Cogiendo con otro amigo de xvideos acapulco

Cogiendo con otro amigo de xvideos acapulco
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To start off, My name is Will and I'm 6' 3'' with dark brown hair, kinda long, and a muscular physique. This story takes place in my senior year of high school where I had already had some experience with girls my own age. I have a muscular build with a great 6 pack and most girls would say I'm cute, I just don't have the rugged look to be "hot" I guess. Anyway, this story is about the time I hooked up with this hot little chick during my physics class.

Her name was Leah and she was about 5' 5'' with shoulder length brown hair and hazel browm eyes. She was a junior at the time and had quite the reputation for being a slut around school, but I had no problem with that. I could see why she was so easy, she was one of the hottest girls in the junior class. She had some good sized tits that were just slightly bigger than normal for her size and the tightest ass I could imagine. She always wore little skirts that showed off her ass to the world and it never got old seeing her thong and start of her perfect butt.

Perhaps most appealing about her were her lips. They were full and red, the kind of lips that just beg to be kissed. I always would catch myself looking at her during class, sometimes she'd catch me and throw me a smile. Little did I know that was just the beginning. About mid way through the first semester I was just sitting in class admiring that great ass of Leah's.

Today she looked especially hot, whereing a tight white T-shirt with her bra visible under it, some very high "school girl" white socks which always turn me on, and a jean skirt. Because she looked so hot, I couldn't stop myself and poped a boner right there in class. I tried to conceal it but it was right then she turned around and caught a glimpse of me trying to relieve my situation.


I turned all red in the face, but all she did was turn back around. Later that class when we were working on a lab, Leah walked up to me and started talking to me. Just small talk about the class, I didn't know what her purpose was. All I knew is that at my height I was getting a pretty good look down her shirt and could see some of her cleavage.

Again, I started to get hard, but luckily controlled myself. After a little more talking, her lab group began to call her back and she quickly turned around to go back to them.

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But when she turned around, her hands got stuck under her skirt and gave me a glimpse at heaven. She had unintentionally (or so I thought) lifted up her skirt and shown me her naked pussy.

No panties, just her pussy and it all happened so quickly she didn't even seem to notice it. She joined her group leaving me stunned. Her pussy was the most beautiful one I had ever seen, and I had seen a couple by now.

There was a small patch of brown hair above it and on it, and she had the nicest lips I had ever seen. Plus she looked tight as hell. Still I was sure that it was an accident so I tried to forget about it. Unfortunately, once you see a pussy like that you don't stop thinking about it.

I sat back down in my seat to think things over, but Leah came back up to me and again started talking to me. She bounced up and down for god knows why and tortued me with the jiggling of her perfect tits. I was hard by now, but it didn't matter. Then, when she turned to leave again, she again pulled up her skirt and placed that pussy of hers' just feet away from my face! What the hell is this girl doing, I thought. She didn't even seem to know what she just had done and left to sit back with her group again.

By now I was getting pretty sure this wasn't an accidental happening, but I couldn't be sure. Right now she was ignoring me and completely looking the other way. Then, when the teacher pulled the class back together for a lecture, Leah came and sat right next to me, pulling her chair nice and close.

She leaned in and said, "Jesus, what do I have to do to get your attention?" "What," I stammered, "I.uh." "You know that wasn't an accident back there, I wanted you to see my pussy" I just sat there stunned, then I reached my arm around her and pullled her nice and close. With my other hand, I moved between her legs which she had closed. "No, No. you missed your chance big guy, " She said, "I tried to show you what you were missing" It didn't stop me, I moved my hand higher up her leg and uinder her skirt.

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She relaxed a little to accomadate my hand. I felt her pubes under my fingers and slowly a touched her hot little pussy, running my finger up and down her slit. "Ohhhh." She moaned in a soft voice, "Keep going." The lights were off in the class and a movie was on so I figured we were safe. So I picked her up from her seat putting her on my lap, and moved one hand back under her skirt.

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I kissed her neck and with one hand gropped her right breast for a second, then someone gave us a look but I didn't care. I worked her pussy with my fingers, slowly inserting one and working it in and out of her. I don't know how many of you out there have actually fingered a woman but when your close to her, feeling inside her, the situation is very erotic.


Leah was under my complete control and getting very wet, moaning softly so other people wouldn't catch us in the act.

My cock was rock hard by now and rubbing it against her ass through my jeans was nearly making me cum. And all the while, I never stopped fingering her, the only time I stopped was to lick some of her sweet juices from my fingers and pinch her already hard, little nipples.

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She moaned more frequently now as I inserted another finger and started to rub her clit. It felt hot and raw to me, obviously not a lot of other guys had touched her this way, at least knowing what stimulating the clit does to a girl.

I rubbed her clit even faster and finally she moaned into my ear, "Im.I"m gonna cum." And with that my pants and fingers got flooded with her juices, but I din't care, it was the most erotic expirience of my life.

She dismounted me and sat back in her own seat, breathing hard and fast. She said, "Oh my god, that was amazing, I'd never cum before, and that felt so good. I'm going to need to pay you back for that one." The bell rang signaling the end of the day and we slowly made the way to my car. I drove a big van with a large couch seat in the back, thats where she said she had fantacised about fucking me.


She undid my belt and took off my jeans sending them into the front of the car. Seeing the erection she said, "Somebody's happy to see me," she said giggling, she was just so freakin' cute I wanted to fuck her all day. She took off my shirt and boxers, then slowly undressed herself. Still her pussy amazed me, looking so pouty and tight. I couldn't wait to feel her tightness and warmth engulf my cock, but first she had other things to do.

She leaned over my cock and spit on it, I thought I was in for a blowjob, but instead she grasped it with her hand and said, "You're not the only one with good fingers" With that was started stroking my cock nice and slow, making sure to spit on it every once and awhile to keep it lubed up.

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So there I was in the car getting a nice handjob from the cutest, hottest junior. The handjob was phenominal, making this my new most erotic experience. The whole time she jerked me she looked into my eyes, which was so hot. I could feel myself getting ready to come so I warned her. Leah just picked up the pace and stroked me even faster until I came. Spurt after spurt came out, some hitting her chest, but most got all over her hand.

She looked at her hand full of cum for a second, the slowly put each finger into her mouth, sucking off all the cum and moaning while doing it. I couldn't take it anymore and I grabbed her and pulled her to me, so that now her perfect snatch was hovering just above my cock.

She impaled herself on me and slowly slide all 7 inches of me inside her. She began to ride me slow at first, then faster, calling my name and moaning the whole time. I played with her tits and nipples while she rode me, till I felt it was time to switch positions. I got her on her hands and knees in my back seat and started to pound her pussy doggy style.

She felt so good, her tight pussy convlusing around my cock, she was just so tight and warm it was unbelievable. I reached around and put a hand on her clit and within minutes we were both close to cumming. "Cum with me, " she cired, "Fill me with your hot cum!" This sent me over the edge and when she came, I came, and hard. I came for what felt like a minute, then we both collapsed next to each other. "Wow." was all I could say, and even after an hour of intense sex, we still couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Her little sexy hands were wrapped around my cock, making me hard again and I started to play with her nice boobs that were tan and round. Her small nipples were like little erasers and I sucked each one causing her to say, " I"m still horny Will, and I know you are too." "Your right Leah, I still want you," I said.

" Well, since you've given my pussy so much attention, I thought maybe you'd like to see what my ass can do." Leah was just full of surprises! Today I finger her in class and now I find out she likes it in the ass!

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I think anal is a great form of sex and was especially fascinated with it in high school. WIthout saying a word, she got back on her hand and knees and gave me a perfect view of her ass. It was nice and tan with her asshole being just a little darker than her skin.

I was moving a little and was just perfect in my mind. I moved to her and gently parted her ass checks, giving myself a full view of her whole. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began to lick the entire length of her slit all the way up to her asshole.

She moaned and wriggled, but I could tell she liked it. I licked her asshole some more, moving my tongue around her rim, then I pocked it inside her ass causing her to moan, "Ohh. fuck yeah Will, stick your cock in my tight little ass" I didn't wait to oblige her, "Where's the lube?" I aksed, "In my purse." What a little freak, I thought, she carried anal lube with her in her purse.

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I lubed up my cock and slowly slid it into her ass. It was even tighter than her pussy and incredibly warm. I pulled in and out slowly, then faster till we worked into a rythm. She slammed her ass into my cock each time I thrust into her. We both were moaning each others names and getting close, so I played with her tits and clit to send her over the edge.

Feeling her cum with my cock in her ass got me closs, and I pulled out and yelled, "Turn around Leah, come and get it." She turned around and clamped her mouth over my cock just as I exploded.

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It was just too much for her to handle and she chocked a little, causing my cock to fall out and send the last few spurts of cum all over her pretty little face. A drop of cum hung from her nose as she looked into my eyes. There was something incredibly sexy about a girl staring into you with cum on her face, and I just watched as she put her tongue to her nose and swallowed my cum down.

After it was all opver we just laid there in my car, still completely naked, wrapped around each other just feeling. It was so sexy and hot, but eventually I said, "Come on, get dressed, I'll drive you home." We reached her house and she gave me a kiss on the way out. I didn't know what we could possibly do to top that day, but I knew I was going to try! The end.but only the start of our sex life, part 2????