Sexually excited legal age teenager loved self seduction schoolgirl and japanese

Sexually excited legal age teenager loved self seduction schoolgirl and japanese
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I watched from my chair as my staff once again examined the new merchandise. Kidnapped from all across the country, each girl had varying features and qualities that separated her from the girl chained up beside her. They did however have certain similarities in the fact that they all currently found themselves in a situation where they were bound, gagged and blindfolded with their young, beautiful bodies exposed to the touch of stranglers who groped them roughly.

The moulds of their breasts were squeezed and their supple asses were spread as fingers ventured into downwards to their sex.

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Look at the seven of them, so helpless and afraid. An excellent selection of fresh cunts for our customers who could use them in any way they desired. After all, everything had a price and if you were rich enough to pay, we could make your darkest fantasies come true. I signalled to my men that they could start fucking and they wasted little time entering their holes.

The girls begged through their gags for them to stop but their pleas fell to deaf ears. I opened a paper file and took out documents detailing the names and details of the girls which I now owned. The first sheet I looked at had the details of the girl that was nearest to me in front of her fellow sex slaves. She was barely 18 and was incredibly attractive with dirty blonde hair and an athletic body. A piece of rope kept her soft hair in a ponytail and joined it to a metal hook that stretched out her asshole.

Her breasts were firm and shapely with pink nipples that were continuously being pulled and twisted. Her name according to the information that I was reading was Ellie and apparently she was sold to us by her stepfather. A small strip of red tape covered her pussy meaning that she was still a virgin.

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My staff knew not to use her there as extra would be charged for her first session with a customer who would have to bid for the chance to deflower her. They instead where free to use her other holes and Ellie screamed out in discomfort into the ball-gag in her mouth as the hook was yanked out of her tight ass. To her left was Mia.

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A farm girl with short platinum blonde hair. She had a stunning body and an even cuter face with freckles and a wrinkled up nose.

Her mouth was wrapped around a bit gag like those used on the horses which she loved caring for and riding. Spit dripped down her chin onto her perky tits and further down to her cunt which was being brutally slammed into by one of the staff who were enjoying themselves at her expense.

A cowgirl which I'm sure my customers will love to ride. I made myself a mental note to buy some new bullwhips and branding irons as well as a wooden horse which Mia would no doubt grow well accustomed to. My thoughts were then rudely interrupted by the commotion being caused by the curvy brunette, Anna. Being tied up and defenceless on a cross, most girls become more submissive simply due to them knowing that they were not in control.

Anna however was busy trying to form insults despite the fact that a training gag with a dildo inside had been inserted into her mouth. She kept calling the staff pigs and other degrading terms which were unfitting coming from a whore's mouth. The feisty ones are always the most fun to break. The sticky pads of a TENS unit was attached to her large tits and round butt.

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The men she had just insulted took off her blindfold revealing her sapphire blue eyes and gave her time so that her eyes could readjust to the light.

They made sure she could see clearly the control panel as they turned up the voltage. Anna started to scream as electricity course through her body, making every muscle contract painfully and uncontrollably.

She had a beautiful scream which was heavenly alluring. Those who paid to enjoy her could be treated to hearing Anna sing as they tortured her body. When they finished testing Anna's lungs, they removed the pads of the TENS and connected them to April who was hogtied on the dungeon floor. The pads were placed on the most sensitives parts of her petite body being struck down on her small tits and teenage pussy which like Ellie, was covered in red tape to mark that she was a virgin.

She looked confused as the blindfold over her eyes prevented her from knowing what was happening but she could sense that it was bad. The poor girl kept shaking her head from side to side whipping her blonde silky hair which was stylised with pink highlights.

A fan of punk and metal, she started screaming as her body started to spasm on the ground for our entertainment. Her screams caused her best friend Courtney who was suspended by chains above April to struggle and rock against her chains to help her friend.

The two of them had gone to see their favourite band together before they were forced into the back of a van by gunpoint. Courtney had raven black hair which flowed like the folded up wings of the elegant bird and had red dye at the ends exemplifying her free spirit and rebellious nature. Her concern for her friend was admirable, especially considering that she had a cock buried deep inside her asshole. She had a pierced lip and several tattoos but would be given several more.

Piercing a slut's nipples and pussy lips with rings would give customers the chance to be more inventive when they abused her. The man fucking her quickened his pace and Courtney let out an agonised grunt before she shook her head and choked as duct tape covered her mouth and prevented her from spitting out the leaking out used condoms that had been stuffed inside her mouth.

Grace on the other hand might have preferred the used condoms being sealed in her mouth. She instead was being choked out by a cock forced down her throat. Her arms where tied behind her back painfully with harsh belts at her wrists and above her elbows.

This beautiful young Latino was obtained as a trade with a Mexican business partner who was also in the industry.


A red strip of tape covering her pussy signified that she too was a virgin but she had plenty of experience using her mouth working at glory holes. Reading her file was quite entertaining learning that she was enslaved during a visit back home from university where she was learning quantum physics.

It had taken a lot of heavy training to turn Grace from a studious bookworm into this slut I was looking at now. Her previous owner had described that her favourite things in the world was getting hit with a cane and sucking cock. She can rest assured knowing that she will get plenty of both. Finally there was Tabitha.


A fiery redhead whose hair was cut into a fringe and had large DD breasts and a big round ass. It was as if her body was meant to be beat and whipped. It wasn't as if she was the hottest of the group but she was the one that everyone seemed to want to hurt the most. There was just something about her having the perfect body and face to serve as a whipping post.

Her waist was rather thin but there was just enough pale skin for begging to be marked with angry looking red welts. Tabitha had a gift (curse in her point of view) to bring out the sadist in anybody. She had been in abusive relationship after the other and now would live out that hell for the rest of her life.

Three men were simultaneously fucking her in all her holes while playing with her tits like udders. I decided to inject some hormones into her breasts afterwards to cause lactation and to increase their sensitivity to pain. There was a possible market in offering her for the use of multiple customers at once in a sort of torture party. I could see Tabitha being the perfect pain-cow.

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The fucking continued for several hour before everyone was satisfied and I took my own personal test drives with all of them. I then sat back down on my chair who to my surprise buckled. I looked down at her in disappointment and Natasha looked up at her master with her blue puppy dog eyes.


She was begging me not to punish her for temporary failing to support me as my chair but she already knew that I wasn't going to show her any mercy. Not too long ago, she was just like the new girls, exhausted and covered in cum on the floor.

I decided to keep her as my personal slave and after a couple of months enduring ruthless training with pain and humiliation, Natasha became my favourite little pet. I knew she didn't do it on purpose and considering that I nearly dislocated her arms yesterday with a brutal strappado ass paddling session, it was an amazing show of her obedience to last as long as she did. Punishing her would just be cruel but that was half the fun of it.

Having her beg was a huge turn on. I loved being mean to her a treating her like shit. What better way to introduce the new girls to their new lives then to give them a small glimpse at what my customers would do to them.

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