A hot night of white slave babes getting humped by a horny mistress

A hot night of white slave babes getting humped by a horny mistress
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Tyler turns to slam the door but his guard is dropped I take my chance and turn to run at the door but it slam's shut on my fingers, I drop to the floor in pain and grip my hand. Tyler closes the door softly now, he turns back to me and slowly lifts me up and takes me into the bathroom of his massive wing in the castle complete with lounge, dining and bedroom with a beautiful canopy bed. Tyler sit's me down next to the sink he place's my hand in it carefully, runs some cold water over my now cut and bleeding finger's and walks towards his bedroom without saying a single word to me, tears roll down my cheeks as I realize what it goes to happen to me and that I am never going to get out of her, just as low sob escapes my mouth Tyler walks back into the room, he sits down across from me and holds open a shirt big enough to be a dress on me, I look at him for a second and then allow him to help me into the shirt, my eyes drop to the floor he tries to look into my eyes for a second and gets up he gets some bandages from a cupboard above the sink sits back down He turns the tap off and pulls my injured hand into his and starts to bandage it up, my eyes haven't left the floor as I try to figure out what he is doing, and he interrupts my thoughts "You're the first one to do that you know" He says to me a matter of a factually, with a hint of sarcasm in it, he looks up at me with wide eyes, waiting for an answer but I haven't looked at him since he helped me into his shirt, he finishes bandaging my fingers he puts my hand down I pull it back to my lap slowly and don't lift my eyes He looks at me and pulls his chair forward closer to me, with my closed legs between his, he leans forward and wipes the tears of my cheeks, and they haven't stopped since he entered the room "I'm not going to hurt you" he says softly I look straight into his eyes and say as strongly as I can "Then what you haven't got me here to play cards, what makes you so different to Justin" I make it so the last part comes at scornfully, and the look on his face tells me I have achieved, Tyler looks me in the eyes to see if I actually just said that, he takes a breath and doesn't break eye contact, I think I've outsmarted him till "what makes me different from Justin is the fact that I don't fuck girls every night of the week, I don't pull them from the streets against their own will, he used take two every single month give one to me and make me break them into little sex gods so he can sell them off as slaves and at the end of the month he takes my girl back and sleep's with her to see if there good enough, mine never were, I never touched any one of those girls, and cause he's Justin he's only in it for the fuck, so he gave them to me to sell off if they were good, and dispose if they weren't, they all live good lives now in other countries far from him, so I am nothing like my brother" Tyler's chest is going up and down as he catches his breath his eyes didn't leave my face the whole time even though mine dropped to the floor at the start, without lifting my gaze from the floor I say to him "So are you going to do all that for me or do you…" I can't finish the sentence I bring my eyes up to stare into his he tilt's his head as he stares into my eyes thinking about what I said, he stares for about a minute until he replies in a soft whispery voice that turns me on a little "Yes but.

There is something about you that makes me want to do more; maybe it's just your big beautiful brown eyes" He smiles at me; I smile back for a second and drop my gaze back to the floor, he drops his smile at My reaction and sighs "I'm pretty sure you would want some sleep after what happened to you last night come on you can sleep in my bed" Tyler gets up and walks out of the room I follow him slowly he gestures me in and watches for a second as I slowly walk over to the bed feeling every single little embodied stitch on my way the quilt was a beautiful navy contemporary pattern Tyler smile's and laughs a little, I turn around and I look at him, raising my eyebrows at him, he laughs a little more and walks over to stand in front of me "You know being Holly's nanny and everything I would have thought you would be used to stuff like my bed" He smiles and I laugh "That's not pink with rainbows and unicorns on it, I wouldn't think that you would even notice me" I say shyly "Your kind of hard to miss, I let you get some sleep now I'll be out on the lounge if you need me and if I'm not there, there's always two guards outside the door even if I'm not I here, night" I watch him as he turns and walks out of the room towards the lounge, I turn myself and get into the bed and drift slowly into sleep A hand grabs my arm and drags me into a dark room.

He press's me against the door as he shut's it. He says nothing. He Just press's himself against me and I know its Justin. I struggle against him. I push him and twist against him. "Get off of me" I scream at him, his hand claps over my mouth. I reach up to remove it but he is too strong.

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I brought my other hand up to, which had been trying to push him away. This is what he wanted. He grabs them both, spins me around, and quickly ties them together with some type of rope. I begin to scream again. A piece of fabric is cinched around my head and placed in my mouth.

My cries are muffled.


I can barely hear myself as the blood rushes to my ears. He spins me back around and latches onto my breasts. He bit's and gropes at my bare chest.

His hands slid down my naked body. His hand reaches my dripping pussy. I'm still contorting myself, trying desperately to buck him off me. It's too late.


His hand rest's against my soaking cleft and the bucking start's stimulating my bud. He strokes his hand against my movements and I became aroused and attempt to tell him to get off me, he just laughs at the sound that comes through the fabric cinched into my mouth. This could not be happening I tell myself, not again, not by him.


I look to the only window in the room. The light is more pronounced now. Just a little longer and I would know my attacker's identity for sure.

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His skilled fingers move away from my small, virgin hole and he begins to pinch my nub. He rolls my button between his fingers. I try to jerk away from him but only succeeded in hurting myself.

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His grip is too tight! I stop moving, he took this as his chance he grabs my ass, and wraps my legs around his waist, he rolls as along the wall into the light and I see Justin's face staring into my eyes once again "Surprise" He grabs his cock and guides it into my pussy.

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With no hesitation, he thrust's hard into me. I wasn't expecting it at all. He hit's my g-spot with the first thrust, causing me to arch my back, and let out a loud "Uh" I attempt to grab something to keep me to reality, He thrust hard again, and the same exact thing happens again, I scream out in pain wanting him stop I sit bolt right up on the bed panting and sweating, Tyler stands across the room staring at me even though it is dark I can sense that it's with fear, he quietly says as if not to frighten me anymore "Are you alright" He starts to slowly walk over I shake my head and he quickens his pace in the same second he sits down next to me tears roll down my face once again "will you stay here tonight as in, in the bed with me" He looks at me and doesn't say anything he just lies down slowly and onto his back I follow placing my head on his chest and my arm around his waist, he's reluctant at first but soon wraps his own arm around my waist, it's like this that a fall back into sleep with no more interference from Justin.

I wake from sleep wrapped in warm navy coloured sheets; I get up to find a folded towel sitting on the end of the bed, I pick it up and walk into the bathroom of his room, it's a massive room with a huge shower and spa bath all in marble I walk over to the shower and get in; being naked again brings back bad memories, I scrub and scrub away at the memories, after about twenty minutes I get out and go to put Tyler's shirt back on, then I see it, it's a beautiful dress the same navy colour as the bed with silver embroidery, I take it of the hanger and out it on and walk out to look in the full length mirror The dress fits perfectly, it's fitted around the bust and with a silver sash around the waist and below that the skirt flares out slightly and has a small train on it I go to walk out the now closed bedroom door, as I put my hand on the handle to open it, I hear a door open on the other side and someone walk in, I hear Justin's voice and fall to the ground leaning against the door "Hey bro, how did you go last night, oh and buy the way she being a virgin is my birthday present to you" I let out I slight whimper as I know he's talking about me, I put my hand over my mouth to silence it, I continue to listen to their conversation "Yeah it went great, thanks, perfect gift.

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I enjoyed ripping her apart" Tyler said it like he meant it and couldn't tell if he actually wanted it or not "Well you've got another whole month with her then it's my turn and then we sell her sexy little ass off" My eyes start to water at the possibility "Ok thanks, Justin" "Come on dude can't I have a little go since I'm here" The tears roll down my face, I clamp eyes shut wishing for Tyler to say no "OUT" "Fine but you owe me" "My birthday present, I control the usage" I hear the door slam shut, I slowly get up and open the door, and I walk over to the table and stand next to it, not sitting down "I won't do that to you, I had to say it, if I didn't he would have sat and watched and made me do it, and still if It didn't happen he would take you back and do it twice as bad then what he is doing now, your perfectly fine you can sit down" I sit down across from him, and slowly move my hand to the fork in front of me and pick it up and poke it at the food "That's a wonderful dress, look's great" I drop the fork onto the plate and look at him "what do you want from you give me this dress, you say you're not going to hurt me, nut to me it just seems like you're getting me to like you so I will give you sex" Tyler's lip start's to quiver, and he lean's in close to me "I swear to you that I don't want that" I get up fast and my chair falls out from underneath me, I walk to the double doors out of the massive room of his wing, two guards step in front of me preventing exit "That is excellent proof" I say sarcastically, turning around pointing at the guards over my shoulder "Cocky… yet Justin still got you and naked as well, tied down by your wrist and ankles in front of him" I scoff at his remark, and he smiles back at me "Fine prove that you're not doing all this, just to sleep with me" Tyler look's me up and down then grabs my hand "Were going for a walk then" "A walk classy" He leads me out the door and takes me down the hall in the direction of the backyard a place where I was never allowed to go with Holly, he links his arm through mine and walks me out the garden, through a path red rose's to a marble water fountain he unhooks himself from me and sits down on the edge of the fountain I walk over to one of the rose bushes and pick one that is in half bloom, I start to pull the petals out fully "Is that proof enough" I turn and sit next to him placing the rose in the water so it floats on top "No" I say casually looking him in the eyes, he turns to face me "Then what will" "You said you wanted to do more for me, tell me what more is" Tyler look's away, I wait for him to turn back but he doesn't, so I get up to sit in front of him I take his hand in mine "I'll push you in if you don't tell me" He smile's a little but doesn't look up, I put my legs over his and push him backwards into the water, we both land in the water I am lying on top of him, were both laughing ,we look into each other's eyes, Tyler lifts his hand up and wipe's a strand of wet hair of my face "So are you going to tell me what more is now" Tyler takes a breath "All the other girls I have just helped get through, but with you I want to make happy, ever since I laid eyes on you six years ago I've wanted that I had to have you, then I saw it was you He wanted me to take and I was instantly concerned that he hurt you then he told me that you were a virgin and I was happy and ever since that moment I've wanted to protect you and make me happy" I stand up and get off Tyler and walk over the edge, Tyler leans up onto his elbow's but he doesn't move from the water, I go to walk back into the castle but turn back to look at him, I start hyperventilate "I was a ten year old peasant girl, I was just starting out as the castle maid, what would make you want me and I'm still that peasant girl who now look's after your sister, except know your brother think's I'm good enough to fuck" Tyler gets up and walks over to stand over in front of me, he goes to pull me in close but I take a step back away from him "Want to know what I see" Tyler takes a step forward and wraps his arms around my waist preventing me from backing away.

He brings one had up to my face and caresses my cheek, he keeps the other around my waist so I can't escape "I see the Beautiful, Confident, Cocky girl, who has only gotten stronger since I first laid eyes on her, do you want to know what I was planning to do" I look up at his tanned face, dark hair and eyes, and I want to know the answer to his question but I keep calm "What" He tilt's his head down closer to me "You never really noticed but every day since you turned 16 I've made it so I see you and I can say hi hoping that I could build up enough courage to ask you out and tell you that, that I think I love you" Tyler close's the distance between us as soon as he finishes his sentence, he kiss's me passionately, I try to pull away for a second and release that I want this, and I start to kiss him back, I wrap my hands around his neck I start to caresses it, he pulls me in closer to him, and holds the kiss for a little longer than brakes away from me "Um… I'm sorry I should have asked first" I lean forward and kiss him back, Tyler isn't hesitant he bends down and picks me up and carries back towards the castle, he carries me through the door and put's me down backing me against the wall and continues to kiss me, we hear someone coming down the hallway and Holly comes running around the corner, being followed by the back-up Nanny Claudia "Nikki, Nikki, Nikki" Holly runs up to me Tyler move's to the side and Holly jumps into my arms, Claudia slows down seeing me "Nikki, where were you this morning" Holly start's playing with my hair and twisting it through her fingers, Tyler step's in and answer's before I get the chance, he lift's her out of my hands and place's her on the ground he kneels down to her height "well you little four year old munchkin she was with me, if that's all right with you" Holly laughs and leans forward to ask Tyler something, she whispers it into his ear, he listens, then he leans back and smiles at her and says aloud so I can hear "no, but would you like to ask her for me" Holly nods her head and turns towards me "Nikki will you be Tyler's girlfriend" I bend down to the same height as the two of them and I ask Holly "I don't know what do you think" .

Part 3 Well guys "what do you think" a part 3 will be up soon so be waiting ;) <3