out there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rex Glassner Queenie's ass flexed and rippled as she rode my cock. She was so hungry for it. An hour ago, she had been a virgin, but my twin sister and I had shown her pleasure. And she took to it like an otter to water. "Fuck my brother," Reina panted. She straddled my legs behind Queenie, her hands playing with Queenie's big tits.

My cock was in heaven. Queenie was as tight as my sister, though in different ways. I loved being in her pussy. I loved her. I loved them both. I was so happy Reina decided to seduce Queenie today. I was even more thrilled Queenie let us. "Work that ass," I groaned, stroking the curtain of long, black hair that fell unbound down Queenie's pale back. "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned, throwing sultry looks over her shoulder. "Oh, Rex! Oh, yes! I love your cock!" Her pussy tightened.

She bounced faster, her head tossing back. Her moans became high-pitched squeaks as her orgasm burst through her. My cock was massaged by the hot silk of her flesh. I groaned, thrusting up into her. I couldn't resist how wonderful she felt. She was tight and hot in all the right places. "Cum in me, Rex!" she gasped. "Do it," my sister moaned. "Flood her naughty pussy." Reina's hand squeezed my balls lightly. "Unleash your cum." Queenie slammed down, her tight sheath caressing the sensitive tip of my cock.

I shuddered, arching my back on the river bank. My cum pumped into Queenie's hot sheath. I gasped with each pulse, my body spasming. "Oh, that's wonderful," Queenie panted, falling back on me. She twisted, my cock popping out of her hot sheath. "Thank you." "You're welcome," I groaned, pulling her tight to my side. Reina snuggled up to my other side. Queenie and Reina's hands met, their fingers caressing the lines of my tan, muscled chest.

Queenie's fingers were so much paler than Reina's. My eyes closed. I savored the moment. My dad had moments like these. That was what all the priests said. He was a monster. A pig that rutted with every woman he could dominate.

And I understood why. It was so exciting having more than one woman to play with. Especially if you loved them. I can't wait to experience even more women at once, my lust whispered. I couldn't agree more. "I need to go," Queenie whispered. "My pa'll be looking for me. And he'll tan all our hides if he catches us like this." I grinned. "I bet he would. It'd be worth it." Queenie gave me a hot kiss before she stood and scrambled to pull on her clothes.

Reina clung tighter to me, my twin admiring Queenie's backside as she pulled up her frilly bloomers. Queenie waved at us once she was dressed, and scampered down the trail to her home. "I guess we should do the same," I muttered. "Ugh, I don't want to do more chores," groaned Reina. "I just want to lie here and make love with you all day." "Well, I need a break from that.

You and Queenie 'bout rung me dry." I sat up, stretching and staring out at the river. A body floated by. "Shit!" I cursed, standing up.


It was Chase. "What?" Reina gasped. Her eyes fell on the river. "Oh, no. Oh, no!" I did not hesitate. I dove into the water, swimming faster. I swam out of the small pool that had formed on the side into the main current of the Truckee. The river caught me, pulling me downstream after my older sister. Her auburn hair was matted dark to the side of her head. She bobbed face down, her limbs twisted at odd angles. Flashes of gold light burst from her. I ignored them, forcing myself to swim faster to catch up.

My legs kicked as the current swept me towards her. A roar grew. White water frothed ahead. "Come on!" I shouted, kicking harder. I wasn't going to let my sister die. Fear kept my limbs moving.


My legs splashed water behind me, my cupped hands digging into the frothy river, propelling me faster. I sucked in a breath, coughing as I swallowed river water. I didn't let that stop me. The roar grew louder, the walls of the canyon narrowing ahead. "Get her, Rex!" Reina screamed from the bank. Chase was only a few feet away. My lungs burned. My limbs were growing heavy. I ignored my fatigue. I couldn't stop now. I took another two strokes. I was almost to her. I lunged, reaching for her. My fingers grabbed the fabric of her dress.

She slipped from my grip. "No!" The whitewater hurtled towards us. The current seemed stronger, pulling us along. I lunged again. I seized the collar of her dress, pulling her to me. I hugged her tight with one hand, turning and swimming against the current.

I groaned as I fought the current. Despite the ferocity of my kicks, I moved backwards. The bank slid by. The roar of the rapids filled my ears, drowning out my panic. I angled my strokes, pushing my legs to keep swimming.

They burned as my muscles protested. "Rex!" Reina shouted. She had caught up, racing naked down the bank. She grabbed a long branch, maybe from a fallen sapling, and extended it out. I swam harder, struggling to reach it. Reina moved down the bank, keeping pace as the current swept me closer and closer to the rapids.

Feathery leaves brushed my face. I seized the sapling with one hand. Reina groaned, her face growing red as she backpedaled. The rocky bank brushed my knees. I coughed and groaned, hauling Chase and myself out of the water. I collapsed on the bank, staring up at the sky as I sucked in breaths.

"Chase!" Reina frantically shouted. I forced myself to sit up. Reina had rolled Chase onto her stomach and pushed on her back.

Chase spasmed, water flooding out of her mouth. Her limbs were twisted, her dress ripped in many spots. Scrapes and wounds marred her skin. Golden light played on her wounds. Chase coughed, breathing weakly. "Look at her," I whispered, touching a long gash that slowly healed as golden light danced along her wounds. "Reina," Chase weakly said.

"Shh, we saved you," Reina whispered. "Rex and I will get you home." "No." Chase muttered. "Why didn' let me.float away.I'll.hurt you." Our older sister's eyes closed. "What did that mean?" Reina asked, her face pale. I shook my head. "Let's just get her home." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday, August 11th, 2071 Chasity "Chase" Glassner Sierra Nevada, CA I was warm when I came awake.

It didn't feel like I was drifting across the Pacific Ocean. My eyes fluttered open. It was dark in the room. I was in my bed. And I wasn't alone. "You're awake," Rex gasped, hugging me tight. Reina stirred on the other side of me. "Oh, Chase, you had us so scared." "What?" I gasped, struggling to understand.

"How did I get back here?" "I pulled you out of the river," Rex said, pride thickening his voice. "It was close." "I guess it's lucky you have your powers," Reina gushed, still holding me in a death grip. I blinked, suddenly aware that I was naked and so was my younger sister. A soft cock pressed on my hip. All three of us were naked. "You're all healed," Rex nodded. "You were banged up.

Broken bones, cuts all over. But that golden light healed you." "It always does," I muttered. "What happened?" Reina asked. "Did you fall in?" "I jumped." Both my siblings froze.

"What?" Rex demanded. "You shouldn't have saved me." "Why?" Rex growled, seizing my shoulders. "Because." Tears beaded my eyes. "Everyone gets hurt that's around me. I'm worthless. I destroy everything." "No you don't," Reina whispered, her hand stroking my cheek. "You saved us from that nasty priest's fire. We'd be dead without you." "You'll be dead because of me," I sobbed, my body shaking. "I killed them. Our father, my mother.

I killed them all." "We know," Rex said, hugging me tight. "But.I'm sure you." "Thought it was the right thing?" I finished. A bitter, sobbing laugh escaped my lips. "And look at the world now. My parents were monsters, but so am I. I'm just as bad as they were. I was selfish. I was rebelling against them.

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Now all of mankind is suffering, lost to poverty and death." "You didn't know." Reina rocked me, her lips inches from my ear.

"You didn't know this would be the consequences. How could you? I've heard the teachings. You just wanted to let mankind have freedom again." "And look what they did with it," I snarled.

"They made war. They were evil. What if my parents were right?" "You're not to blame," Rex growled. His eyes glinted blue in the silvery light flooding the room. "It's not your fault the rest of humanity were idiots and abused their freedom." "I.I.miss them," I sobbed harder.

"You look so much like him, Rex. Sometimes, I forget you're not him." Rex pulled me to him. I rolled onto my side, my breasts pressing against his strong chest. Daddy's chest had felt the same. "We love you, Chase. We don't want to lose you." "Please don't leave us," Reina whispered, hugging me from behind. "You're our big sis." Rex's cock hardened against my stomach. A flush of heat went through me. Reina's small breasts rubbed on my back, her nipples hard. I groaned, Rex's hand sliding down from my shoulder to find my perky breast.

"We love you," Reina moaned, her hips undulating, her hot pussy rubbing on my ass. "Let us shower you with our love." I groaned, Rex's strong finger playing with my nipple.

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The pleasure shot through me all the way to my toes. Sighing, I wiggled my toes as my brother and sister caressed me. It had been decades since I was intimate with a family member. The wonderful, naughty thrill filled me. Reina's tongue licked and played with my earlobe as Rex kissed me. I groaned into the wonderful kiss, my tongue playing with his.

His cock was so hard on my stomach. It felt like Daddy's. I was eager to feel him inside me. "He's a wonderful lover," Reina moaned. "I do so love it when he's in me." I broke the kiss, looking over my shoulder at my younger sister.

"Thank you for sharing." She kissed me, sharing her love. Rex's lips kissed lower. He nuzzled at my nipple.

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I rolled onto my back, Reina kissing me passionately as our brother sucked hard at my breast. I moaned into her touch, my pussy growing hot and liquid. Reina's kiss was sweet, her tongue dipping into my folds. Her hand slid down, finding my free nipple and playing with it. I shuddered, my hips writhing faster.

It was so wonderful to be loved by my siblings. It was like being back at the mansion—my home. Why did I ever leave? Rex's lips moved lower, exploring my body.

I shuddered, thrusting my tongue into Reina's mouth as he nipped and teased my flesh. I squeezed my thighs tight. I groaned as his hand slipped between them. I relaxed and let him play with my pussy. I arched my back as he stroked my labia. Reina broke the kiss, giggling in delight. She sat up, kneeling on the bed, and nuzzled at my breasts. Her small tits brushed across my face. My hungry lips sucked her nipple into my mouth. She squealed in delight about my nub.

"You smell delicious," groaned Rex as he settled between my thighs. I moaned about Reina's nipple as our brother licked and sucked at my pussy.

His fingers spread me apart, his tongue darting in, teasing me, working me up to a passionate froth.

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I bucked in delight, the pleasure burning through me. His tongue stirred through me. Everywhere he touched me ignited with bliss. His lips were bold, devouring me.

He had practiced a lot with our sister. His tongue probed my hole, the pleasure burning hot through me, mixing with the bliss Reina's hungry mouth provided on my nipple. My orgasm swelled. My hips bucked, grinding my pussy onto Rex's hungry lips. He devoured me, swiping his tongue deep through my folds.

I loved every moment of it. I sucked hard on Reina's nipple as my orgasm exploded. "That's it," Reina moaned as I thrashed in bliss. "Eat our sister's pussy. Make her feel so loved." "Yes!" I screamed, releasing Reina's nipple. "Oh, yes! Oh, damn, Rex! You know what you're doing." "I taught him well," Reina smiled, her voice full of fond love. "I bet Chase can eat pussy just as well as I can," Rex said.

"Why don't you find out?" Reina squealed in delight and quickly straddled my face. In the silvery moonlight, I watched her shaved, tight slit lower to my hungry lips. Reina had a spicy scent, her pussy dripping juices down onto my face. I pulled her down and buried my tongue into her twat.

"Yes!" she moaned, her hips arching and bucking. "Oh, yes! Big sis knows how to eat pussy!" I hadn't tasted pussy in over fifteen years. I savored every drop, drinking the tasty juices down. My tongue slid through her folds, nuzzling and teasing her. I gripped her ass, her butt flexing as she writhed on my feasting mouth.

"Fuck her pussy, Rex!" Reina moaned. "Share your throbbing love with her." "I've been wanting to do this for years," Rex groaned, moving on the bed. His hands seized my thighs, pulling them around his hips.

I helped him, wrapping around and pulling him in tight. "God, I want to fuck this pussy so bad." "Father fucked her," moaned Reina. "Now it's your turn." Rex thrust his cock into my hot hole. I moaned, savoring the bliss. My pussy gripped his dick. I bucked into his thrusts, his eager cock plunging in and out hard and fast.

I moaned my passion into Reina's juicy pussy. "Yes, yes, yes! Pound our sister's cunt!" Reina moaned. "Oh, I love watching you fuck another woman! It was so hot watching you and Queenie! And this is just as exciting." My pussy writhed about his thrusting shaft. I pictured Queenie and her big tits bouncing as she was pounded by Rex.

Another orgasm swelled through me. I shuddered, my pussy writhing about his cock, milking him. I was eager for his cum. "Fuck, she's cumming!" Rex panted. "Oh, yes! I love it!" "Flood her pussy with your cum!" Reina screamed. Rex thrust his cock deep into my pussy. I shuddered, squeezing down, eager to have my brother's cum flood me. He grunted, sounding just like Daddy. A violent spasm went through me as his cum pumped into my depths.

I gasped and moaned my bliss into Reina's pussy. The twins cuddled up beside me. I smiled, my body buzzing from the orgasm. They looked at each other across my body. It was full of such a deep love. I knew I was merely a guest in their relationship, but I was so thankful that they invited me in.

Tears beaded my eyes. I shuddered as the sobs rocked me. "What's wrong?" Rex asked. "I'm just." My words were choked off. I had never been so happy. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for loving me." "Of course we love you," Reina whispered. "We're your family." The twins hugged me tight.

I shuddered as they held me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday, May 24th, 2072 Queenie Glassner I woke up to Chase nuzzling at my big tits. She liked to do that when I slept in her bed. Chase seemed to love my big tits.

Well, everyone loved my big tits. Reina liked to squeezed and jiggle my breasts and Rex loved it when I wrapped them around his cock and slid them up and down. He always groaned and gasped before he shot his cum across my big tits. I was so happy to be living here, away from my step-mother. I spent last August and September sneaking to see my lovers whenever I could.

But between their chores and mine, that was getting dangerous. One day, when my father was supposed to have been panning the mud creek for gold, Rex and Reina had shown up at my homestead.

I let them take me into the barn, strip me naked, and make love to me. We were going at it heavy, my mouth buried in Reina's pussy, Rex's cock buried in my cunt. My father had been pissed. If it wasn't for Chase, it would have been bad. My father wanted to kill all three of us, calling us abominations. Which was the height of hypocrisy. Before the gods died, my father had two wives, my step-mom and my real mom.

So he should have been understanding of the atypical lifestyle I wanted. The three of us wanted to be married. Chase did marry us. She was the Prophetess. I had been so shocked to learn that Chase was Saint Chasity and my lovers were children of the Tyrant. I tried not to call them Tyrants around my spouses and sister-in-law.

I mean, the Tyrants were my in-laws. Each night, we rotated what beds we slept in, one of us sleeping with Chase so she didn't feel lonely.

The twins were still worried that she might try to leave them again. When Rex and Reina told me about the rescue, I was so proud for my husband. He risked so much to save his big sister. So I agreed to help out.

The first time I made love with Chase was different. I didn't love love her, just loved her like a sister. She didn't make my heart thud with excitement.

She didn't make my day seem better just by being nearer. But she did make my titties feel wonderful. "Mmm," I purred, stroking Chase's auburn hair. I don't know how I missed who she really was. She looks so much like Mary, except her eyes. She had the same blue eyes as the twins. "Good morning," Chase whispered between nibbles on my fat nipples. I moaned in response, the pleasure tingling through me. My hands found Chase's small breasts, fingering the freckled tits and finding her dusky nipples.

Chase sucked harder as I played with her nipples, the pleasure growing in my teat made my pussy so wet. Chase's finger was nice enough to go exploring.

I shuddered as she caressed my aching bud, stroking the little nub while I shuddered in bliss. I gasped and moaned. She was wonderful. Amazing. I loved her so much. I wanted her to make me cum so hard. Her finger slipped inside me. I gasped, my back arching, my breasts jiggling. The pleasure was hot, shuddering through me.


Her finger worked in and out of my folds as I rolled onto my back. I moaned, biting my lip, letting the bliss just wash me away. "That's it," she cooed. "Mmm, you are so hot and silky. I love your pussy." "Thanks, big sis," I moaned. The twins always called her big sis, and it just felt so nice. Chase licked up my neck, a second finger pushing inside me.

I bucked, a wave of pleasure rolling through me as her mouth kissed to my lips. Her tongue thrust inside me. I moaned, meeting her tongue as my pussy clenched on her probing digits. The heel of her hand brushed my clit. My eyes shot open.

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I moaned louder into her kiss, my hips undulating. The pleasure swelled, small waves washing through me, a taste for the massive swells that would drive me wild with joy. Chase's fingers probed faster. My thighs tightened on her hand as I trembled. I fingered her nipples harder, pinching and pulling as my passion crested inside me. I bucked harder, my orgasm bursting through me and flooding every wonderful inch of my body. "That's it," Chase moaned, thrusting her fingers so deep inside me.

"Cum you pretty slut. Mmm, my siblings know how to pick a wife." "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled as I shuddered on the waves of passion.

Chase pulled her fingers out, bringing the sticky digits up to her lips. She smiled, swirling her tongue around them and savoring my juices. I grinned as she sucked and slurped, gobbling down every wonderful, delicious delight my body had to offer.

She turned, straddling me, her pussy lowering down to my hungry lips. I reached out, pulling her down, eager to feast on her sweet, spicy snatch. Her shaved lips brushed mine. I loved shaved pussies. I shaved mine now. Well, Reina shaved mine and I shaved hers. That was such naughty fun. My tongue probed Chase's pussy. "That's it," she moaned. "Mmm, Queenie, your tongue is so wonderful." I grinned as I feasted, savoring her pussy.

My hands reached around, grasping her plump butt, pulling her pussy down tighter to my lips. I sealed my mouth to her hole, probing with my tongue and gathering all her flavor. Chase's tongue brushed through my pussy. I gasped and shuddered in delirious delight. Chase's tongue was agile, playing with my throbbing labia before her fingers spread me open and she buried her mouth into the depths of my pussy.

We moaned and thrashed, making love to each other. It was so wonderful. My fingernails dug into her flesh, pulling her down tighter. I lashed her pussy with my tongue. I licked and nuzzled. I fought the growing pleasure Chase generated, focusing on giving my sister-in-law every ounce of bliss I could. "Oh, Queenie!" Chase moaned, her hips writhing, smearing her hot pussy on my lips.

"Oh, you wonderful creature. I'm gonna cum." I found her hard clit and sucked. I wanted to make that happen. She gasped, shuddering harder, smearing that wonderful, delicious pussy across my face.

I drank down her juices as she came. I slurped and licked and loved every second of our love-making. Her finger probed my asshole. Hot pleasure knifed through me. Her digit wormed in so deep into my ass. I bucked into her hungry lips. "Yes! Oh, Chase, yes!

You're so wonderful! I'm so glad you're my sister now!" My orgasm rolled through me. Chase drank down the juices that flooded out of my convulsing sheath. My ass gripped her wonderful finger. I gasped and moaned into her fragrant pussy, smearing her hot flesh on my lips. "That's it!" Chase hissed.

"Cum, you little slut! Mmm, your pussy tastes wonderful. Keep giving me your juices." I bucked again, shuddering in delight, than collapsed and panted loudly, "That was amazing." "Good," she laughed, rolling over.

"Because I think we need to get up." I nodded my head. Downstairs, the kitchen banged with noise. The smell of frying bacon and sizzling eggs wafted up. I rolled over, stretching as I planted my feet on the ground. My breasts jiggled as I padded naked out of the room. Everyone went naked inside. "Hey, baby," Rex grinned when I trooped down, his eyes locked on my bouncing breasts. "There's my stud," I smiled, going to him and giving him a fierce kiss. He moaned as he tasted his older sister's juices.

Reina was in the kitchen, clad in an apron as she fried eggs and bacon on our wood-burning stove. Even with the side door open, it was growing sweltering in the kitchen.

This May had been hot so far. Reina scrapped the eggs and bacon onto our plates and I helped her carry them to our outside table.

The morning was so beautiful, the rising sun streaming over the peaks, the mountain side lush with spring growth. I inhaled the fresh, pine scent perfumed with the spice of blossoming flowers.

I plopped onto the bench, grabbed my pewter fork, and dug in. "I packed Alison," Rex said as he sat down. Alison was the pack mule. "You're all set, Chase." "Thanks." Chase leaned over and kissed my husband on the lips.

"I'll be leaving after breakfast." Chase was making her yearly trip to Sacramento. It took two or three days, depending on the weather. She had to buy the supplies that we couldn't make here or that we couldn't buy in Truckee. "You'll be coming back, right?" Reina whispered as she poked at her eggs. Chase reached across the table, taking my wife's hands. "I will. Okay. I'm not going to leave you three. You're my family." Reina nodded, she looked down as she wiped her eyes.

I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek. "Rex, while I'm gone, I want you to dig out the new outhouse hole." "What great conversation to have at breakfast," Reina muttered. "I'll dig us a new shit hole," laughed Rex.

Reina glared at him. I joined her, folding my arms beneath my heavy breasts. "That's really not fair," Rex muttered as he squirmed beneath both our gazes. "You wanted two wives," Chase laughed, ruffling Rex's dark-brown hair. "That means you get to be in twice as much trouble when you mess up.

So I hope it's worth it." A grin spread on Rex's face, his blue eyes twinkling. "Oh, it's worth it." My pussy flushed. Chase finished her breakfast quickly, heading back inside to dress while my spouses and I lingered over our eggs and bacon.

She came back out dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a tan, loose shirt, her cowboy hat perched on her head. She headed into the barn and emerged with Alison, the pack mule, carrying a pair of saddlebags. "Take care, big sis," Reina said, giving Chase a fierce hug. Rex joined her, wrapping his arms around both women. "You keep the homestead in one piece," Chase said to Rex, giving him a kiss. "You just come back," he told her.

"And don't get into any trouble." Chase laughed. "Nothing can hurt me." "That's not true," Reina whispered. "Just remember that we're here to mend any wounds you take, okay. We love you, Chase." "We do," I added, standing off to the side. Chase broke away from her siblings and gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips. "You keep my siblings out of trouble. You're the responsible one, Queenie, so I'm counting on you." "I'll keep them busy," I nodded.

"Good girl." Chase kissed me a second time, then she grabbed Alison's bridle. The three of us watched Chase walk down the dirt path to the valley's end and disappear down the slope. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chasity "Chase" Glassner Alison walked placidly behind me. She wasn't being playful today like she could. I named the pack mule after my favorite slut—Alison.

She was always a playful, fun woman. Even after she stopped dying her hair pink she retained much of her playfulness.

When I bought this pack mule a few years ago, I saw a kindred spirit. I always enjoyed my yearly trips to Sacramento. I spent much of my life walking, and it was nice to do it again. There was a freedom to it. The scenery around you changed, you always saw some new sight, and the exercise was always invigorating.

The trail was gentle at first, and then grew steep as it dropped down by the Truckee river past the rapids. A wider field opened up, dotted with colorful wild flowers. The town of Truckee was only a few more miles. I'd reach it by midday and start down the mountain, following the remains of Highway US-50 to Sacramento.

My mind was drifting as I walked through the meadow when my arm was jerked back. I stumbled, turning to glare at Alison. The mule had dug her heels in, her teeth clamping down on the bit. "Come on," I muttered, giving a jerk on the reins.

"Now is not the time for you to be playing around." Alison let out a snorting neigh, her dark eyes large and wild. "What's wrong, Alison?" I asked, stroking her nose. I reached over, pulling my bow off her saddle. It wasn't limbered. I had a fresh string in my pouch and— A woman screamed.

It was pure, frightened terror. Bursting out of the trees was a young woman dressed in a gray habit. Her hands held her skirts up, exposing jean-clad legs so she could run faster. Her white veil was still precariously clinging to the crown of her head, blonde locks streaming out of the edge. She was a nun of the Order of Tina Allard, the new order of Priestesses I had created almost twenty years ago. I gasped in shock at what was chasing her.

Bursting out of the trees were three hoary demons. They looped after the nun, snarling like big cats. Their skin was black and sleek, and they had manes of obsidian spikes bristling about their necks, giving them a twisted, lion-like appearance. The nun saw me, turning to race towards me, the demon lions snarling at her heels. "Help me!" screamed the nun. To be continued.