Handcuffed big tit hotwife blows hard dick

Handcuffed big tit hotwife blows hard dick
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Kimmy was struggling to get to her feet. She looked so adorable in her overly sized heels as the mix of my cum and her juices ran down her legs. There was a puddle in front of her face made by her fathers cum that had spilled out of her mouth.

She had tried to swallow as much as she could but he just kept spewing and now her hands kept slipping in the puddle of cum as she tried to get to her feet.

Eventually my father and I tired of watching the pathetic mess and helped her to her feet. Brenda came over with another glass of what looked like the same punch except this batch didn't have any of the flavor used to disguise the first batch, it was a straight mix of the two key ingredients, MDMA and an extra special female Viagra known for producing insane amounts of female juices if you forgot.

Kimmy was only thinking about clearing her throat and had forgotten what the first two classes of the weaker batch had done to her.

She went to grab the glass from her mother but me and dad held her arms back and let mom pour the drink steadily down her throat making her drink it all in one go.

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Once she was done drinking the much more bitter punch Kimmy almost instantly felt her body reenergized and she could feel the new surge of juices flowing down her legs again. She knew she had no choice but to succumb to whatever her family had in store for her, and she still hadn't imagined the crowd surrounding her would ever get involved, surely they were there just to add to her humiliation they wouldn't be allowed to touch her.


As she tried to get her mind straight she noticed her mother directly in front of her was beginning to undress. Just as Kimmy was about to ask why her mother was naked she felt my hands cup her thighs and ass and with my dad on the other side of her we gently picked her up and spread her legs. She again opened her mouth this time to ask why her brother and father had picked her up when she noticed her mother stepping into a very different looking pair of underwear.

Attached to the front of this otherwise normal pair of black lingerie underwear was a grotesquely large dildo. Kimmy wasn't good at estimating size but it was at least as big as her forearm so she figured at least 12 inches and probably 1 inch around. At first Kimmy was thankful to see the dildo wasn't too think but she quickly noticed a strange rubber tube leading from the base that ended in a black rubber ball.

Once Brenda had the strap on attached to her hips so that it wouldn't budge she bent over slightly to pick up the pump. Kimmy would soon find out this strap on was specially designed so that the user could pump up the dildo once inside to the desired thickness. The box said it was indestructible and had a maximum thickness of 5 inches but the picture looked like it tended to swell in the middle.

With Kimmy in the arms of my father and myself, Brenda slowly walked toward her reminding her that this was of course supposed to be a punishment. We could all tell how much she enjoyed being ass fucked and face fucked by her brother and father respectively (HA wasn't much respectable about it!) the whole crowd gave her a sarcastic round of applause and there were even cheers for how slutty she had become.

With her mother lining her pussy up for defloration Kimmy had begun to realize how much she enjoyed the insults and the feelings of worthlessness she felt in front of the crowd, it wasn't just the drugs was it? She as sure she loved being treated this way and she was desperate to finally have her pussy fucked.

The whole time her father and brother had been pounding their cocks into her she had been desperate for a third to be in her pussy and now her mother was going to give it to her. Slowly, Brenda slid the rather slender dildo into her daughters pussy. Kimmy had masturbated plenty of times before this so her hymen was long gone but she had never gone further than her second knuckle and she never dared used more than 2 fingers.

The dildo, thankfully, wasn't any thinker than two of Kimmy's fingers but it didn't take long for Brenda to start pushing into regions of Kimmy that she had never had explored before.

The look on her daughters face had changed and Brenda new she was giving her daughter brand new feelings of pleasure so she slowed her progress as much as she good but her excitement was overwhelming.

With about 3 inches left to go Brenda took the pump and handed over to her daughter and while pressing the last few inches of the oversized dildo into her daughters cervix she began to squeeze her daughters hand around the pump letting her feel the effects. After helping her pump the dildo up a couple of times Brenda let go of her daughters hand and began to slowly slide the dildo in and out of her wet hole making sure to keep at least 6 inches inside her at all times.

Kimmy was lost in a world of pain and pleasure, she knew that will every squeeze of her hand the dildo was growing and she could feel it stretching her from the inside out but she loved it, and she loved it even more knowing that everyone around her knew was she was doing to herself. Her mother had begun to speed up as well making sure to ram into the back of her cervix as hard as she could every time. Kimmy eventually had to give up and stopped pumping the dildo up any further, she simply couldn't imagine it getting any bigger inside her, she was actually scared it could burst inside her.

Brenda noticed her daughter had stopped and she also stopped her thrusts. Noticing her mother had stopped fucking her, Kimmy opened her eyes and looked at her mother with a questioning glance. Brenda smiled the most loving smile a mother could give her daughter as she quickly snatched the pump back from Kimmy's hand.


With almost no warning she squeezed as many times on the pump as fast as she could until the resistance on it was too much to pump the tiniest bit more air into the dildo. Brenda had made sure to keep the dildo completely still inside her daughter as it doubled in size almost instantly.

The look on Kimmy's face was priceless and thankfully her best friend Danica was there with her cell phone to grab a couple pictures of her face and of course the oversized dildo destroying her virginity. Brenda tried to be gentle moving the now 5 inch round, almost bowling pin sized, dildo inside her daughter but she also knew the whole point of this was to punish her within a minute or two she was up to full ramming speed.

Kimmy was now screaming louder than anyone had ever heard her scream before, and there was a steady stream of tears streaming down her face but still her pussy was drenched in juices and it didn't take after Brenda began pounding her pussy that she actually began squirting. Kimmy didn't even know girls could do that and at first she was convinced she had started to pee herself but she realized pretty quickly her orgasmic convulsions were making these crazy streams of her juices fly onto her mother's stomach.

She seemed to squirt in one continuous orgasm for a full minute before she finally went limp and my father and I gently laid her down on her back as Brenda slid the dildo out from her pussy.

Kimmy tried to keep her eyes open looking up to her mother with a look of pure bliss and thankfulness. We could all tell how grateful Kimmy was for what her mother had just done to her but Brenda looked down at her daughter with a look of disdain. Somewhat hurt Kimmy wanted to know what she had to do to please her mother and Brenda signaled to the mess Kimmy's squirting had made all over her stomach.

Again, Kimmy tried to make it to her feet but her legs had gone numb from being carried so long and the orgasm she experienced had completely zapped her energy so Brenda moved to lay down on top of her daughter. Aligning her stomach with her daughters face, Brenda made it easy for Kimmy to lap up her juices. It was even better than when she tasted her pussy after fingering herself, this stuff was like a super potent version of her own sex and for some reason Kimmy loved it.

When it was all gone she was even a little upset and again she tried to blame it all on the drugs but she couldn't, She loved the taste of her squirt and she wished there was more to lick off her mother. Kimmy thought her mother was moving off of her but Brenda simply slid further up her daughter and placed both her knees on either side of her daughters head.

It didn't take anything more than this for Kimmy to know exactly what she was to do next. She never thought she would have to lick a girls pussy, and she definitely didn't expect it to be her mother's but she knew she wanted to taste her juices and see if they tasted as good as her own.

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Kimmy was nervous at first, as if she was tasting a soup to see if it was too hot, dabbing her tongue at the edges of her mother's lips. Her pussy lips hung much more loosely than her own and she slowly took one lip into her mouth and kissed it like she would kiss a boy on the lips with a bit of tongue. After playing with both lips like this for a while Kimmy ran her hand up her mother's thigh and placed her fingers on her mother's pussy lips spreading them slightly apart.

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Kimmy then ran her tongue up and down her mother's now open pussy trying to decide if she liked it more than her squirt juices. It was like trying to compare two perfect wines, Kimmy was lost in how good a woman's pussy juice could taste she had never imagined it possible before.

With her mother now starting to grind her hips more and more and forcing her pussy into her daughters face, Kimmy was again completely oblivious to the world around her as three men from the crowd had dropped their pants and were approaching her from different sides.

Both of Kimmys hands were pulled from under her mother's legs and she instantly found herself giving hand jobs to two guys she couldn't even see with her mother's pussy in her face.

Even worse she soon felt the third cock lining up at her pussy. It entered here and pounded extremely vigorously for a couple of seconds but even Kimmy could tell the dildo her mother had used had stretched her out too much and even though the guy had a 9 inch cock all her juices and her stretched hole made it feel like a sloppy mess and he quickly changed his mind and went for her ass. With the mess of cum of squirt juice on his cock getting in her already used ass was no problem but the grip on his cock was much better and he pounded away in unison with the two cocks in Kimmy's hands.

Without saying a word, Brenda somehow knew exactly when to step off her daughters face and the two men Kimmy had been jacking off did the same.

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The man who had been fucking her pussy also withdrew and all three lined up above Kimmy's head so they could shoot their loads all over her. The guy that had been in her pussy spewed first, it was especially thick and only managed to cover her face, with a lot of it landing in her hair.

The two guys she had been jacking off spewed almost at the same time and both of them were all about distance. Stream after stream sprayed all over Kimmys face, down her neck, and a few drops made it down to her tits.

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When they were all done Kimmy asked for a towel but was told to rub it in as if it were lotion and of course she did as she was told. She didn't enjoy the smell or the taste of man cum as much as girl squirt but she still loved rubbing into her skin in front of everyone knowing how slutty it must make her look. The night continued much in the same way for the next few hours. There were five of my friends there so two more still needed to be pleased, plus Danica really wanted to try the dildo Brenda had used so she gave it a shot on Kimmy's ass.

But needless to say it was a crazy night and we really tried to teach her a lesson, don't dress like a slut unless you're willing to be a slut and apparently my sister is more than willing.

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Kimmy really thought it was just going to be one night of punishment but she keeps dressing the same way so I guess she hasn't learned her lesson yet.