Sultry Sophia fucking her exotic pussy with a toy

Sultry Sophia fucking her exotic pussy with a toy
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Chapter 1 As the plane started its final descent, I looked out the window and saw the beautiful Caribbean island nation of King Togo. King Togo is a diverse tropical island, with small hillsides, lush tropical forests, and beautiful beaches. It popularity has risen in the last 30 years due it becoming a tax haven for the uber wealthy.

This increase in wealth has created a nation which is commonly referred to as the Monaco of the Caribbean. The Capital city Port De Paul, is known for its fancy hotels, large casinos, and harbors full of mega yachts.

The country prides itself on security and privacy which is uncommon for most nations in this area. They do this by strictly controlling who become residents and importing majority of its workers from overseas. While this island is a paradise to most, it holds a dark secret which is not spoken of to the rest of the world, which I would soon discover. Like all the other transplanted residents of King Togo I have sought out this remote location for its tax advantages as well as its privacy.

At the age of 24, I became one of the youngest billionaires in the US by creating a social networking app which is widely popular. I stuck with my company for as long as I could but grew tired of trying to reinvent the app every year to stay current with the times. I sold it to an ego hungry software icon, for an obscene amount of money. I spent my first year retired traveling the world till I grew tired of nomadic lifestyle.

Now 34 years old I have decided I wanted to live on the beach in a small community for the remainder of my lengthy retirement. I floated this idea to my financial adviser and he pointed me to the nation King Togo which was a place I had never heard of. He assured me this is what I was looking for. As I landed in the Capital City Port De Paul I started to see gulfstream jets lined up like a used car lot.

I had realized that my wealth would be among equals here. Like the majority of the new and up incoming tech moguls, I came from humble roots. I grew up in a small community and attended a state university. Even after earning my wealth I never adopted a lavish lifestyle. I lived in a nice home and had a nice car, but still dressed, ate, and traveled modestly. I owned very little and sold it all prior to leaving.

This being said I could tell right after landing I would be given a crash course in high end living. My financial adviser set me up with a firm here that provides you with a "lifestyle adviser" who helps your transition to the island.

They will find you suitable quarters, get you a club membership, and introduce you to the affluent connections you need to succeed here. As I walk down the stairs of the plane I saw an beautiful voluptuous lady holding a tablet with my name on it. I walked over to her and she immediately grab my hand and shook it saying. "You must be Marcus welcome to Port de Paul, let's go start your new life", She introduced herself as Naomi. She told me she would be my guide through this new adventure I am embarking.

My bags were loaded into her red Mercedes convertible and she started to tell to me the history of the island and the local landmarks as we drove towards the city. While she was talking I couldn't help notice her striking beauty.

She was 5'9 and thick but had curves in all the right places. She had strawberry blonde hair and appeared to be in her 30's. She was wearing a low cut blouse that displayed her large and ample breast which sat up nicely. To go with this rack she had a great pair of legs which were quite visible due to the skirt she was wearing.

As we were driving her skirt would move up little by little, which captivated my attention. I tuned back in when she started talking about the people on King Togo. She said the majority of the people here are expats or transplants like me.

The indigenous population is limited. The majority of the indigenous population owns the local stores and restaurants. The expats work in the tourism, service, and commercial industry. Once the expat workers hit a certain age they are sent back to their native country.

She said the diverse makeup of the population provides the country with unique flavor. As we started to come into the more touristy area of Port de Paul, you could see the change of the modern buildings to the more Spanish/French colonial style, much like what you find in New Orleans. We arrived at the King Togo Hotel, which sat on the beach. Namoi whisked me into the lobby. I was greeted by several bellmen and the desk manager. As she checked me into a suite I start to notice some of the employees had bracelets on their left wrist.

I approached them closure and noticed that the bracelet had serial like numbers on them. I found it strange but figured it had to do with their strict immigration policy. Naomi approached me and said follow me.

We went up to the top floor of the hotel. We walked down this long hallway to the end where I saw the suite sign. She slid the key-card into the door and we walked into this room which was larger than many of the apartments I lived in.

The great room had large windows that overlooked the beach and harbor. All I could see was yachts and scantily clad women in bikinis. My eyes couldn't believe the beauty. During this time of serenity Naomi was continuing talking about the restaurants and nightlife they have to offer in the city. My peace was broken with a knock on the door. Naomi opened and greeted the desk manager and 2 bellmen with my luggage in tow.

Behind them was a dark haired Hispanic girl who looked to be in her early 20's and was introduced as Isabel. Isabel was 5'6, and probably didn't weigh much over 100 lbs. For her size she had an impressive set breast. Her smile could really light up the room but she seemed quiet and shy.

Like the maids and janitors in the lobby Isabel also had the serial number bracelet on her wrist. The manager said Isabel will be my personal maid, and that any wish I had she would fulfill. He then showed me the phone in the room which had a button on it that would page Isabel immediately. He said she stays in a small room right outside my room. After the introductions were made the manger and bellmen left the room. Naomi instructed Isabel to unpack my things and let herself out.

Naomi proceeded to open a bottle of expensive champagne that I have had on several occasion of celebration which I was not paying for, nor did I really care for.

She said here is to the start of your new life on King Togo. She pulled out a huge binder of homes for sale that I should browse through and told me to eat and rest for tomorrow we will start assembling my lifestyle.

As she headed towards the door she said. "See you at 8 am in the lobby", With that Naomi was gone and the room was quite. Chapter 2 I started to explore my suite which included a great room with a large wrap around couch that faced the windows and a fully stocked bar. I then walked into the doorway to the left of the room which was the mastered room. It had a king size canopy bed and a balcony off to the side.

There was a large bathroom complete with a tub and steam shower. I proceeded back to the great room and picked up my lifestyle binder and sat down and started to browse. I had the various country clubs to join, different living communities with the available houses, as well as the luxury auto dealer, and boat dealers. Looking at all this I started to wonder is this what I want? Do I want to sit at the club for the rest of my life with Muffy and The Captain sipping champagne talking about the stock market and how the help isn't what it used to be.

I then looked out the window and saw the view and bikini girls and thought I could adjust to this lifestyle. I went to the section on available homes.

Majority of the homes listed were large compounds with 8 plus bedrooms with equal amount of bathrooms, swimming pool, maids quarters, and all the lavish amenities you could ever want. But that was not what I wanted.

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I imagined a nice beach house with a couple of bedrooms and a pool. I wanted to relax and live somewhat simplistic. I as turned each page I started to think my house doesn't exist on the island. But towards the end of the binder I saw it. I found a a mini compound with a main house that had 4 four bedrooms with attached maid's quarters and sits on a multi acre lot. Across from the pool sits a smaller pool house. The compound sits on a small cliff with access to the beach below.

The lot was surrounded by forest and fencing which would secure my privacy. That's it I said. That is what I wanted and it was located in the Crest View Resort Complex, which was located 20 minutes out of the city. With that since of accomplishment I decided to take a nap and recharge my jet lagged body.

I woke up at a quarter till seven that night. I got up just as the sun was about to set for the evening. I decided it was time to see about his food and nightlife everyone talked about.

I went down stairs and was stopped by the hotel concierge who asked me where I was headed. I told him just want a quick bite to eat. He looked at my shorts and flip-flops and proceeded to open a book to the casual dining section. I guess I wasn't dressed for formal dining.


He told me a couple of locally owned seafood restaurants and pointed me a couple blocks away. As I exited the hotel I took a right down the sidewalk as instructed.

I saw a lot of older couples or older men with their trophy wives out walking. There were quite a few of younger women in their twenties out as well. I walked a couple blocks down the street and saw a small local seafood restaurant right on the beach. The restaurant looked somewhat crowded and had great music. I walked in and the hostess immediately sat me at the bar. The bartender ask me what I was drinking and I told him a local beer would do.

He brought it to me and took my order of the local catch of the day over Caribbean style rice. While I was sitting at the bar waiting for my food I noticed a Hispanic waitress accidentally spilled a drink on a customer. Immediately the hostess rushes over to the table tell the waitress to go to the kitchen. As the waitress walks by I noticed she to had on of the wrist bracelets on that I have been seeing recently. The hostess apologies and orders drinks for the table.

The bartender noticing I was looking at the spectacle taking place serves me another beer to distract my attention from the staff. Shortly after the incident my meal arrives. The fish was prepared perfectly and had that spicy sweet flavor that the Caribbean was known for.

It was served on yellow rice with a side of fresh vegetables. It was a great meal but I couldn't help wonder about the bracelets. I paid my tab and started out of the restaurant when I noticed the waitress was back and her make up around her eyes had run, from what appeared to be tears.

This whole incident didn't sit well with me and I thought about it for the majority of my walk back. I finally reached my hotel and received wave from the desk manager on the way in. It was 9:30 time I arrived on my floor I walk down the hall and saw Isabel waiting by my door. As I approached the room Isabel turned to me and said, "Good evening Mr. Marcus", "Good evening Isabel, what are you doing out here?" I asked. "The Desk Manager said you were on your way up, so I wanted to make sure everything is ok", Isabel said.

"Everything is fine Isabel, thank you for your concern", I replied. "You're welcome Mr. Marcus, I will go in and turn down your sheets", Isabel said with a smile. I opened the door and let Isabel go in ahead of me. As she walked in the room I noticed Isabel round firm ass that hugged nicely in her maid's uniform. If all the women looked like Naomi or Isabel I have no problem adjusting to the island. On her way to the bedroom Isabel stop by the couch to straighten the pillows and pick up my binder that I left out.

She did all this with a smile on her face. She went in the bedroom and started to turn down the sheets for me. On her way out of the room Isabel asked "Do you need anything else Mr. Marcus?" "No I'm fine, I am just going to take a shower and head to bed", I replied. "Oh ok", then she paused and said. "Do you want a massage?

You have had a long day it would relax you". I was about to decline when Isabel said. "Go take a shower I will get ready". As I am in the shower I am thinking that this could be the best hotel ever. I mean personal maid and massage. It couldn't get better. After my shower I toweled off and put on a robe. I walked out of the bathroom to see the comforter has been taken off the bed and there is just a white sheet folded half way down.

The lights have been dimmed and soothing spa like music is playing.

I did not see Isabel but I heard her say. "Get under the sheet I will be there shortly", I placed my 6'0 tall muscular body under the sheet and wait for Isabel to come back into the room. Isabel comes back in the room with massage oil. She places the oil on the night stand and takes off her shoes and gets on the bed. Kneeling down she starts to rub the oil on my shoulders. "Your shoulders are tense, just relax", Isabel said softly. "I know it's been awhile since I have had a massage", I explained.

"You need to take better care of yourself Mr. Marcus", Isabel said. Isabel worked on my shoulders for several minutes then move down my muscular 6 foot tall body until she reached to my back.

She was quite talented, but because my muscle had not been massaged for awhile it was also painful. She then started to lower the sheet and massaged my lower back just about an inch above my ass. She would occasionally slip her hand and would rub or lightly squeeze my ass cheeks. I was enjoying the massage to much to protest or comment on her hand placement. After she rubbed my back for nearly 15 minutes she asked me to roll rover so she could do my front side.

I obliged in her request she then proceed to my ankles but moved quickly to my inner thigh. She started to move her hand north on my thigh and grazing my balls and shaft. She then grasped her oiled hands on my semi erect cock and and started a jerking motion. "Isabel this is not necessary", I said in an embarrassed tone.

"Mr. Marcus it's my duty to to release all of your stress", she said with a wink and smile. I tried to sit up but she pushed my chest down as she continued to to mover hand in a circular up and down motion. She turned so she was facing me on her hands and knees. I I glanced at her and I could see down her maids dress. Her breast looked soft and supple. As I was looking at her she lowered her head and and grab my now fully erect 8" shaft and and start to suck and swirl are tongue on my head.

I closed my eyes and let out a moan. Upon hearing the moan Isabel pick up the pace and suck and moved her mouth and faster and deeper. She continued this this for what felt like an eternity. My cock finally erupted in her mouth she kept her mouth around my cock until I finished cumming. After I was done she sat up. I assumed she swallowed my load because I never saw her spit my cum. "I hope I relived all of your stress Mr. Marcus", she said as she washed my member. "You did and you are very talented", I said with a smile.

"I try", she said with a giggle. She then told me to go get dress while she cleans up the bed. After dressing and using the restroom I came back to the room and she was gone.

Chapter 3 I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. I couldn't help but think what happened between Isabel and I. I showered and got dressed. I grabbed my binder and headed to the lobby to meet Naomi. It was ten minutes before eight and Naomi was already waiting there for me. Naomi was wearing a low cut black dress with a low neckline that revealed ample breasts and displayed her equally beautiful ass.

Her long thick legs were also on full display with this outfit. I was able to get a nice long look before Naomi greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Let's go breakfast and talk about the day I have planned", she said. We walked into the hotel café that overlooked the ocean and order coffee and pastries and immediately started talking business.

"Did you get a chance to look at the binder I left you", Naomi asked. "Yes", I said. "See anything that caught your eye", she questioned. "Yes, I did, a single story home in Crestview Estates caught my eye", I explained. "I know what one you're talking about and that's a good choice", she said excitably. She excused herself from the table and went to make an appointment to view the property. As she walked away I stared and lusted for her.

Once she returned she stated we have an appointment at 11:30 so we have time to tour Crestview resort prior to visiting the house. Once our breakfast came we started talking more causally. I discovered she was neither married nor dating and was American who came over here to help the wealthy find homes and get acquainted to the community. Once we were finished eating the waitress came out and cleared our food. I noted that our waitress had a wrist bracelet on.

"What do the bracelets signify?" I quietly questioned. "Later", she said sharply, "Let's go", she said getting up in a hurry. We walked out of the hotel and got her Mercedes from the valet.

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Once in the car she turned towards the hills and started driving. She said it would take about 20 minutes to get there.

I then asked about the bracelets again. "The bracelets signify that you are a servant", she said. "Do all servants them", I asked. "No just indentured servants", she said. She then went on to explain how recruiters go to other countries and give families money for having members come to King Togo Island and work as indentured servants for a set number of years. The servants receive a small amount of salary which is usually sent back to their family.

Majority of the servants brought over are women. Their jobs consists of in home maids and service industry professions. The master of the servant has the right to lightly discipline their servant through physical means. "They also have the right to use their servant to service their other needs", she said with a wink. She then when on to explain the the bracelet and how the government uses it to monitor the servant's and master's identity.

As we approached the Crestview Estates gate, she changed the subject of our conversation back to where I will be living. Naomi went on to describe how the complex has 2 golf courses an exclusive country club several restaurants, bars, and boutiques. There is also a small village three miles north. She drove me by the country club where I will be a member of. The parking lot was filled with luxury automobile which was another reminder to me of the lifestyle I will have to adopt.

We reached the long driveway which was lined with palm trees. As we drove down it I could start to see the main house and the ocean. We pulled up and we got out of the vehicle. Naomi had to pull down her dress as she exited car which rode up during the drive. As we walked through the house she described the features. We went into a room off the kitchen and garage which was a small bedroom and bathroom. Naomi explained this room would be my servants room.

She told me when it's time I will lease a servant from a broker. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How people are treated like property. I thought about getting on a plane and heading back to the U.S.

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but then I remembered last night and how Isabel seemed to enjoy what she was doing and I how I enjoyed it as well. I snapped back into reality and continued on with the tour of the main house and pool house. The main room and kitchen had large windows that viewed the ocean. The master bedroom was on the second floor had a similar view and connected to a large bath with a massive shower and a soaking tub that was displayed in the middle of the bathroom.


I walked onto the deck from the master bedroom and was surrounded by beautiful views. As I looked at the ocean I knew this was the house for me. I told Naomi that I wanted to purchase it and she then made the call to start the process. She said now that I have a home I will need to get a car and a new wardrobe to match my lifestyle.

Chapter 4 She said before we go back Port De Paul we needed to get some lunch. We drove back to the main area of Crestview Estates and parked at one of the club houses. She said this will be a good opportunity to see place and meet some of the residents. As we walked in Naomi started to wave and say hi to various residents. I imagined that these people were former clients of hers. As we entered the restaurant she started to introduce to me as a new resident of the area.

The restaurant overlooked the pool, and what a view it had. The amount of attractive older women, young trophy wives and college girls in the pool cemented my decision to buy the house. After we finished our meal we headed out of the restaurant when Naomi stopped to introduce me to an older gentleman who was with an age appropriate women "These are the Fischer's", Naomi said "I'm Marcus" I said as we shook hands.

"Pleasure to meet you Marcus I am Tom and this is my wife Barbara", said Tom During small talk that followed our introductions walked up a brown hair girl in her mid 20's. "This is our daughter Kali", said Barbara Kali was about 5'2 with a toned body. She was wearing a short tennis skirt and a matching bra sports bra.

She extended her hand and introduced herself.

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Her mother filled her daughter in on who I was and my background. She made a point to emphasize to her daughter about how I am single and founded and sold my quite famous social networking company. She then extended an invitation for dinner to me once I was settled in my new home. This invite followed by a not so subtle wink to her daughter which caused Kali to turn red. Once Naomi and I reached the parking lot, she started to discuss how I will start to receive those invites from residents who are trying to arrange powerful and wealthy suitors for their respective daughters and granddaughters.

I said that will be fine by me as long as they they look they are all beautiful like Kali. "So you like the smaller chested type?", questioned Naomi in regards to Kali's more petite body frame compared to Naomi's. "It's hard to say which sizes I enjoy best until I have had a chance to interact with them", I said back in a flirtatious tone.

"Just making sure you are not discriminating against us girls who are more blessed", she said while motioning her hands up towards her breast. "I will definitely keep an open mind" I said with a laughter. Naomi turned up the radio and sped out of the resorts as i took quick glances of her ample breasts. Chapter 5 Once we entered the Port De Paul Naomi headed for the downtown shopping district to help me "enhance my look".

We pulled up to a storefront and the valets rushed to help us and park the car. Naomi explained this is one of the most respected stores on the island and it's the perfect place to start my transformation.

We went into the store and was greeted by an older gentlemen and his a female assistant who was in her upper forties. They told me that they would be my personal shoppers for the day. Naomi explained to them that I need a more sophisticated and age appropriate look. The 3 of them discussed my issues and potential in a way that would be normally not done in a presence of the person they were discussing. "What's wrong with how I dress", I interjected.

"You dress like a child, and women like Kali wants to see their beau dressed like a man". Naomi said bluntly.

"Are you saying that my look is not appealing to you", I humorously questioned. "I speak for all women when I say we want men who don't dress like man boys", she said with a laugh. After they discussed my options they all went in different directions grabbing clothes and taking measurement so they could complete my look.

Once I had a rather large pile of clothes I was shoved in a changing room so I could start modeling the clothes for them. During one of my outfit changes Naomi slipped into the changing room with a cream colored dress in hand. "I don't think the color will compliment my eyes", I said as I was quickly trying to pull up my slacks. "No but it will compliment my curves", She said and she brushed passed me to get to mirror.

"Do you want to give you some privacy", I asked. "No you're fine&hellip. plus I need your opinion", She said. Before she could finish her sentence she had the black dress she was wearing was on the floor.

Looking into the mirror I could see her D cup breast being covered by a pink lace bra. I then looked down to see her thick ass eating a matching pink thong. I couldn't take my eyes of her thick curvy body but my view was quickly obstructed by the cream dress being put on.

"Are you going to zip me up or keep staring at my ass", she said which broke me from my trance. "I&hellip.was just making sure the dress complimented your curves", I stammered. "Well does it", She said as I zipped the back of the dress up. "Quite nicely", I said. "I think so as well& can unzip me now", She said with a big smile. Once I finished unzipping the dress she turned around to face me as she removed it. Her eyes gazed down to the bulge that was starting to form in my pants.

But once the cream dress was off the black dress was being pulled up in almost fluid motion. Once the dress was on Naomi leaned into me. "I see you enjoyed the show", she whispered into my ear while grabbing my bulge.

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Before I had a chance to respond she planted a kiss on my lips with some quick tongue in my mouth and walked out of the dressing room with the cream colored dress in hand. I was left in the room with a confused look on my face a bulge in my pants.

I usually am not attracted to larger women but Naomi was strikingly beautiful which was highlighted by her large breast and and hour glass shape. My guess was she was about 175 lbs but the weight was evenly distributed in her glorious curves.

After about 2 hours of shopping we had finished rejuvenating my wardrobe. Naomi confiscated my credit card and paid for the items we had selected. The personnel shoppers told me the clothes would be delivered to my room later today. Once we got into the car Naomi mentioned to me that I am now a man and not a man boy. With a sexy grin she then brushed her hand against my groin. The drive from the store to the hotel was relatively short.

Once we were at the hotel Naomi said she had to go back to office to fill out more paperwork for the house. She said she would meet me at my room the next mornig to go over cars, home furnishing, and hiring staff for my house.

As I walk into the lobby and get in the elevator all I can think about is the kiss and groin grabs Naomi had given me. I also couldn't get the thought of her body out of my mind. My mind then went to the thought of getting another massage tonight to help relieve the pressures that was building.

I made it to the top floor of the hotel and proceeded to my room. Chapter 6 I woke up in my bed and realized I must've dozed off after I came back from shopping. I heard a noise in my closet and got up to investigate it.

As I walk into the closet I see Isabel rustling through the bags and hanging up my recently purchased clothes. Isabel looked up from the pile of clothes at me and gave me a smile and said, "how was your rest Mr. Marcus". "It was good and thank you for putting away my clothes", I said with a smile. "Is there anything else I can do for you when I finish in the closet", she questioned. "No I am good, I am going to take a shower", I said. "Would you like me to join you", Isabel said with a devilish grin.

I walked up to Isabel and grab her by her hand and led her into the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom Isabel started unbuttoning my shirt once my shirt was removed she started kissing down my chest until she reach my waist.

She then grabbed my belt and started to undo it and pull down my pants and boxers. My hard cock leaped out of my boxers and almost hit Isabel in the face. She grabbed my cock and immediately put it in her mouth. After several minutes of her sucking and licking i pulled her up and started to kiss her. I then proceed to remove her uniform. Once I had her dress off I could finally get a look of her tanned toned body which was covered with black bra and matching boy short panties.

"Do you like what you see", Isabel asked. "Yes of course", I replied. I pulled her against me by grabbing her firm ass. Once we were chest to chest I started to kiss her and remove her bra. I finally got a glimpse of her B cup breasts which we topped with small dark nipples. She then broke the kiss to turn on the shower and remove her panties. As she started to remove her panties you could she her landing strip then the rest of her freshly shaved pussy. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower and started to wash me with a loofah and soap.

Isabel started at the top of the chest and work her way slowly down to my bellybutton. Once she reached my waist she turned me around and started at the top of my back and worked her way down again but continued past my waste and started to wash and massage my ass. She then went below my rear and started washing the front and back sides of my legs. As she was washing my feet she turned me around again she slowly worked her way up and started to wash my penis she lightly teased it with her loofah.

My penis was hard she she was stroking it slowly with the loofah. Once she fished lathering me she pushed me under the water and started to run her hands over my body to remove the soap.

She once again saved my manhood for last she started to stroke it and then inserted her tongue into my mouth. She continued the stroking but broke the kiss and started to kiss down my chest until she reached my penis. She then placed her mouth around my cock and began to suck it vigorously.

She did this for several minutes till she could tell I couldn't hold my load any longer. Isabel removed her lips from my penis and proceeded to jerk me off until I came on her breast and stomachache.

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She then stood up and proceed to wash her self off. As she was washing herself I grabbed her thin hips and pulled her into me and started to kiss her neck.

She broke my necking and starting kissing me I then moved my hand of her hips and started to rub clit. Isabel broke her kiss to let out a soft moan.

With her kiss broken I moved my mouth to her right breast were I proceeded to suck and nibble on it while continuing my fingering of her soaking wet vagina. During all of this Isabel continued her moans and grabbed my hand and held it against her mound. After a few more minutes of the my sucking and fingering Isabel released my grip and started to shiver a little which led me to believe she just had an orgasm, She then grabbed me and kissed as a form of a thank you.

Once we were finished showering she led me out and proceed to dry me off. Once I was dry she put a robe on me and told me to go sit on the couch.

As I was sitting on the couch I could hear Isabel in the bathroom cleaning up. After a couple minute she reappeared dressed backed into her uniform. She then came over to me and gave me a kiss and went out the door. Once again I was left in wonder.