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Gay old men uncut cocks free porn videos and male only anal porn
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Again, if you want the story to make more sense, read the previous chapters. Justin's phone buzzed inches from his ear, dragging the teen unwillingly into consciousness. His eyes pried themselves open as his focus turned to the noisy pest resting on his pillow.

It was Brittany. Justin looked at the clock, soon informed that it was only 7:30. He might have been pissed, but beings how it was the girls birthday tomorrow, he merely smiled at her eagerness to start her day. He was alone this morning, Shelby and Brittany had both retired to their respective houses, but that wasn't the plan for long. He had invited Brittany over for a birthday-eve dinner where he would order Chinese food.

The two would eat and drink a bit, then Brittany would spend the night and they would go do everything an 18-year-old could do the next morning. And to top it all off, Justin had a surprise for her. Ever since Brittany and Justin's road trip had taken an unexpected turn (resulting in a premature ending), Justin had vowed to come back with an even better birthday surprise for his friend. And with how much the girl had enjoyed their last sexual encounter, he was sure he could whip something up.

He picked up his phone, finding it wasn't a call that had woken him, simply a text. "Hey J! I know it's hella early, but it's my birthday tomorrow so you can just deal with it! :) Anyway, I'll come over for dinner around 5'oclock, ok?" Justin wiped the sleep from his eyes, sitting up so he could write back to the girl.

"Alright I'll have your surprise ready by then. Want your usual order from Xie's?" He was answered quickly with an excited affirmation before he tossed his phone on the other side of the bed, flopping against his pillow in sleepy desperation. The next thing he knew, Justin was waking up again, not even realizing he had fallen back asleep. He instinctively turned to his clock, which was broadcasting a more reasonable hour of 11.

Rising up, much more rested, Justin figured it was time to start the day. Quickly starting his routine by hopping into the shower, Justin washed himself thoroughly. He soon followed up with the rest of his morning ritual, which today included a bit of wanking since he had slept alone last night. Soon enough he was downstairs eating, thinking about his plans for the day.

Throughout their trip Brittany had discussed many of her sexual preferences, and Justin had witnessed a few unexpected ones first-hand. Now that she was single (and apparently into having a sexual relationship with Justin), he decided he could act on what he had learned. He had pieced together something that he thought she would enjoy, something that they had even joked about a time or two. Some light bondage and domination. They had often teased on the subject, Brittany acting turned on when the topic of tying her up came up in conversation.

But adding to the fact that she admitted she liked to be told what to do in the car ride, and witnessing her submissive nature with John and her dominating nature with the cashier girl, Justin was confident that she would enjoy the opportunity to experiment. Justin wasn't lying when he said he had the perfect basement for such an occasion. His landlord had recently remodeled the sub-level before Justin's moving in.

Recently furnished and with ample lighting, he could plan whatever he wished while still having Brittany remain comfortable. The day crawled by slowly as Justin waited for his guest to arrive. Ideas bounced in his head about whether the girl would be on-board with his plans or not. Not to mention, this would be the first time he actually had sex with the girl. He hoped everything would work out and Brittany would be pleased with her.

present. At last it was a little past five when Justin heard a car pull into the driveway. Unsure of whether it was Brittany or the Chinese delivery he had ordered a bit ago, he peeked through the blinds.

He grinned with excitement when he saw it was Brittany's car, the slender Latina walking up to his door. He rushed to open it, swinging the door open before she had the opportunity to knock. "Woh, psychic tonight, are we?" Brittany was momentarily taken aback before she pushed her way through the door, inviting herself in. "I just heard your car is all. No, by all means, come on in!" Justin teased the girl.

"How was your birthday-eve?" "Pretty uneventful actually," Brittany admitted. "Alison and I went to lunch, and that was fun. But other than that, it was just sitting at home waiting to come over here!" "Well you should have told me, I would have been okay with you coming over early," Justin scolded her, the pair taking a seat on the couch. "Food should be here any minute, by the way." With a squeal of excitement, Brittany turned to the TV that was still on from when Justin was waiting, recognizing Sports Center immediately.

"You can change the channel if you want. Gaters lost," Justin pouted, handing the remote to Brittany. "Hmm. how about a movie?" she suggested, opening the On Demand menu. "Whatever you want to watch, I'm up for," Justin submitted to the wishes of the birthday girl. "Oh, you shouldn't have said that!" Brittany laughed at her new-found power., quickly highlighting a romantic comedy she knew would make Justin's eyes roll. Giggling as she got the reaction she wanted, she backed out, looking for something they would both enjoy.

"How about Iron Man?" "Sounds good to me!" Justin chimed in. As he spoke, he saw another car pull into the driveway out of the corner of his eye. Knowing it was the Chinese food, he walked over to a nearby table to get some money, then headed to the door to welcome the food in.

Soon enough the teens were quickly unpacking the food and Justin grabbed a few Smirnoffs out the fridge. They quickly dug into the bounty, and were a few minutes into eating before either spoke again.

"This is so good, thank you!

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I was craving Xie's, you must have read my mind!" Brittany offered her gratitude. "But since you told me about this on the phone, I'm guessing this ISN'T my surprise?!" she tried to hide her excitement. "No no, your present is downstairs," Justin offered the hint, then went back to nursing his drink, not wanting to give too much away. "Oh shit, you're going to tie me up and rape me in your basement, aren't you?!" Brittany cried out jokingly. Seeing Justin's face turn from a sly grin to a look of momentary fear, she gasped.

"The fuck?! You're going to tie me up and rape me in your basement, aren't you?!?!" she cried out, this time in shock rather than playfulness. "Well not against your will or anything!" Justin tried defending himself.

"I just figured. you'd been dropping hints about being submissive and. well I-" "You sick fuck! Here I was expecting a Target gift card or some shit, and you're just sitting there, planning on leading me downstairs and fucking me while I'm helplessly strapped to a wall or something?!" Justin was shocked at how poorly this had gone, genuinely scared of the look on Brittany's face.

But suddenly, the look of pure rage turned to a smile, as Brittany laughed. "Sounds fun!" she chirped happily. Justin sat there stunned for a few moments as Brittany continued giggling at her friend.

"Wait. so.

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you're not pissed.?" Justin spoke carefully, still a bit baffled. "Nah, it sounds fun! As long as we have one of those safe words," Brittany was completely calm as she took another bite of the Chinese food. She was already imagining the possibilities Justin had planned for her downstairs, getting more excited by the minute. "But you should have seen the look on your face. I actually thought you were going to piss yourself for a moment," she continued to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah," Justin sighed in relief, not really sure who dominated who in this relationship. The pair ate dinner, the conversation not near as exciting as before. Brittany asked a few questions about what Justin had planned, but he shot them down quickly, wanting to keep at least some of the surprise intact.

Soon enough there was a pile of empty Chinese to-go boxes on the table, complimented by a fair share of empty wine cooler bottles. As the movie neared to a close, Justin could tell Brittany was excited and a bit nervous. She kept glancing over at him, then at the basement, then her eyes would lose focus as her mind raced.

She would smile and bite her lip, then her eyes would shoot back over to the TV, her cheeks flushing. By the time the credits rolled down the screen, Brittany was more anxious than she had ever been. She sat there, completely still, praying that Justin would say SOMETHING to transition them downstairs. Justin caught on to this quickly, however, and was having fun torturing the girl. Well, do you want another drink?" he offered with a grin. "Um, no I think I'm good thanks," Brittany answered a little disappointed, hoping to go downstairs as soon as possible.

"Alright, well Iron Man 2 is on here too, if you want to continue the series," Justin continued, chuckling a bit as he toyed with her. "No I don't want to watch another movie Justin!" Brittany was losing it a bit, her anxiousness reaching the limit.

"Then tell me," Justin turned to her and smiled. "What DO you want?" Brittany paused, understanding now what Justin wanted. She smiled as she formed the words, "I want you to take me into your basement and do whatever the fuck you want with me." "Alright, then be a good little slut and go downstairs. I want you to wait for me, wearing nothing but this," Justin reached over to his end table, then threw Brittany a dark, lacy blindfold.

Brittany struggled to catch the light fabric Justin tossed to her, but once she had a firm grip on it, she recognized it immediately. Her excitement overtook her as a light squeal escaped her lips. Quickly recovering, she got up without saying another word, nearly sprinting for the basement. Justin sat there for a while, for more than a while, letting Brittany's excitement torture her.

Finally he looked at his phone, informing him it had been 15 minutes since he had seen the girl nearly stumble over herself rushing to the basement. He figured that was long enough as he stood up, still taking his time to stretch.

At the head of the basement stairs, Justin crept quietly down.

The lights were on, but hopefully Brittany was still wearing the blindfold, and would be unaware of his presence. Sure enough, he found the girl sitting on the carpet, her legs criss-crossed, still wearing the blindfold.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, the gorgeous naked girl sat only 10 feet away from him. Instead of announce himself to his new toy, however, Justin decided to creep around the girl as she sat still waiting for her surprise to begin. He was grateful (for once) of the low humming of the hot water heater, as it masked his light breathing and footsteps perfectly.

Now standing inches behind Brittany, Justin figured it was time to act. Without warning, he reached around the girl, planting a firm grip on her boobs. Brittany yelped and stood up in shock, ripping off her blindfold in reactive instinct.

"Holy shit, Justin," Brittany finally spoke once her eyes pieced together who it was. "You scared the fuck out of me!" Justin's face remained unchanged as he glared at Brittany. "Did I give you permission to take off your blindfold?" he inquired. Brittany looked a little sad as she noticed she had broken the rules already. "I'm sorry. You just scared me," she defended herself as she put the mask back on. "It was a reaction to my heart nearly stopping," she laughed.

"Did I give you permission to take off your blindfold," Justin repeated himself. "No," Brittany answered unsure. "I said I was sorry." "You are not allowed to do anything without my permission, save blinking and breathing, understand?" Justin informed the girl of his stipulations. "Okay," Brittany agreed a bit uneasily. "And when I ask a question, I expect your answer to be 'yes sir' or 'no sir'. Not 'okay'," Justin continued. "Oka-" Brittany caught herself. "Yes sir." "Good girl," Justin complimented.

"As for your previous failure, come here." Justin guided the blinded girl towards himself, then bent her over his knee. *SMACK!* Justin's hand landed fiercely onto the girl's right ass cheek. Brittany cried out in pain as her magnificent ass rippled from the impact.

Without pause, her left side was treated in similar fashion, forcing another murmur, although slightly more hushed, from the Latina's mouth. Justin continued to toy with the girls tits, squeezing them with gusto before he decided to further the experiment.

He led the girl towards the coffee table that complimented the downstairs couch, laying her down softly on the cold wood. Brittany jumped at first when her flesh made contact with the table, but she soon found the coolness actually soothed her still-stinging ass, and she laid down without a struggle.

She soon felt Justin lift her left arm up and, feeling metal surround her wrist, heard a clicking sound as the handcuff was locked into position.

Justin quickly made her right arm match before he explained to Brittany, "I am leaving your feet free for now, in case I want to flip you over onto your front. Be a good little slut, and they can stay that way." "Yes sir," was Brittany's only response, as she was quickly getting the hang of this game. She smiled with pride to herself. Justin saw this and was assured just how much the girl was enjoying it.

He unfastened his pants, looking at his best friend's face, itching with anticipation as she still couldn't see what was happening. He inched his dick, now free, toward the girls face, rubbing the bulb against the girls mouth. Brittany smiled as she realized what was happening, and gladly took her master's cock into her mouth, sliding her tongue across the surface. But out of no where, a slap came across her left breast, radiating pain. "Ow! Fuck, what did I do?!" she screamed out instantly, resulting in another slap against the girl's teat.

The second slap was answered only with a held-back grunt, as she waited for Justin to inform her of her misdoing. "Did I give you permission to suck my dick?" Justin asked calmly. "Well. no, I just thought that's what you wanted-" Brittany made out, only to be slapped again on her right breast.

"I mean no sir!" she cried out desperately, begging Justin to stop the beating. "Sluts do not think for themselves, understand?" Justin commanded. "Yes sir," was the girl's only response this time. "Good slut. Now you may ask permission." "Um.

May I please suck your dick, sir?" Brittany asked. "I don't know, that wasn't very convincing.

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Beg my for the opportunity, whore!" Justin toyed with the girl. "Oh, PLEASE sir, can I taste your cock?! I need to feel you grow hard inside my mouth, I need to please you sir!" Brittany quickly got into character, her blindfolded eyes looking straight up at Justin. "Well, alright," Justin 'allowed' the girl, as he re-positioned his dick right on top of the girl's lips.

He decided to take the blindfold off, so he could watch her eyes stare up at him as she worked. Brittany, now with full visibility, quickly took the dick in her mouth once more. Rather, she engulfed it, eager to please her new master. She began bobbing her head down and up, flicking her tongue against the shaft as it started to slowly grow, filling her mouth. Her beautiful green eyes just stared up at Justin's, a look showing how much she now craved his approval. Justin smiled as he remembered just a few days ago, how pissed she had been at him, and how castrated he had felt when he thought he might have lost her.

Brittany was now desperately trying to please him, and she was quickly succeeding more than she knew. Finally, Justin decided he wanted to have a little more fun with the girl. He reached under the table, digging through a gym bag, finding a few toys he had prepared for her. One such toy was a small, dick-shaped dildo. Pulling his dick away from his "victim's" mouth, he noticed Brittany looked a little disappointed at first. Then, seeing the object in Justin's hand, the look of disappointment quickly turned to excitement.

Not saying a word, the girl opened her legs for Justin as he approached her awaiting pussy. A quick slap landing directly on her vulva reminded her not to do anything on her own, and she quickly returned her legs to their prior position.

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Justin spread them himself, one at a time, as he looked onto his best friend's cleanly shaven pussy. Then, gently spreading the folds of her womanhood, Justin inserted the small device entirely into the girl, only the enlarged base remaining visible. Brittany moaned a bit at insertion, but quickly recovered and was ready for whatever Justin had planned for her. To her dismay, Justin came back towards the head of the table, placing his dick in front of her again.

"You may continue," he said flatly, and Brittany, although hoping for more than just a small dildo in her, complied immediately. As soon as her lips made contact with Justin's dick, the dildo inside her started to hum, vibrating against the inner walls of her pussy.

Brittany jumped in surprise, causing Justin to jerk back. He quickly dug into the gym bag underneath her, recovering a paddle. Justin was getting tired of all Brittany's reflexive "defiance", and he scolded her as he slammed the wooden paddle into Brittany's still throbbing breasts.

Yipes and hollers erupted from Brittany as she started to cry out, begging Justin to stop. "PLEASE SIR, I'LL BE GOOD! I'm begging you, PLEASE stop!" she continued on for what seemed like an eternity to Brittany. Finally, Justin ceased the slapping, asking the girl if she was done jumping. "Yes, sir!" Brittany nearly shouted, pleading for him to continue letting her suck his dick. Justin complied, putting the paddle down, and this time, climbing over the top of the girl.

Resting his knees on both sides of the girl's face, he forcefully shoved his dick into the girl's mouth. Brittany gladly accepted the cock, resuming her oral assault, happy to once again be in her master's good graces. She noticed he held a device in his hand, and figured to herself that the vibrating dildo was remote controlled.

Justin must have read her mind, because he then explained the device. "You see, the vibrator inside of you has 10 levels of intensity. You're experiencing level three at the moment. As your blowjob gives me more pleasure, I will reward you with higher levels. By the time I'm blowing my load, you'll be on level 10, and loving every minute of it," Justin smiled.

"But you may NOT orgasm without permission. Remember that!" Brittany nodded and attempted a "Yes sir", all the while leaving her master's member inside her mouth. For her obedience, Justin quickly jumped Brittany's vibrator up to level five intensity. Brittany moaned a bit as her pussy was greeted by a higher degree of pleasure, the notched edge of the dildo resting right against the girl's clit.

Not allowing it to deter her from her work, she increased her heads movement, bobbing upwards as she started taking Justin deeper inside her mouth. Deciding to help the girl out, Justin leaned over the top of her as to have a better angle. He then proceeded to hump into the girl's face, his dick now completely disappearing behind her lips.

Brittany coughed and sputtered a bit as Justin inched his way into her throat, but this wasn't her first deepthroating and she quickly recovered and relaxed her throat muscles to allow Justin easier access. Impressed by her skill and self control, Justin pressed the level seven button, the vibrator's tone shifting quite higher than before.

Brittany would have screamed out if her throat was able to make sound, but her attempts only seemed to massage Justin's dick as he slowly pulled out of the girl's oral cavity. As his cock finally exited Brittany's mouth, the girl coughed and wheezed a bit, quickly regaining herself, wanting to know what was next.

She didn't have much time to react, however, as Justin quickly slammed his dick into her mouth, then returned to his position above her. Again, he humped into the girl, his dick brushing against her lips and cheek before exiting once more. Brittany was able to piece together what Justin was doing, opening her lips just enough that Justin would get the desired friction on impact.

He then grabbed the back of her head as he continued to fuck her face, much faster than before. Brittany, really getting into the situation now, was making bobbing noises as more and more spittle formed on Justin's prick. He dove into her mouth, quickly greeted by her flicking tongue, before he pulled out, picking up tempo.

Justin looked down on the girl, his best friend, as she skillfully took the face fucking he was giving her. He looked at her eyes, glowing with excitement as she was loving every bit of the situation she was in. Justin was getting close, and he knew it, so he turned his attention to the vibrator controls. Turning the machine up to 10, Brittany instantly hummed a high pitch moan, trying to contain herself from the pleasure she was receiving.

Watching her nearly lose control made Justin go over the edge. He pulled his dick out of the girls mouth, pointing it right at the girl's face. His cock quickly erupted, spraying wave after wave of hot spunk, landing on the girls cheeks and lips.

Brittany's eyes clamped shut as she received her "prize", the cum shots slowly dying down in intensity, until she felt safe to open her eyes once more. With the feeling of her best friend's jizz coating her face, added to the most intense vibration she had ever felt, Brittany knew she was going to cum.

Remembering she needed permission, she opened her mouth to speak, globs of cum slipping into her now open lips. "Please sir, can I cum??" Brittany said alarmed as she knew she couldn't hold it off much longer.


"What was that?" Justin asked, toying with the girl as he himself recovered. "Please sir! May I please cum?!?!" Brittany practically screamed. Justin looked at the girl, a stream of cum hanging from her upper lip as her desperate eyes begged for release. He sat there for a few moments, watching her eyes try to focus on him, all the while trying her best not to cum without permission. "You may cum," Justin finally nodded as he smiled at the helpless Latina.

Brittany relaxed her tensed pussy, immediately overcome by the biggest orgasm she had ever felt.


She snapped her eyes shut and couldn't even hear herself as she let out a high pitch scream, coupled by moans and trying to catch her breath. Loosing track of time, Brittany realized the vibrator was now off. She opened her eyes, noticing Justin's face. "That must have been pretty intense," he laughed, then pointed down to his throbbing member, as a bit of cum was still hanging off of the tip.

"Yes sir, it was amazing," Brittany smiled, trying to catch her breath. Taking the hint, she bent down, using her tongue to scoop up the hanging cum before once again inserting her master's dick into her mouth. "That's a good little slut," Justin complimented as he stroked the girl's hair. Brittany continued to milk any last drops that might still be trapped before finally leaning back and taking a deep breath. "That was amazing sir," she complimented as Justin got off the table. "We have to do this again soon!" "Do it again?

We aren't even finished now!" Justin laughed. "But. You just came? I figured." Justin quickly grabbed her ankles, flipping her on to her stomach. "I haven't even gotten to fuck you yet!" Brittany smiled, as she laid her head down between her now-crossed arms.

She felt Justin's hands start to explore her gorgeous ass, gripping and releasing her flesh. A quick and gentle slap caused her to cry out playfully, before she seductively added a "Thank you sir!". She felt Justin climb onto the table behind her, positioning his dick at the entrance of her snatch. She braced herself as he easily slid into her, her hole still very well lubricated from her earlier orgasms.

Inhaling deeply, Brittany found her pussy was still very sensitive, still recovering from before. As she felt Justin's dick start pumping into her, she began to lose control of her breathing, her arms already feeling weak. She allowed her chest to relax on the table, the cold wood shocking her boobs momentarily.

Justin was in heaven as he plunged into his best friend's pussy She gently moaned as he rode into her from behind, his pelvis slapping against her ass as it hung in the air obediently. Picking up pace, Justin reached forward, grabbing a handful of Brittany's dark mane, pulling her head back in a show of domination. Hearing her cry out just added fuel to his lustrous fire as he slammed into the girl with gusto.

Continuing his doggy fuck for some time, Justin decided it was a bit too distant for his likes. He pulled out of Brittany, causing her to ask what was wrong, nearly brought to another orgasm herself.

He quickly flipped her back over onto her back and, without missing a beat, rammed himself back into her love hole. Slowly leaning over the top of her, he smirked as he saw his cum still drying on her face. He leaned down, his lips making contact with her right breast. A slight moan escaped Brittany's lips, her boobs still recovering from their earlier beating, as Justin slowly licked her nipple, flicking his tongue back and forth over the sensitive orb.

Brittany looked up at Justin, trying hard to contain herself as her second orgasm quickly started to build. "Uh. Sir? Can I please cum?!" she asked, slightly alarmed at the speed she was beginning to lose herself.

"No, you may not," was all Justin answered her with, continuing to fuck the girl mercilessly. "What?! Sir, PLEASE can I cum? I'm getting so close!" Brittany begged, hoping a rephrasing and more pathetic begging was what Justin was looking for. A slap to her left boob was a sign that it wasn't. "I said to hold it, slut," Justin said coldly as he continued attacking the girl's right. "I don't know how long I can hold it off, sir," Brittany cringed, fearing what would happen if she came before she was allowed to.

"You had better, until I give you permission," Justin was still emotionless as he fucked her pussy harder, slamming into her pelvis. Brittany began whimpering as she tried her hardest to contain herself. Cries and fissures were all that kept her from going over the edge. Finally, Justin felt his balls start to tense up, knowing he was near orgasm himself.

He finally gave his okay, telling Brittany "You may cum now." Before he even finished his sentence, Brittany lost herself. A high pitch scream, coupled with a violent shaking, told Justin he had made her wait as long as she physically could. Her pussy began to spasm, gripping his dick tightly before releasing it once more. It quickly became to much for Justin to bear. He instantly started spraying his wad deep into Brittany's womb as she spasmed around his dick, her body greedily taking his load.

Justin grunted and moaned as he continued to pump into her, his balls slowly emptying their ammunition. Finally he began to slow his thrusts, his body exhausted from the workout.

He rested his hands on each side of Brittany's shoulders, looking down at the girl as she began to recover, her brain slowly reconnecting with the world. She looked up at him, smiling as she couldn't speak. Slowly, both of their breathing started to return to normal as, still, neither one moved for the longest time. Finally Brittany was able to form a sentence and she pondered. "Did. did you cum inside of me?" She quickly added a "sir?", not sure if they were still playing their game or not.

"Yeah," Justin laughed, not believing the day's events himself. "Why? You're protected, aren't you?" "I think so. I mean, I'm on the pill. But it's been a crazy few days, you know? I'll double up and take a day after pill tomorrow. And guess what? It's my birthday, so I can actually buy it!" she smiled, bringing the focus back to the special day.

Justin laughed as he climbed off of the girl. He unfastened her wrists, which she quickly rubbed, admitting how stiff they were getting. "Well all in all, did you enjoy your surprise?" Justin asked, hoping he hadn't been too much for his friend. "Oh hell yes, it was amazing!" Brittany smiled him as she got up off the table. "Thank you Justin. You really are the best, you know." "Oh I know, don't worry," Justin portrayed a big-headed ego with a chuckle.

"But I enjoyed it too, so don't worry." The two climbed up the stairs naked, their piled up clothes in hand.


Beings how they had a full schedule tomorrow, they decided to go to bed fairly early. After all, they would need to regain their strength.

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