Chubby blonde in high heels does amazing blowjob

Chubby blonde in high heels does amazing blowjob
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All of my life I had to hear my friends talk about how hot my big sisters were, and how my mom is is milf. They even talk about fucking them to me, and how I must love living with a house full of sexy women.


My mom and sisters knew that my friends thought they were hot, and they never got mad that they couldn't keep there eyes off their tits. One day I saw my mom go in her room after getting out of the shower. I don't know why, but I followed her and opened her door enough to see inside. She dropped her towel and stood in front of her dresser deciding what to wear, while running her hands down her tits and gently rubbed her shaved pussy.

I felt my cock getting hard as I watched mom slide on a sexy pair of panties, still massaging her pussy.

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I now had my hard cock out and was stroking it while watching mom. I never thought about her this way before, but now I was so turned on as I watched her on her bed plating with herself.

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I was so close to cumming, and couldn't stop now. So I pulled off my shirt, and shot ropes of cum into it, with my eyes on mom. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I knew my mom wouldn't want her son to fuck his own mother. For the next week I couldn't stop thinking about mom, and when I was with her all I thought about was getting her naked and fucking her.

I started stealing panties from mom and my sister. I would wrap them around my cock and jerk off in them while thinking about my sister or mom. I thought mom was napping one afternoon so I went to my sister room.

I would get in their drawer of movies, toys, and their special underwear when I had a chance, and I'd lay in one of their beds and rub the vibrator against my panty covered cock, while watching porn on the tv. I had some panties covering my hard cock and was running the vibrator up and down my shaft watching the porn.

I was imagining that the 2 on the movie was my sister and I. I didn't even realize I was saying my sisters name too, I was getting close to cumming so I sped up her toy.

I was im such a rush I didn;t even close the door all the way, but at this point I didn't even care, but then the door slowly opened and mom was standing in the room.

i had a choice stop now and get yelled at, or cum all over the stolen panties right in front of mom. I held the vibrator to the head of my throbbing cock, and right as I was about shoot my first rope of cum I looked right at mom, and cried out, "omg jess ur gunna make me cum." I heard mom say omg as i rubbed my cock with the toy getting all of the cum out while moaning for mom.

When I finished I looked over to mom, and just said omg mom before she cut me off.


She wanted to know what I was thinking, and how I could cum with my mom watching,"Its bad enough I catch you, masterbating in your sisters bed, then when your mom catches you, you don't even stop until you cum in front of her." Well you didn't have to watch, you could have just shut the door, mom. I guess you liked seeing your son getting off with his sisters panties and toys. Mom was now standing beside the bed, and I still didn't pull my pants up.

I even still had the panties on my cock that was getting hard again. Cole, why are you hard again?

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How can you get hard with mom standing next to you? I don't turn you on do I son? Is that why your always looking at my tits, and your sisters because we get you horny? I knew your friends were little perverts, but not you, Cole. Now she was sitting on the bed asking me to be honest with her. "Its ok baby, you can tell the truth." As she said that she got even closer and put a hand right beside my hard cock. Fine, yes you turn me on, and jen and anna to. I get so horny around you guys, I can't stop from imaging fucking you three in all sorts of ways when I'm with you all.

Is that what you want to hear; that I jack off to my big sisters and my mom? After I said that mom looked in my eyes then at my hard cock before grabbing a hold of the panties covered with my cum and wrapped them around my dick as she started stroking it. I looked up in disbelief as she stroked me a little faster, "This is what you want right, you want your mom to make her son cum. Isn't this what you think about when you jack off?" She pulled down her shirt and showed me her dd's that were so perfect and told me to grab them, and feel my mommas tittys.

I stopped her stroking and asked her to suck her sons cock. Omg my son wants his mom to suck his cock. If I suck it then you have to return the favor, ok? Yes, mom I'll do anything you tell me to do.

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Good boy, then she slid my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth. I reached over and rubbed moms pussy, and she kept sucking telling me it was ok to touch it. I remembered the vibrator was on the bed so I took it and held it to moms pussy. She looked up and winked as she sucked off her son while he used a toy on her. I couldn't last any longer, and was so ready to cum, hoping she will let me cum in her mouth. I moaned out, "Mom, your gunna make me cum!

I'm gunna cum oh shittt" She let me explode in her mouth, and it felt so amazing. Then mom laid back in jen's bed and opened her legs, and told me it was her turn. I licked her wet pussy like a lollipop while she leaned back and enjoyed her son eat her pussy.

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I wanted to fuck her more than ever. I felt like if I didn't do it now I might not ever get to.

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I got on top of mom and positioned my cock, ready to push inside her. Baby, what do you think your doing? Mom I have to fuck you, I want it more than anything. Cole, you can't ever let anyone know about this, or you'll never get to fuck momma again, ok?

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So does that mean? She nodded and I pushed inside her wet pussy, finally.

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I started slow, kissing mom and running my hands over body before grabbing her hips and fucked her faster. I was quickly ready to cum but before I did mom flipped me on my back and straddled me. She was so sexy the way she bounced on my cock, holding her bouncing boobs as she rode her son. I grabbed the vibrator and rubbed her clit with it while she rode her teenage son's cock. Mom was moaning pretty loud, and I was telling her how hot she was while she was screaming, "thats it Cole fuck moms pussy, oh shit son fuck me!

OMG my son is fucking me!" I heard someone about to come in, they def. heard mom moaning for her son and was going to catch us in the act. I didn't care, I knew it was one of my sisters, and I wanted them to see their brother getting fucked by their mother.

I was ready to cum, I shouted out, "mom I'm I'm" and before I could warn her my hips jolted and cum shot from my cock as mom kept riding me. Come on Cole let momma get all that cum out. Then we heard Jen shout, " what the fuck?" Mom turned around and saw her daughter staring at her mom on top of her little brother right after she just watched her mom ride Cole until he came inside her.

All mom could say was, "looks like you caught us." To Be Continued