Massage rub teen creampie and virtual sex morning Excited young

Massage rub teen creampie and virtual sex morning Excited young
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''Umm. Guys, It's a big game this friday. I was thinking of hiring a hostess for the evening, the place will be crowded. That way we could maybe earn even more money.'' ''Yeah, that'd be great. A sexy hostess, in our club colors' underwear, jumping around, teasing.'' ''Boys will be boys.'', mum rolled her eyes. I looked at her, and saw an edge of her club logo tattoo on her lower belly, ''And if we manage to get her tattooed with our club logo.

That'd be flawless !'' ''Yeah. Don't wish for that, people would fucking rape her in there.'' ''Well, boys, then you would need a proper woman for the job, I think. One that knows what she's doing. And one that already has what it takes'', mum said and exposed her tattoo with her finger, while saying that. We were a bit stunned. There are going to be lots of locals and everyone.

We never thought she'd do it. Well, we were wrong. And we didn't even worried about her cooping with all that guys anymore. If anyone could, it was my dear mommy.

During the week, our waitress got her into the job and told her all she needed to know, then friday came.

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Mum came from work, dressed in her nice, decent bussiness clothing, and quickly jumped out of it, showered, and walked infront of us. I admired her body and her ability to look so decent after all this every single day she showed up like this, with her piercing hanging down between her legs, inviting us all to have a great time. We already had underwear in our team colors prepared. Very, very thin panties, and a fantastic bra. She covered panties with a almost completely see-through mini skirt in team colors, as well.

She dressed up and asked, ''How do I look, guys ?'' I came up behind her, carressed her soft skin and kissed her neck, ''Mum, they'll worship you as a queen ! You're a sex bomb !'' Mum quickly put her top and jeans on to cover everything for the way, and we went. We entered our bar, and many guys, locals were at first a bit surprised that she walked in, but they didn't payed much attention. Bar was already a bit crowded, and loud. We waited in the backroom for half an hour, till the game finished and all our fans came in.

I ofcourse wasn't participating in this game, and I got in an even better mood when we won ! People got crazy, crowds yelling, drinking. I said, ''Just go, mum. You're a princess !'' And here she went. Like a fucking pro. She quickly grabbed few orders from surprised guys who didn't think twice to touch her. It was one more thing about her, ofcourse.

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She was a local, and no local would let herself be touched they way she did. She had absolutely no problem when first few hands slapped her butt and hugged her waist. Her tattoo was getting a lot of attention also. No local never even imagined that she'd have something like this on her beautiful skin.

It didn't take long before mum got completely into it, and I was sitting there alone (my coach ofcourse had to be at the game) for some time, just enjoying the sight - my mum was getting passed around, and she let guys touch her everywhere.

She sitted on everyone's lap, she danced with people, they kissed her neck. She even let all those guys, who got really horny for her, touch her tits.

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I mean, really, she pushed them out and they were playing with them through her bra, kissing them. They were actually worshiping the body and tits that fed me, after she gave birth to me, and I was having a hell of a good time, seeing my mum getting more and more sweaty and dirty with all those guys. After night was coming to an end, she came to me again.

I looked at her, and she was painted all over her body with our club slogans, signatures, etc. I admired her, and she noticed it and kindly smiled to me. ''Honey, this night is crazy. I've never felt so much hard ons beneath me ! I just rubbed my butt a bit up and down on those guys' laps, and I could already feel their shafts.'' ''Sweetheart, who wouldn't get horny for you.

You look gourgeous ! You can seduce everyone here in a second. And, your bussiness looks worked very well, as they were so surprised to see that ''family'' woman turn into a teasing, hot cheerleader hostess !'' She kissed my cheek and went on. Few drinks later, I was already surrounded with my teammates and my coach, that were all in their best mood, celebrating a victory.

I noticed that they are impressed by my mum's ''services'', but they still remained cool, and they didn't showed too much signs, that could betray their affairs with my mum to the whole town. As I said, there were lots of locals, and ofcourse it wasn't long before they noticed me there, smiling to my mom while she was taking orders in her underwear in public. That attracts some attention, so I've been told a few times, ''Hey. Your mom looks gourgeous.'', and then inevitable question followed, ''Don't you mind seeing your mom like that ?

I mean, we're all used to see her in her bussiness clothing and all.'' I've always responded, ''Yeah well, you'll see her dressed in bussiness suits from now on, too, but this is her hobby. Why wouldn't I let her enjoy herself during the weekends a bit. She was single and alone for a long time, and now she finally has a nice, understanding boyfriend, who encourages her as well. It isn't like she's cheating on him.'' ''Oh, ofcourse, ofcourse.

I've never meant that. Well, yes, then it's great. She's fabuluous. Her tattoo looks great, too.'' ''Oh, yeah. She got that tattoo because she was a devoted fan of our club since I've started playing for it.

My coach, her boyfriend now, encouraged her to do it.'' ''Oh, that's great. Here, have a drink !'' That was my typical awkward conversation with locals that night. But. Each time after replying like this to someone, I've thought to myself. Well, you are aware that mum must have a slutty side, too. But you aren't aware that my mum hides a piercing inside her tiny panties beside that tattoo, and that teasing isn't her only hobby.

Fucking my entire football team is her true hobby ! Only one conversation, with a local, was a bit different. A man, that I knew just by the looks, sat next to me, in the corner, and we started chit-chatting a bit. Then mum came to sit down a bit and have a drink after some time. Then the weird things started. ''Hey sweetheart'', and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. ''Hey mum !'', and she sat between us both, when that guy started.

''Wow, you're his mom ?'', and he turned to me. ''Your mommy is still in very good shape, I see.'', and he caressed her hips and went down between her thighs. She playfully bit her lip, but pressed her legs a bit more together, to show him some limits.

She got used to this teasing through the night pretty quick, so she became a real pro. I just smiled, showed that I don't bother, and then my mum noticed a broken chair infront of us. ''This chair is screwed, I'd better carry it away before anyone sits on it.'' ''Well, you'd be just as beaten up if everyone would be riding on you all the time.'' We had a laugh, and mum teased him back, ''Do you think ?'', and winked him with a fake naughty expression on her face.

''Well, I'd have to make sure, ofcourse.'', and he again started to caress her, and play with her hair. She let him touch her more. I looked at the guy. He was an average dude in a pretty expensive looking dress, in his late 40s, with black hair. He looked like he's got lots of experience, and he got my attention.

He started kissing the edge of her lips, and she kissed back. He then proceeded with his fingers, and played with her lips with his two fingers.

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After some jiggling, she let him penetrate those two fingers in her mouth. I was pretty entertained by now. He was exploring and stretching her mouth with his fingers, like it would be a completely normal, public, thing, and then turned to me again, smiling, ''Would you mind, if I'd fill up your mum's handsome belly a bit ?

It sure looks starving.'' Mum looked at me, and I winked her, to play along. ''I don't know, you've got to ask her.'' ''Ofcourse. What do you think. You are Liz, aren't you ? Liz, what do you think. Would your son borrow his mommy to me for a second ?'' She just laughed him off like he was one of my teammates with no experiences, and went off to service some customers.

I said I'm going to the toilet, but instead I went to my mum. ''Honey.

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If you are up for it, I'd like to borrow my mommy to this guy a bit.'', I told her with an evil smile. ''But, how ? I'm busy.'' ''Don't worry.

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I'll take care of it. You just go to the women's toilet, and wait there. He'll come. OK ?'' ''Well, alright. And, give him a condom. I don't have any here. Mum's belly can't be filled from below by everyone.'', she returned me the favor with the same evil grin. I've got that from her. I've returned to the table, sat next to this guy, who looked a bit surprised, and said, ''Women's toilet, locked doors, knock 3 times. My mum is your bitch for the next half hour.'', then I put the condom in his hand, ''And, you can only fill my mommy's belly from upstairs.''.

I encouraged him with a smile, and he shook my hand, ''You're the best.'', and went. ''For god's sake, son, you threw me to a lion ! Looks like he really wasn't just talking. He entered, and just pushed me towards the wall, kissed me a bit, and then just kneeled me infront of him to suck him off.

He was already hard. Then, I started to slowly cuddle his balls with my tongue, and lick the head of his penis, and I looked straight into his eyes while doing that. That drives everyone crazy. But him, he was ice cold ! He looked at me as we were having a boring conversation !'' I was glad he gave mommy a proper fucking, and what I heard next satisfied me even more.

''Then, when I least expected, he just grabbed my head, and slammed his pretty well sized, rock hard cock, in my mouth with full strength !


I thought he'd choke me with it. I just wasn't ready, and he was just too strong. He was beating my throat with it ! I was catching my breath and still resisting vomiting, when I started putting on his condom.

I thought he'd cum now in a second, but no. He literally destroyed my butt and made my kitty all sore before he turned me back to confront him again.

He came in my mouth, quite a load. Then he covered my mouth with his hand, and said, ''Now, be a good and caring mother and swallow just like your son wants you to and make him proud !''.

It was actually good that he was holding my lips closed with his hand, because I couldn't help but burst out in laugh, and I could spray that semen all over us both.'' We were laughing like crazy, and I also figured out that that guy has some more chances with her, too. After treating her as a worthless cheap whore during sex, he then treated her like a queen again, said that she has a great son, and he helped her clean up also, so she was ready for going out to public again.

That means he respected us, so he's welcome for another go if he'd like, in my opinion. We came home, showered together, and fell down on our bed. Mum immediately fell asleep after a harsh night, and I was still cuddling her naked body and thinking about how well she did today and how playfull, happy and relaxed she became.

I was so proud of her. Coach came after an hour, too. He looked very worried. ''Hey, what's up ?'' ''Listen. What did that guy you talked to all the time there wanted ?'' ''Well, nothing, we were just chatting, then he started flirting with mum. After all that, me and mum decided to give him a go, and I organized a little happy hour for mum and him in the toilet.'' ''Oh, god.

Well, it's better than closing us down, I guess.'' ''Why, who is he ?'' ''Well. He's the mayor of our little city. And he has quite powerful friends everywhere, and he's the main sponsor for our club.'' ''W. what ??'' ''What can I say. I just hope your mommy did a hell of a job !'' We both laughed like crazy. Mum saved the day with her pierced pussy and experienced tongue again. After that ''affair'', the mayor would often take my mom out or have fun with her after her hostess job during the weekend.

He always bringed us all new things, he donated even more to our club, and we all became buddies. Now, he ussually just calls me, and asks me first, ''Can you borrow your mommy for an hour maybe ?'', and then he arrives with his new Mercedes to pick her up.

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I love to watch, how my mum places herself on his leather seat, and they drive off to fuck themselves out like rabbits. My mum knows how to behave in public and infront of bussiness colleagues, and knows much about different bussinesses, so she quickly became his secretary and his escort for important bussiness meetings and lunches, too.

As for our locals. We were worried that they'll treat my mum like a slut. But suprisingly, they gave her even more respect now. They looked on all her entertaining and becoming mayor's secretary from the perspective - servicing the community. She was always helping and good to our locals as secretary, too, so they respected us all even more now. They were completely used to touch her everywhere during the weekend, then treat and respect her like a princess when meeting her in public in her bussiness suit.

The best combination for a very succesful woman, as we found out - Satisfy others' needs first in order to get yours satisfied as well. THE END P.S.: Please, leave comments below. I'd like to hear some feedback on my first writings ;) Thanks ! I sat comfortably again, and imagined how he just slapped my mum to the toilet wall and he's fucking her brains out right now. I was really curious if he's so experienced as he looks like or not.

And he was. My mum got out after half an hour, dressed like she was though, you couldn't say what she just did. But, I've noticed on her face, that she had a pretty hard time in there. Poor mommy. And poor customers - they didn't knew that the thighs, they were putting their hand between, were guiding a cock into her pierced crotch 5 minutes ago, and the mouth they are kissing, were swallowing fresh cum, too.

Few minutes after her, this guy came out, too, and went to sit with me again. He had a big smile on his face. ''Hello there again, mister.

Did you had a good time ?'' ''Your mum's great.

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She has a lot of. Um, skills, I have to say.'' ''And I hope you filled her like you promised.'' ''Ofcourse. She swallowed every single drop with no hesitation. Great discipline.'' ''OK then. Just asking, so that I know I won't need to bring anyone more to repair your work.'' She had just half an hour more to be there by this time, and I saw that she's all sweaty already, and that a guy just spilled a glass of vodka over her tummy and legs, so I kindly asked the other bartender to clean the bar for herself with the help from my coach, and she agreed.

I laughed that guy off, too, and also gave him my phone number.


In case of emergency, we said. ''Mum ! Hey, mum ! Listen, go to the rest room, clean up a bit, and then just go out by the back door. You'll pick up your clothes tomorrow, I'll be waiting you in the back with my car. Let's leave unnoticed. You did your job very well.'' ''Thank god, sweetheart !

I'm really exhausted. I'll meet you there.'' I've quickly picked up my car and waited for her. She jumped in, dressed only in her underwear as she was inside, and we drove off. I kissed her properly now, and said, ''I love you, mom. You were spectacular.

I really, really hope you'll do that again someday !'' ''Honey, onnised. When I got into it, I was actually enjoying myself, too. Maybe every weekend would be too much, but here or there, you guys could probably use some entertainment like this. I mean, you know, it's good for your budget and all.'' I smiled, and kissed her again. I was so happy that she finally released her true self out, and life is great now.

''Did that guy served you well ?''