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Ballsucking kinky blonde gets cum sprayed
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Shey smiled taking a deep breath, "No not at all." she says as she looks over him with a sly grin. "I must say that was just what I needed. So how was it being fucked by a werewolf?" she smiles tracing a finger along his powerful shoulders and chest.

Unable to resist some animal urges she leans up and nibbles on his neck and shoulders.


"Considering what I've had in the past Lass, quite and improvement." Phoenix said with a smirk, his muscles tightening and relaxing under her nipping.

He maneuvered himself on her and kissed her deeply and kissed her neck only to pull his lips away and get up. Stretching his arms over his head showing himself blatantly in naked form. He leaned over gripping his pants and sliding them on looking at his gun still holstered there. "Bloody good thing that didn't go off yeah?" He laughed fastening his pants. "Alright love, let's get out on the town before someone grows suspicious of our unusual amount of time indoors" Phoenix pulled his shirt back on and leaned back down to her kissing her and lingering for a moment then searched for his shoes.

"C'mon now, don't lure me back in, we can play later." He gave a wink finding one of his boots and one mysteriously missing. Shey sighed as she sat up, thinking he was probably right, knowing Alex he might have been down stairs using his heightened senses to listen in on her. "I suppose your right." she says with just a little disappointment. "As long as you promise we can do it this again." she says as she gets up stretching her own body and muscles she walks behind him grabbing his butt as she goes by.

Going into her closet she pulls out some more under, a tank top and black cargo pants. Reaching deeper in she pulls out his missing boot and walks it over to him as she goes to the couch to put on her own boots.

Once she was dressed she heads for the door and snatches up her leather jacket, "Lets get going there is a lot to see." Walking out into the city the lights ablaze with street lights, she lead him along the wall pointing out the defense system. "You see we use high powered long range rifles at night to pick them off from a distance. They are very accurate and extremely deadly, as a bonus they are deathly quite not making a sound as they are fired or when the hit their target.

The wall itself is made out a combination of diamonds and titanium. They are indestructible, nothing as of yet in this day and age has been able to make even the slightest scratch.

Our forces are made up mostly, of vampires and werewolves. Werewolves are the grunt force, for lack of a better word, with our strength and healing ability it was an obvious choice. Vampires, man the transports and the high tech weaponry." she was leading them toward the night club district, "There are a few other races here in the city.

Like the dragonkin you saw earlier and there are even a few fairies, imps, leprechauns etc." She stopped outside a club that was fittingly named "Night Watch" "Lets have a drink or two. Perhaps some dancing." she winks at him and then enters the club. Phoenix's eyes scanned the systems, eyeing the mechanics and gadgetry of them all.


His hand slid over the walls cold surface, his mind an entanglement of mathematics and equations with ideas as he assessed the defense system. He forewent his statements at the moment and followed her. "Ah, you guys get all the fun aye?" He smirked as his boots clomped along with hers.

Phoenix followed her into the door as his ears were rushed with the heavy beat of the music, the bar lined with different sorts and he suddenly felt very human. He hadn't felt it in a while since he had been alone for so long and around different types for years.

But in these close quarters it was apparent and he could feel it in the back of his mind he was going to get two things for sure out of this. A drink, and a scrap.

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"Aye, who's up for drinking games yeah?!" Phoenix yelled out slapping Shey on the butt as he passed her waving over the bartender. Shey smiled as she followed him in taking a seat at the bar next to him, "Sheyera!

So nice to see you!" Boomed the large rocklike titan from behind the bar, "Been a while Balrog. Two shots of your finest for me and my friend." she says indicating Phoenix. His stony form turns taking in the human then nods his head, "Coming right up!" two glasses were then plunked onto the bar before them and a glass bottle with a very dark liquid, having a reddish tint was produced and poured into the glasses, "You sure he can take it?" Balrog asked yanking his thumb at Phoenix, "I'm not only sure but I bet he wont even grimace when he drinks it down." she says as she takes up her glass, her eyes locking onto to Phoenix's as her tongue runs slowly over her full lips before easily down the liquid.

It burned on the way down but you would not have been able to know this by her face for it remained unchanged, however her breathing and pulse did quicken from it. Phoenix's hand scooped up the glass and threw it down his throat without a second glance and eyed the bar letting it roll down his throat. He gave a satisfying "ahh" and turned back around.

"Aye! Good man, good stuff yeah." He laughed as he poured more into his glass. Phoenix eyed the rockfaced bartender up and down and smiled "You're a big guy, I know a Lass you'd like. Met her out on the third ridge of the Himalayas a year ago.

Helped me out of a jam." He swallowed back another glass. He seemed very social when in a bar, and always uninhibited. "There was a large tribe that got destroyed from an avalanche a few years before I had arrived. Had zombie popsicle popping up all over the mountain, bad news. Their blood was like crystal, couldn't bleed them out. They were quite slow though." Phoenix waved his hand as he went on took a shot glass from the bar and tossed it in his hand.

"Her name was Tethdra. Helped me crack them icicles like nothing. We never worked out though. she was too rough." Phoenix gave a wink and a laugh. "Still have her ley line though if you want?" Phoenix gave a suggestive nod to the bartender. He took the shot glass and filled it, leaned over and pushed it into Shey's cleavage. Phoenix stood up, his hand on her waist and bent down taking the shot in his mouth and arching his head back letting the hot drink sear his throat to his delight.

The glass was set down with a clink and Phoenix kissed her with the remainder of the drink on his lips. Shey was immensely impressed by his ability to drink the "Tainted Blood" for which the drink was named. She had downed another two herself as she watched him drink shot after shot. His comment about a girl for Balrog made her smile, but she was caught off guard when he placed the shot in her cleavage, drank it with nothing but his mouth and then before she knew it his lips were against her own.

Heart racing, chest heaving from her rapid breath she reached up wrapping her arms about his neck and pulled him into a deeper more passionate kiss, her tongue seeking his as the effects of the liquor took over. A moan escaped her lips as she stood in the chair and pressed herself against him, as if wanting to be a part of him. The music started up and she broke the kiss long enough to whisper in his ear, "Lets see if you dance as good as you fuck." she says in a husky voice as she licked and nibbled on his earlobe.

She thrust her pelvis up against him slowly moving her hips so that she rubbed up against his crouch. Phoenix's body was racked and waved by the shots and it did all to enhance what he was feeling.

His hands gripped her waist and pulled her away from the bar pulling her close, his head tilting to her neck as his lips grazed her skin.

His fingers trailed up her sides to the small of her back, down her ass to clutch and pull her in tight lifting one leg up around his own waist meeting her lips harshly. His fingers spun her around and halted her so he was behind her, his dick hard beneath his camo pants grinding against her as he swayed her hips with his.

Shey was feeling more then just the effects of the drink and the call of the moon, but also the stare of someone from across the room. There in the darkened corner sat Alex, his body gone ridged with anger.

Here was practically fucking that human whom she said there was nothing going on. Not only were they dry humping on the dance floor but they both smelled strongly of each other; they had fucked before coming here and it looked like they were on their to doing it again on the dance floor.

Slowly he got up and made his way toward them.

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Shey soon lost herself to the feeling of Phoniex's dick as he grinded against her ass. His scent was so strong and captivating that she allowed herself to ignore Alex as he approached, her thoughts on possibly fucking him right here and now on the dance floor. His waist pressed against her ass as he pressed into her with his hands both tight on her hips. Phoenix was enjoying himself, grinding against Shey letting the drink numb his worries and bothersome thoughts.

Enough where he didn't see it coming. Phoenix's head jerked to the side and he spun bracing himself against the bar, his ears ringing, his jaw screaming. "Well now. Alo to you too." Phoenix muttered with a shaping grin as he turned leaning against the bar staring at the growing in size male werewolf. "Now where I come from.

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That's not very nice, and especially interuptin' a bloke n' his lass." The tall male stepped forward slamming his fist into Phoenix's gut. Phoenix hacked bending over and gutted a laugh. "Fucking Human, you have no place with the likes of us." The low voice of the male came hollow to Phoenix's still ringing ears. He began to laugh, the male hearing this growled "And to be laughing at an Alpha kicking your mortal ass you must be a piss drunk." He could hear the air coming off the next blow and it was halted in Phoenix's gripping hand inches from his cheek.

"What you got against humans? I didn't do anything to you." Phoenix had put two and two together now and a mischievous smirk ran his face looking at the stunned werewolf with his fist gripped. "Though I did do something to her" That evoked another fist that Phoenix lazily ducked under. "Boy it was good too. But now you have to say you're sorry big pup." He told the male who was cranking back another furious fist.

"I'll kill you where you stand!" He yelled throwing his fist at Phoenix's face. Phoenix leaned back across the bar his hand gripping something as the blow went over his body, the next fist Phoenix guided switching his weight, Micheal's fist slamming into the edge of the bar with a crack.

He howled in pain, Phoenix grabbed his hand and slammed it on the bar, his other hand rising with a knife and crucifying it into the bar's surface. "Eww, that's gonna sting, lemon juice n' all blaggard. By the way, I laugh when I know the fucker that hit me is gonna get their ass kicked." Phoenix smirked grinding the knife further and patting Micheal on the back, he had gripped the cutting knife for the lemons off the bar when he leaned back.

Alex turned with his other hand to hit him and was stopped cold with a barrel of a handgun at his forehead. "What do you take me for? Human? A lowly bullet." Alex scoffed as he continued to raise his fist back. "44 Desert Eagle, semi-automatic, 7 bullet cartridge with a kicker in the chamber, magnum rounds if you don't know, and here's the catch.

Silver hollow point with liquid-silver-nitrate core. Don't think I'll do it?


I'm human. I'm the lowest of the low and Ill put a hole in your head blaggard the size of your mom's cunt." Phoenix smiled widely cocking the hammer back on the gun. Alex glared at him, set his fist down, and ripped his hand from the knife, blood oozing.

His massive silhouette turned and walked away grumbling. "I'd call you a son of a bitch but that's kinda like callin the kettle black yeah? And I'll take your muttering as an apology." Phoenix said waving his gun at him cocking the hammer down and sliding it back to his side. "I knew there'd be a scrap." Shey looked on at the display of macho strength and felt her pulse quicken as she watched Phoenix best Alex so easily.

The alcohol removing her inhibitions she goes up to him her mouth finding his as she kisses him passionately, her hands running through his hair, down his back again marveling at the muscles she find there.

Breaking the kiss she begins to nibble and kiss on his neck and shoulders whispering "I want you so much right now.

You have no idea how much that show of dominance just appealed to my animal instincts." she growls in his ear as she nibbles on his earlobe. Her hands moved from his back down to his ass, pulling him close as she began to grind up against his crotch again, feeling that bulge once again.

"I want you to take me home and dominate me like that. From behind." she moaned as she pressed herself closer against him. Phoenix was firmly pressed against the bar as she grinded against him. He kissed her passionately smiling and pulling her body close to his. Blood still stained his one hand leaving a red hand print on her ass as he pulled a leg up around his waist his dick grinding between her legs further.

"I can do that Lass, lead the way and Ill fuck you good yeah?" Phoenix said with a smirk, he was blunt but not normally this blunt the liquor had finally made its way to his head. With a lean Phoenix poured another shot and downed it keeping some in his mouth to come back kissing her, his tongue massaging hers in a pool of burning alcohol. "Let's go." Phoenix said pulling her by the hand towards the door.

Shey moved through the streets in a haze of heat and desire, she pulled and allowed him to lead her back to her apartment, pausing every few moments to kiss him and rub on him. She could feel her cunt dripping with need even through her pants. The door was almost ripped from the wall when it did not open fast enough, but finally it slid open and she grabbed Phoenix pulling at his shirt trying to rip it from his body.

The alcohol and the call of the full moon, were causing chaos to her hormones as she pulled at her own shirt, her nails becoming claws as she ripped it away. Her breast bulging looking on the verge of busting loose from the red bra that she wore, her hands finally removed his shirt with a satisfactory rip as she pressed her mouth to his chest kissing and nibbling on it tracing her tongue along the muscles as she lead him to the couch.

Though she wanted him to dominate her, she was having a hard time giving up control he was going to have to show her his strength and power over her. A sigh let out from Phoenix's lips as she kissed his chest, a satisfying one. He smirked as he was pushed to the couch, as he fell he grabbed her suddenly and spun his weight landing on top of her instead. Hands gathering her wrists he pinned them above her head with incredible strength not even giving them an inch to move. "Dominate." Phoenix whispered, his blue eyes cutting the dim lights that no doubt had come on in that fashion for the mood of things.

Kissing her hard and passionately his free hand roamed over her breasts gliding over her nipples pricking and pulling at them teasing. Lips freeing from hers he knelt his head licking them. Her wrists pinned and his knees on her thighs keeping her hips from even pressing against the bulge in his pants, she wanted to dominated and he'd give her pleasure when he wanted and how he wanted. Before she looked like she couldn't take it anymore his head rose back up, his eyes meeting hers "I'll give you a little more." He whispered, his free hand going to her pants.

With one hand he nimbly undid them and pulled them down releasing his weight on her thighs, easily with the strength of one hand. Phoenix brought two fingers to his lips licking them, warming them, his hand lowering between her legs pushing into her wet cunt sliding in and out dripping with her cum. The pumping increased with her moans, his hand still firmly pinning her wrists with every muscle in his arm strained and pressing and interlocking to his chest flexing.

When he felt her cunt start to tighten near climax he stopped, his hand released her wrists, and he stood up pulling her hand with her panting hard. Phoenix pulled her and then bent her over the end of the couch unbuckling his pants and letting them drop exposing his rock hard dick. His hand smoothed along her perfect back, a shock of pleasure coming just from her looking back over her shoulder at him lustfully.

Phoenix leaned forward gripping her hips and pushing his dick into her wet cut sliding deep inside her. Shey felt a rush of pleasure as he held her pinned to the couch his strength keeping her there. Shey knew she was strong, had always been the strongest in her pack and now in her unit. She found it hard to let loose and fully enjoy herself whenever she was out drinking or fucking some guy she met. Always afraid of losing control of her strength and hurting someone, she held back and had never fully experience herself before.

Now as she laid pinned beneath this strong masculine form she felt herself give up control to someone she knew could handles her and all her strength, that made this all the more pleasing then anything else. Breathing hard as his mouth worked on her erect nipples, she felt herself try to move out of his grasp to find herself held fast.

Moaning loudly, her breathing coming faster as she felt as if she would explode from need of him. "I'll give you a little more." She heard him say and felt his hands trail down the length of her body, her pants come easliy undone and then off. Then his fingers were brought to his lips and she felt their warmth enter wet cunt.

"OH GOD!" she moaned as her back arched to him, his fingers moving in and out faster and faster, "Yes! OH Fuck Yes!" she called out as she felt that pressure building about to release, when his fingers withdrew and she was up standing in front of him, then he bent her over the end of the couch and her body quivered in anticipation.

Looking over at him as his pants fell to the ground she stared hungrily at his hard dick, his hand gliding over her back. His strong hands gripped her hips and he easily slid his dick into her waiting wet hot cunt. She moaned/howled as she felt him enter, panting now harder she felt his impressive length enter deeply into her cunt.

"Fuck me!" she whined to him, her body craving him. Phoenix grinned at this as he trusted into her, fucking her hard. Gripping her hips tight in his hands he pulled her into him over and over fucking her wet cunt with all his strength. He had never lead it on but he did know his way around a werewolf, scientifically speaking. Phoenix stoked over the length of her spine over and over, fingers firmly pressed. Sliding his dick deep into her he grinded against her ass, his dick spiraling in her.

After the stroking of his hand he got her tail to come out and he gripped its base. He pulled using it as leverage to fuck her harder. The hand gripping the base of her tail tilted using his thumb to press on her ass as his dick slide in and out of her harder and harder with each thrust.

Phoenix tilted his head back with a groan and a murmur of something foreign as he came closer to orgasm. Shey had never been taken so completely before and she felt herself losing control of her inner wolf.Her tail came out and he used it to fuck her even harder, if that was even possible.

The strength he had as he plowed into her wet cunt was driving her wild, his hard dick driving deep into her rubbing on her clit over and over again, faster and harder with each thrust. Her body began to tense as she felt her release building, her hand sprouting claws as she dug into the side of her couch ripping through the fabric with ease as he fucked her harder and harder.

Just then she felt his thumb enter her ass and that was it, her cunt tightened around his dick, her back arching as she climaxed. Howling in pure bliss she came hard around his dick her body finally finding a release that she had never before experienced but always wanted. She shuddered and convulsed on his dick as her body felt the wave after wave of pleasure that washed over her. Phoenix moaned as he fucked her harder and harder, he could feel her getting tense and bit down on his lip holding out a little longer as he fucked her stronger.

His blue eyes marveled at her body, he couldn't remember the last girl he had been with that had a body like that. Phoenix's free hand ran her back and came forth caress her ample breasts as he fucked her his thumb in her ass. He felt her cum on him it dripping over him and it made him moan and smile as he righted himself and began to fuck her faster. A low huffed mutter of "God yeah." escaped his clenched teeth as he pounded into her until he felt himself cum in her pulsating in bursts.

Phoenix pulled from her and spun her around pressing her into the couch kissing her hard grinding against her front as he came the rest of the way on her front, he could feel her claws raking down his back and he shuddered a moan of pleasure. Phoenix broke his kiss from her, his blue eyes staring into her gold ones.

"I believe the Lass was just dominated don't you think?" Phoenix smirked his humor coming to surface between his labored and satisfied breaths. Shey had held him close as he laid on top her, his mouth hard against her own dragging her claws down his back as her body rode the last of her orgasm.

Breathing hard she looked up into his blue eyes and smiled as she took a finger dragging it through his cum on her stomach, bringing it to her mouth licking it clean.

"Damn you even taste strong." she says with a chuckle, enjoying his closeness not really wanting to move at the moment. She was marveling at the feeling of release, complete and total release and it felt good.damn good.

"So tell me is that a man as handsome, strong and god-like in bed still single? I would think that the first girl you fucked would kidnap you and lock you away for her own pleasure. I can tell you thats on my mind right now." she said in a teasing voice. Phoenix smirked pulling her closer and dragging her to the couch laying on her kissing her gently now.

His hand reached up pulling a throw that was on the couch back over them covering them up. Phoenix kissed her neck, he even cuddled after a fuck. He lay there with her in their mess of fluids and sighed before he spoke "I've been alone for a very long time Lass. Been a wanderer for over 2 years, trying to fix the Hell that our earth is being thrown to. I've met a few lassies here and there, but nothing that captivated me enough to keep me from moving on.

I guess I always came off with that "best friend" vibe instead of the other more pleasant one yeah?" Phoenix laughed and sighed, his chest falling heavy against hers. Fingertips brushing lightly over her face to her forehead and combing through her hair his blue eyes looked at her in almost marvel. He knew with her that he'd probably be old news in a few days and took that with a grain of salt but a tinge of hurt realization. Relationships never crossed the minds of people in this war and he knew that, he had been avoiding them for years to somehow fix this dirtball of a planet.

She drew something from him though, he laughed more with her and smiled, and he never really wanted her far from his head. Both of them. Phoenix was strong enough to handle it if it wasn't for long though and if anyone knew how to enjoy the now and then it was him. He seemed to snap out of deep thought and then looked at her with a smile.

"Aye, I'm gonna go have a cig outside. You hop in the shower yeah? I'll meet ya there." Phoenix kissed her fully with a smile, a finger drawing over her clit before he got up. He slid his pants on with a hop and reached into the closet where his vest was pulling a white cigarette from a pocket and a square flint lighter. "I won't be long." Phoenix gave a wink as he walked out the door, bare chested and bare footed. Phoenix sat on the curb of the road, his bare feet grinding the tiny pebbles against the asphalt making scratching noises as he inhaled a stream of smoke into his lungs holding it there.

With a sigh a billow of smoke exhausted from his lips into a gray cloud. "Aye, Phoenix, get your head out of the clouds mate. Not a brits chance in hell man. Not a chance in hell." Phoenix muttered and inhaled again holding it longer before blowing the smoke through his nostrils in two long streams. The stars seemed to show even through the pollution and light that surrounded him.

Looking up he tried to recognize constellations he once knew.

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Flicking the cigarette away Phoenix sat up with a grunt patting his jeans the loose the ash on them before turning back. Shey looked into his eyes with wanting, desire and something else, something she had never felt before.

She smiled as she snuggled close running her hands through his hair, across his back and shoulders. This felt so right to her that she was certain she had found her mate. Wolves sought this their whole lives because they only ever get one and thats it for their whole lives, their one true soul mate.

She had done her share of fucking, lots of the males have known her touch and yearn for it still, thats part of the reason why Michael was so obsessed over her, he thought she was his one. But she did not feel the same way for him that he felt for her, not even a little bit, yet she felt it now at this moment as she laid their with Phoenix wrapped in her arms. His voice changed if slightly, but still there was a change something was bothering him she knew it, felt it.

"Aye, I'm gonna go have a cig outside. You hop in the shower yeah? I'll meet ya there." Phoenix kissed her fully with a smile, a finger drawing over her clit before he got up. Her body shivered from his touch, yet her heart burned from need to be with him always. She would have to tell him that it was not very smart to try and hide your feelings from someone whose people have an entire language based on body language and reading someones gestures.

Watching him leave she would show him just how much she cared for him and wanted him, when he joined her in the shower. Getting up she walked to her bathroom, "Shower on.

Water Hot." she says as she climbs in and stands under the hot stream thinking about what fun they could have while in the shower. Perhaps after this they would get something to eat and she could try to express to him just how much he meant to her and how she knew that she meant the same to him.

Phoenix's bare footsteps stopped when he heard a door slam. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and he turned around. A pair of golden eyes hovered in the dark and came closer. Phoenix sighed and began to walk towards them with a smirk opening his arms. "Aye, it was a bloody bar fight yeah? Get the feck over it." Shaking his head he began to turn away and stopped when his blue eyes struck trouble.

Three other pairs of eyes opened behind the striding pair and suddenly the air around him felt cold. His hand fell to his side reaching for his gun, nothing. "No gun this time human?." The voice was familiar, and Phoenix knew. "Come back for more blaggard?

Brought friends?" Phoenix egged as he stepped forward till the large werewolf was towering and in full view in the dark. Three others stood with him all of them bearing their teeth and ticked with aggression. "You wreak of her." The one in front, the familiar one growled at him.

"Yeah, funny thing, when you get a lass to cum like that, it gets all over yeah?" Phoenix smirked and then regretted it as a fist slammed his head to the side. He tumbled and didn't waste any time, he righted himself and charged into the werewolf that he knew was Micheal and tackled him hard.

A hollow crack was heard as Alex struck Phoenix on the cheekbone, he retaliated with three fists into the jaw before his ribs where booted. The others had begun their attack.

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Clawed feet raked his back, heels and fists bruised and cracked his ribs. Phoenix had to act fast, get them all to bleed to leave the trail. He leaned back and swung forward his head colliding with Alex's eye socket.

He roared in pain as his eyes swelled in blood from the blow. Phoenix swung a fist out connecting with a kneecap, there was a crack and one went down. Scrambling over he began his barrage of fists into the next ones face till teeth were missing and blood spilled. When he moved to the third claws stabbed him in the stomach and pain shot through him. Gasping for air he gripped the clawed hand's arm tightly and twisted. There was a snap and the third staggered back pulling their claws from his middle.

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The fourth one, a tall grey furred werewolf strode over and socked Phoenix so hard in the head that everything spun once, twice, then was out. Phoenix's body screamed at him as he tried to open his eyes. White light blinded him, so much that he wish someone would knock him out again just so he didn't have to see it. A grating of metal occurred when he moved his hands.

Handcuffed. Trying to move his feet gave the same result. He was sitting. Every breath he took hurt, bruised ribs, he looked around and winced at the pain in his eyes, cut and chipped cheekbones.

He didn't know what else was fucked up but the pain was immeasurable. Phoenix took a breath again and opened his eyes, seeing through the light he could tell he was in a buildings storage basement with all the equipment and bad lighting.

A door somewhere far creaked open and shut, and that feeling came back to phoenix very quickly. Shey stood in the shower waiting for him to enter so that they could begin some more fun.time lapsed on and she became agitated. Did he forget her so soon? Or had he had all he wanted from her and had now left to return to wandering the desert? Getting out of the shower she opened the door and looked out at her apartment, his scent was still strong in the room.

Going to the closet she opened it to find all of their cloths, minus his pants, folded up neatly and cleaned. "So your still here. But where?" she mused aloud as she stalked to her front door, still naked thinking about maybe surprising him with her form. Outside the air was thick with blood and violence, human and werewolf blood mingled in the air. Not just any human either, Phoenix.she gasped as she lowered herself to the ground to sniff the ground, a familiar male scent making her hackles rise as she growled low in her throat, "Alex." she snarls as she allows the beast within to run free now.

Her body growing, muscles expanding, bones popping, organs shifting as her body became something that was neither whole wolf nor woman. Thick rich chestnut brown fur glinted in the moon light as she through back her head and howled.

It was one of lost, and anger, those who harmed him would pay with more then their lives. The lucky ones would die, the unlucky ones would wish they had. Grabbing her sword and his rifle slinging them both over her shoulder crisscrossed her back, she took to the roof tops and began to follow the trial that would lead her to her mate and those who were about to become area rugs for her apartment.

Phoenix's vision blurred into focus and out as he tried to get his barrings. Footsteps echoed against the cement walls that encompassed him until someone entered. A short fat little man with a black slick comb over and a mustache needing a trim. He wore a brown trench coat and carried an umbrella even though he was sure it wasn't raining.

In after him came a large black werewolf with one scarred eye, the other was Alex. They stood before him in silence before Phoenix raised his head and spit on the ground in front of the man. The black werewolf took two long steps forward cocking his fist back before the man raised his hand stopping him. "What is your name?" The man's voice came slick as oil. "Fucked ur' mum O'Riley." Phoenix smirked weakly.

Talking hurt his ribs, his lungs felt like they were crushed. "Hit em'." The man waved and Micheal stepped forward with a sick grin and struck Phoenix in the jaw so hard he fell over in the chair with a heavy thud. Micheal picked him up and righted him with one clawed hand.

"What is your name?" The man asked again. *huff* "Phoenix. What's it to you." *huff* "porky." That apparently deserved another smack as a the fat man's ringed backhand smacked and cut Phoenix across the face. "What the fuck do you want.

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This over a bar fight? Get a fuckin' life yeah?" Phoenix spat blood on the ground and coughed hard. "You came to my city with knowledge. I want that knowledge.

You see, this disease that is running rampant. I want it." The man smiled a smile that had killed many men and women Phoenix decided. "For what?. It'll kill you all don't you get it?" Phoenix grimaced and bite his lip as a rush of pain from his ribs gripped his body. "Not all of us. just them. See, if they all become slavering ghouls then no one will have an issue killing them off one by one.

So Mr. Phoenix, you'll give me those vials that you came here with and you may live." The slime ball of a man studied his umbrella as if it were the vial itself. "And we wont kill your bitch either" The tall black werewolf growled with a laugh smacking a bat in his palm. Phoenix's head lowered and he sucked in a breath.

Suddenly his legs snapped the handcuffs and his hands the same, he rushed the black werewolf slamming him against the far wall. Ripping the bat from his hands he cocked back and homerun swang, hitting his skull so hard the bat exploded into timber bits. With the shart handle end he slammed it into the werewolf's heart with a soggy sheath of flesh. Micheal was on him before he knew it and slammed him into the concrete where he felt his head smack the floor. More wolves came in and were yelling, it all seemed jumbled now.

3 hours later. His breathes were shallow, almost none-existent. He tried to move his arms, they were shackled at the biceps, elbows, and forearms. Guess they learned their lesson. His feet were bound to the metal chair he sat in. Blue eyes wavered open wincing at the florescent light. Breathing hurt bad, his eyes could hardly open. His face was wet, was he crying? The thought of them going after Shey could have made him. Sweating? At this thought the chill and depravity of heat in the room hit him and he shivered involuntarily causing pain to wrack his body.

It was blood, his face was a mask of his own blood. The worked him good. Nothing was broken as far as he could tell except his cheekbones and ribs, nothing cut off. Did he tell them where to get it? No. Never. Did their arms grow tired? Then he remembered, after they had beaten the shit out of him for killing their friend they each took a fist to his gut every time he answered "No." By the time the skin on his chest was fully blue and purple the fat little man got a call on his cellphone. "I'll be back for you, you will give me those vials.

But now I must attend our dinner. Don't miss me." and he left. Phoenix remembered that he had never once been so happy to hear a door slam shut in his life. New noise crept to his ears and he leaned his head back closing his eyes to the harsh light.

Sounds of clattering metal. dishes. yelling. footsteps. searing. a Kitchen? No normal kitchen though. not with that much noise. A banquet? What? Phoenix's head hung low again, droplets of red dripping to the floor making crimson dandelions on the gray surface. He wasn't going to give them the answers they wanted. It wasn't in him to save his own skin and demolishing an already opressed people. He was sure they would kill him, or beat him into a coma.

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And that was alright with him, she'd still be alive. Phoenix began singing "Simple Gifts" in his head swaying back and forth slightly trying to forget the pain. Shey. Shey sat crouched on the roof top of a building across the street, her golden eyes glowing with power as she looked down at the restaurant.

The trail had led her all around the city as if they were trying to keep her from following them. They would pay even more for delaying her from reaching her mate. Dropping from the rooftop she landed with silence as she crept along, the shadows seeming to wrap around her like a cloak.

She reached a cellar door, leading down to the storage basement. His scent was strong here heavy with his blood, using her claws she cut away the lock and opened the door softly. Golden eyes shining down into the low light she moved down the steps slowly her claws not making a sound as she moved along the concrete floor.

A guard wolf was stalking among some of the crates and boxes, Shey came up behind him silently behind her claws out as she grabbed him about his throat, slipping her claws between his ribs into his lungs silencing him. "His blood is on your hands.

For that you shall suffer to bleed slowly, drowning on your own blood in silence." she hissed into his ear as she reached down and severed his hamstrings then set his body on the floor. She dispatched several others like that as she made her way toward Phoenix. Coming up behind him in the chair she spoke softly, "Phoenix? Its me Sheyera. Those monsters will pay for what they have done to you." she says as she broke the bindings that held him to the chair.

"And just what do you think you are doing? You simple Bitch!" She growled as she helped Phoenix to lay on the ground least he fall from the chair. "Alex! SO glad you made it I was afraid I was going to have to come back to cut your balls off." she sneered as she drew her sword coming around to put herself between him and Phoenix. "And I thought I was going to have to get inline before I got a chance to fuck you again, but it seems that you have learned your place like a good lil'bitch." he retorted as he advanced on her.

Shey side stepped and used his momentum to drive her sword hilt deep into him, the blade coming out on the other side of him. "And you still cum too soon." she whispered in his ear as she gave the blade a twist and then yanked it up slipping him in two. Returning to Phoenix she picked him up in her arms and moved as fast as she could without causing him any more harm, returning to her apartment. There she laid him on the bed gently a whine in her throat.

"Hold on! Don't leave me." she growls to him as she returns to her human form and began to tend to his wounds. Phoenix had opened his blue eyes slightly when he heard Shey's voice, they were shattered with bloodshots. Her voice came broken and slightly quiet where they had hit him in the side of the head and damaged his eardrum. When the bindings broke and his arms suddenly swung forward he grit his teeth in pain, they felt as if they hadn't been moved in years. Vision swinging he was suddenly looking up at the ceiling and he wondered if her voice was a dream and they had already gutted him and he was on the floor bleeding out.

When her face swayed over his field of view, he wanted to yell at her for coming for him, for being in danger. He was too broken for that though right now and when she lifted him the blood sank from his head and he passed out. The sloshing of water reached Phoenix's mind and his eyes opened slowly, painfully. Small orbs of light circled the room which clearer came to be candles.

Dim light, that was good he thought to himself. He felt a pressure on the side of his ribs and his hand shot up gripping an arm awfully tight his teeth gritted. Phoenix went to swing a fist and stopped suddenly when his face met Shey's.

Releasing her arm and realizing that doing so probably hurt him more than her, his head fell to her shoulder resting there as he took in a large shuddering breath. Arms slowly closing around her, aching but he just had to. Red strands of hair fell over his closed eyes as he hugged her tight ignoring the enormous pain in his torso.

When he couldn't take it anymore he sunk back to the bed taking in laborious breaths. He wasn't sure where to start or where to end. Blades felt like they filled his throat when he swallowed and didn't know what he'd feel if he talked.

He didn't care and forced it "T-They wanted to wipe you all out. I-I wouldn't give them the vials. I couldn't let them kill you all. I couldn't let them kill you." Phoenix's head lowered slightly "Even if we aren't all it is yeah?" A shard of a tear trailed a path through the dried blood on his swollen cheek. Shey was surprised by the strength of his grip, despite all of his wounds, she knew it had to cause him great pain to grip her so. Still his body possessed a strength even though he was beaten so badly, she thinks to herself as she felt him embrace her.

She returned the hug as gently as she could her heart aching and going out to him. "T-They wanted to wipe you all out.

I-I wouldn't give them the vials. I couldn't let them kill you all. I couldn't let them kill you." Phoenix's head lowered slightly "Even if we aren't all it is yeah?" A shard of a tear trailed a path through the dried blood on his swollen cheek.

He said to her in a voice was full of not just physical pain but heart ache as well, "Your a fool to think that I only came for you because of some moral code of right and wrong. The truth be told is that I cold not let them kill my soul mate after I have finally found you after many years of searching." her voice was gentle, but full of the love that she felt for him.

She finished dressing all of his wounds, then climbed into bed beside him, curling into a ball as close as she could without hurting him. "My heart and my body now belong to you and I would travel to hell and back for a chance to be near you again." she says this to him as she hugged herself to his body. Phoenix's breaths came long and labored as he had to push himself to breathe out and suck back in.

He was a bit hazy but was aware of what Shey was saying, when it finally landed in his head he smiled. His hand caressing her cheek as he winced from moving. "My heart and my body now belong to you and I would travel to hell and back for a chance to be near you again." Phoenix turned towards her wrapping his arms around her and sucking a breath in as he tried to situate himself around her without daggers of invisible pain jutting into his torso.

After the labor he let out an exhaled breath hurriedly and tried to catch it before he spoke. "Aye. Hell is where we be goin' Lass." Phoenix confirmed as he tried to erase the foreshadowed thoughts of what was to come after this and shut his eyes gently, resting his head against the pillow and breathing in the smell of her perfume until he was lulled to sleep.