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It was 11:00 p.m., time for my nightly routine. I sat naked on the carpet next to the window in my bedroom. I fixed my head so that my eyes were barely above the window sill. The lights in my room were off, so it was easy to see outside into the darkness. I focused my sight on my neighbor's window.

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From my bedroom in my two-story house, I could see into the window of Lucy's first-floor bedroom. Translucent white curtains poorly guarded her window. The curtains were so thin that they were practically transparent whenever Lucy had on the lights in her bedroom. I doubt she was aware of how impractical and useless the curtains were. Through her window, visible from my room, was her computer chair.

Whenever she sat in this chair, as long as it was dark outside, I could see her entire body from the left side, except her shins and feet. Lucy had a strict routine. Most nights at 11:00 p.m., she sat in her chair and watched porn.

This night was no different. Her room was dark until she turned on her desk lamp. Lucy was of Latin descent. Therefore, her skin was a light brown color, smooth and creamy.

She wore a pink tank top that fit her tightly, revealing the shape of her breasts and her flat stomach. Also, she wore a pair of blue pajama bottoms. She held her black hair in a ponytail. Although we still lived with our parents, Lucy and I attended college together, and I had been spying on her for several years. For the first fifteen minutes of her sitting, she played on her phone.

Finally, she put on a large pair of noise-cancelling headphones and leaned forward to use the computer. I was unable to see clearly what the computer screen showed. Already, my body foreshadowed what I was about to witness when a tingly feeling in my pussy formed. After a few more minutes of her searching the internet, she leaned back. Now, I could see that she was certainly watching porn.

The image wasn't incredibly clear to me, but I had no doubt that the movements on the screen were two people fucking. She stared at the screen for a moment, then moved her right hand over her crotch and began to squeeze it through the fabric of her pajamas.

She didn't seem to get nearly enough pleasure from the constricted rubbing. She slid her pajama bottoms down to her ankles. She wasn't wearing underwear.

She had a black bush above her pussy. She took her right hand and brushed it against her pussy, then lifted her hand to her nose to smell her horniness. Next, she took her hand and started moving her pussy in slow, circular motions. As she massaged her pussy, she swapped between looking at the computer screen and looking at her crotch.

I supposed she always left her light on so she could admire herself. I played with my nipples while I watched Lucy rub herself. I felt myself growing wetter, but I didn't want to finger myself until Lucy orgasmed. She proceeded to rub herself faster and faster. Every once in a while she stopped to skip some of the porn.

Perhaps she felt that she couldn't last the duration of the video. Eventually, she was rubbing herself so hard and fast that her breasts were bouncing in a synchronized motion with her fapping. At last, her body signaled a climax.

She slowly leaned backward so that her knees were close to the bottom of the desk. She breathed speedily, and her covered breasts rose and sank with each breath. She threw her head over the back of the chair and faced the ceiling. She hung her mouth open, and she closed her eyes.

Her body jerked with every ripple of pleasure that shot through her body. Her knees powerfully buckled; they bounced between hitting the edges of the desk and hitting one another. Finally, she stopped her hand, but her head remained thrown over the back of the chair.

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She discarded her headphones and sat in quietness. She relaxed for a moment, enjoying that wonderful after-orgasm feeling. Her cumming appeared to be the last of her to-do items for the day; she appeared relieved and ready for bed. Gradually, her breathing returned to normal.

Again, she smelled the fingers that she had fingered herself with. Then she wiped them onto the stomach of her tank top. She leaned forward and exited her computer screen from the filth she had been watching, then pulled up her pants.

She returned the headphones to her ears and probably fooled around on YouTube for a little while. Even though I watched Lucy play with herself almost every night for years, the sight of her cumming never seemed to lessen in thrill.

As usual, after watching her cum, I was dripping wet. I gathered myself and walked to my closet. I opened a small box in the back of the closet; inside was my pink vibrator, and it was my secret.

I never told anyone about my purchasing it.

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It was a basic, nine-inch, pink vibrator. It didn't have any special features. Its exterior was silicone, and it had four levels of vibration intensities. I always used the second lowest intensity. I climbed onto my bed. I spread my legs. I took four fingers and spread my natural lubrication around the whole of my pussy.

The ceiling fan made my wet skin feel cool. My pussy begged to be touched. I cleared my mind of rational thoughts. I focused on my lust for Lucy. Lucy had a magnificent body. She carried an athletic figure. Her face was without flaw, and her hair was smooth and silky. Her breasts always protruded through the fabric of her clothing, giving rise to two, perfectly rounded mounds.

Although I had never seen Lucy naked up-close, I imagined what she looked like if she were standing next to me totally nude. Peeking through her curtains only yielded a generalized view of her body. My imagination had to fill in the blanks. I sank the vibrator into my pussy. My wetness allowed the toy to slide with ease. Immediately, the unique sensation of sexual pleasure began to strengthen. I slid the dildo in and out of my dripping pussy, and with every motion of my hand, a ruffle of pleasure invaded my body.

I took hold of my right breast with my empty hand. I pictured Lucy resting her pussy under the water faucet in her bathtub. As I brought myself closer to an orgasm, I visualized Lucy experiencing the same pleasure. As the wall of pleasure grew in my nether regions, I quickened the movement of my hand. Now, every time I slid the dildo in my pussy, I heard a faint squishing sound. Finally, I came. I covered my mouth so that my parents wouldn't hear my moaning.

The orgasm shook my legs and caused my body to convulse. ———- The next day, a Saturday, Lucy and I decided to go shopping for clothes at Forever 21. Before we went shopping, however, we ate at a restaurant next-door.

Lucy wore a simple, black t-shirt, and I wore a tank-top. We both had on similar skirts that reached to our mid-thighs. We both ordered a turkey lunch meal, with a pint of hard apple cider, 8%.

We relished the privilege of purchasing alcohol since we were new drinkers. Being thin girls, it didn't take much alcohol to get us tipsy. When we finished, I was in what I call the "magic stage" of drinking. We weren't quite drunk and were still conscious enough to walk around and think, but we felt carefree, light, and unworried. Too much alcohol, in my opinion, ruins such bliss, and too little is useless. Drinking usually made us giggly girls; this time was no different.

We found humor in everything, regardless of how dull it was. After eating, we went into Forever 21, and rummaged through sexy outfits and clothes we liked. While walking toward the dressing room, I tripped over my shoe and nearly fell. Lucy laughed at me. Then I laughed at myself. The store employee who saw our shenanigans didn't seem impressed by our behavior. We went into a dressing room together. This particular room was larger than most. Without wasting any time, Lucy removed her shirt, then her skirt.

I had seen her in her underwear before, but, truly, Lucy fascinated me in every aspect. In addition to her charming and delightful personality, her beauty capsized my mind. Even parts of her body that shouldn't have been attractive excited me; sometimes, oddly, just looking at her arm turned me on. Her face was flawless and clear.

Her brown, chocolate eyes were intensified by the black makeup that surrounded them. Her teeth were as white as snow, and her lips were glossed with ruby-red lipstick.

Her finger and toe nails were decorated with a paint that matched her lips. Her green bra supported her C-cup breasts, and her cleavage was tight enough that she could have held objects between them. Her tan skin was smooth and creamy. Her stomach was in good trim, and in her pierced navel, she had a small string of fake diamond.

Her ass, perfectly rounded, swallowed the back of her panties. Her hairless legs were as smooth as the shell of an egg. I, too, removed my shirt and skirt.

We tried on the outfits we had chosen and set aside the material we wished to purchase. The entire time we talked and giggled.

After five minutes, I stated that I needed to pee. Lucy asked, "Do you want to hear a funny story?" "What?" I said softly. Lucy could hardly articulate the phrase without laughing. "One time, when I was little, I peed in a dressing room." Her laughter halted her sentence.

I chuckled too. She continued, "My mom was so mad at me." She laughed even harder while still trying to use an inside voice. I mocked her, "that's so dumb!" Then Lucy proposed something outrageous: "Let's do it," she said. "What?" I questioned. "Let's pee in here," she responded. My eyes widened, and I threw my hands up. "Are you crazy," I asked. Though, I still couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Lucy nodded and bit her lip.

"We're gonna get caught," I reasoned. "Na," she insisted. "Sit down," she instructed. I hesitated. "Come on," she begged. "Whatever," I agreed. Lucy sat on the carpeted floor still in her bra and panties. She spread her legs. Her panties, like her bra, were light green. I followed her lead. I sat down facing her and spread my legs and looked back at Lucy. She didn't say anything.

She only smiled. Suddenly, her panties became dark. The darkness started small but grew rapidly. Lucy laughed uncontrollably. She peed so hard that the stream penetrated through the fabric of the panties and shot forward in my direction. Swiftly, her panties were wholly wet, and a huge blotch of pee began to diffuse through the carpet. She laughed the entire time she peed. Eventually, her yellow stream decreased and stopped.

Again, I followed her lead. I started peeing.

Immediately, my pussy felt the warmth of the piss. I, too, had a stream of yellow shoot through the fabric of my panties and into the carpet. I laughed so hard that the stream of pee changed velocity in synchronization with my laughing. Since I drank a lot, I peed a lot. By the time I finished, we both had wet spots beneath us the size of a large beach ball.

"What the fuck did we just do," I whispered in a nervous tone. Lucy laughed. "Hurry," she said, "let's get dressed." We stood up at the same time. Some more drops of urine fell from our saturated panties.

We draped our skirts over our wet underwear, put on our shirts, gathered our items, and left the room. Thankfully, nobody was waiting for our piss-covered room.

As we walked through the store, the pee that was once warm gradually became now frigid; the wetness made my pussy cold. My parents were not home when we arrived at my house. Immediately we went into the bathroom upstairs. By this point, my panties were still wet, but drier than earlier. My pussy and thighs felt gross and sticky.

"I need to take a shower," I said. "Okay," Lucy replied giggling. Lucy walked into the bathroom. She motioned me to follow her. I shrugged my shoulders and entered behind her. Lucy pulled off her panties; still wet, they curled up as she rolled them down her legs. Then she slipped out of her skirt. For the first time, I saw her pussy up-close, and it was perfect.

She had black pubic hair that was trimmed, and she had shaven the edges so that no hairs would peek from behind her underwear or bikini. "What," she said, noticing that I was staring. "Do I look good?" I didn't respond. Next, she pulled off her shirt. Again, I gazed at her tits.

As she reached to her back to unfasten the fabric, her breasts pointed forward. The bra dropped to the floor, and her exemplary breasts stared me in the face. Her nipples were small and dark brown.Lucy climbed into the waterless bathtub and started peeing again. "Lucy," I shouted trying not to smile. She laughed. Lucy turned on the water and washed her piss down the drain. I undressed. She nodded her head and said, "hmm," after analyzing me like she was awarding me a one-to-ten score in her head.

She washed her pussy, her thighs, and her legs with the detachable shower head. She didn't wet her upper body. I had to wait until she finished because there was not enough room for two. I sat on the toilet and watched her. She, however, only needed fewer than two minutes to finish.

Lucy dried herself with a towel, then left the bathroom. I jumped into the bathtub and cleaned myself likewise. I dried myself with the same towel that Lucy used.

When I entered my bedroom, Lucy was holding my special box; it was the box in which I hid my vibrator. The look on her face suggested to me that she had already looked inside the box to see its contents. "What?" I said shrugging my shoulders. "You have toys?" She asked. "I have one toy," I said in a snarky tone, as if having a dildo was no big deal.

"Give me that," I said. I snatched the box away from her. She smiled and said, "okay, Ms. Hypersensitive." "Well, it's personal," I replied. "Everybody play with themselves," she insisted. "There's nothing embarrassing about it, or, at least, there shouldn't be," she continued. "My parents might argue with that statement, though. You know about their religious views." Lucy's parents were piously strict about sexual matters, and if they knew she fingered herself while watching porn at night, they'd be displeased.

She carried on, "I was just curious because I've never held one before in person." My eyes widened slightly. I had taken for granted having my toy. Some people never have the privilege to buy one. "You don't have one?" I asked. Lucy shook her head. She responded, "my parents don't like that sort of stuff. I want one, but I'm terrified they would find it." "Oh," I reacted. I paused for a moment carefully choosing the words I was about to say. I quickly changed my mind.

I said, "well, if you want to try mine, that's okay." Her face lit up, but she tried to hide her excitement. "You wouldn't mind?" She asked. I shook my head. I handed her the box. She removed the lid and grabbed the pink dildo in her hand and held it to her nose.

"It smells like old cum," she snickered. "Why would you smell it?" I retorted. She handed me the empty box. She jumped onto the bed and rested her back against my pillows. Without wasting another moment, she turned on the monster. She used the strongest vibration setting. Its vibrations were so strong that she nearly dropped it.

She looked at me and giggled. She seemed overjoyed. She drew the vibrator toward her pussy.

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I became increasingly nervous. I didn't know what I was supposed to do; I awkwardly stared at her. Of course, I had spied her masturbation sessions before, but never with her knowing it. "Do you want me to leave," I asked in a fragile voice. "Not unless this is uncomfortable for you," she answered. I remained standing in the room.

She spread her pussy lips apart and penetrated herself. She shuttered at its awesome power and held the toy with both hands as she crammed as much of it inside of her hole as she could.


She kept it still, basking in the thrill of its pulsations. She glanced at me again and grinned, then closed her eyes and leaned back her head. She breathed through her nose and made hollow, breathless moans. She began to move the vibrator in and out of her pussy, mimicking the motion of a cock. Her countenance was determined; she focused and concentrated on the marvelous sensation that my toy delivered.

Her pussy made sloppy sounds while she thrusted the toy in and out of herself. The hollow moans had now evolved into vocal groans. Her eyes clenched tighter and her mouth dropped. She shifted her left arm so that it was behind her head, exhibiting her shaven armpit. A line of thick, white cum ran from the opening of her pussy toward the bedsheets. Each of her moans crescendoed and gathered speed. She deeply breathed.

Her right hand was now fucking her pussy as fast and hard as possible. Her left hand clenched into a fist. Finally, she climaxed. Her legs levitated her hips off of the bed, and her breasts rose into the air. Then her legs gave out and dropped her body back on the bed. Her uncontrollable legs rapidly shook up and down in a seizure-like manner.

She came so hard that she was unable to moan; she made sounds that were similar to, but not exactly like, gagging sounds that were stuck in her throat. Her face was contorted with pleasure: her eyebrows lifted, but her eyes stayed closed.

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Her mouth alternately opened and closed. Her pussy contracted, and the thick, white liquid continued to ooze. After her sexual bliss had concluded, she sighed in relief, or pleasure, or exhaustion; I couldn't quite tell.

She threw the dildo forward onto the bed. She was stunned, breathless, and baffled. Her facial expression appeared confused like she had just awoken from a hypnotic trance. She took her hands and rubbed her face like one does when they first wake up in the morning.

She looked at me, but her face communicated no expression. I sat on the bed next to her. Seeing Lucy climax in front of me made myself so wet that I could hardly stand it. I grabbed the dildo. It was slimy, gooey, and gross to the touch. The spot on the bed on which it had lain was damp. I tried to clean the toy off with a tissue, but one was not enough.

She had dirtied the toy so much that it took three tissues to dry it. Even then, it still smelled like sex. Lucy recaptured control over her breathing and her body.

We stared at each other. Without uttering a word, her lips drew toward me, and she pressed them against mine. We kissed: our lips twisted around one another's, and our tongues danced, and we exchanged saliva. With our lips still together, she placed her arm on my shoulder, and I did the same to her.

Then, she guided me to lie on the bed. I lay on my back as she mounted me. Our lips never separated. Now, her sloppy pussy was on top of my hips, our feet mingled, and our breasts touched. Lucy pulled away from my mouth. She held her head six inches from my face. I looked into her irresistible eyes.


Her lipstick was smeared on her face. She sat upright while I remained on my back. I wiped my mouth; Lucy's lipstick marked the back of my hand. She moved and sat at the base of my hips on the bed.

She took hold of my knees and spread them as far as feasible. She loaded my pussy with the middle and ring fingers of her left hand. Her pinky and index finger pointed downward, and her thumb to the side. She steadily moved the fingers in a come-hither motion, stroking perfectly my G-spot.

I gulped. The noises coming from my pussy sounded like someone wiggling their finger inside of a jar of jelly. While her left hand focused on my pussy, her right hand rested flat on my pubic bone. Her hands were cool to my sensitive skin. I melted into my bed, entranced in a world of gratification. I cared no longer for anything or anyone. I closed my eyes and concentrated only on the joy of being fingered. Every time I exhaled I moaned. The delight of sexual pleasure was so strong that I was no longer able to hold my hips still.

I squirmed beneath her fingering. I grabbed my breasts with my unencumbered hands. I cupped them, squeezed them, and pinched them. As Lucy's fingering delivered me closer to climax, she stopped. Suddenly, the pleasure rushed away from me. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She snatched the dildo from the nightstand and activated its highest vibration setting.

Again, I closed my eyes. She guided the dildo inside of me. Immediately, the pleasure returned to my body. I felt the hairs on my arm stand up. Goosebumps clothed my skin. The vibrations from the dildo resounded throughout my body. At last, I felt the birth of an orgasm. I wasn't cumming yet, but I knew that my climax was imminent. My short moans, which were divided equally among my breaths, now clumped themselves together.

I only stopped making noise when I inhaled. I took my hands from my breasts and tightly clamped them on the bedsheets, fearing that I'd squeeze my breasts too hard. I became lightheaded, and my hips continued to squirm. My chest was pounding like horses' hooves upon hard ground. Like a bomb, the growing orgasm finally exploded; the pleasure bounced through my veins, reverberating in every limb and nook of my body.

The orgasm took my body captive: uncontrollably, I yelped a shrill squeal. My legs shook just like Lucy's had earlier. My hands nearly ripped the sheets from the bed. I felt myself squirt for the first time in my life, and it sounded like I was firing a water gun. Mid-orgasm, I looked down to see the water ejecting from my pussy. Lucy retracted the vibrator from my pussy.

She examined it; again, it was doused with female ejaculation. Unlike Lucy, though, I had properly squirted. Some had landed on her stomach and her thighs, and some stained the sheets of the bed before. After I had squirted, I felt empty. Lucy climbed on top of me and kissed me again. Then, she lay beside me, and we fell asleep.