Gorgeous casey and danica seduces in a sheer lingerie

Gorgeous casey and danica seduces in a sheer lingerie
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Part 2 Monday's Favour Waking on Monday morning was a somewhat earlier than usual event, being in part triggered by a ringing in my head. The ringing persisted through my waking moments to become the sound of my doorbell.


Quickly throwing on my robe, I made my way through to the hallway, and routinely checked the vid to see who was at my door. At 08:00 I was surprised to see Marnie at the door with Sami and Ellie and wondered what was afoot as I opened the door to enquire. Marnie was after a big favour, namely look after the kids for a few hours whilst she took Jay to the local doctors to sort out some girlie things, as she put it.

How could I refuse the request, inviting the girls in whilst their mother headed back home? I turned to look down at Ellie standing behind me and asked if they had eaten yet.

They had, it seemed, but they were game for some lemonade whilst I had my breakfast. So there I sat on my veranda, in my gown, eating toast and marmalade with a morning tea, wathcing two gilrs playing on my rear lawn just in front of me. Both girls were in skirts and shirts with both sporting white plimsole shoes and ankle socks. They were playing some hand slapping song game sitting facing each other, happy and noisy as they played.

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After a few drinks of lemonade, they reseated such thatSami was facing the veranda, and myself, with Ellie facing away from me. Sitting cross legged, I now saw that Sami was wearing a pair of plain white panties, stretched tightly across her your pubis by her sitting stance. My cock arose and threateened to do the fandango out in the open as my gown slipped open slightly, lifted by my hardening cock.

I parted my thighs slightly to ease the pressure on my swelling member, and continued to eat my breakfast, trying to think of the news and sport in the paper I had before me.

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As I turned the last few pages of my paper, I again looked over to the girls, still playing, but their game had changed a little. It was now one of those tickling games, noisy and squirmy. Ellie was getting lots of tickles and was most noisy of the two, but in all fairness Sami gave way enough to allow Ellie to get even enough to keep her interested in the game.

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The squirming had removed any remaining inhibitions, and the girls were now rolling and frolicking on my grass, their slim legs bare to their crotches. Sami made hte first thigh grab on Ellie, who happily reciprocated and tickled Sami just shy of her panties. The next tickle from both was a direct assault onto the gusset, a clitoral attack. I sat and watched silently over my paper, as each one prodded and tickled the other's gussets more directly until it appeared the game had changed again to panty probing.

I wasn't sure of the actual moment the game changed, but all of a sudden, Sami had her fingers inside Ellie's gusset and was gently rubbing her little pussy beneath the material. I could see the outline of her fingers moving gently up and down on her sister; the sister who had suddenly gone quiet, laid back with her eyes closed and a smile on her face, interspersed with the odd frown of pleasure. Oh boy, the trouser fandango was off, the circus was in town and the big top was erected for all observers to see, though I didn't notice that much until I realised Sami was peering up my tented robe, with a direct view to the supporting mast.

She too was smiling and glanced up to meet my gaze, her smile breaking out into a beaming grin as she continued to caress her sister and returned to look at my cock with interest. I leaned back slightly, opening my thighs a tad wider allowing my cock even more freedom to move and expand, whilst continuing to observe the scene before me. Sami moved her free hand down to her own crotch and slid her hand inside, pulling the crotch to one side to achieve her goal.

That one move opened a doorway to paradise I would forever be thankful of. A precocious eleven year old girl had chosen me to be her new daddy for her and her siblings, as well as a partner for her mother as I was to find out in the coming weeks.

Alas, I digress. Sami was now openly stroking her own peachy pussy as well as soothing her little sister similarly. Neither girl seemed to be concerned that this was happening in front of their new neighbour, and indeed, as their neighbour I didn't mind one bit: though the thought of getting banged up for life in a sex offenders institution did fleetingly cross my mind as I pictured both girls kneeling before me, stroking my cock, waiting for the shot of vitamins they so deserved to issue forth from the tip.

Ellie whimpered, shivered a little then suddenly lifted her head, looked at her sister and stated her need for the toilet. Sami frowned, her bottom lip quivering then pouting slightly as she acknowledged the statement and withdrew her fingers from Ellie's panties and nodded her head towards the doorway to my house.

I closed my legs and told Ellie as she arose and turned towards me where to find the downstairs toilet. Then I returned my eyes towards Sami, and raised my eyebrows whilst cocking my head to one side. She still had her own fingers in her panties and was still stroking her young pussy. Looking me in the eye, she smiled, and then moved her freed hand down to pull her own gusset aside to make more room for her active fingers.

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I saw her sliding her finger gently up and down her swollen pussy lips, shiny wet with her own arousal as she moaned slightly at her own touches. Then she dipped her middle finger deeper into her groove, her labia parting to allow ease of access to her ministrations. First the tip of her finger dipped and rubbed, then it sank deeper to the second knuckle, and she began a steady rhythmic penetration of her young pussy, her eyes closed now and her moaning somewhat more apparent as she continued.

Just as my hand slid over and around my hard shaft, Sami sank her finger all the way into her pussy, gave a louder moan, a shiver and obviously achieved her orgasm as her pussy seemed to leak nectar all over her hand. I was about to begin my own active masturbatory session when a small voice beside me brought me to my senses. "She is always doing that. I can do it too sometimes." I looked down to see Ellie stood there watching her sisters finishing act of this little performance.

I nodded an accepting nod then looked back in time to see Sami wothdraw her finger from her pussy and proceed to lick it clean, along with the remainder of her hand.

Her other, replaced the gusset of her panties neatly back across the recently stirred young pussy, then reached out for her lemonade glass beside her. "Is there any more please?" she asked me. Oh there was indeed planty more, but right now I was fighting the urge to show her exactly how much, and was pouring lemonade from the pitcher. I explained to both girls I needed to dress and do some work, and that they should watch a little TV whilst I momentarily went to my room to change and wash.

I left Sami in charge, deciding that if she was adult enough to do what she had just done, the TV remote and her little sister would not be a challenge. I hurried off to my room, closed the door to, and removed my gown.

Hells teeth; that was one hard boner I had stuck out of my groin. I was shocked at my response to these children and their overt sexuality.


It was a full blooded response to a woman I was suffering, not my expected response to children. Nevertheless, I was fully aware of the effect that my body was suffering as a result of watching the display downstairs. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and started to stroke it, feeling the blood pulsing beneath the silky smoothness of my erection.

Pulling back the foreskin, a droplet of pre-cum began its stringy descent to the floor, like the saliva from some alien. My glans must have been cooking the stuff on overtime to be oozing this much, and I caught the drip with my thumb and smeared it around the head oc my cock. A noise to my rear alerted me to the presence of someone outside my bedroom door. I turned slightly, so any observer behind the half closed portel could get a clear view of my cock if they wanted to.

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Then I started to severely masturbate my cock to orgasm. Faster my hand rubbed back and forth along my shaft, my eyes half closed as I recalled hte image of Sami's own orgasmic display. It was not so long before my cock did as I expected and spat forth a creamy white fountain of my semen across the room towards the window, to fall on the polished wooden floor a few feet in front of me. The last few drips of my effort dripped towards the ground at my feet as I glanced across to the door, in time to see Sami retreating into the shadows whilst removing her hand yet again from her panties.

A quick shower later, I returned downstairs clothed, and was greeted by the view of four females in my room. Marnie and Jay had returned already, and were talking quietly together as Ellie and Sami watched TV.

Marnie immediately arose to meet me, thanking me for helping out that morning, and offering to do just about anything in payment of my time involved in baby sitting her two girls. I countered her offer with my own thanks at being given the opportunity to look after the girls and the offer to help out again anytime she needed.

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Looking at Sami, I noted a small smile and almost indescernible nod of assent. Coffee and soft drinks all round followed, with lunchtime arriving quickly.

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I made my excuses to work, and the girls and Marnie left, with an accepted invite, for me, to dinner the following evening. I couldn't wait.